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GM and coaches return for 2013

November 25, 2012

by Karl McFadden



PETERBOROUGH - The 2012 Mann Cup Champion Peterborough Lakers are pleased to announce that GM and Head Coach Jamie Batley along with coaches Joe Sullivan, Bob Keast and Jim Milligan have agreed to contract terms for the 2013 season. “ This innovative group of four was one key to our Mann Cup victories in 2010 and 2012. It was imperative that we retain them for 2013,” stated Karl McFadden . “We thank Ron Nolan for his work with Bats, Bob, Joe and Jim.” All four men are pleased and anxious to begin work with the Lakers' organization in 2013.


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Suitor Suits Fans


November 2012 by Anna Taylor


Perhaps best known for his crazy playoff beard, Andrew Suitor is the ultimate team player. He is the youngest captain in the National Lacrosse League for the Minnesota Swarm, and has earned the reputation of being an opponent not to mess with. Acquired from the Ajax Rock during the offseason, he instantly became a fan favourite in Peterborough, standing up for teammates with hard checks and the occasional fight, while chipping in 28 points throughout the season.


When Jamie Batley traded away goaltender Tye Belanger to the Ajax Rock this past off-season, some fans may have been concerned for the future of the Peterborough Lakers. However, acquiring Tyler Carlson later in the season alleviated any apprehension in goal. But it was the first move Batley made, Belanger for Suitor, that really started to solidify the bid for another Mann Cup. The Lakers added youth, young players that are just starting their pro careers, to their veteran laden lineup. The adding of Suitor, Carlson, Andrew Watt, Jordan MacIntosh, Chad Culp, and Jim Purves invigorated the team.


Suitor became the team’s number one face-off man, winning 53 of 89 (60%) in the regular season, 43 for 70 (61%) in the playoffs, and 25 for 61 (41%) in the Mann Cup. MacIntosh and Suitor split face-off duty for the Mann Cup.


A tough reputation preceded Suitor to Peterborough, but anyone who thought Suitor was a goon turned out to be very wrong. Suitor had only three fights during the season, and kept his penalty minutes to a bare minimum. His tussle with Ajax’s Brendon Niesink may have been his most memorable moment of the year, as both players lost bits of uniform during the spirited affair. Suitor has played against Niesink most of his life, and both players respect each other, but Suitor wasn’t about to let Niesink continue pushing around Shawn Evans. It is this willingness to stand up for teammates that endured him to the Peterborough faithful, and we eagerly await the opportunity to watch him again next season.


Peterborough Lakers web design team member Anna Taylor recently caught up with Suitor as he is preparing for the upcoming NLL season. We were able to get his thoughts on the season that passed, his activities during his time off, and what he’s looking forward to next.


Anna Taylor: You were recently in Hawaii playing some lacrosse. What was that like?

Andrew Suitor: It was the Hawaii Invitational for field lacrosse. It was awesome playing with and against some of the best field players in the world. It was an experience I will never forget. Kyle Sorensen and Jamie Lincoln from the Lakers were with me on the trip, too.

AT: You were also in Hawaii when the earthquake happened in Vancouver and the tsunami warning was activated. Have you ever been in a situation like that before?

AS: No, never in my life. They sent us up to the sixth floor of our hotel because there was a chance that the waves would flood the floors below us. That was kind of scary. Everything turned out fine, though.

AT: How are you preparing yourself for the upcoming NLL season?

AS: I do Crossfit workouts, as well as going to the gym. There's no better way to be ready for season than Crossfit. (Editor’s note: See for more information on Suitor’s preferred method for staying in shape!)

AT: What did it mean to you to be named captain of the Swarm at such a young age?

AS: It was an honour to be named captain. It was something I didn’t see coming at all.

AT: You played your first year of senior summer lacrosse in 2011 out west for the Victoria Shamrocks. Why did you choose to go out west instead of staying closer to home?

AS: I chose to go out west because I love it out there. I had been in communication with the Shamrocks organization, and they are first class people so it was really an easy decision to spend a summer out on the island.

AT: What made you come back to Ontario for 2012?

AS: Being traded to Peterborough was obviously a huge reason I came back, but more than that was the opportunity to play in front of my family, rather than having them watch all my games on the Internet.

AT: How did you enjoy your year with the Lakers? Will you be returning next summer, and if so, what are you most looking forward to?

AS: I thoroughly enjoyed my summer in Peterborough! Not only did I play for the Lakers, but I had the opportunity to live in the city as well. I hope to be back, but I doubt I will live in peterborough during the season as I will be attending school at Georgian College in Barrie next summer, for Business. For the Lakers, I'm most looking forward to defending our title and taking on all the challengers that want to knock us down.

AT: Since you got to experience summer in our city, how did you find it, and what were some of your favourite summer activities here?

AS: I loved Peterborough. It’s an awesome place to call home. We didn't really get out to much of the city stuff because I was working most weekends with Tracey (Kelusky) and his Evolve program, but I am going to try and attend the Ex and Little Lake Music Festival next summer.

AT: Being from Orangeville, how would you compare your hometown to Peterborough in terms of lacrosse, with both being considered two of the top lacrosse hotbeds in Canada?

AS: They are both extremely special towns. I don’t want to say which is better or worse because I really enjoy them both. There is no doubt in my mind that they are 1-2 (in no particular order) the best hotbeds in the world.

AT: What did it mean to you to win Most Dedicated at the Lakers awards banquet?
AS: It was a very special feeling. We had an unbelievable group of guys and to be chosen for that meant a lot coming from the coaching staff.

AT: I’ve heard that the CLA is considering instating more penalties and suspensions for fights. While this wouldn’t impact the NLL, it would impact the MSL and all other leagues and tournaments under the CLA’s jurisdiction. How do you feel this would change (for better or worse) the game and impact the development of junior players?

AS: I feel that the game is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, so why change it? If they put a limit on fighting or take it out of the game, a lot more liberties will be taken and you will see more dirty sticking on the floor. If you cap fighting, teams could dress players to start the game and just grab opponents without giving them a choice to fight, which will lead to suspensions for bigger games.

AT: Part of your game is to be a tough customer to play against. How did you become this type of player, the heart and soul guy that stands up for his teammates?

AS: I really don't have an answer for that! It just kind of happened. I would have to give my credit to my coaches growing up because they gave me the guidance and knowledge to be the player I am today.

AT: You’ve won two Minto Cups and a Mann Cup now, what else would you like to accomplish in your lacrosse career?

AS: An NLL championship. That is something I have always dreamed of and I would love nothing more than to hoist the Champions Cup.

Andrew Suitor At A Glance

Hometown: Orangeville
NLL Team: Minnesota Swarm
Favourite Movie: Iron Will
Favourite Music: Country
Favourite Pre Game Meal: Subway
Who Would Play You in a Movie: Edward Norton
Favourite Place You’ve Travelled: Jamaica
Best Lacrosse Memory: First NLL goal
Biggest Influence/Inspiration: My family



Lakers are still the hottest ticket in town

October 5, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Over 250 fans gathered at the Trentwinds on Friday evening to celebrate the Peterborough Lakers 2012 Mann Cup win.


The evening featured many smiles, laughs, and even some tears of joy as fans and players relived the incredible season that wrapped up with the Lakers 14th Mann Cup win and fifth in the past nine seasons. The crowd was the largest ever at a Lakers' banquet, a true testament to the team that has captured the heart of the city.

Parade Leo, Kyle Sorensen and Mann Cup MVP Mike Thompson (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Dinner, a grand buffet, was served at seven, followed by speeches from city and team personnel. Carey Walker hosted the event, and had the honour of introducing each speaker. MP Dean Del Mastro and MPP Jeff Leal spoke first, each praising the city and team. Jeff Leal presented all team personnel with recognition awards from the province.


Mayor Daryl Bennett recounted the various nicknames and mottos Peterborough has used throughout the years, such as the Electric City, but suggested a new one: “The best damn lacrosse city in Canada!”


Expressions of gratitude were voiced by executive members Karl McFadden, Doug Peacock, Brian Higgins, Ron Keast (recovering nicely from surgery), and Ron Nolan, to all the volunteers that helped out this season, to the team sponsors, the media, food suppliers, the city, the Memorial Centre staff and, of course, the fans.

“The best damn lacrosse city in Canada!”

Head Coach Jamie Batley announced the 2012 award winners. Most awards were chosen by the coaching staff with the exception of the Fan Favourite award, which was determined by votes from a poll on the website and paper ballots in the game program.


Award Winners:

Rookie of the Year - Jim Purves

Most Dedicated - Andrew Suitor & Mark Steenhuis (accepted by Mat Giles)

Fan Favourite - Mark Steenhuis (accepted by Chris White)

Transition Player of the Year - Brad Self

Most Sportsmanlike - Brad Self

Most Improved - Mark Farthing

Best Defenceman - Mac Allen (accepted by Chris White)

MVP - John Grant Jr. Top Scorer - Shawn Evans

Mark Farthing was honoured and humbled that the coaches chose him as Most Improved.


Banquet John Grant (MVP), Andrew Suitor (Most Dedicated), Mark Farthing (Most Improved), Brad Self (Most Sportsmanlike & Best Transition Player) and Shawn Evans (Top Scorer) (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


“It’s feels good,” he said. “It’s nice to be recognized, you know, I didn’t play in every game, but when I did I worked hard and I’m glad the coaches liked what they saw.”


Before leaving the podium, Batley called up John Tavares, who has now won eight Mann Cups, more than any other player in history. Tavares appeared truly humbled as he spoke of his time with the Lakers and how much he values his teammates.


Tavares is unsure whether he will play another summer season, but he is currently wrapping up his allotted resting time to begin training for the winter NLL season.


“I’m just resting my legs a bit,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ll be back next year, it could be my last year, but the point I want to make is that I’m not done yet, I hope not. We’ll see how my winter season goes. I love lacrosse and I want to keep playing as long as I can. It’s still a bit surreal, I’m just starting to realize what a feat eight Cups is because I know the Mann Cup is challenging to win. To do it eight times, more than anybody else, is really special. Maybe I’ll be back for a ninth.”

Tavares John Tavares (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Thanks to the hard work of several volunteers, guests were able to purchase tickets for a raffle draw, with prizes donated from many local businesses. Scott Evans, as has become tradition, drew the names of the winners, with help from Brad Self and Andrew Suitor. Evans also apologized to the crowd for John Grant’s absence at the parade earlier in the day, joking that “the CCES finally caught up with him and he was peeing in a cup!” Grant then walked past Evans several times while he was drawing names and chirped him for revenge.


A 50/50 draw was also held, which Evans said was “just a bit under the last total from the last Mann Cup game!” Tonight’s draw was worth $360.


Door prizes were also awarded; anyone who bought a ticket to the event was eligible for them. A Lakers' bar fridge, autographed by the players, was auctioned. The winning bid was $450. Evans enjoyed his first go at being an auctioneer.


No players won door prizes this year, a testament to just how many more fans were in attendance than in past years. Some family members did enjoy winnings, however, including the Carlson’s and the Suitor’s.


Ted Higgins closed the evening by thanking the fans for their continued support.

“This is for you, fans, one more time!” he shouted, and then led the crowd in the season’s last “Let’s Go Lakers!” chant.


Earlier in the evening, a parade was held downtown, with players and fans gathering at City Hall for speeches from Mayor Daryl Bennett and Executive Member Doug Peacock, before clamouring into vintage cars. The parade route took the cars down George Street to Hunter Street, where they passed through the cafe district; down Aylmer Street to King Street, by John Grant Jr.’s Montreal House; and then back to George Street down to the Memorial Centre. A good number of fans gathered at City Hall for the kickoff, and more fans were scattered on the sidewalks cheering on the Lakers as they passed. Those citizens who happened to be caught behind the parade or on side streets waiting to cross honked along as everyone knew who was passing. The parade was led by a police escort.



- The Lakers players were given free golf memberships to Quarry Golf Course

- The Transition Player of the Year award was new this year, donated by Ron Keast

- Faye Murney was acknowledged for her volunteer work with the team, and thanked for being an extra mom to those on the team who needed one

- Several players were unable to attend the festivities with other commitments, but were there in spirit: Mac Allen, Mark Steenhuis, Jim Purves, Jordan MacIntosh, Kevin Croswell, Jamie Lincoln, Scott Self, and Aaron Grayson



"Toast the Cup on Hunter Street"

Mann Cup Parade on October 5

September 26, 2012


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers, Mann Cup champions, will be feted during a parade on October 5, 2012.


Mayor Daryl Bennett, along with several councillors, will host a pep rally at City Hall at 5 p.m. Lakers’ players will be present and will be driven in antique cars along the parade route.

The parade will proceed south along George St. from City Hall to Hunter St. It will then proceed west along Hunter to Alymer. At Alymer, the parade will turn south and travel to the Montreal House (John Grant's restaurant) at King St. It will turn east and follow King St. back to George. It will then follow George St. south to the Peterborough Memorial Centre.


Parade routeParade route


Citizens of Peterborough are encouraged to be along the parade route to be part of the Lake Show.


The Lakers' Year-End Player Awards Banquet will be held at the Trentwinds beginning at 6 p.m.


The Peterborough Lakers' organization acknowledges and thanks Mayor Bennett and councillors for their cooperation in this joint effort to recognize the 2012 Mann Cup champions.






Steenhuis: “Amazing.”

Lakers win the 2012 Mann Cup!

September 15, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers are the 2012 Mann Cup Champions! The Lakers defeated the WLA Champion Langley Thunder on Saturday night at the Memorial Centre by a score of 14-8 to win the series four games to two.


Laker players rushed to goaltender Mike Thompson as the final buzzer sounded. The players were swarmed by media, family, and fans as they celebrated their fifth Mann Cup in nine years.

Thompson was awarded the Mike Kelly award as playoff MVP. While the Lakers had many deserving players, Thompson carried the team on his back from the moment he stepped in net in game three. The crowd, and team, chanted “Thompson! Thompson! Thompson!”


Captain Scott Self, with assistant captains John Tavares and Chris White, accepted the Mann Cup on the team’s behalf. Self handed the Cup to Tavares to raise first. Each player took a turn holding the Cup above his head, some kissing it, then celebrated with friends and family while doing interviews with various media outlets. Then the players gathered for the traditional photo on the floor, with Thompson and John Grant Jr. right in front with the Cup. After awhile, the players made their way off the floor to celebrate in their dressing room as a team, for the last time this season.


Self was ecstatic over the win, and acknowledged the fight the Lakers put up to get this far.

“It was a bit scary again going down early, but the boys rallied and it’s an awesome feeling because this (winning the Mann Cup) was our goal at the beginning of the year and to accomplish it is pretty special,” Self expressed. “We never had any doubts about our team. I think we were the only ones who believed in ourselves the whole year. We had an up and down regular season but we definitely played our best lacrosse when we needed to and even the last two games falling behind, we always believed we’d come back and do it.”


SuitorLakers' website design team member Anna Taylor interviews Andrew Suitor after the win - Suitor won the Grizzly Adams award (Photo credit: Kendall Taylor)


Langley rattled off three goals in a row to open the scoring, from Shayne Jackson, Kyle Belton, and Garrett Billings, before the Lakers cut the deficit on goals from John Grant Jr. and Shawn Evans. Captain Matt Leveque, quite the speedster, and Lewis Ratcliff, with his first of three on the night, added goals four and five for Langley. Grant added a second goal before the period was out to end the first 5-3 in favour of Langley.


Thompson held the Thunder off the scoresheet in the second period, while the Lakers ran the table with six. Andrew Watt scored unassisted, and Cory Vitarelli scored over his left shoulder and fooled Brodie MacDonald.Some fans in the stands began taunting MacDonald, chanting “MacDonald, MacDonald!” and “We want Fryer!” (Langley’s backup goaltender).


Scott Evans scored two in a row; the first, a screen shot from outside the circle, and the second, after he dodged a defender and got right in front of MacDonald. Evans picked up his third point as he passed the ball to Mark Steenhuis, who scored next. Brad Self capped the second period scoring when he broke in alone in front of MacDonald on a Jordan MacIntosh pass.


Tracey Kelusky brought the Lakers to double digits early in the third period. Grant scored his hat trick goal soon after on a straight shot. MacDonald was then pulled, for the last time (Langley took several unofficial time outs in the series by switching goaltenders for brief periods of time), in favour of Steve Fryer. Ratcliff picked up his second goal for the Thunder just after the change. Some Lakers' fans became nervous as Leveque scored his second of the night a minute and a half later. However, the Langley comeback was stopped there as the Lakers tallied the next three, from Grant, Vitarelli, and Andrew Suitor, who scored into an almost empty net - Fryer desperately tried to make it back from the bench but was just a moment too late. Ratcliff closed out the game’s scoring, but Langley’s eighth goal made no difference.


For many of the Lakers, this was not their first Mann Cup win. Tracey Kelusky was celebrating his fourth win, and was happy for his teammates. He said that the feeling of being on top never gets old.


“This is unbelievable,” he said, with son Kellar on his shoulders. “This is a pretty phenomenal feeling, and I’m just happy for the boys, you know, I’m happy looking around here to see some of the ones that have never won it before, and some of the guys that, obviously, are getting a lot older, so just seeing the look on everyone’s face is phenomenal.”


John Grant, celebrating his fifth Mann Cup, had nothing but praise for the Langley Thunder.

“They gave us everything they could, but we just had more. Mikey Thompson stood on his back, his head, I don’t know, he was amazing. We played well when we needed to, and I give a lot of respect to their team, they’re a great team and we were lucky to win this.”


Assistant coach Bobby Keast echoed Grant’s thoughts regarding their opponents.

“Langley is a very very talented team. I know the rumour was that we were going to finish them off in four games, but we knew as a coaching staff and as a team that that wasn’t the case and they proved that by taking the first two from us.”


“This feeling never gets old,” Keast added. “This is my fifth Mann Cup, and I’m honestly stuck for words, so it’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

Coaches Bobby Keast, Joe Sullivan, Jamie Batley and Jim Milligan with the (broken) Mann Cup (Photo credit: Kendall Taylor)


MSL rookies Jordan MacIntosh and Andrew Suitor were stunned with the win and the emotion that came with it.


“This is something I didn’t think I’d experience for a long time,” Suitor said, “and to get one, a Mann Cup, is incredible. I think anytime you win anything it’s special, it doesn’t matter how old you are, whether it’s your first year or your last year - anytime you have a chance to be crowned the best team in Canada, it’s pretty special.”

MacIntosh agreed with Suitor’s statements.


“This is pretty amazing. It’s the best feeling in the world,” he said, and is already looking forward to repeating the experience again. “I’m going to cherish this feeling. I want it back. I think as soon as you win a championship, it’s contagious - you just want to keep winning, so that’s the plan for next year.”


Tyler Carlson, who was picked up from the Ajax Rock at the trade deadline, was instrumental in getting the Lakers to the Mann Cup. While the Lakers went with experience in net in the for last few games, the Lakers owe a lot to Carlson and his excellent play throughout the playoffs. Carlson is already looking forward to next year.


“I’m feeling pumped!” he said. “I told everyone from day one, that we have goalies who can do the job. When Mikey came in and stepped it up, that’s what we expected. If Mikey doesn’t come back next year, although we’re going to try and convince him to come back, then I’ll be ready.”

Thompson retired from the NLL’s Buffalo Bandits this past season, and is unsure whether he will continue to play the summer game. If he doesn’t, then a Mann Cup is a great way to go out on top.

Steenhuis Our boys with the Mann Cup! (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Mark Steenhuis put everything into perspective, speaking to the season as a whole and the journey that the Lakers took this season.


“I think part of the way the season came about, with us having some struggles in the regular season, when normally, or at least since I’ve been here the last three years, we’ve finished first or second in the league, to come out of the east as underdogs it was really special. Those three series that we played were emotional, and then falling down to these guys 2-0 and battling back, at home, there’s really no words. It’s an amazing feeling, it’s an amazing organization, and it’s all topped off by these amazing fans.”


Game Notes: - The Canadian Lacrosse Association stayed the suspensions of head coaches Jamie Batley and Rod Jensen pending investigations. Both coaches returned to their benches for game six.

- With this Mann Cup win, John Tavares now holds the record for most Mann Cup wins with eight.

- Langley was one for three on the power play, while the Lakers were two for three.

- The Ricky’s All Day Grill Langley Thunder Player of the Game was Matt Leveque. The Pizza Factory Peterborough Lakers Player of the Game was Mike Thompson.

- Attendance was a season high 3904. - The 50/50 draw was worth $5640.



“60 minutes away,” says Keast

Thompson, defence shine after anxious first period

September 14, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers are sixty minutes away from winning the 2012 Mann Cup. The Lakers defeated the Langley Thunder 9-5 in game five Friday night at the Memorial Centre, and will look to close out the series on Saturday night at 7:00 p.m.


Both the Lakers and Thunder were without their head coaches (Jamie Batley and Rod Jensen, respectively) for the game, and will be for the rest of the tournament. Batley and Jensen were suspended by the Canadian Lacrosse Association this afternoon for breaking the code of conduct during drug testing. Six players from each team have been randomly tested under anti-doping legislation during the series, after games two and four.


A statement from the CLA reads:

“The suspensions are in relation to conduct off the floor of play. All members of the CLA are to conduct themselves in accordance with the bylaws, regulations, code of conduct and rules of the organization, both Mr. Jensen and Mr. Batley have been found, by the President, to be in violation of these and based on the CLA policy have been suspended.


It has been reported that athletes participating in the 2012 Mann Cup have undergone anti-doping testing as part of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program, operated and facilitated by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). This is a standard process that all sports in Canada may be subjected to at their national championships. The CLA confirms that testing has been done, however the suspensions announced today are not the outcome of player testing results. The suspensions are related to interactions between the teams’ personnel and CCES and CLA personnel about the testing process. As disciplinary proceedings have been initiated, there will be no further comment regarding this matter.”

Both coaches are appealing their suspensions.

Mike Thompson Mike Thompson was player of the game (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Lakers captain Scott Self suggested that the Lakers slow start to the evening may have been a result of the switch on the bench, but was quick to point out that the Lakers are an adaptable team.


“All three of our other coaches are very vocal,” he said, “and they know what Jamie wants us to do. In the beginning that might have been why we were a little bit off, but I think we transitioned into the change well by the second period.”

Assistant coach Bobby Keast was disappointed with the suspension, but not surprised.

“Nothing really surprises me anymore in lacrosse, so we just deal with it and respond,” he said. “I’m not worried about the team.”


“Jamie does such an outstanding job,” he praised. “You can never replace Jamie on the bench, you just sort of make adjustments and do the best you can to get the team in a winning position.”


The Lakers dug themselves a deep hole during the first period. Langley put three goals past Mike Thompson in a span of 32 seconds to open the scoring just past the halfway mark of the period. Matt Leveque, Kyle McEwen, and Shayne Jackson picked up the goals for Langley. Garrett Billings added a goal before the end of the period. The Lakers appeared to shoot right at goaltender Brodie MacDonald, who stopped everything easily. The Thunder found more creative ways to shoot, and beat Thompson four times in the period.


Self recognized the emotional wringer that the teams have been put through this week.

“Maybe we were a little fatigued in the first period,” he said. “Being down two games is pretty stressful, and then to come back to tie it we’re on a bit of a high. It took us awhile, but we kind of relaxed a bit and got our stuff together at the end of the first period.”


Mac Allen Mac Allen was stellar in the game (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Mike Thompson shut the door in the second period, and the Lakers roared back with a vengeance, scoring seven in the period. Tracey Kelusky scored two, with John Tavares, John Grant, Scott Evans, Shawn Evans, and Kyle Sorensen picking up singles. Kelusky and Grant scored on power plays. Shawn Evans put a bullet past MacDonald after about four passes from teammates that eluded the Thunder. Sorensen scored unassisted on a breakaway. Sorensen faked low and then put the ball over MacDonald’s left shoulder.


The arena’s fire alarm went off as the players and fans were exiting the bowl for the second intermission. MacDonald reportedly hit a sprinkler head with his stick in the hallway in frustration. The sprinkler head burst, causing a flood outside the Langley dressing room and the referees room. MacDonald appeared for the third period wearing a new, too-short jersey with the name Williams on the back, and the number 00.


The Lakers held onto their lead for the third period, which was another low scoring affair. Brad Self scored shorthanded for the Lakers. Athan Iannucci scored his only goal of the evening to get Langley to five. Cory Vitarelli added an insurance marker with five minutes to go on a crisp pass from Shawn Evans.

Shawn Evans Shawn Evans objects to being probed (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Scott Evans jumped Tor Reinholdt with just under five minutes to go in the period and received a solitary five minute fighting major and game misconduct. Fans in attendance held their breaths as Peterborough ragged the ball for the rest of the game, never letting Langley get too close.


Thompson was once again stellar in net, and now has his third win of the series. Scott Self had nothing but praise for his goaltenders.


“We’re lucky that we have 3 great goalies here in Peterborough,” he said. “Mike was our guy in 2010 that got us to the Mann Cup and then won us the Mann Cup so we have the utmost confidence in him. Tyler Carlson’s a great teammate and he understands that we had to make a change and Mikey’s come in and been unbelievable.”


Keast was happy with the win and is excited to be one win away from defeating Langley for the right to hoist the Mann Cup.


“Obviously it feels great,” he said. “However, we still know that there’s 60 minutes of lacrosse to be played before we get to hoist that baby, so we’re really not thinking about that. We’re thinking about the first period.”


Game six is Saturday night at the Memorial Centre. Tickets are still available at the Memorial Centre box office.


Game Notes - Attendance was 3787 - The 50/50 draw was worth over $4900 - George “Red” Sullivan dropped the ball for the ceremonial faceoff.

Red Sullivan George Red Sullivan (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)

- 12 of the 14 goals were scored at the south end of the arena (near the restaurant).

- Langley had four goals blown down due to crease violations.

- star lacrosse player John Tavares picked up his 200th Mann Cup point with his second period goal. Tavares is the all-time leader in Mann Cup scoring.

- The Ricky’s All Day Grill Langley Thunder Player of the Game was Brodie MacDonald. The Pizza Factory Player of the Game was Mike Thompson, who was gracious and all smiles as he accepted his award. The crowd cheered him off the floor.







Mann Cup down to best of three

September 13, 2012 by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH - The 2012 Mann Cup has become a best of three series as the Peterborough Lakers hung on to defeat the Langley Thunder 9-8 in game four and tie the series at two. John Grant’s six points on the night pushed him past Geordie Dean on the all time Mann Cup points list. Grant now sits second, with 164, behind John Tavares, who leads with 199.


The Lakers opted to start the game with Mike Thompson, who replaced Tyler Carlson in game three. Thompson was able to steady the troops in that game that led to the Lakers first win of the series. Thompson’s veteran presence was essential to game four, as he provided a calming influence over the Lakers, who had a tendency in the first games to get a little hot under the collar. Not so in game four, as penalties were few and far between.


Even an illegal equipment check called in the first period did not deter the wily veteran. Langley head coach Rod Jensen elected to take the chance on the penalty to see if he could shake the goaltender that had so far intimidated his offense. The referees ruled in favour of Thompson, and the Thunder lost out on the power play they had been about to go on, and instead played four on four.

Group Lakers prepare for battle (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Thompson was glad to get the opportunity to be in net again, and is in awe of how young goaltender Tyler Carlson has handled himself in the series.


“It was great for Tyler to step up the way he did, and I’m just here to do my job and step up when needed. It was nice of him to take the load on during the regular season. With my age its nice to get the rest, but now I’m nice and fresh and ready to go for the Mann Cup,” Thompson said with a smile, and a hint of a twinkle in his eye.

Thompson added that he wasn’t sure who would be in next for next game, but would be ready should he be called upon again.


“I have no reason to think I won’t be in next game, unless they want to rest me up for the back to back [in a potential game seven situation], but I’ll be planning on going. I know there are different strategies that go on, and that might be one of them to rest me. It looks like Langley is stepping up their game a bit, so maybe Tyler can step in and get a “W” in the Mann Cup. He led the way during the playoffs and deserves to get in as well, so it could happen. I’ll just be ready for whatever comes my way.”

Evans Scott Evans and Tracey Kelusky in heavy traffic (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The first period was a low scoring affair, with the Lakers tallying three goals, from Shawn Evans, Mat Giles, and Mark Steenhuis. Langley tallied once, from tournament leading scorer Athan Iannucci. The Lakers outworked the Thunder in the period, firing 20 shots at Brodie MacDonald, and getting numerous second and third chances on rebounds that reset the 30 second clock.


The second period was also low scoring, with the Lakers picking up four, and Langley scoring three. Lakers goals came from Jamie Lincoln, Steenhuis, Tracey Kelusky, and Cory Vitarelli, who also added three assists in the game. Scoring for Langley were rookie Brett Hickey, Iannucci, and Shayne Jackson. Thompson made some excellent saves in the frame, stopping rebound after rebound.


The Lakers took a 7-4 lead into the third period, and got an early goal from Steenhuis (his third of the night). Iannucci picked up his hat trick goal as well shortly after. Grant restored the Lakers four goal lead at 8:33, but the final three goals of the period belonged to Langley, who brought the score to 9-8 with more than five minutes left to play. Two goals came on the power play, with Brad Self and Shawn Evans in the box at different times for high sticking. Some solid defense by the Lakers back end kept the Thunder at bay, and the Lakers were able to hold onto the victory.

Thompson says the Lakers will be looking for another win. “That’s our goal,” he said. “Win four straight and just take care of business.”


Game five of the series goes Friday night at 8:00pm at the Memorial Centre.


Game Notes:

- Attendance was 3604… getting closer to a sellout!

- The 50/50 draw was worth $4553 (a record, maybe?)

- Ashley Brzozowicz dropped the ball for the ceremonial faceoff. Ashley was a member of the Canadian Women’s Eight rowing team, who won silver at the recent London Olympics.

- The Ricky's All Day Grill Langley Thunder Player of the Game was Athan Iannucci. The Pizza Factory Peterborough Lakers Player of the Game was Mark Steenhuis.



Lakers win 14 - 10

September 10, 2012 by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH - It’s a whole new ballgame, folks. The Peterborough Lakers picked up a 14-10 win on Monday night at the Peterborough Memorial Centre to cut the Langley Thunder’s Mann Cup lead in half at two games to one. The Lakers will look to even the series on Wednesday.


The inspirational return of John Grant and a goaltending change in the first period sparked the Lakers. The crowd gave a loud cheer when Grant, who was helped off the floor by trainers at the end of game two, took the floor for his first shift. Grant was questionable for the game, choosing to play after taking part in warmup and feeling fine. Loud boos were heard whenever a Langley player shoved Grant to the floor, and collective sighs of relief came next when Grant got right back up and into the play, scoring three goals and one assist on the night.


Things didn’t look great for the Lakers in the first period, as Langley went up 3-1 by the halfway mark of the frame on starting goaltender Tyler Carlson. The Lakers coaching staff pulled Carlson in favour of Mann Cup veteran Mike Thompson. Thompson quickly settled things down in the Peterborough end, allowing only one more goal in the opening period.


Thompson Mike Thompson replaced Tyler Carlson in the first period (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Fans felt some nervous moments in the first, as penalties began to add up as in previous games. By the time Scott Evans took a marginal illegal cross-checking penalty, the crowd was screaming for the team to stop touching the Thunder. The referees drew even more ire from the crowd after Mark Steenhuis was assessed two minutes for checking in the crease against Thunder goaltender Brodie MacDonald. Steenhuis was pushed into MacDonald by Tor Reinholdt, who received four minutes for checking from behind. The first period ended with Langley up 4-3.


Thompson played the rest of the game for the Lakers, making save after save, including two clear cut breakaways for the Thunder.


Assistant coach Jim Milligan was unsure after the game who would be called upon to start on Wednesday.


“I don’t know [who we’ll start in game four],” he said. “[Thompson] played great, and you always want to play the goalie who wins the game for you, and not that [Carlson] played badly, but Mikey went in there and made some stops.”


Some fans were nervous when Thompson took over for Carlson, as Thompson hasn’t seen much action this summer, losing time to Carlson and Kevin Croswell. However, Milligan had no reservations about throwing Thompson into the fire.


“They’re all good goalies,” he acknowledged, “and I think at the end of the day [the coaching staff] talked about it and we said that Mikey has been very loyal to us and he has won us a Mann Cup as a starting goalie. He’s come down from Cornwall/Akwasasne, and been at practice, so we wanted to give him an opportunity and he went in and played great.” Milligan added that the coaching staff is lucky, as they are comfortable with all three goaltenders on the roster.

The second period proved to be a goaltender’s duel, as the veteran Thompson put on a clinic, allowing only three Thunder goals. Once Thompson settled things down for the Lakers, MacDonald appeared more comfortable in the Langley net, letting in four for the Lakers in the second. Both goalies seemed more relaxed, with MacDonald seeming to play to the level of his direct competition.


Lakers faceoff man Jordan MacIntosh suspected that the Thunder forwards were unfamiliar with Thompson.


“It was a different look for us,” he said. “Their shooters haven’t seen these goalies before. They saw Tyler the first two games, now they’re seeing Mikey so I think they struggled a bit with the change.”

MacIntosh Jordan MacIntosh scores one of his three goals (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


MacIntosh, who chipped in three goals for the Lakers, spoke about MacDonald playing to his competition. “He’s a fantastic goalie,” MacIntosh said. “You know, I think we just shot better tonight. When John Grant and John Tavares are shooting well, we’re pretty successful. We’ve been watching the film of him and seeing where he’s susceptible so we shot the ball well tonight.”

With the score tied at seven heading to the third period, fans felt a little less nervous than in the previous two games. Mike Thompson’s presence in the net proved to be calming for all in the arena.


Langley took a quick 9-7 lead before the Lakers rattled off six straight, bringing the crowd to its feet and cheering louder than it has all season. Every time the Lakers were in the offensive zone, the crowd clapped along to “Let’s go Lakers!” In the defensive zone, it was the traditional “De-fense!” With the crowd behind them, the Lakers outworked the Thunder in the final few minutes, holding onto their lead. Langley scored one more in the period to get them to an even 10 goals, but Mark Steenhuis put the cap on the evening with goal number 14 into an empty net.

Steenhuis Mark Steenhuis celebrates the Lakers' 14th goal (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


For game four, Milligan says the team can still be more disciplined. “We were not disciplined in the first two games,” he said. “Tonight we were a lot more disciplined but we can still get better at that. We also need to outwork them. All Langley’s doing is outworking us. They’re not a better team, they’re not more skilled, they’re just outworking us. If we can just match that, we’ll let skill decide the game.”


Game Notes: - Lee Vitarelli dropped the ball for the ceremonial faceoff - Attendance was 3170 - The 50/50 draw was worth $4027 - Athan Iannucci was the Ricky’s All Day Grill Langley Thunder Player of the Game. Jordan MacIntosh was the Pizza Factory Peterborough Lakers' Player of the Game. - Langley was 2 for 5 on the power play, while Peterborough was 1 for 5. Brad Self added a shorthanded marker for the Lakers. - Full game stats can be found here.





Lakers down 2 - 0

September 9, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - If Peterborough Lakers' fans had any doubts as to just how good the Langley Thunder are, those doubts were put to rest Sunday night as the Thunder pulled off a 15-14 overtime win to take a two games to none lead over the Lakers in the Mann Cup.

Garrett Billings led the Thunder with three goals and seven assists for 10 points and was named Langley’s player of the game. The Lakers' player of the game, Cory Vitarelli, had four goals and one assist. Shawn Evans and Tracey Kelusky also had five points on the night. Athan Iannucci added to his point totals with four goals and three assists. Scott Evans of the Lakers and Joel McCready of the Thunder had hat tricks.


Although the Lakers now face an uphill battle, another pressing story is the potential loss of star John Grant, who was injured late in the game after appearing to twist his knee while fighting for a shot, caught between Matt Leveque and Rob Van Beek. Assistant coach Jim Milligan said that Grant was taken to the hospital after the game to be evaluated, but did not know how serious the injury was. If Grant is unable to play in Monday’s game, the Lakers will have to work that much harder to make up for his absence.

SSelf Captain Scott Self directs traffic (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


The second story of the game was the parade to the penalty box for both teams. The Lakers were not happy with some undisciplined play in game one, but were unable to make the necessary corrections for game two, and Langley continued to get under the skin of the hometown boys.


Milligan acknowledged that the penalties played a factor in the game. “I think right now we’re being a little undisciplined,” he said. “Right now we’re working hard and we’re getting a little bit frustrated and we’re taking some bad penalties. We’re not executing where we should.”


The Lakers led 4-2 after the first period, and built up an 8-4 lead in the second period. However, like game one, some sloppy play by the defense allowed the Thunder to come roaring back, and the second period ended tied at eight.

Carlson Tyler Carlson & Daryl Gibson (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Lewis Ratcliff, one of Langley’s star players, was much more noticeable tonight than in game one, scoring twice and adding three assists. Ratcliff led all players with 12 shots on net. He was hard to contain on the floor, constantly getting past the Lakers' defense to get in close to Tyler Carlson.


Vitarelli agreed that Ratcliff was a factor in the game, but was quick to point out that he wasn’t the only problem for the Lakers on Sunday night. “It’s no one player who’s going to win the game for them,” he said. “[Ratcliff is a] great player and obviously he helps out a lot on offense, and we just need to limit his chances. He’s not single handedly going to be winning the games for them, so we have to focus on overall better defense.”


Ratcliff won no fans with the Peterborough crowd, when, in the second period, took a small slash from Chris White. As the referees sent White to the box, Ratcliff turned to the crowd, smiled, and then fist-bumped a teammate.


Vitarelli was happy with his own personal performance, but his disappointment in the loss was evident. “Anyone can score goals,” he said, “but what really matters is the score at the end of the game, and we didn’t win.”


Besides penalties, other delays affected the Lakers, with Langley goaltender Brodie MacDonald taking several time outs to fix damaged equipment. One delay in the first period took five solid minutes as the Thunder trainer attempted to fix MacDonald’s mask. The fans in attendance booed loudly as the delay stretched on, and started screaming for Langley to put in their backup goaltender. MacDonald, however, was allowed the delays with no repercussions.



Lakers' fans thought Brodie MacDonald had sent out for parts (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


While penalties ran rampant in the first two periods, the Lakers really started to overheat in the third. The constant delays and penalties really took their toll on the home team. Shawn Evans and Ian Poole were both sent to the box after a skirmish in the Langley end. The Thunder tied the game at 11 four on four. The teams went to overtime tied at 12.


Jamie Lincoln was assessed a penalty for illegal cross-checking early in the extra frame, and Langley took advantage, taking their first lead of the game at 13-12. Mark Steenhuis evened it at 13, but the Thunder scored two more, one shorthanded, to lead 15-13. The Lakers thought they had brought it to one on a John Tavares bullet, but referees determined the ball never crossed the goal line. Shawn Evans continued his late-in-game dramatics from game one, and scored to bring the Lakers within one goal with 31 seconds left. With Steenhuis in the box serving a five minute high sticking penalty, it was too little, too late for the Lakers' comeback.

Steenhuis Mark Steenhuis discusses matters with several Thunder players (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Although he let in 15, Lakers goaltender Tyler Carlson made some incredible saves off Langley players. He was excellent on scooping up rebounds and stopping second shots. In most other games, 14 goals is enough to win. It is safe to say that the Langley Thunder are unlike anything the Lakers have ever faced before, and the team is running out of time to figure them out. However, most fans aren’t worried. Our Lakers always surprise us with their creativity; their work ethic is unmatched, and they never give up. It’s a seven game series for a reason.


Game three of the series goes Monday night at 8:00 p.m. at the Memorial Centre.


Game Notes:

- Kerri Hardill, the first woman inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame and a Bridgenorth native, dropped the ball for the ceremonial faceoff.

- Penalties to both sides completely wiped out any flow to the game. Fans were treated to lots of action on special teams. Each team scored three power play goals, and Langley chipped in two shorthanded.

- Mac Allen did not play in Sunday’s game; he was suspended one game by the Canadian Lacrosse Association for receiving two game misconducts in game one. The first misconduct was for punching a player on the Langley bench at the conclusion of game one. He also received a five minute major for that incident. The second game misconduct was automatic as that was Allen’s second major penalty of the game, having received a fighting major earlier in the game. The two game misconducts equalled the suspension.

- Attendance at the Memorial Centre was 3343. -

The 50/50 draw was worth $4130.



Thunder takes game one

September 7, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Langley Thunder didn’t make themselves any friends in Peterborough on Friday night as they took game one of the Mann Cup by a score of 13-12.


Peterborough led after the first, Langley led after the second, and the teams traded goals in the third, but in the end, the Thunder prevailed in a wildly intense opening game.


Both teams engaged in physical play right off the bat, with Langley defenders sending each of John Tavares, Shawn Evans, and John Grant to the floor in the first period. The Thunder certainly did their homework, as they seemed to know exactly whom to key on and how to knock them down.


The Lakers responded in kind, with Evans and Andrew Suitor dishing out punishment to any Thunder player in their way. In an interview with TVCogeco, the Lakers Shawn Evans acknowledged that “there was definitely some chippy play on both sides. We were trying to figure out what we could get away with.”

Evans Shawn Evans asks Brodie MacDonald how the air is up there (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Overall, penalties were a factor, as the Lakers scored two powerplay goals and one shorthanded. Langley responded with two powerplay goals of their own. The crowd, of course, would have been happier with more calls made against Langley, sending out a roar any time a Laker was interfered with.


Evans did his best to win the game in the dying minutes, scoring twice and taking two other solid shots that were stopped by Langley’s 6’7" goaltender Brodie MacDonald.


John Grant led the Lakers in the first period with three goals. Mark Steenhuis and Kyle Sorensen also tallied in the period, giving the Lakers five after the opening frame, and a solid 5-2 lead. Langley goals were scored by Joel McCready and Alex Turner.


In the second period, the wheels didn’t exactly fall off the Lakers' bus, but it appeared that Langley had maybe let the air out of a couple of tires, as the Lakers' offense dried up. Grant managed the only Peterborough goal of the period. The Thunder seemed to simply forget about hitting the Lakers and focused only on scoring.


Thunder player Joel McCready said of the second and third period that his team “played the same lacrosse we’ve been playing all year. We stayed out of the rough stuff and just tried to fill the net.”


Scoring for Langley in the second period were Shayne Jackson, Athan Iannucci, Kerry Susheski, and Lewis Ratcliffe. McCready and Turner both added a second goal for themselves. The second period ended 8-6.


The third period featured some wild end-to-end rushes, with the teams trading goals. The crowd was on its feet when Grant tied the game at 10. However, some shaky defense by the Lakers was too much to overcome, and the Thunder were able to take advantage.


Suitor Suitor battles on the faceoff (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Scoring for the Lakers in the third were Scott Evans, Brad Self, Tracey Kelusky, Grant, and Shawn Evans (2). Scoring for the Thunder were Matt Leveque, Iannucci, Garrett Billings, McCready, and Rob Van Beek. Although the Lakers picked up the scoring in the third, the damage was done.


Lakers' goaltender Tyler Carlson seemed caught off guard by some of the Langley goals, not even flinching as shots were taken. Carlson, along with several other new Lakers, is in his first Mann Cup and has not faced this level of intense competition yet.


John Grant was quick to come to Carlson’s defense. “We’re not hanging the loss on him,” he said. “I think our whole team, we were a little full of ourselves, reading our own press clippings. You’ve got to go down the floor to win lacrosse games and we didn’t do that tonight, and we’re down one nothing.”


“We should know [the Thunder’s] tendencies,” he continued. “We’ve played them before, as we play against them in the NLL. We know what they’re doing, and they did the things we knew they were going to do and we just didn’t stop it. We have to get better.”


Game two of the Mann Cup goes Sunday night at the Memorial Centre. Please note the start time of 7:00 p.m.. Tickets are still available at the Memorial Centre box office.


Game Notes

- The Lakers' and Thunder players were introduced one by one prior to the game. The Thunder got a hearty cheer when they were announced, but the thunderous applause went to the Lakers.

- Former Laker Bobby Curtis dropped the ball for the ceremonial faceoff

 - The Ricky’s All Day Grill Langley Thunder Player of the Game was Athan Iannuuci. The Pizza Factory Peterborough Lakers Player of the Game was John Grant.

John Grant and Jordan MacIntosh will represent Team Canada at the Duel in Denver, an all star field lacrosse exhibition game in Denver, Colorado on Saturday. Canada will play the USA. Grant is expected back in the Lakers lineup on Sunday. Note: Canada won.

- Mac Allen leads the tournament in penalty minutes after taking two major penalties, one for roughing in the second period, and one at the end of the third period after he attempted to get at members of the Thunder still on their bench.

- Some fans were confused with the referees whistles – one was the usual whistle used in the MSL, while the second referee used a higher pitched whistle – perhaps used in the WLA?

- Attendance was 3405 – not quite a sell out. The Mann Cup is the best lacrosse you will see, right here in our hometown – come on Lakers' fans, let’s sell out the Mem Centre on Sunday!

The 50/50 draw was worth an amazing $4146.

Full game stats can be found here.

Carpet removal Memorial Centre staff tears up carpet after the game in preparation for the Elton John concert (Photo credit: Kendall Taylor)



Thunder rolls in

September 6, 2012 by Marla Taylor

PETERBOROUGH - The teams have been chosen; the countdown clock is under twenty-four hours and we learn that Elton John’s security team is guarding the Mann Cup!


The Lakers hosted a meet-and-greet luncheon at the PMC Pub and Grill Thursday September 6 for the players, coaches and staff of each team and various media representatives. During the proceedings, a light-hearted tone was expressed by each speaker, but that was only foreshadowing the much more serious and hard work ahead.


Thunder Langley Thunder players at the luncheon


Mayor Daryl Bennett spoke first, warmly welcoming the Langley Thunder and their staff and families to the city. He ended his greetings with an announcement that the already-removed green rug would not be returned, admonishing the newcomers that “we’re playing on ice-our guys are used to it!”


MSL Commissioner Jim Brady followed the mayor and reminded the Thunder that the fans here cheer for “only one team” and said it will certainly be “one heck of a series”. Was he deliberately putting fear in their minds when he also mentioned that Lakers defeated Six Nations, considered to be the premiere team in the East? I don’t know, because the Thunder guys calmly continued eating their lunches and didn’t seem too perturbed at all.


Next up was Western Lacrosse Association Commissioner Les Wingrove. He thanked Ted Higgins for the warm and friendly welcome (our Ted met the players at the airport with a big bus and personally escorted them to Peterborough. That’s a guy with heart.) However, Wingrove wondered aloud why Higgins couldn’t have more influence to get a guy named Elton John to switch his concert date (Saturday night). Get it? “Sat-ur-day, Saturday, Sat-ur-day, Saturday”. Wingrove gave a short history of the Langley franchise, which has borne other names and played in other cities before settling in Langley in 2004 and winning only one game of nineteen that year. That doesn’t describe the team at all now. In fact, the WLA was very tight in its standings this year, with only six points separating the top five teams. They are very competitive out there.


As Wingrove finished his speech, he peered into the crowd of Lakers’ players and singled out John Grant. Junior played for Les when he was the General Manager of the Coquitlam Adanacs a few years ago. Wingrove commented that he and the Thunder would most certainly be visiting the MoHo (Montreal House) that Grant owns. He asked for free food and drinks for his guys. Grant replied that they were most welcome, especially to drink on game days!


Thunder GM Gerry Van Beek was next on the dais and hoped the local 3900+ fans would enjoy themselves right up until the final score that would end up in his team’s favour. It was okay to be let down after that!


Jamie Batley was then introduced and he graciously welcomed Langley, and acknowledged the guys from the Lakers as well as the sponsors of the team. He also drew attention to the hard work done by the officials.

Mike The beautiful Mike Kelly MVP Trophy was on display


Ted Higgins was next to speak and someone called out that he is Peterborough’s own “Rocket Man”. He was most diplomatic in declaring that the best team would win. Was there a twinkle in your eye Ted when you said that?


Gary Dalliday spoke briefly and reminded everybody to tour the Hall of Fame. There is so much to be learned in there about this sport.


Thunder Head Coach Rod Jenson finished the speeches with his reflections on his team, calling them “underdogs”. (Is that just a motivational thing?) He compared the Lakers to the American Olympic Basketball team—the best in the world. He acknowledged the timeless and wonderful contributions of John Tavares, dubbed Tracey Kelusky “a smart guy-the real deal”. John Grant Junior was crowned a “dream killer”. Hmm. He even described the Eastern division’s referees as “the best in the league”. They don’t hear that very often


The statistics show that the Thunder have only seven players under 200 pounds, while the Lakes have fourteen. When asked about the size difference, Laker Tracey Kelusky said it’s not a disadvantage at all, because “they (the Thunder) will have to catch us!”


The same question was put to a table of hungry Langley guys and they very good-naturedly replied similarly, saying the Lakers are “feisty” and yes, they “will have to catch them.”

Well, let’s hope they don’t!


Congratulations to both teams. Enjoy the next few nights.   



Players to watch for

September 5, 2012


On their way to the 2012 Mann Cup, the Langley Thunder won 12 of 18 regular-season games for a first-place finish in the Western Lacrosse Association, swept the Burnaby Lakers in four straight games and downed the Coquitlam Adanacs 4 – 2. This, after a highly successful post-season run in 2011 that took them all the way to the Mann Cup before losing to the Brampton Excelsiors.


The top scorer for Langley both in the regular season and in the playoffs this year was Lewis Ratcliff (#42). He amassed 62 points in the regular season and 49 in 10 playoff games. That leads both teams in this year’s Mann Cup in terms of points per game (although the next five positions are held by Lakers). He also had the most shots on goal compared to his Langley teammates and was voted the MVP of the WLA playoffs. The 31-year old Ratcliff plays for the Washington Stealth of the NLL and his hometown is London, England.


Ratcliff Lewis Ratcliff (Photo credit: Tammy Castor)


In nine playoff games, Garrett Billings (#18) had 31 points, 26 of them assists. Third in scoring was Athan Iannucci (#83) with 14 goals and eight assists. He placed second in the regular season only three points shy of Ratcliff. However Ratcliff played five fewer games.


Another player to watch for is Alex Turner (#87), who scored 50 points during the regular season and led the team in penalty minutes. Leading the penalty-minute parade in the playoffs however, were Kyle McEwen (#7) and Joel McCready (#10).


Ian Poole (#48), the Thunder’s main faceoff man in the post-season, won 79 of 114 for a winning percentage of .693. Matt Wilson (#26) and Matt Levesque (#22) also took a significant number of faceoffs.


With a .853 save percentage, Brodie MacDonald (#50) ate up most of the goaltending minutes in the playoffs, appearing in 10 games. Steve Fryer (#31) got into four.


Visit the Langley Thunder website here to see the complete roster and statistics. Note that the numbers on the Thunder site do not always agree with those on Pointstreak.



Langley Thunder win in west

August 30, 2012


“Pressure is a privilege.” Les Gramantik


Indeed, it is.


Two teams. The two best teams in Canada vying for the historic Mann Cup.Thunder

The Langley Thunder emerged as the winner in the west after a six-game series with the Coquitam Adanacs on Wednesday night. The Peterborough Lakers took the Six Nations Chiefs in five games in the east.


Now the real pressure begins for both. But it's a pressure that only the best get to savour and as such, is a privilege.


The battle starts on Friday September 7. It will be waged in Peterborough, one of the hotbeds of lacrosse in Canada.


The Langley Thunder lost to Brampton Excelsiors in 2011. They will be seeking redemption. The Lakers want to hoist their 14th Mann Cup and have peaked at just the right time.

It will be a pressure-packed series. With one winner. A privilege to experience.



Lakers win series; on to Mann Cup

August 25, 2012 by Marla Taylor

OHSWEKEN - We’re in the Mann Cup! We’re in the Mann Cup! We’re in the Mann Cup!


Two busloads of excited and confident Lakers’ fans made their way across the hot and hazy 401 on Saturday to cheer their Lakers to a 10-8 victory over the Six Nations Chiefs.


If any of the crowd was hoping for, or expecting, a fight-filled evening, they were disappointed, because it never happened. Sure, there were skirmishes and some rough stuff, but each incident ended quickly. Players were there for a specific purpose, and though tempted, they didn’t retaliate, even when certain episodes warranted response.


It was a good omen of things to come as soon as the game began-Jordan MacIntosh took the face-off against Craig Point and won it handily. A minute and 55 seconds later, Chad Culp took a pass from Andrew Suitor and deposited it in the net, right where we all wanted it! You should have heard the Peterborough crowd respond. Sensational! A couple of minutes later, Rhys Duch of Six Nations scored their first with a well-aimed overhand shot that eluded Tyler Carlson’s scramble to stop it. Brad Self had Peterborough fans cheering as he grabbed a pass and did what we’re getting used to seeing him do-running down the floor on a mad dash, intent on scaring Brandon Miller, but at the last minute, he passed the ball. However, it was fun to watch and anticipate what could have been.

Happy Lakers Happy Lakers' players line up to receive gold medals and the Everett Coates Memorial Trophy (Photo credit: Kendall Taylor)


Mark Steenhuis did the very same thing shortly after (you can just picture that) but also passed to Jim Purves. For his effort, Purves was knocked to the floor and couldn’t get a shot away, but it was exciting and had us all cheering and screaming. Lakers established the lead at 10:03 when Shawn Evans, with help from brother Scott and Tracey Kelusky, fired a shot and into the net it went. We were still cheering that goal when twenty one seconds later, Chad Culp took a brilliant pass from Steenhuis and MacIntosh and gave the valliant Lakers a 3-1 lead.


At this point, Six Nations switched goalies, from Miller to Mike Poulin. Miller had faced five shots and let three in, so a change seemed necessary.


Cody Jamieson was a standout for the Chiefs and nearly connected, because of controlled ball handling at the thirteen minute mark, but the Lakers played it cool and he didn’t succeed!


Breather Players take a breather (Photo credit: Kendall Taylor)


Brad Self took the only penalty of the first, charged with holding (the biased crowd didn’t think it necessary), but Shawn Evans was a standout shorthanded and kept Six Nations off the ball and off the score sheet.

There was a brief skirmish at the Chiefs’ bench, with two or three Lakers caught amongst five or six opponents. Luckily, no one ended up over the boards and onto the Chiefs’ laps.

Six Nations inched ever closer with Rhys Duch adding his second of four goals at 16:58, ending the first period scoring. Peterborough led 4-2.


The second period was a very spirited back and forth affair, but our hometown heroes prevailed once again with a Mat Giles special, from Scott Evans, at 3:37. It wasn’t over. At 5:09, while on a powerplay, Mark Steenhuis scored a beauty. Helpers went to Shawn Evans and John Tavares. We were up 6-2. Seconds later, the Chiefs responded when Roger Vyse chucked one behind Carlson. Score: 6-3.


Alex Hill, rookie scoring leader, decided to try a different kind of play. Instead of heading to the goal, he remained mid-field and wrapped his stick around the front of Shawn Evans’ neck. It looked scary and painful and Hill ended up with the Chiefs’ second penalty, two minutes for holding. One of the Chiefs grabbed the ball, while shorthanded, and ran down the floor, but he didn’t score!

The Lakers did, shortly after. While Sid Smith sat in the sin bin, Shawn Evans sank one past Poulin, rendering the score 7-3. Jamie Lincoln and John Tavares assisted on the goal.


Coaches Coaching staff congratulate one another (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


With 8:54 left in the second, Six Nations sent a quick low shot in close, beating Carlson cleanly. Now 7-4. Forty-one seconds later, Craig Point slipped another one in, inching the score to 7-5. Mark Farthing hit the goal post with 6:39 to go, oh so close, and happily, Jordan MacIntosh scored right after with 6:32 to go. Very quick and very exciting. Score: 8-5.


At the fifteen minute mark in the second, Clay Hill took to the sin bin for slashing, but instead of watching a Lakers’ powerplay, the Chiefs seized an opportunity and ran down the floor to slow things up. They had a great game of catch, shooting the ball back and forth several times at the perimeter. It was a good penalty kill.


Rory Smith dropped his stick, but couldn’t decide whether to tackle Chad Culp or pick up his stick. He went back and forth for a minute, then grabbed his stick and tackled Culp too! Not much came of it. Focus. All focus. It was always there. Six Nations added two more goals near the end of the period, advancing the score to a dangerous 8-7. The Lakers called a time out with 26 seconds to go.


The third period was tension-filled, naturally. Who would prevail? Six Nations came very close to tying it up, with a quick close-in shot, but Carlson was right on it and it stayed out!

Shawn Evans was bowled over early in the third and limped off, requiring help, and drew the loudest roars of disapproval of the night from the crowd and the ire of Jamie Batley. There was no love for the refs at that point, and also, no penalty.


Roger Vyse took an illegal cross checking penalty, whacking Mark Steenhuis, and was assessed a two minute fate in the penalty box. He shouldn’t have done that because the Lakers scored! Now 9-7.


Cody Jamieson scored on a nice shot Carlson may not have seen, once again inching the score up to 9-8. No worries. Thirty-six seconds later, at 7:38, Jamie Lincoln received a pretty back-handed pass from Tracey Kelusky and sent a quick shot in close, making the score 10-8. Shawn Evans also assisted (what did that man not do this night? He was everywhere). This ended the scoring. Six Nations was unable to beat Carlson again.


Shawn Evans A happy, but determined Shawn Evans (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The Peterborough crowd was magnificent, as well as the team. Constant cheers of “Lets Go Lakers”, and clapping. Love was truly in the air. Standing ovation at the end and it was well deserved. MSL Commissioner Jim Brady presented the gold and silver medals to the team captains for later distribution. The highlight was the presentation of the Everett Coates Memorial Trophy to the victorious and happy Lakers, winners of the Ontario Major Lacrosse Championship. No Laker touched the trophy.


Thanks go to Jamie Batley for boarding the buses and thanking the fans on behalf of the players and coaches for our loud support. Jamie, and all you guys, you are so welcome.


See you soon at the Mann Cup! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!   




Lakers eke out exciting win in Game 4

August 23, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - After sweeping their way through the first two rounds of the 2012 playoffs, the Peterborough Lakers have finally met with some adversity. The Lakers picked up a close 9 - 8 win over the Six Nations Chiefs on Thursday night to take a three games to one lead in their MSL final series.


The ball went back and forth for 60 minutes, with Mark Steenhuis potting the winning goal at 14:26 of the third period. The Lakers held on and played solid defense for the last few minutes to take away any chance for Six Nations to tie it.


Steenhuis Mark Steenhuis fires the winning goal (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Steenhuis, who was named player of the game, led the Lakers with two goals and three assists. He wasn’t concerned with the game three loss or the close win Thursday. “I think we kind of found ourselves in the underdog role this year, whereas you know in past years we’ve been the favourites coming into [playoffs] so we’ve embraced it. We knew that every game was going to be an absolute dog fight, a challenge,” he said. “At times you saw some inconsistency, but we put that behind us and put some numbers on the board.”


John Tavares opened the scoring with his 13th of the post-season. John Grant followed up with his 19th to give the Lakers a 2-0 lead. At the buzzer, the teams gathered by the Lakers bench. A few punches were exchanged, but nothing significant materialized.


As the Lakers took the floor for the second period, Gord Gibb announced, “they’re up by two, and they’re not through!” However, two quick goals by the Chiefs had the fans nervous. The first, credited to Rhys Duch with an assist to Rory Smith, trickled over the goal line after Tyler Carlson got a piece of it. That opened the floodgates for the Chiefs. Steven Keogh tied the game before Steenhuis notched his first.  However, Craig Point had two back to back goals to give the Chiefs a 4-3 lead after two periods of play. The Lakers' faithful spent the better part of the period hollering at the referees for penalty calls that appeared weak to them, including four minutes to Mac Allen for checking from behind, and also for allowing the Six Nations bench doors to remain open during the play.


Grant John Grant, Shawn Evans and John Tavares on the attack (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Play opened up for both teams in the third period. John Tavares picked up his second of the game 1:16 in. Starting at 5:18, seven goals were scored in a span of four minutes and 17 seconds. Colin Doyle and Duch tallied for Six Nations, and Jamie Lincoln and Chad Culp replied for the Lakers. Tom Montour then scored for the Chiefs. Lincoln and Grant each scored their second of the game, and the Lakers took the lead. Things quieted down until Craig Point recorded his hat trick goal and tied the game once again for Six Nations, until Steenhuis found the back of the net for his second of the night.


Winning goaltender Tyler Carlson was pumped up after the win. “My heart’s still racing,” he said. “It’s crazy. You let it go in and it’s tied, and the next goal, the next shot, could be it. We’re fortunate enough to always get that extra one.”


Carlson maintains that the Chiefs have not figured out how to beat him yet. “Last game wasn’t one of our good games as a team, and I think tonight they got some lucky breaks,” he said.

Steenhuis said that the Lakers made the game harder on themselves than it needed to be. “It was a really nice character win, it’s always nice when you can battle through adversity, penalties, and just go out there and escape with a win. We were fortunate, definitely, tonight.”


Steenhuis recognizes that game four was lucky for the Lakers. “I don’t know if we’re going to win another game like tonight so we’re definitely going to have to give our heads a shake and take this one as a big win for us. We know we have to play a lot better to win the series.”


Steenhuis Steenhuis signs autographs for fans after the game - you're welcome ladies (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


As for game five? “We’re going to give everything we have,” he said, “and hopefully we do close out the series. If we keep working hard and playing our game we have a good shot, but it’s definitely going to be a war.”


Game five in the series goes Saturday night at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. Game six, if necessary, will be back at the Memorial Centre on Wednesday, August 29.


Game Notes:

- Cory Vitarelli missed the game with a lower-body injury. Cody Jamieson was scratched for Six Nations with an upper body injury. Chris White also missed the game for the Lakers.

- Attendance was 3696

- The 50/50 draw was worth a whopping $3613

- The game sponsor was Peterborough Hyundai



Six Nations wins game 3

August 21, 2012


OHSWEKEN - After a tied first period, a second in which the home team was up 8 - 7, Six Nations Chiefs prevailed 12 -9 in game three of the MSL Final Tuesday night at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena


Defence Lakers defence (Photo credit: Dave Carlson)


A game that started out chippy, ended that way as three penalties for roughing and one for unsportsmanlike conduct were handed out with six seconds left in the game.










Steenhuis and B Self Mark Steenhuis and Brad Self defend (Photo credit: Dave Carlson)


The first period featured some fast and furious end-to-end action. While Scott Evans gave the Lakers an early lead, Six Nations replied with four goals. Jamie Lincoln, Shawn Evans and Tracey Kelusky drew the Lakers even by the end of the period.


Shawn Evans scored again in the second frame along with John Tavares and Cory Vitarelli, but Six Nations outscored the the Lakers to lead at the end of the second 8 - 7.

In the third, with the score tied 9 - 9, some miscommunication between Tyler Carlson and Mat Giles led to a pass interception and the go-ahead by Six Nations with only 3:15 left in the match. They scored again at 17:12 and then into the empty net for the win.


Suitor Andrew Suitor (Photo credit: Dave Carlson)


The next game is Thursday August 23 at the Peterborough Memorial Centre. Game time is 8:00 p.m.

Thanks to our roving reporter Dave Carlson.




Lakers take game two

August 19, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Peterborough Lakers' fans got a taste of how intense the Six Nations series is shaping up to be on Sunday night as the Lakers and Chiefs went back and forth in scoring before settling on a 10-6 outcome for the hometown boys. Goaltending was the story of the game as Lakers' netminder Tyler Carlson and Chiefs' goaltender Brandon Miller were both spectacular in the match.


Intense, low scoring first periods are becoming a trend in the series. Each team tallied only once, with Kedoh Hill beating Tyler Carlson on a screened shot from far outside the circle. John Grant replied for the Lakers, slipping the ball under Brandon Miller’s right pad.


John Grant John Grant Jr. scores to make it 1 - 1 (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


“I don’t believe it's nerves,” Carlson says of the slow starts. “I don’t know what the slow starts are due to, but we’ve got so many vets on this team and guys that have been to so many championships that it’s old hat for a lot of them. We sure like to put on a show for the fans though. We love the fans and they’re going to be our backup all the way through the playoffs.”


Fans in attendance held their collective breath through the first period. Things finally exploded when Cody Jamieson took a retaliatory cross checking penalty in the Lakers' crease.  The crowd roared its approval for the penalty, and roared again when Carlson stopped Tom Montour on a shorthanded breakaway. However, breathing in the building became shallower again as the Lakers failed to take advantage of the power play.


Carlson provided fans with a nervous moment late in the period, as he came out of his net to chase down a loose ball and ended up tossing the ball over his shoulder to a teammate, where it was intercepted by the Chiefs Rhys Duch. Luckily, Duch whiffed on his shot and Carlson grabbed the ball with an ungloved hand, baseball style, to stop the play.


With first period worries all worn off, the Lakers' offense exploded for six goals in the second period. Brad Self scored two (one unassisted and one on a two-on-one with Mark Steenhuis). Steenhuis tallied one of his own later in the frame. Jim Purves, Shawn Evans, and John Tavares, with 5.3 seconds left, also scored for Peterborough. Six Nations potted three in the period, from Jamieson, Colin Doyle, and Steven Keogh.


The crowd let out its breath as the refereeing took centre stage in the second. Fans booed every call against the Lakers, including a possibly questionable possession call that led to Jamieson’s goal. Fans laughed out loud when Shawn Evans and Rory Smith (yes, the same Rory Smith you remember from New Westminster in 2010) got literally tangled up outside the penalty box – legs entwined as they hit the floor. The laughter stopped when the Lakers' faithful realized only Evans was heading into the box.


Crease Lakers suggest the ref's interpretation of the rule book is flawed (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Cory Vitarelli opened the third period scoring on a shot taken as he hit the ground in a fall. Cody Jamieson replied for the Chiefs. John Grant then made it 9-5 with his second of the game. Six Nations pulled Miller early to give them a chance for a comeback. Roger Vyse scored to close the gap to three with under three minutes to go, but Carlson put the exclamation point on the Lakers' scoring with just over a minute to go as he scooped up the ball in the Lakers' crease and fired it down the floor into the empty Six Nations' net for his first goal as a Laker.


“I’ve been aiming for that empty net since Minnesota back in the winter,” he said with a grin.

Despite the slow start, everything else went right for the Lakers, something that Carlson attributes to increased communication on the floor.


“Six Nations is a really tough team and we have to talk when we’re playing. If we don’t talk, they’re going to beat us. And they’re definitely going to make us look silly on the back end so we have to talk to each other.”


Both teams stepped up their communication on the floor, with the Lakers making the most noise. Coach Jamie Batley was the most vocal from the bench, giving directions to his players, although the Lakers' defense appeared more in tune with each other than previously seen this season as well. Conversation between goaltender and defense was audible in the stands.


“We had a slow start, but we just built on it,” Carlson says. “That’s all we have to do, is just build on what we’ve done. And if [Six Nations has] a slow start and they’re not capitalizing on their chances then we definitely don’t need to do much except just keep playing the way we’re playing.”


And the way the Lakers have been playing so far has given them a two games to none lead in the series.


Next action is Tuesday at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena (Ohsweken). To reserve a spot on the fan bus, call Doug Peacock 705-741-5435 or Karl McFadden 705-741-1475. Cost is $30 which includes your game ticket and bus ride.


Game Notes:

- The opening faceoff was delayed as a pane of glass came loose in front of the visitors' penalty box

- The 50/50 draw was worth $2870

- Attendance was 3257

- The Game Night sponsor was Peterborough Hyundai Subaru



Tyler Carlson vs. the Poulin Wall: A Battle for the Ages

August 17, 2012 by Anna Taylor


HAGERSVILLE - While offence starred during the Brooklin series, the Peterborough Lakers' defence is going to have to take centre stage versus Six Nations. The Lakers pulled off a 10-7 win over the West Division champs Friday night at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in Hagersville.


Six Nations jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the first period on goals from Craig Point and Roger Vyse. The Lakers defence looked shaky on the two goals, but eventually settled into the game, although there were some other close moments in the period. Colin Doyle got in close on Tyler Carlson twice and was stopped point blank. Carlson also made a nice save off a Billy Dee Smith breakaway. Lakers' fans in attendance weren’t sure they remembered the last time their team was held goal-less for a whole period.

Steenhuis Steenhuis and Kelusky on the attack (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The big line for the Lakers finally got the team on the board early in the second period as John Grant got the ball through traffic on a John Tavares pass for his first of two in the frame. Once the Lakers were on the score sheet, their offensive prowess returned in force, scoring a total of six in the period. Jamie Lincoln, Tracey Kelusky, Shawn Evans, and Mark Steenhuis added the others. Kelusky’s goal was a beautiful bullet of a shot from in close to Mike Poulin’s right. Six Nations scored three in the period for a total of five over forty minutes.


Six Nations quickly took the lead in the third period on goals from Point and Cody Jamieson. However, that was all for the Chiefs on the night. The Lakers scored four in a row to end the period, from Steenhuis, Scott Self, John Tavares, and Grant, with his hat trick goal.


Tavares Tavares scores in the third period (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The Six Nations goaltending trio of Poulin, Brandon Miller, and Jeff Powless was recently awarded the MSL’s Harry Lumley Award for the fewest number of goals allowed over the season. Friday night the Lakers proved that those goaltenders are beatable. Peterborough’s Tyler Carlson will have to be almost unbeatable himself if the Lakers are to win the series and advance to the Mann Cup.


Game two in the series goes Sunday night at 7:00pm at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.




Lakers sweep!

August 14, 2012 by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH - A total team effort tipped the scales in the Peterborough Lakers favour Monday night at the Memorial Centre as the hometown boys overpowered the Brooklin Redmen 17-10 to win their second round MSL playoff series four games to none. The Lakers will now face the Six Nations Chiefs for MSL supremacy and the right to host the Mann Cup, as the Chiefs knocked off the Brampton Excelsiors four games to one.


Only four Lakers were held pointless, although all four contributed in other ways: Jordan MacIntosh won 18 of 29 face-offs, Mat Giles passed the ball well and was hard to catch on offense; Mark Farthing helped out all over the floor; and Mac Allen had his best defensive game of the year, not letting anyone in a white jersey near Lakers starting goaltender Tyler Carlson.


Daryl Gibson Daryl Gibson rests and basks in the glory after scoring his first goal of the series (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Shawn Evans led the way with a seven-point effort (one goal and six assists). John Tavares had two goals and four assists. Consistent playoff performer Cory Vitarelli added five points to his total (two goals and three assists), and Tracey Kelusky, who had just two points in three previous playoff games, broke out offensively with a hat trick and two helpers. Other Lakers with multiple point nights included John Grant (three and one), Mark Steenhuis (two breakaway goals and two helpers), Scott Evans (one and two), Andrew Suitor (one and two), Brad Self (two assists), and Jamie Lincoln (one goal and two assists). Daryl Gibson had one goal, and single assists went to Carlson, Scott Self, Chris White, and Jim Purves.


Vitarelli sits third in team playoff scoring with 29 points, although he is quick to give credit to his teammates. “I hope I can continue scoring against Six Nations,” he says. “It’s always nice when you can get a few goals and help out, but our team wins by committee. If we’re going to win the next series everyone has to contribute.”


Kelusky agrees. “We learned versus Ajax, and our regular season record proved it, that we can’t rely on the names on the backs of our jerseys and who we have, we have to go out and work hard every game.”


Kelusky, like several other veteran Lakers, had a relatively quiet regular season, shown in the team’s 9-5 record. Fans had some nervous moments versus strong teams during June and July. While it may be a cliché, Kelusky’s statement rings true. Fans have seen a much more disciplined and consistent game from the team during the playoffs. With so many NLL stars on the team, the pressure is often high for them to put on a show for the fans. To win a Mann Cup, however, focus on a team game is paramount.


 “I think the games that they weren’t dropping I was putting too much pressure on myself to shoot the ball and wanting to score,” Kelusky says earnestly. “I said on the way home from Brooklin after last game, I said, you know what I just have to go back to my roots which is working hard, moving my feet, not worrying about scoring as much as worrying about the process of getting the ball and getting to the net, and that led to some success tonight.”


The first period was intense, with neither team giving an inch and only allowing two goals apiece. It looked like it would be a crazy start when Gord Gibb hadn’t even finished announcing Brooklin’s opening goal when Grant scored to tie the game at one and send a thrill through the fans. However, seven penalties in the period led to some cautious play. Every possession call to Brooklin was questioned by the Lakers' faithful, who were on the edges of their seats.


Mark Steenhuis was the star of the period, ragging the ball on the penalty kill so expertly that the Brooklin powerplay declined to give chase, and the teams spent moments just standing on the floor with the clock ticking down. Steenhuis was also able to draw several penalties himself, first to Jon Durno and then Dan Ball on the same stoppage of play. Derek Suddons went after Steenhuis next, but the referee appeared to mix up the uniforms and put Steenhuis in the box instead. His teammates helped him out and killed off the penalty.


In the second, penalties cooled down and the scoring heated up, with the Lakers notching seven and Brooklin five.


Of the difference in intensity between periods, Vitarelli says that “it was just one of those games where we knew, obviously, their backs were against the wall so they were going to come out hard and we just tried to match that. We tried not to make too many mistakes.”


Handshake Brooklin players congratulate Carlson, Kelusky, MacIntosh and the rest of the Lakers (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


The third period had the intensity of the first with the scoring of the second as the teams fought for momentum. Each Brooklin goal was cause for the fans to hold their breaths, but the veteran-laden team was able to hold off the youthful exuberance of the Redmen.


In the end, the score could have been much higher for the Lakers, if not for the stellar play of Brooklin goaltender Aaron Bold. Peterborough took shot after shot every period, playing a solid team game in the offensive end. Passes were crisp, shots were precise, and rebounds were pounced on for second tries. Bold did everything he could to keep his team in the game, something that the Lakers recognize.


“That’s a team over there that’s awfully young, they had some veteran leadership, they worked extremely hard and their goaltending played great, Boldy played just great,” Kelusky says. “I look at what we did as much or more than what they didn’t do, because I thought they played a great series.”


Six Nations Chiefs will have home floor advantage in the next series for finishing ahead of Peterborough in the regular season. Schedule details will be released as soon as they are available.


Game Notes:

- Attendance was 2928

- The 50/50 draw was worth $2527

- Kyle Sorensen, Josh Wasson-McQuigge, Andrew Watt, and Chad Culp did not dress for the Lakers

- The night’s game sponsor was the Coalition of Peterborough Municipal Workers

- Redmen goaltender Aaron Bold appeared to be having a shoe crisis – the trainer had to come out several times to match his shoelaces to his shoes, which drew the ire of the Laker fans

- The crowd let out a collective sigh of disappointment when Mark Steenhuis failed to hit Bold as the two raced from opposite directions for a loose ball

- Kevin Croswell played the last 3:57 of the game, and was held pointless (see story above about player point totals), but we won’t hold that against him

- In a post game interview with Cory Vitarelli, assistant coach Jim Milligan walked by and called out that Vitarelli’s success was “all coaching!”



Lakers grab game three

August 9, 2012

By Anna Taylor


WHITBY -" Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

The Brooklin Redmen must be asking themselves this question, as penalties once again played a large factor in their second round MSL playoff game versus the Peterborough Lakers. The Lakers, with an 11-8 win on Thursday, now hold a 3-0 lead over the Redmen and can finish them off Monday at the Memorial Centre.

Scott Evans Scott Evans fires on goal (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


In the end, a Brooklin penalty was the Redmen’s downfall. Trailing 9-8 with only 2:43 left in the third period, Kiel Matisz went to the box for holding. Shawn Evans, who caught the ball on a backhand from Mark Steenhuis, cashed in on the luck only seven seconds into Matisz’s penalty. Kyle Sorensen added the extra insurance goal at 18:26.


Evans led the Lakers offense once again, scoring four goals and four assists. John Grant had three goals and one assist. Jamie Lincoln had two goals and one assist, Steenhuis one goal and two assists, and John Tavares had three assists. Shawn Williams had a five point night for Brooklin.


The Lakers scored first and led 4-2 after the first period. Peterborough held much of the play until the Redmen switched goalies midway through the second period. Starter Aaron Bold was given a minute rest in favour of Zack Higgins. The move sparked the Redmen, who made the game a lot closer in the remaining time.


Peterborough scored two power play goals. Brooklin scored one powerplay goal and one shorthanded goal.

Shoving Cory Vitarelli got extra attention in game three after a stellar performance in game two (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Each team took nine penalties for 18 minutes apiece. Surprisingly, only minor penalties were called. There were no fights, although the teams came close on several occasions. Scott Gamble jumped Cory Vitarelli early in the first period in retaliation for a slash to Brooklin captain Derek Suddons. Later in the period, with Mat Giles already in the box for high sticking, three more Lakers were sent to keep him company, as Evans, Grant, and Jamie Lincoln were all involved with Redmen players. The benches were looking a little empty as Brooklin had three in the box as well. In the third, Nick Diachenko tried his best to knock Andrew Watt out of the game with a vicious hockey-like boarding maneuver, although there was no penalty on the play. Lakers' fans in attendance voiced their displeasure.


Expect to see a more disciplined game from both clubs on Monday. While they will still play a tight game, neither team is going to want to give the other an advantage. The Lakers go into the game knowing they can finish the series – no need to delay it any longer. The Redmen go in playing for their lives. With everything on the line, there will be no room for mistakes.


Game Notes:

- Jon Durno used a traditional wooden stick. Very rare in today’s game.

- Scratches for the Lakers included Josh Gillam and Andrew Suitor.

- Although the Brooklin TV announcers were excited by the “near-capacity” crowd, actual television footage showed plenty of empty seats. We expect they were out partaking of the arena's fine cuisine. Still, the crowd was much larger than the Iroquois Park arena is used to.

- The 50/50 draw was worth $701.

- Andrew Watt wore Josh Gillam’s shorts (we do not know why).

- Kyle Sorenson switched jerseys for the third period, going from #8 to #37 usually worn by Aaron Grayson.



Lakers power way to second win

August 7, 2012


PETERBOROUGH - An pretty goal by Andrew Watt portended a powerful performance by the Peterborough Lakers on a hot Tuesday night, as they defeated the Brooklin Redmen 14 - 7 at the PMC to go up two games to none in the MSL Eastern Finals.


It was 23°C outside after the game and it was 23 inside as well, as Cory Vitarelli scored five times and assisted on three to capture player of the game. The strong games against Brooklin have vaulted Vitarelli into first place in Lakers’ post-season scoring with, wait for it.....23 points.


Vitarelli Player of the game Cory Vitarelli leans into a shot (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


It was a confident Lakers’ squad that chased Aaron Bold from the Brooklin net near the end of the first period after going up 6 – 0. The Lakers faltered in the final moments of the period, allowing Brooklin to halve the lead over a span of just 64 seconds.


Mac Allen was feisty early, drawing Geoff Griffiths into a roughing penalty, but getting four minutes himself. It was an indication of further roughness to come. Kyle Sorenson was driven hard to the floor by Shawn Williams. Brad Self made little effort to avoid running into goaltender Bold when he was shoved from behind at about the midway mark of the first. After Andrew Suitor laid an illegal crosscheck on Adam Jones close to the end boards, he ended up in a fight with Scott Campbell. A large "oooh" was solicited from the crowd as a Brooklin player barely sidestepped a Suitor body check. In the third, it was Jim Purves who, after imparting a slash, ended up battling Dan Ball.

Crowd Unfriendly crowd gathers (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The Redmen scored early in the second frame, tightening the score to 6 – 4 for the Lakers and causing a bit of anxiety in the crowd. Twenty eight seconds later, Brad Self righted the ship by scoring with the help of Mark Steenhuis and Jordan MacIntosh.


Tyler Carlson had a solid night again in the Lakers’ goal. He stopped a breakaway with one minute left in the second, inspiring the Lakers to score their fifth unanswered goal with just three seconds left in the period.


The teams traded three goals each in the final period.


John Grant had a six-point night, while Jordan MacIntosh and John Tavares both had four points.

The next game is 8:00 p.m. Thursday August 9 at the Iroquois Park Sports Arena.


Game Notes:

- Peterborough outshot Brooklin 55 – 47.

- Attendance: 2769

- 50-50 Draw: $2344

- Andrew Suitor did not finish the game.



Lakers take game one

August 5, 2012

by Marla & Kendall Taylor


WHITBY - Despite spotting Brooklin three quick first-period goals, the Peterborough Lakers were up by a goal at the end of the second and registered a 10 – 8 victory in the first game of the MSL Eastern final at the Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby on Sunday night.


Guess you could say “The Hunger Games” are on.  If you are familiar with Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, you know this series between the Brooklin Redmen and Peterborough Lakers is going to be every much as dangerous, suspenseful, skillful, conniving and strategic as the “Hunger Games” were. And yes, there’s hunger involved too—not the obvious starvation from the books and accompanying movie, but a hunger, a need, a drive to achieve. Who will have it? Who, indeed, will prevail?


Down 5 – 2 after the first, the Lakers gave up an early goal in the second and pulled Kevin Croswell in favour of Tyler Carlson. This settled the Lakers defence and the offence replied with five unanswered goals to pull the Lakers into a 7 – 6 lead by the end of the second frame.  Brooklin head coach Wayne Colley suggested to television commentators that his team decided, “the game was over” after the first and let the side down.


It was a feisty affair from the outset. After the Redmen went up 3-0 by the 3:52 mark of the first period, mostly dominating the play both offensively and defensively, Lakers’ fans were wondering who really would prevail. It didn’t help that the penalty box door kept swinging open and shut in the first as a constant parade of sinful Lakers made their way in and out after serving time for all sorts of infractions. Nothing unusual-slashing, roughing, high sticking, five minutes to Mac Allen for fighting with Geoff Griffiths.


Shawn Evans received an unsportsmanlike additional two minutes when he was originally assessed for slashing goaltender Aaron Bold. Evans tripped over a foot (maybe Bold’s?) and flew through the air, landing heavily and rolling several times. He looked injured, but as he got up from the floor, unfortunately lashed out at the nearest player (Bold). As he was escorted to the sin bin, it’s doubtful he was shouting Hallelujah as he received the second penalty. There were already two guys in the box, Mark Steenhuis, four minutes for high sticking, and Allen as previously mentioned. Evans’ concurrent penalty drew a fourth Laker to the box to serve his second penalty. It was definitely crowded in there. A good place for hot and weary players to hang out. The Lakers amassed 23 of the 38 penalty minutes assessed. The second period was somewhat tamer, but nastiness returned for awhile in the third, although the officials didn’t make many calls. More than once in the first period, the TV broadcast crew referred to Lakers’ enthusiasm as “goonery”, and “turning up the goon factor” and chided the Lakers for the example they were setting for younger players. The crew acknowledged their comments wouldn't earn them any fans in Peterborough.

The Lakers dominated the second period after giving up the first goal. Cory Vitarelli was a one-man wrecking crew in the second, scoring three times. Jordan MacIntosh and Josh Wasson-McQuigge scored as well.


There was some wild end-to-end action with about three minutes left in the second.

Not unexpectedly, the third period was a bit slower as the heat and humidity took their tolls. The Lakers defence continued to play well, stretching to 22 minutes the time between Brooklin’s six and seventh goals.


With the score tied 7 – 7 in the third, Jamie Lincoln’s knee-high shot put the Lakers up by one at about the six-minute mark. Seconds later, Steenhuis scored his second as the shot dribbled into the net behind Bold to make it 9 - 7, but it didn’t take much longer before Brooklin drew within one again.


Evans, who had a somewhat quiet night, had to be scraped off the floor at the midway point of the third. He waved to the fans as they applauded his recovery.


With 4:21 left in the third, Allen scored the insurance goal unassisted putting the Lakers up by two again when he recovered a loose ball after a Brooklin player lost his stick.


The next game is on Tuesday night at the Peterborough Memorial Centre starting at 8:00 p.m.

Game Notes:

- Jordan MacIntosh wore #16. Mac Allen wore #90, presumably because his jersey was torn during his first-period fight.

- Shots on goal: Peterborough 50, Brooklin 45

- There were about 800 fans at the game. The Ontario Lacrosse Festival, with 557 teams in town, no doubt helped bolster attendance.

- Rising star Missy Knott, from the Peterborough area, sang the national anthem.

- John Grant  & - Tracey Kelusky were not in the lineup.


Lakers wrap up series

August 1, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers defeated the Ajax Rock on Tuesday night at the Memorial Centre by a score of 17-6 to win their best of five MSL series three games to none.


The Rock players probably wish more than anyone right now that lacrosse was an Olympic sport. If it were, they wouldn’t have had to face the likes of John Grant Jr., John Tavares, and Cam Milligan. No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. Junior Lakers' star Cam Milligan was called up for the final battle against Ajax, and made an immediate impact in his first senior game. Milligan scored three goals and one assist, and played all over the floor, helping out on offence, defence, and transition. The coaches even felt comfortable enough to play him on a penalty kill shift.

Fans began to take notice of the young upstart at 3:09 of the first period when he assisted on Grant’s first goal of the evening (Grant ended up with six goals, including one scored from behind the goal line, but really, did you expect anything less?). Milligan then notched his first MSL goal at 8:14 of the second period.


Of the goal, that was almost the game winner (except for Tyler Carlson’s excellent goaltender skills), he says that it took away a lot of pressure. “I was waiting for the first one to go in, kind of settling myself [into the game],” he said. “When it went in it was the greatest feeling in the world. This place has the most fans in the league and it’s great to play in an atmosphere like this.”


Tyler Carlson Tyler Carlson switched to #30 to confuse the Rock (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Milligan added his second goal at the one minute mark of the third period, and completed the hat trick at 3:08 of the same frame. For his efforts, his teammates gave him centre stage at the start of the third period, sending him out on his own. Grant also welcomed the rookie to the league after the game by giving him a towel full of shaving cream during an interview with TVCogeco.


“I just got to play with some of my heroes growing up,” Milligan said in awe. “It was so good playing with them that I just can’t describe it.”


Along with the aforementioned six goals, Grant also added two assists. Tavares had two goals and five assists, and Shawn Evans added a goal and five assists. Jamie Lincoln had two goals, and singles were added by Mac Allen, Kyle Sorensen, and Jim Purves. Cory Vitarelli had four assists.

The Lakers could have had two more goals, if not for crease violations called on Brad Self in the first period, and Jim Purves in the third. Allen got his first goal of 2012 as he stole the ball from the Rock, who recovered it after Purves’ breakaway attempt.


Nobody on the Lakers would discredit the Rock, whom the Lakers outscored 45 to 22 in three games. As a young team, in their second season in the MSL, they did not have much success. Goaltender Tye Belanger carried the brunt of the work for the Rock, only being replaced by Gary Muzzin in the third period of the final game.


Cam Milligan Cam Milligan, player of the game, is covered in shaving cream. We're not even sure if Milligan shaves yet! (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Of their first round opponents, John Tavares said that they never quit. “We were just a little bit too much for them in the first two games. Then tonight we got off to a really fast start, which gave them no momentum whatsoever. I think our offensive dominance took away any runs they could have had and our defence shut them down when they had to.”


Tavares currently has 18 points from three playoff games. He had exactly double that amount, 34, in 12 regular season games. He says that a Mann Cup is motivation for the turnaround.


“I didn’t have a great regular season,” he admitted. “The playoffs are a second season and I want to pick it up and be more focused.” If all goes right, Tavares will continue his scoring tear against Brooklin.


Lakers starting goaltender Tyler Carlson was all smiles after the game, and he is looking forward to the next series. He predicts that nothing about his own personal game will change for the next challenge. “You know, I just have to stop the ball,” he said with a smile. “I’m pretty sure the guys will adapt their game plan, but mine is to just stop the ball like it is every game. I might talk a little bit more about defense but I’ll let the boys figure everything else out.”


Coming over from Ajax mid-season, Carlson almost tasted first round defeat. The trade to the Lakers saved him from that, and he is grateful for the experience.


“It’s great,” he expressed. “You’ve got fans on your side and you’ve got a bunch of all stars on your side, and the score on your side as well! It’s really nice to be here in Peterborough, and everyone’s been treating me well since I’ve been here.”


Game Notes:

- Attendance was 2432

- The 50/50 draw was worth $1738

- The game night sponsor, Kawartha Food Share, collected 850 pounds of food and $971 dollars in donations. Thank you for your generosity!

- Some fans in section 13 missed the end of the first period as their attention was caught by a tiny (read: massive) spider spiraling down upon them from the rafters. It was quite a sight, as people wondered whether it had friends that would join in, but in the end the spider turned out to be as nice as Charlotte and left everyone alone. People took pictures.

- To add to the excitement, a male PMC usher in Section 17 was hit in the head with a bra that escaped a spectator part way through the game



Lakers take game two in Ajax

July 29, 2012 by Anna Taylor


AJAX - Don’t tell the Ajax Rock they’re not supposed to win. Even though the Peterborough Lakers beat the Rock 13-9 Sunday night at the Ajax Community Centre, they squeaked out the win as Ajax had all the momentum in the third period. Goaltender Tye Belanger was excellent in the Rock net.


The Lakers now lead the series 2-0 and can wrap up the series on Tuesday at the Memorial Centre. The Rock have not yet beaten the Lakers this season, and if they don’t win on Tuesday, their season is over.


Despite scoring first, the Rock were unable to build any sort of momentum in the first period, trading goals with the Lakers during the second half of the period. John Rae put the ball into an empty Lakers' net as Kevin Croswell had gone to the bench for an extra attacker. Ross Smith also scored for Ajax, while Cory Vitarelli, with two, Brad Self, and Jim Purves scored for Peterborough. John Grant threw a quick backhand pass to Vitarelli on his second goal, which he fired past Tye Belanger. Purves scored on a two on one with Andrew Suitor, who passed the ball to Purves who then deked the Ajax defender nearly out of his shorts.


The Lakers transition game opened up in the second period. Self opened the scoring with a shorthanded marker, and completed the hat trick halfway through the frame with a second shorty. Mark Steenhuis, Suitor, John Tavares, and Purves also tallied for the Lakers, who outscored the Rock in the period 6-3. Ajax’s goals were scored by Travis Bland (2) and Brendan Muise. Steenhuis’ goal was the play of the period, as he streaked up the floor to catch a long pass from captain Scott Self.


The Rock put together a string of good plays in the third period, outscoring the Lakers 4-3. John Quarrie, Russ Poulton, Bland, with the hat trick goal, and Peterborough native Jesse Guerin scored for the Rock, who pressed the Lakers. Not willing to relinquish the lead though, Brad Self scored his fourth of the game for the blue, red, and white. Steenhuis scored his second, and Jamie Lincoln added a goal in the frame to seal the deal for the Lakers.


While special teams only factored in on four of the goals (2 shorthanded, two power play goal against), the Lakers will need to play a more disciplined game if they are to get by Ajax, and especially if they face Brooklin in the next round. The Lakers took eight minor penalties. Shawn Evans had three of those along with a 10-minute misconduct, and Mac Allen had two. The Lakers cannot be undisciplined against the Redmen, who beat them in their season series three games to one.


The Lakers hope to close out their series with Ajax on Tuesday at the Memorial Centre. Game time is 8:00 p.m. It is also Kawartha Food Share Night, and fans are encouraged to donate either money or non-perishable food items to the cause.


Kawartha Food Share

Game Notes:

- Sunday’s game was webcast by JVI Video. Tuesday’s game will also be webcast for those fans who cannot make it to the game. Check out for more information.

- With the Lakers missing Scott Evans, Josh Gillam, Jordan MacIntosh, Kyle Sorensen, Mat Giles, and Daryl Gibson, the team called up Pete Rennie and Joel Wasson



Usual suspects dominate

July 27, 2012


PETERBOROUGH- In the Round 1 opener of the MSL playoffs, it was the usual suspects who led the Lakers to a 15 - 8 win over the Ajax Rock Friday night at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.

Based on the regular season, the Lakers were expected to dominate. And it looked like that would be the story line when Shawn Evans scored barely a minute into the game. But it wasn’t until 13:44 of the first that the Lakers put together a bit of a run with three goals in a span of one minute and 17 seconds.


Having played each other four times in the regular season, the teams are starting to dislike each other. Mac Allen was involved in a short scrap with Robert Koger at the midway point of the first. In the third, Ross Smith of the Rock got a double roughing minor at 12:29 for mauling Jamie Lincoln just outside the Ajax crease area. Evans jumped in to take on Ross, but the referees intervened as the combatants started to undress. With 11 seconds left in the game, Andrew Suitor tried to score from behind the net off goaltender Tye Belanger’s head. Belanger was not amused. Evans and Smith decided it was time to dance. It was an entertaining scrap, which included a display of Evans’ blue underwear (Don Sharp hopes to stock signed replicas - NOT game worn - of the undies in the store next game).

Jamie Lincoln Jamie Lincoln is roughed up by Ross Smith (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


With four goals and six assists, Evans got the nod for player of the game. John Tavares played a solid game as well, notching eight points and showing a physical presence.


Mark Steenhuis, as usual, ragged the ball expertly during Lakers’ penalties. Suitor won 65% of the face offs. Brad Self again proved that speed kills as he scored three times on floor-length dashes.


Culp Chad Culp (with Scott Self in background) (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Despite competing with the opening ceremonies of the London Olympic Games, the Lakers drew 2214 fans.


Next game is in Ajax on Sunday at 7:00 p.m.


Game Notes:

- Pete Rennie (#26) and Eric Bissell (#77) got opportunities to play with John Grant and Tracey Kelusky out of the lineup.

- The 50/50 draw was $1159.

- Lakers outshot the Rock 58-47.

- Both teams went 2 for 5 on power plays and both had 22 minutes in penalties.



Lakers tune up for playoffs

July 26, 2012 by Anna Taylor


BRAMPTON - Every game is a practice. Every game is a warm-up for the next dance. The Peterborough Lakers took this mentality into the Powerade Centre Thursday night as they downed the Brampton Excelsiors 14-8 ahead of Friday’s opening playoff game versus the Ajax Rock.

While some teams would take a “meaningless” game to rest their star players and use players called up from the junior ranks, the Lakers chose to play most everyone available to get in that one more practice. However, while practices can be light-hearted, the team took this game as seriously as any before it. Even with some of the best players in the world, it took the Lakers a long time to gel as a team this season, and it has been echoed by many players that they are finally starting to come together, just at the right time. Brampton provided the ideal competition to prove that theory.


The Lakers were in control for the first and second, but Brampton turned up the heat in the third period to make the game interesting. The Lakers took an 11-2 lead into the third period but saw that lead decrease as the third period went on.


Shawn Evans led the Lakers in scoring with five goals and three assists. Several players had four-point nights, including Cory Vitarelli, who had three goals and one  assist. Jamie Lincoln had two goals and two assists for the Lakers. Chad Culp had one goal and three assists, and goaltender Kevin Croswell had four assists. Mat Giles and Josh Wasson-McQuigge had one goal and two assists each. Brad Self also scored. Mark Farthing had two big assists. Single assists went to Kyle Sorensen, Andrew Watt, Jordan MacIntosh, and Chris White.


Giles had the goal of the game in the second period on a power play as Tyler Burton and Dylan Evans pushed him around in front of Matt Vinc. Giles scored as Evans shoved him to the floor. Self also had a nice goal as he picked up the ball in the Lakers end in the third period and dashed down the floor, evading the Brampton defenders as he reached the net to score.


Brampton goals were scored by Bryan Neufeld (2), Ryan Learn (2), Mike Hominuk (2), Tyler Burton, and a player unnamed by Pointstreak. Carter Bender had four assists.


The opening round of the 2012 MSL playoffs starts Friday at 8:00 p.m. at the Peterborough Memorial Centre. While Ajax’s record during the regular season was a dismal 1-13, the Lakers will not discount them in the playoffs, which are a whole new season. All players are aware that anything can happen. In an interview with JVI productions, producers of the MSL webcasts, Lakers transition man Jordan MacIntosh said that the team wants to win a Mann Cup. “Ajax is in our way and we’re going to play them hard.”  


Game Notes:

- Scratches for the Lakers included Scott Evans, John Tavares, Andrew Suitor, John Grant, Tyler Carlson, and Josh Gillam.

- Attendance was 450.

- The Lakers had a bad night for face-offs, going 1 for 20.

- The Lakers were cheered on by a group of campers and counselors from Camp Moshava, an enthusiastic group that normally takes in a Lakers’ home game. Unable to make it to a home game this year, they made the trek to Brampton to support their beloved Lakers! Shawn Evans stuck around after the game was over to be in a picture with the whole group. What team spirit!



Lakers drop first place ball against Six Nations

July 20, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - As the Peterborough Lakers gear up for a Mann Cup run, the road ahead may be a little bumpy. While depending on Brooklin to lose their remaining regular season games, the Lakers took themselves out of the mix for the first round bye as they lost to the Six Nations Chiefs Thursday night at the Memorial Centre 12-7.


It’s not often that opposing teams score double digits against the Lakers. Defender Chris White didn’t have any excuses. “We didn’t stick to our game plan,” he said. “They did everything right tonight and capitalized on all of our mistakes.”


The Lakers seemed to collapse in spectacular fashion. Six Nations soared ahead 5-1 in the first period. Even a rally by the Lakers in the second period did not hold enough momentum for a comeback. Every Lakers' error was quickly jumped on by the speedy Chiefs. Passes were picked off, and every post hit by the Lakers was followed up by a Chiefs goal.


Surrounded Lakers were stifled by Six Nations defenders (Photo credit: Kyle Taylor)


Cody Jamieson had four goals in the first period for Six Nations, leaving some fans to wish he were wearing the blue, red and white. Tyler Carlson, who had his worst outing since leaving Ajax, started in net for the Lakers. Mike Thompson replaced Carlson late in the second period and only allowed two goals in about 22 minutes of play.


In the second period, with the score 9-5 in favour of Six Nations, Shawn Evans took an interference penalty. The Lakers held the ball away from the Chiefs for the full two minutes. With such a wide margin for the Chiefs, White surmises that it was good strategy for Six Nations to avoid pushing the Lakers into action. “They know how good [Mark] Steenhuis and [John] Grant are,” he said. “They’re impossible to get the ball away from, so they didn’t even want to risk it.” Given the opportunity, one shorthanded goal could have made the difference. As it was, special teams were irrelevant to the scoring.


Without discounting Brooklin, White believes that Six Nations and Peterborough are two of the strongest MSL teams and hopes to meet the Chiefs again in the playoffs. “It’s a very good possibility,” he says. “As long as things work out for us in the playoffs, I expect that we’ll see these guys again.”


Jamieson collected two assists for a total of six points on the evening. Colin Doyle also had six points, two goals and four assists. Mark Steenhuis and Shawn Evans led the way for the Lakers with one goal and two assists apiece. Grant, Brad Self, Tracey Kelusky, Andrew Suitor, and Kyle Sorenson had the other Laker goals. Suitor’s goal brought fans to their feet at 6:38 of the second period, as he stole the ball in front of Chiefs goaltender Mike Poulin and soared over the crease to score unassisted- a highlight reel goal for sure!


Tonight’s result leaves the Lakers in second place in the MSL’s Eastern Division, and fighting for third overall in the league with Six Nations. Brooklin will finish atop the Eastern Division and will have a bye in the first round of the playoffs.


Fans Fans lined up to get autographs from their favourite players (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


After the game, fans were invited onto the floor to get autographs and pose for pictures with the players. A silent auction was also held on the players’ away jerseys, which will be distributed to the winning bidders at the conclusion of the season. Bids ranged from $50 - $200 depending on the player.


Hometown boy Cory Vitarelli knows the importance of interacting with fans. “We’re lucky to have their support,” he says. “It seems like we’re well known around town and the chance to meet the fans is obviously great.”


Although he grew up both watching and participating in the Peterborough sports scene, Vitarelli never had a chance to interact with the stars of past years. “When I was younger and I’d go to Laker games the crowds weren’t as visible as they are now, so they didn’t do things like this, and I mean I liked the Petes but I don’t remember ever going on the ice after to get autographs.”

Times certainly have changed, and teams of all levels now understand the importance of maintaining a good image in the community. Meet and greets with fans are the least that a team can do to involve the community. The Lakers want you, the fan, to enjoy yourself, feel like you are a part of the team’s success, and keep coming to the Peterborough Memorial Centre to lend your support. All the players, coaches, and team executives appreciate your enthusiasm for the Peterborough Lakers. Thank you for a great regular season at home, and we’ll see you in the playoffs!


Game Notes:

• Tonight’s game sponsor was Jeff Purvey’s. For fan appreciation, the local fish and chip restaurant held a draw to win free fish and chips for a year, as well as giving out numerous prizes during the game.

• Attendance was 3840. All bowl seats were sold out!

• The 50/50 draw was worth a whopping $3285.

Mark Steenhuis, who had one goal and two assists, was named player of the game.


Mark SteenhuisLeo, Mark & Carey (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


• Former super pest for the New Westminster Salmonbellies, Rory Smith, has been playing for Six Nations this season. While fans were expecting (hoping?) for the Lakers to draw Smith into his usual antics, it was a quiet game, with only Mat Giles and Matt McLeod even coming close to fighting with roughing penalties.

• Goaltender Kevin Croswell made an appearance at the Fan Appreciation event despite being scratched for the game. Also in attendance was former Laker Gavin Prout, who chatted happily with his former teammates.

• Stay tuned for first round playoff dates versus the Ajax Rock.




Lakers scrub Ajax 15 - 3

July 13, 2012 by Anna Taylor 


AJAX - After a quiet debut Thursday in Peterborough, Scott Evans broke out offensively Friday in Ajax versus the Rock as he had four goals to help the Lakers to a 15-3 win.


In front of a crowd of 85 fans, predominantly cheering for the visitors, Evans made up for the games he’s missed in spectacular fashion. His first goal was a straight shot from outside the circle. The second was a shot that fooled Ajax netminder Tye Belanger, and the third looked like it hit Belanger’s pads before trickling in. Goal number four was scored on a great pass from Cory Vitarelli. Evans added two assists to his effort, for a total of six points.


Evans' brother Shawn also had six points, one goal and five assists. Although Shawn had several good hard shots on net, only one slipped in. He also played a much more disciplined game than the night before, managing to stay out of the penalty box.


Giles Mat Giles and Coach Joe Sullivan between periods (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Chad Culp, Mark Steenhuis, and Cory Vitarelli all had two goals for the Lakers. Vitarelli’s first goal has been credited to Josh Gillam, but those in attendance were certain that #23 put it past relief goaltender Gary Muzzin after coming close several times throughout the game and even had a goal waved off by the referees.


Jamie Lincoln, Mat Giles, John Tavares, and Brad Self also scored for the Lakers.


Fan Big Lakers fan watches them score (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Kevin Croswell was solid in the Peterborough goal. Although Ajax has not fared well this season, their players generally perform well and are rewarded with quality scoring chances. Brock Boyle had two goals for Ajax and Travis Bland had one. Peterborough native Jesse Guerin, who is currently tied with Brooklin’s Shawn Williams in the MSL scoring race, was held pointless.



Game Notes:

- The 50/50 amount was not announced, but if you take in a game in Ajax, buy a ticket – your chances of winning are much higher than in Peterborough!

- John Grant missed Friday’s game for a commitment to his MLL team, the Chesapeake Bayhawks. - Tracey Kelusky is currently running from camp to camp helping teach youth about lacrosse.



Lakers wrestle Kodiaks to the mat

July 12, 2012 by Marla Taylor & Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Peterborough Lakers' fans certainly know their lacrosse, and their cheers and boos showed it Thursday night at the Memorial Centre as the hometown team beat the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks 11-7.


Before a crowd of 3156 faithful fans, the Lakers took on the Kodiaks and cancer for an annual fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope campaign. Donations were accepted in the lobby, bright blue “Wheelin’ 2012” t-shirts were sold, a silent auction was held, and a bar fridge signed by the team was raffled off. In total, $10,600 was raised.


With cancer survivors in attendance, it was an emotional night for those in the stands and on the floor. Fan favorite Shawn Evans wore his heart on his sleeve, doing everything possible to ensure a win, including taking the brunt of Kitchener’s abuse. Evans was shoved, punched, slashed, and cross-checked, in an effort that earned him six penalty minutes, one goal, and one assist.


Keast Andrew Wattt (left #34) & Bobby Keast on the Lakers' bench (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Of his penalties, Evans tries not to let it bother him. “Sometimes you’re working hard on a play and the refs don’t want to give you the benefit of the doubt. I don’t let that get to me. [I] have to play through it and try and beat the refs.”


Generally, the play was evenly split in quality throughout most of the game, despite the 11-7 ending. Each team showed flashes of brilliance before surrendering the ball to their opponents. Goaltending matched up closely- Evan Kirk faced 55 shots for the Kodiaks and the Lakers’ Tyler Carlson received nearly as many with 50. He also notched three assists, big ones. Kirk stayed out of the scoring for this match.


At the three-minute mark of the first period, the Lakers’ Jordan MacIntosh nearly scored, missing only by inches. Two minutes later, on a nifty steal, Jim Purves also missed, but not by much. They were both memorable plays, well-executed and therefore noteworthy.  


Ironically, despite the Lakers’ early prowess, the Kodiaks scored the first goal-Jason Mainer taking a feed from Brendan Thenhaus and slipping it by Carlson at 5:05 of the first. A second goal followed in quick succession; Pat Saunders sank one into the Lakers’ net at 5:24.


The fans seemed confident-no worries, no big deal. However, the next event was also not a goal in their favor. At the seven-minute mark, Evans took a beating from a couple of Kodiaks who had him right on the ground, roughing him up. The crowd instantly roared its disapproval. Unfortunately, it was Evans who ended up in the penalty box, with two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. Nonetheless, as if nothing had happened, even though the home team was short-handed, a pretty display of talent saw Jim Purves and Andrew Suitor hand off to John Grant Jr. and he scored the first of his evening’s production at 8:46.


Not long after, at 9:24, K-W made it 3-1; Martin Whittaker from Saunders and Smith scored a power play goal in the dying seconds of Evans’ penalty.


Mat Giles ended up in the sin bin next, for interference at 11:33. No worries. Carlson fired a long floor pass to Brad Self, who ran the rest of the way down the floor, with two Kodiaks accompanying him, and slipped a goal past Kirk before he could be stopped.


MacIntosh Jordan MacIntosh drives to the goal (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


With 6:45 left in the first, the swarming Kodiaks once again circled around Evans, tackling him to the floor for the second time. The crowd noticed. No penalties were called.


At 16:32, Grant seized another pass from the offence-minded Carlson and shot a crazy backhand past the Kodiak netminder for his 21st of the season, bringing the crowd to its feet and the score to an even three each.  


Purves was charged with a two minute penalty for holding, at 17:16, so he sat, while Giles took a lot of abuse for ragging the ball so expertly - the fans clapping their support all the way.


Kitchener took a time-out at 19:40, but it didn’t help in the scoring department. Twenty seconds later, the period was over, but not the fun. A whole series of things occurred all at once. Chris White went in the box at 19:59 for slashing and then Mac Allen and Brandon Ivey decided to go at it as well. They slashed each other, receiving two-minute penalties for that, but, not content, they duked it out until Allen karate-like flipped Ivey over on his back and stood over him, clearly the victor. For all that, five minute fighting majors as well.

The second period saw penalties and goals traded back and forth; the penalties mostly slashing, roughing and a couple of high sticking calls. In all, eight penalties throughout the period, five to the Lakers: Mark Steenhuis, Andrew Suitor, Shawn Evans (2) and Matt Giles for Peterborough, and Jamie Batson, Jesse Gamble and David Brock for the Kodiaks. Peterborough scored four goals to Kitchener’s two, leaving the score at the end of the second 7-5 for the home team.


A very determined trio of Jamie Lincoln, Steenhuis, and Purves burst up the floor at 3:55 in the second. There was no stopping them and a pretty goal went by Kirk. MacIntosh, assisted by Scott Evans and Grant, slipped a neat little tuck-in past the busy Kodiak goalie a minute later.


Kitchener replied with a low quick one past Carlson, which he may not have seen. This was accomplished by Jason Mainer, from Whittaker, at 6:30, making the score 5-4 for the Lakers. John Tavares, forever a crowd favorite, scored his tenth of the season, with help from Shawn Evans. Brandon Ivey tried a nifty deke over Carlson’s shoulder, but he stood his ground and kept the score at 6-4, at that point.


A Laker penalty to Shawn Evans at 12:24 for slashing, drew the ire of both the player and the vocal crowd. Many suggestions of what really happened were called out by the exuberant fans, but to no avail. A trainer was required to attend to Evans’ injury, and he left the penalty box to sit on the floor while receiving attention. He returned to the box after repairs were completed. Crazily, somehow, he left the box two seconds early, and instantly at 14:22, received a second penalty for delay of game. By leaving early, was he not speeding up the game? Point to ponder. Nonetheless, it opened up an opportunity for Kitchener and they scored at 14:37 (Thenhaus, from Smith and Ivey), making the score 6-5 still in the Lakers’ favor. At the sixteen-minute mark, the crowd became quite vocal again, offering their views of many things. A good time was had by all.


Evans Shawn Evans tries to explain his early (two seconds) exit of the penalty box (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


In the third period, John Grant Jr. (John Sr. was in the crowd enjoying the evening) picked up a neat pass from MacIntosh and Josh Gillam and fired it past the unsuspecting Kirk, making the score 8-6 Lakers, and giving him the hat trick.


With ten and a half minutes to go, Carlson chased a ball into the corner of the rink, followed by his groupies from both teams. He made it back safely to his net, but danger lurked seconds later as Pat Saunders fired one past him at 9:48. Saunders temporarily brought hope to the Kodiaks, bringing them to within one, at 8-7 Lakers.


Not for long. A neat, over-the-left-shoulder shot by John Tavares increased the Lakers’ lead to 9-7 at 11:43. The goalie may not have been expecting it right there. Less than a minute later, Grant fired a beauty past Kirk again, giving Jr. four goals on the night, and five points total. Shawn Evans finished off the scoring at 18:51, from MacIntosh and Giles, giving the Lakers a final score of eleven goals to the Kodiaks’ seven.


Evans acknowledges that next week’s final regular season home game against Six Nations will be an even bigger physical test than this week’s. “They’re going to want nothing more than to beat us and to set an example for the playoffs. Six Nations is probably a matchup we’ll see in the playoffs so this will be a huge game for us to feel each other out.”


Next action for the Lakers is Friday at the Ajax Community Centre versus the Rock. The Lakers return home next Thursday, July 19, vs. the Six Nations Chiefs on Fan Appreciation night.


Game Notes

- Tonight’s attendance was 3156

- The 50/50 draw was over $2000

- Tonight’s game sponsor was Peterborough Appliances

- The national anthem was sung beautifully by Gary Birkhoff



Fan Appreciation Night Thursday July 19


This Thursday, the Peterborough Lakers will recognize their amazing fans on Fan Appreciation Night versus the Six Nations Chiefs. After they play in one of the most anticipated match-ups of the year, Lakers' players will be available on the floor after the game for autographs and pictures with fans. Autograph pages will be provided, so you don’t have to miss a single player!


During this time, the annual Lakers' jersey silent auction will take place. Bids on these game worn jerseys will start at $50 and bidding will be accepted for one hour during the autograph session. Those with winning bids will be announced by in-game host Carey Walker at the conclusion of the evening. If you are one of the lucky winners, payment can be made by cash or cheque; or, if you have a PayPal account and e-mail address, payment can be made by credit card. Jerseys will be delivered at the conclusion of the 2012 season. Sweat and bloodstains are extra (kidding).

The Lakers' web staff AK Graphics will be on the scene capturing all the action so make sure to smile for the camera!


Tickets are selling fast so get to the box office soon!



The Drive for Hope Starts With You

July 9, 2012

The Peterborough Lakers are proud to announce that this Thursday’s game versus the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks will be in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.

With the help of game night sponsor Peterborough Appliances, Canadian Cancer Society volunteers will be collecting donations in the lobby before the game and during the first intermission. Donations may be cash or cheque.


Canadian Cancer Society

Peterborough Appliances will be raffling off a bar fridge autographed by all the Lakers. Proceeds from the raffle will also be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.


The Peterborough Lakers would like to thank Jim Mills and Peterborough Appliances for their kindness. We are pleased to continue an annual tradition of helping the local Canadian Cancer Society chapter led by Lyndsey Fullman. We hope that our fans will give generously this Thursday.



Rock, paper, LAKERS!

July 5, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Ajax Rock must feel like they’ve had something stolen from them. The Peterborough Lakers demolished the MSL’s last place team on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre by a score of 21-4. The Lakers are currently in a tie for first place with the Brampton Excelsiors, who beat Six Nations on Thursday.


Although neither Tyler Carlson nor Jordan MacIntosh saw the floor tonight, their arrival from Ajax has been a huge boost. Carlson has fit right in with Kevin Croswell, who got the win in net. Playing with confidence against a team with little fight left in them, the Lakers fired 64 shots at former Peterborough Jr. Laker Tye Belanger and his backup Gary Muzzin.


Fans were treated to a double striptease from player of the game Andrew Suitor and Rock player Brandon Niesink. Suitor took exception to Niesink’s aggressive behaviour towards Shawn Evans in the third period and stepped in to calm things down. Suitor and Niesink hit the floor and kept on swinging, losing their jerseys, among other bits of uniform, on the way up. Fans applauded, but no cash was tossed the players' way.

Suitor strips Andrew Suitor (a.k.a. Magic Mike) and Brandon Niesink prepare to dance (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Although Ajax has only been together as a team for two years, Suitor doesn’t proffer that as an excuse for their record over that time. “They come out and work hard every single night and they’re fun to play against. They compete, 60 minutes of the game. They’re young, and everyone’s got to take their licks before they get [the wins]. They’re building a great team, they’ll load up and they’ll be a team to reckon with in the future,” he says.


Evans, who must have felt like he had a target on his back, scored the first two goals of the game. He added another goal in the second period along with three assists, even though he was a recipient of a vicious cross check from Bill MacLean in the first period that sent him flying head first into the boards. John Grant Jr. was the closest Laker to the sprawling Evans, and avenged his teammate with a crosscheck of his own on MacLean. Grant scored three goals and added three assists on the night. The Ajax Rock learned a valuable lesson: don’t get John Grant angry. He’ll hit you where it hurts most – yes, on the scoreboard.


Shawn Evans Shawn Evans, along with John Grant and Mark Steenhuis, led the point parade with six apiece (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Mark Steenhuis was the other star of the night, scoring four goals and two assists. Two of Steenhuis’ goals were breakaways, and the other two were two on one breaks. Brad Self chipped in four goals and one assist. Self’s most memorable goal came at 14:15 of the second period, as he scooped up the ball in the Ajax end and tossed a shot over his left shoulder that fooled everyone. The goal was almost as pretty as Grant’s first period goal, in which he faked a pass to Mat Giles and then fired the shot himself.

Suitor Andrew Suitor gently reminds Aaron Brown he's there (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Cory Vitarelli had two goals for the Lakeshow. Single goals were scored by John Tavares, Josh Wasson-McQuigge, Josh Gillam, Jim Purves, and Jamie Lincoln. Only four Lakers were held pointless.


Suitor says that the longer Ajax stays together the better they’ll be. “We respect that they’re building for the future, and I think they respect us as a team that they want to model themselves after.”


Ajax goals were scored by Craig England, Travis Bland, Justin Gibson, and Brendan Muise. Peterborough native Jesse Guerin assisted on all four goals.

Next action for the Lakers is Thursday when they host Angus Goodleaf and the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks. Game time is 8:00 p.m. at the Memorial Centre.


Self Brad Self clashes with several other players (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Game Notes

- Tonight’s game sponsor was National Bank.

- It was Kids Night with the Lakers. In-game host Carey Walker handed out prizes all night to the kids (and kids at heart) who showed the most enthusiasm.

- Attendance at the Memorial Centre was 3050.

- The 50/50 draw was worth $2075.

- The Lakers' goalies have been racking up assists lately like we haven’t seen since the days of Pat O’Toole! Carlson and Croswell combined for five assists in two games this week.

- Special teams were significant in the game, as the Lakers went 1 for 1 on the power play and scored three shorthanded goals.

- A ball inadvertently fired into the crowd struck a fan. Lakers' President Ted Higgins was one of the first on the scene to assist. As soon as intermission arrived, Ajax Rock player #23 John Rae went to the seats to apologize and check on the fan. An excellent show of sportsmanship from Rae and the Rock.

- The Lakers invited Leslie Smith and her son Lukas, 4, to the game as special guests. Lukas’ story was recently featured in The Peterborough Examiner. Lukas’ dog Bailey was stolen from outside a downtown grocery store, but thanks to an anonymous tip to the Humane Society, was returned to the family unharmed. The game was Lukas’ first lacrosse experience.

- Next week’s game against the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks is a benefit for the Canadian Cancer Society. Organization members will be accepting donations at the game, which will also feature a raffle draw for a bar fridge.



Lakers beat Redmen 11-9

July 4, 2012


WHITBY – “For Those About To Sweat (We Salute You),” to paraphrase AC/DC.


The Peterborough Lakers and the Brooklin Redmen squared off for the fourth time this season; the Lakers making a muggy Iroquois Park Sports Centre even more uncomfortable for the Redmen with an 11 – 9 victory Wednesday night.


Newcomers Tyler Carlson and Jordan MacIntosh both suited up for the Lakers, but it was Carlson who made an immediate impression with excellent goaltending – one save with just over a minute left in the game to preserve the win – and two assists. He bolstered a strong Lakers' defence that killed all five penalties.Carlson & Allen

Mac Allen is a blur as he races to help Tyler Carlson (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Tracey Kelusky opened the scoring in the first period with a pair of markers less than a minute apart – the second on a well-executed passing play from Shawn Evans and John Grant. Brooklin couldn’t get one by Carlson until past the mid-way point in the frame. Brad Self scored at 15:38 after passes from Jamie Lincoln and Carlson. Brooklin tied it at three with 2:31 left in the first and scored again before the period ended.


Scott Self drew the Lakers even at 3:51 of the second period on a pass from Andrew Suitor. The Redmen scored twice before MacIntosh got his first as a Laker shorthanded from Evans and John Tavares at 6:19 to make the score 6 – 5 Brooklin.

Both sides doled out punishment with no one even close to qualifying for Mr. Congeniality. Mac Allen had the best body check of the night with a crushing blow on Geoff Griffiths in the second frame. Evans tackled Dan Ball and received a double minor for roughing. Suitor drew the appreciation of Lakers’ fans in attendance as they clapped in unison while he ragged the ball for the final minute of Evans’ penalty.



Jordan MacIntosh in his first game as a Laker (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Josh Wasson-McQuigge, with the Lakers’ goaltender Carlson on the bench, scored from Evans with eight seconds left in the second. The teams went to their dressing rooms, after some unfriendly discussion, with Brooklin up 7 – 6.


The Lakers took only 28 seconds to score in the third period. Evans from Wasson-McQuigge and Suitor. Goals by Cory Vitarelli bracketed one by Grant to put the Lakers up 10 – 7. The Redmen clawed their way back into the game by scoring the next two. But Brad Self put it away for the Lakers with an empty net goal at 19:34. A final faceoff win and a Laker time out let them kill the clock to secure the 11 – 9 win.











(Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Next game is 8:00 p.m. Thursday night at the PMC against Carlson's and MacIntosh's former team the Ajax Rock.


Game Notes:

- Tyler Carlson wore #51. Jordan MacIntosh wore #90. Everyone wore sweat.

- Shots on goal were 56 to 49 for Lakers.

- Mac Allen looked like he was part Borg (Star Trek)

- The 50/50 draw was $265 (not a misprint).

- Coach Jim Milligan retained his cool throughout the game as he never strayed far from a fan (the kind with blades) on the end of the Lakers’ bench.



Lakers complete two trades at deadline

July 4, 2012


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers announced that the team completed two trades at Sunday’s MSL trade deadline. The Lakers have acquired Tyler Carlson and Jordan MacIntosh from the Ajax Rock, and have sent Angus Goodleaf to the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks. Anxious to shore up their goaltending, the Lakers are looking to bring Carlson into the mix with Mike Thompson and Kevin Croswell. A bright young netminder, Carlson was the best player on the weary Rock team throughout the first half of the season. MacIntosh, the 2011 MSL Rookie of the Year, will greatly add to the Lakers transition game. Both players suit up for the Minnesota Swarm of the NLL. MacIntosh is currently coaching the 2013 South Central Ontario team at the All Canada Lacrosse Games in Oshawa. The Lakers gave up a first round pick in 2015 for the pair. Angus Goodleaf was sent to Kitchener in return for a 5th round draft pick in 2013. The Lakers would like to thank Angus for his time spent in Peterborough and wish him well with the Kodiaks.



Brooklin edges Peterborough for a third time

June 28, 2012 by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH - Southern Ontario’s current heat wave has certainly swept up the Brooklin Redmen. Coming off a large win against the Ajax Rock, the Redmen edged the Peterborough Lakers Thursday night at the Memorial Centre, winning their third game against the blue, red, and white this season with a score of 10-9.


Player of the game Brad Self admits that the Lakers fell asleep. “I thought we played well tonight, but we had moments where they capitalized on some chances, like I said, we fell asleep. Give full credit to them for the 3 games they’ve beaten us, they’re playing well.”


Shawn Evans Shawn Evans dodges a Brooklin defender (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


It was an exciting first period with chances at both ends. The Redmen took a 1-0 lead on a Tyler Patterson tally. The goal was scored just after the Lakers put the ball behind Aaron Bold, but after the whistle had gone.


Andrew Suitor, returning from injury, tied it for the Lakers on a breakaway. Kyle Matisz made it 2-1 on a quick one timer shot over Mike Thompson’s shoulder.


Geoff McNulty then scored his first of two in a row by bouncing the ball off the back of Thompson’s pads and in. His second goal was a creative bounce shot that went stick side. Scott Campbell almost made it 5-2 as he sent a rolling ball through Thompson’s feet, but the goal was called back.


Kyle Sorenson and Jamie Lincoln closed the gap to 4-2 on a two on 0 break. Sorenson missed the shot but Lincoln scored on the rebound. Lincoln was stopped earlier on a breakaway, and Mark Steenhuis missed a great chance right in front of Bold halfway through the period.


Suitor and White Andrew Suitor (20) and Chris White (22) prepare for the faceoff (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Penalties were the order of the second period, four for Peterborough and three for Brooklin. Both teams seemed to get frustrated.


Former Laker Jeff Gilbert made it 5-2 for Brooklin at 9:24. Steenhuis replied for the Lakers on a bounce shot, but Campbell didn’t let Lakers fans rejoice at all before increasing the Brooklin lead again only seven seconds later. John Grant then scored for the Lakers on the power play.


Suitor had a great chance as he beat Bold, but was tripped into the crease and had the goal called back. Mat Giles made it 6-5 for the Lakers as he spun around a Brooklin defender and put the ball past Bold. Derek Hopcroft tallied the last goal of the period for the Redmen 4 on 4.


The third period did not start well for the Lakers, as Hopcroft scored his second of the game, making it an 8-5 Redmen lead. Cory Vitarelli closed the gap to 8-6.


While at times the game seemed slow, both the team and the arena came alive as the Lakers killed off a five on three for Brooklin. Steenhuis, Suitor, and Shawn Evans were again truly effective on the penalty kill. Brooklin, however, did not let the Lakers keep any momentum as Dan Ball and Derek Suddons raced down the floor, not pursued, after a Laker error. Dan Ball easily put the game ball past Thompson.


Brad Self and Grant each collected goals in the period for the Lakers, who never gave up fighting. Patterson scored his second goal of the game after a struggle in front of the net with several Lakers.

picture Mat Giles endures the tough going in front of the Brooklin net (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Josh Wasson made it 10-9 on an underhand rocket at 17:33. The Lakers tried desperately to tie it and came close on a Tracey Kelusky shot from a sharp angle, but could not beat Bold again.


Brooklin played a very careful, disciplined game, and the Lakers paid for it. Self admits that the Lakers need to be sharper. “We have to match their intensity. We haven’t done that yet,” he said. “Right now they’re on top. We’re chasing them so clearly we still have some things to work on.”

The Lakers will face the Redmen next Wednesday, July 4 at Whitby’s Iroquois Park to complete the season series.


Next home game for the Lakers is Thursday, July 5, when they face the Ajax Rock.


Game Notes

• The Peterborough Pop Ensemble sang the national anthem

• The game sponsor was the Trent University Athletic Centre

• The 50/50 draw was worth $2224

• Quote of the game: “6, 7, 8, how many players can they have?” allegedly from Lakers coach Jamie Batley to the referees

• Attendance was 3287

• Player of the Game was Brad Self, who had 1 goal and 2 assists



Condolences (for Chris Sanderson's family)

June 28, 2012


The Peterborough Lakers wish to extend their condolences to the family of Chris Sanderson. Sanderson, 38, was a former Team Canada great who lost his battle with brain cancer early Thursday. He was diagnosed in 2008 with Glioblastoma Multiforme, but continued to play lacrosse and coach as he fought the disease. A gifted goaltender, often lauded as Canada’s best ever, Sanderson’s achievements included:


- Two Minto Cups with the Orangeville Northmen

- Two trips to the Final Four with the University of Virginia

- Goalkeeper Coach for the NLL’s Philadelphia Wings

- Three silver medals and one gold at the Lacrosse World Championships, including a silver in 2010 while he was fighting cancer

- Named to the All-World Team at the Lacrosse World Championships three times


Sanderson is survived by his wife Brogann, his daughters Stevie and Clementine, and numerous cousins who will continue on his lacrosse legacy. Sanderson’s cousin Brandon played for the Lakers for 6 seasons between 1999 and 2004. For more information, please visit



Lakers storm crease, 19 goals rain in

June 21, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers were not happy that the Brampton Excelsiors wrestled the OLA championship away from them last year. The Lakers showed the usurpers that they intend to take back the prize this year, and made a statement to that fact with a 19-5 win on Thursday night at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.


The Excelsiors made a splash during the off-season acquiring the rights to goaltender Matt Vinc, who splits duties with Anthony Cosmo. Peterborough fans are familiar with both goalies, having had marathon battles against each in the past. However, tonight’s unlucky goaltender for the Excelsiors was second year player Mike Noble, a veteran of six previous MSL games, who had the misfortune to face an almost full Lakers lineup.


Mark Steenhuis scores while leaping to avoid a crease violation (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)

The Lakers scored six times in the first period, looking much more like a Cup contending team than they did in moments versus Brooklin.


The Lakers played a better overall team game, including making smarter passes. Player of the game Josh Gillam acknowledged that the Lakers passing game improved. “We’re better when we’re passing,” he said. “The best way to get everyone in the arena going is to play a team game.” While Peterborough fans certainly appreciate individual efforts, the magic of beautiful passes can bring fans to their feet just the same as a fifty-yard dash down the floor.



Chad Culp fires on goal (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


Tracey Kelusky opened the scoring for the Lakers just 1:05 into the game. John Grant then picked up where he left off last week here at the Memorial Centre, and blew two hard straight shots right past Noble. Gillam made it 4-0 on an underhanded shot before Brampton, by way of Joe Resetarits, was able to get on the board.



Josh Gillam with Leo and Carey Walker (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


From there, the teams traded goals through the rest of the period. John Tavares scored his first of two at 7:29. Shane Scott then tallied for Brampton, but Josh Wasson-McQuigge replied for the Lakers on a pretty passing play from Brad Self and Shawn Evans. The Excelsiors took advantage of a Lakers bench mistake and capitalized on a too many men advantage. Tavares then scored his second of the period with only three seconds left on some exceptional passes from Grant and Kelusky. Tavares should have had three in the period, but Noble followed Tavares’ dekes on one play exactly and made a great save.


Resetarits started the scoring in the 2nd period, bringing the Excelsiors to within three. However, Jamie Lincoln of the Lakers preferred an even number, so he increased the lead to 8-4.


Brampton’s next goal, scored at 9:10 by Ryan Learn, was their last of the evening, as both their offense and defense dried up. The powerhouse Lakers took over, scoring 11 unanswered goals. Lincoln had two more goals in the frame, one an unassisted breakaway. Mark Steenhuis added a pair, and singles went to Jim Purves, Evans, and Gillam.


The Lakers showed marked improvement, especially on the power play. In prior games, the goal seemed to be to get as many shots on net as possible. Tonight, the Lakers set up pre-arranged plays and went two for four on the power play.


Gillam denied that the team let up on the Excelsiors in the third period. “They battled right to the end,” he said, “and we give them credit for that.” The Lakers scored four goals in the third period. Grant picked up his third of the game, and Purves, Evans, and Kelusky each got their second. Brampton finally took pity on Noble and replaced him after the 16th Lakers goal with rookie Ryan Masters.


Gillam, who went 16 for 25 on faceoffs, has seen increased floor time since Andrew Suitor left Wednesday’s game with an injury. Feeling no residual effects from the sauna in Brooklin, Gillam had two goals and three assists against Brampton.


The Lakers return home next Thursday to face the Brooklin Redmen. Game time is 8:00pm at the Memorial Centre.


Game Notes:

- The Lakers celebrated Jean Murney, an avid local sports fan, on the occasion of her 90th birthday. Mrs. Murney is most well known for her homemade Murney Suckers, an English toffee lollipop, a favourite of every child at the Memorial Centre growing up. Mrs. Murney has been a Lakers fan since the team was called the Timberman and played in Miller Bowl (see Team History page). She is good friends with John Grant Sr. and has many wonderful memories of time spent watching lacrosse in Peterborough. Everyone was very happy to see Mrs. Murney at the game Thursday. When asked who would win the game though, she replied “I don’t know, I haven’t seen a bit of the game since they announced I was here!”

- The video board at the Memorial Centre was not working during the first period –If you missed the great action, you can catch a replays by tuning into TV Cogeco on Friday at 12:00 p.m.!

- Scott Evans did not play; he was suspended three games by the MSL for a gross misconduct received at the end of Wednesday’s game against Brooklin

- Several rows in section 13 at the Memorial Centre were taped off due to a leaky ceiling - - The 50/50 was worth $1903

- Attendance was 3074

- The game sponsor was Goodlife Fitness

- The Lakers wish to apologize to MSL commissioner Jim Brady. We announced Jim’s 70th birthday, but accidently called him Dave. Our apologies, and many thanks for your continued dedication to our league.



Lakers' lead melts away

June 20, 2012 by Anna Taylor


WHITBY - Despite hot temperatures outside and no A/C inside, the Brooklin Redmen brought the heat to the Iroquois Park Arena as they defeated the Peterborough Lakers 13-11 on Wednesday night.  


Caleb Wiles scored for Brooklin only 16 seconds into the game to give the Redmen an early 1-0 lead on a shot that went right past Lakers starting goaltender Angus Goodleaf. Scott Campbell increased the lead as he raced past Brad Self down the floor to beat Goodleaf low on his glove side. Scott Evans then cut the Redmen’s lead in half on a delayed penalty at 5:05. Jamie Lincoln, on transition, knotted the game at 2 just 13 seconds later. Andrew Suitor then gave the Lakers the lead as he cut in front of Aaron Bold to score. Derek Hopcroft scored his first of the night just after a too many men call against the Lakers gave possession of the ball to the Redmen. After the Redmen’s John Lafontaine missed on a two on one, the Lakers went back down the floor to Shawn Evans who scored from just outside the crease. The call was close as both the Lakers and Redmen each had two crease violations called in the period, but Evans’ goal stood and gave the Lakers a 4-3 lead going into the first intermission.


The teams started the second period playing four on four due to offsetting slashing penalties to Mark Steenhuis and Wiles, but the Lakers then had to kill off a five minute roughing major to Steenhuis. Brooklin scored only once on the powerplay, a shot from Kiel Matisz. The Lakers penalty killers, especially Shawn Evans and Josh Gillam, proved almost unbeatable, even drawing a penalty themselves. John Grant then scored two in a row to give the Lakers a 6-4 lead, his first a straight shot from outside, with six seconds left on the power play, and the second in close on Bold’s left side. Matisz


missed a glorious chance to beat Goodleaf on a sharp cross crease pass that he couldn’t pull the trigger on. Jim Purves scored on a breakaway at 15:01 to put the Lakers up by three. Steenhuis then scored the fourth Lakers goal of the period at 17:59. Matisz made up for his earlier miss less than a minute later beating Goodleaf in close on his glove side. Hopcroft then scored his second of the game on a laser of a shot to close the gap to two. With Bold pulled for an extra attacker during the closing seconds of the period, the Lakers took possession of the ball and tossed it from their own end at Brooklin’s empty net. While the original shot from Daryl Gibson missed, Grant made it off the bench in time to pick up the rebound and score with only one second left.


Tyler Patterson evaded the Lakers defense early in the third period to bring the Redmen to within two. Refusing to let the Redmen catch up, Cory Vitarellithen scored his fourth goal of the season as he soared in front of the net, landing on his stomach, to beat Bold. Matt Holman again brought Brooklin within two as he beat Goodleaf through a screen. Tempers reached the boiling point just four and a half into the period as Kyle Sorensen got into a slashing match with Wiles. Both landed in the box along with Shawn Evans and Dan Ball, with Sorensen picking up an extra two. Shawn Williams scored just off the ensuing faceoff to cut the Lakers lead to 10-9. The teams continued to trade goals in the period, with Steenhuis scoring through a screen for the Lakers, and Matisz completing the hat trick for Brooklin. Redmen captain Derek Suddons, usually a quiet defender, took advantage of a breakaway and tied the game at 11 at 10:49. Brooklin quickly took the lead as the Lakers, unused to playing in a sweltering arena, lost some ground when Campbell notched his second of the game. Matisz then scored his fourth of the night after faking a pass and dodging in front of the net, making it 13-11. With under a minute to go and Vitarelli in the penalty box, the Lakers pulled Goodleaf. Some desperate play by Brad Self, Mark Farthing and Eric Bissell made for an interesting last minute, but the Lakers could not beat Bold again.


Next action for the Lakers is Thursday night at 8:00pm when they face the defending Mann Cup champion Brampton Excelsiors at the Memorial Centre. 


Game Notes:

- Jim Purves went traditional and used a wooden stick to start the game. However, he had to switch once the stick broke as he crosschecked a Redman in the first period

- With no air conditioning in the arena, the humidity took its toll as the game progressed. The Lakers Andrew Suitor appeared to slip on a puddle of water early in the third period and left the game. Numerous other players had to check their steps as the sweat began to pile up. Redmen staff continually wiped up precipitation from the floor with towels. Josh Gillam took faceoffs in Suitor's place.



Despite Jr.’s return, Lakers cannot grant fans a win

June 14, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH – Even though their star was back, the Peterborough Lakers were missing a little spark on Thursday night as they dropped a 14 – 12 overtime decision to the visiting Brooklin Redmen.

The Lakers welcomed back John Grant Jr., who made up for missing the first four games of the season by scoring seven goals and adding two assists. Grant says that he has scored seven goals several times before, but usually with a better outcome. Grant has been splitting his time between the Chesapeake Bayhawks of the MLL and coaching minor lacrosse clinics all over the United States. He arrived in Peterborough Wednesday night, left Friday morning, and barely had time to breathe, but was able to be the difference in the game Thursday.


Grant John Grant Jr. had a 7-goal night (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


The Lakers opened the scoring on a shot from Tracey Kelusky, his sixth of the year. Grant had his first assist of the season on the play. Mark Steenhuis also assisted. After that, the first period was all Brooklin as Mike Thompson shook off some rust.  Geoff McNulty scored at 4:04 from Matt Holman and the ever-dangerous Derek Hopcroft. Grant almost scored on a backhand shot, a shot from him that generally goes in nine times out of ten. The Redmen then scored two in a short time: Caleb Wiles from McNulty and long time adversary Shawn Williams at 7:10, and Scott Campbell from Josh Ruys at 7:51. The Redmen’s fourth goal of the period came from Williams. Hopcroft and Kiel Matisz assisted.

Grant brought the Lakers to within two just 1:51 into the second period with a classic goal, a hard shot that went straight through Brooklin goaltender Aaron Bold. On the ensuing faceoff, tempers overheated and all players on the floor came together in an almost-brawl. The referees settled the matter, and then Chad Culp stuck it to Brooklin by scoring 14 seconds later to make it 4-3.


Unfortunately, that was all the scoring for the Lakers in the second period, as their offense dried up against the inventive Redmen, who kept finding new ways to increase their lead. Williams scored at 7:50 through Thompson’s legs. Holman notched a goal at 9:58 from Williams and Matisz. Dan Ball then scored on a light cross crease pass from Jon Durno at 13:26. McNulty tallied his second of the game from Hopcroft and Williams 30 seconds later, and the trio finished out the second period scoring at 18:24 with Hopcroft getting the goal and Williams and McNulty the assists. McNulty’s goal chased Lakers starter Mike Thompson from his net, who faced 26 shots on goal, in favour of Kevin Croswell.



Mike Thompson got his first start of the season (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Down 9-3 after two periods, Grant said that the team “made an effort to work harder.” Led by Grant, the Lakers became inspired. Grant made up for lost time by completely dominating the period, scoring goal after goal, bringing the crowd to its feet. His second goal of the game came just 42 seconds into the period, springing hope for a comeback in the quiet crowd. It was a nifty backhand shot that Bold never saw coming. Grant just missed two chances a few moments later as he took a shot while falling, and then was stopped point blank by Bold. Hopcroft scored to increase Brooklin’s lead once again, but the Redmen were then shocked into submission by Grant’s three in a row, one coming on the power play, and one unassisted. Grant then let his teammates take over the scoring, as main face-off man Andrew Suitor scored his first of the season on a jump shot, and then John Tavares notched his sixth from the side of the net. Holman scored another for Brooklin, a shot that bounced off Croswell and in, to then take the lead 11-10. There were several tense minutes as neither team scored, but at 18:27 Grant’s shot went past Bold to tie the game at 11. Despite Brooklin’s two goals in the period to keep the game even, the momentum clearly belonged to the Lakers.

Suitor Andrew Suitor wins another faceoff; a 0.55 winning percentage as of June 14. (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Despite two Brooklin penalties in overtime, the Lakers lost their killer instinct and let the Redmen take advantage of small errors. Tavares scored his second of the game to take the lead 12-11 on a power play, but Brooklin then scored three unanswered goals to win the game 14-12. Wiles scored four on four, Matisz pulled a Grant-like play and scored on an over the shoulder shot, and some miscommunication left Tyler Patterson alone in front of Croswell for an easy goal to seal the win.

While disappointed with the loss, Grant was positive about the team. “We have a young team that works hard. In OT we went back to shooting between [Bold’s] legs and that didn’t work. We need to play more as a team like we did in the third period.”


Next action for the Lakers is Wednesday as they return the visit to Brooklin. Brampton will visit the Lakers next Thursday at 8:00pm.


Game Notes:

- Attendance at the Memorial Centre was 3080

- The Peterborough Pop Ensemble sang the national anthem

- Player of the Game was John Grant. Despite Grant’s nine points, he did not win the scoring race of the night. Shawn Williams of the Redmen had 10 points – 2 goals and 8 assists

- Croswell played very well in net in relief of Thompson, twisting his body and throwing himself at the ball to make some spectacular saves. Croswell stopped a penalty shot by the Redmen’s Shawn Williams late in the third period

- Scott Evans, Shawn Evans, Cory Vitarelli, Brad Self, Kyle Laverty, and Chris White all missed the game to attend Scott Evans’ bachelor party in Las Vegas. (courtesy Peterborough Examiner)



Third-period outburst carries Lakers to big win

June 12, 2012


KITCHENER-WATERLOO-The Peterborough Lakers cruised to a 9 - 3 win at the Waterloo Rec Complex on Tuesday night despite being tied after the first period. The Lakers flooded the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks' net with five unanswered goals in the third period.


Scott Evans, in a bid to unseat brother Shawn for the Lakers’ scoring lead, fired shots past Kitchener-Waterloo goaltender Evan Kirk three times. John Tavares opened the scoring early in the first period which ended in a 3-3 tie after goals from Scott Evans and Brad Self.


Cory Vitarell was the lone goal scorer for either side in the second frame.


In addition to the pair from Evans in the third period, Lakers got markers from Chad Culp, Tracey Kelusky and Jamie Lincoln.


The Lakers' defense was very solid, dealing with 13 minutes of penalties compared to six for the Kodiaks. Angus Goodleaf stopped 42 shots to improve his save percentage to .821. The next game is at home Thursday against the Brooklin Redmen at 8 p.m.



Upcoming games

June 12, 2012


PETERBOROUGH-The Peterborough Lakers are on the road tonight to face the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks. Thursday at home, their opposition is the Brooklin Redmen.


Both John Grant Jr and Mike Thompson are expected to be in the lineup on Thursday.


It doesn’t look like Geoff Snider will be able to make a commitment to the Lakers this summer. He is very committed to lacrosse in the Calgary area and will be extremely busy coaching and running clinics.


Lakers win 9 - 6 in Ajax

June 8, 2012 by Anna Taylor


AJAX-The Peterborough Lakers took on the Ajax Rock Friday night at the Ajax Community Centre, defeating them 9-6, but gaining some new bumps and bruises along the way. Several players took a beating, including Andrew Suitor, John Tavares, and Shawn Evans, who all tasted the cement floor more than once. In more ways than one, the environment was in stark contrast to the friendly confines of the Peterborough Memorial Centre.


Kiel Donahue was the most dangerous Rock of the night, scoring three. Peterborough native Jesse Guerin continued to dig at his hometown team, with two goals and an assist to add to his already impressive point total in the early season. Until the third period, the Rock did not appear to have much firepower against the Lakers, who were without Mat Giles, John Grant, Scott Evans, and Mark Steenhuis. Even missing key players, the Lakers clearly outmatched the Rock.


Jamie Lincoln Jamie Lincoln evades Russ Poulton of the Rock (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The Lakers opened the scoring on a goal by Cory Vitarelli at 54 seconds of the first period on a delayed penalty. Vitarelli stayed parked by the side of the net for much of the first ten minutes, but was unable to beat former Junior Peterborough Laker star Tye Belanger again during the period.


Kyle Sorenson took over, first being stopped on a two-on-one with Brad Self, and then scoring two goals; the first in close from Self at 11:20, and the second on a two-on-one with Mark Farthing at 12:45. Donahue cut the lead to 3-1 after Josh Gillam lost his stick in a blocking attempt at 13:20. The Lakers got into some penalty trouble when Jim Purves took a checking from behind double minor, but Suitor killed off the penalty like a pro, even drawing a penalty himself. Suitor took some abuse against the boards but escaped, which frustrated Robert Koger who then brandished his stick over Suitor’s head. Donahue scored his second of the period against Kevin Croswell at 19:25. The first period ended with the Lakers taking their time out and up 3-2.

Defenders Kevin Croswell gets help from Scott Self, Mac Allen and Shawn Evans (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The Lakers controlled the play in the second period, scoring three goals to Ajax’s one. Tracey Kelusky scored at 3:31 from Tavares and Evans. Vitarelli scored his second of the game at 4:54 on a hard straight shot that got past Belanger. Josh Gillam then scored his first of the season at 5:03. Ajax tallied next, as Guerin caught Croswell by surprise at 6:03. That ended the scoring for the second period, although the Lakers came close once more – the ball was in the net, but a split second after the shot clock ran out.


After Peterborough scored twice to open the third period, there were nervous moments for some Lakers’ fans in the crowd. Brad Self scored at 3:20 from Pete Rennie and Kelusky potted another at 4:35. But Ajax scored the next three to close the gap to 8-6. Donahue scored his hat trick goal at 11:20 as he shoved through the Lakers defence. Croswell argued for a crease violation ruling, but to no avail. Alex Crepinsek then scored from Koger at 11:45, and Guerin scored his second at 12:57. However, Brad Self sealed the win for the Lakers with an empty net goal at 19:19. Belanger tried desperately to beat him back to the net, but he just couldn’t catch the speedy Self.


Wasson Lakers' Josh Wasson-McQuigge battles with Bill McLean (Photo credit: Ken St. Thomas)


The Ajax Rock now finds itself at the bottom of the MSL standings pile after four loses.


Next action for the Lakers is Tuesday in Kitchener-Waterloo.


Game Notes:

- The Lakers were also without head coach Jamie Batley who was with his son’s novice lacrosse team at a tournament in Brampton

- Goal times were announced backwards at the arena– correct times have been used in this article

- The low ceiling in the Ajax Community Centre caused several possession changes as balls bounced high and hit the ceiling

- Attendance was not announced, but was probably around 100




Lakers' comeback falls short

June 2, 2012 by Karl McFadden


SIX NATIONS-The Peterborough Lakers' comeback came up one goal short as they lost 12-11 to Six Nations Chiefs on Saturday night.


Trailing 5-2 after first period, the Lakers proceeded with fine play, but couldn't best the Chiefs.

The Lakers were led by Brad Self, Shawn Evans and Jamie Lincoln who each scored twice.  Single markers came from Mark Farthing,  Scott Evans, Cory Vitarelli,  Mark Steenhuis, and Josh Wasson-McQuigge. Angus Goodleaf tended net for the Lakers.


Six Nations was led by Craig Point and Roger Vyse, both of whom had hat tricks.


Both teams had noticeable absences; Jonh Grant Jr and Tracey Kelusky for the Lakers, Jamieson and Duch for Six Nations.


The Lakers' next game is on the road Friday June 8 in Ajax.



Season starts on right note

May 31, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH -The evening started with fanfare.


A pep rally hosted by the Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association saw fans come together before the start of the new season outside the Morrow Building. Minor lacrosse players then marched into the arena to the sounds of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52 pipes and drums. Then firefighters rappelled from the ceiling to great delight. Even Sparky the Fire Dog couldn’t stand the excitement. The stands were full to overflowing, a record attendance for a first game. And then they took the floor, to great cheers from the crowd – our boys of summer are back.

New faces and familiar were in the lineup for the Peterborough Lakers 2012 Major Series Lacrosse season opener on May 31 at the Peterborough Memorial Centre. The long winter was a time of reflection for the Lakers, who lost the OLA championship last year to the Brampton Excelsiors. Their determination to do better this year was evident as they fired seven first period goals at Ajax Rock goaltender Tyler Carlson.

Kevin Croswell Player of the game Kevin Croswell blocks shot (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


Returning veteran Mat Giles scored the opening goal of the game by going stick side on Carlson at 5:23. Ajax then had a goal waved off before responding to tie the game at one on a goal from Peterborough native Jesse Guerin. The Lakers then fired six goals in a row, two each from John Tavares, Scott Evans, and Tracey Kelusky. Evans’ first goal, scored on a delayed penalty, avenged his brother, as a Rock player clotheslined Shawn around the neck. Newcomer Andrew Suitor made the biggest splash of the period as he collided with a Rock player and knocked his helmet off with just a few seconds left.


If the first period was all Lakers, then the second period was all Ajax as they outscored the Lakers 5-2. Guerin and Brendan Muise proved to be the most dangerous Rocks in the period with three and four assists respectively. Travis Bland scored his first of two at 1:58. Kiel Donahue then scored at 3:01. Tavares had his third goal of the game for the Lakers at 4:27 with an assist to Shawn Evans. Bland scored his second through Kevin Croswell’s legs before Jamie Lincoln of the Lakers barely missed on a breakaway at the other end. Guerin scored his second of the game from Muise at 10:17. Ajax and Peterborough then traded goals eight seconds apart with Brock Boyle scoring at 16:41 and Jim Purves, recently acquired from the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks, scored at 16:49 from Suitor.

Jamie BatleyHead Coach Jamie Batley earns a two-minute bench minor penalty for excessive enthusiasm (Photo credit: Anna Taylor)


The second period featured two fights, with Suitor taking on super pest Kyle Termini, who attempted at one point to hit Suitor with his shoulder pad when it looked like he was losing an edge. Shawn Evans and Brandon Niesink then tussled at 18:55 after a scrum near the net.


The Lakers welcomed back Josh Gillam, who played his first game for the Lakers since being injured in the opening game of the 2010 season. Gillam teamed up with Steenhuis on the penalty kill, where the pair was virtually unstoppable ragging the ball away from the Rock on an early five on three in the third, due to some undisciplined moments from the Lakers bench. Only one goal was scored in the third period, and that was by Steenhuis on the penalty kill. Lakers fans proved that a four goal lead is not enough. With no goals in the last 16 minutes of the game, the crowd became quiet. Fans are not used to long scoring lulls from the Lakers, but on this night, no more goals were necessary as Peterborough won the game 10-6.


Game Notes

- Attendance was announced as 3477

- Lakers President Ted Higgins sang the national anthem

- Player of the Game was awarded to Kevin Croswell

- both teams took their time outs with 18.1 seconds remaining in the third period with the Lakers up 10-6

- Next action for the Lakers is at Six Nations on Saturday, June 2nd

- Next home game is Thursday, June 14 vs the Brooklin Redmen



Roster moves continue in runup to season opener

May 22, 2012


PETERBOROUGH - The Lakers have acquired Jim Purves from the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks for Sean Thomson and a 2013 2nd round pick. Purves is a defender with the Buffalo Bandits in the NLL who has shown real progress in his lacrosse play the past two years.


In a three-way trade involving Six Nations Chiefs and the Kodiaks, transition specialist Andrew Watt was added to the Lakers 2012 roster. Watt was an NLL all-star as a transition player and plays for the Minnesota Swarm.



Lakers season ticket sales expected to exceed last year

May 4, 2012


PETERBOROUGH - Peterborough Lakers Major Series Lacrosse team announced today that sales of tickets for the upcoming 2012 season are running slightly ahead of 2011 with four weeks still to go before the first game. Season ticket holders enjoy the advantage of lower prices as well as reserved seating throughout the playoffs. Season ticket holders in 2011 totaled approximately 2,000; single-game ticket sales increased total average attendance for the entire season to just over 3,000 per game. Team President Ted Higgins commented, “The organization is delighted that sports fans in Peterborough continue to see the Laker games as great entertainment and excellent value. The Mann Cup Canadian championship will be played in the east this year and I cannot think of a better reward for our loyal fans than to have it take place in the Peterborough Memorial Centre. There is no better venue for lacrosse anywhere in Canada.” Fans with reserved seating can pick up tickets at the Memorial Centre Box Office beginning Wednesday, May 9th at 9:30 am. The Lakers’ season opener is May 31st at 8:00 pm against Ajax Rock.



Season opener inching closer

March 29, 2012 by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Get ready, fans! The Peterborough Lakers will open their 2012 Major Series Lacrosse season at home, playing host to the Ajax Rock on Thursday, May 31.


With a shorter schedule, the Lakers play 14 regular season games, seven at home and seven on the road. The Lakers are part of the newly created Eastern Division with Ajax and Brooklin. The Western Division will be made up of Kitchener-Waterloo, Six Nations, and Brampton. The Lakers will play each team in their division four times, and each team in the Western Division twice.


The Lakers will take on the defending Mann Cup Champion Brampton Excelsiors on June 21. The Lakers will look for redemption against the Excelsiors, who knocked them out of contention for last year’s Mann Cup. The Lakers season closer against the Six Nations Chiefs on July 19 may be the most highly anticipated home game of the season, as the Lakers and Chiefs battled each other in a wild and hard-fought second round playoff matchup for the right to face the Excelsiors.



Lakers announce new, old sponsor

March 12, 2012


PETERBOROUGH-The Peterborough Lakers are most pleased to announce that Carl Doughty and Doughty Masonry Center will remain as the Major Sponsor for the Peterborough Lakers for 2012.


Carl Doughty has been the major sponsor with the Lakers for the past seven years. During those years the Lakers have been Mann Cup champions three times. Carl is a much-respected businessman who brings a highly ethical and astute business sense to the Laker organization.

Carl, a quiet humble man stated that, “I am pleased to remain and help the Lakers this year.”

Ron Nolan, a Laker executive member, remarked that, “Carl and Doughty Masonry Center’s continuing sponsorship is highly valued and much appreciated."


Lakers' GM and Head Coach Jamie Batley commented, “Carl’s friendship, love of the Lakers lacrosse and financial support is a wonderful thing for our organization for this coming year. Thanks Carl."



Lakers annnounce 2012 season ticket sales

March 8, 2012 (Updated May 15)


PETERBOROUGH- Season tickets for 2012 have been on sale since Wednesday March 21 at the Peterborough Memorial Centre box office for current AND new subscribers.

Walk up ticket prices remain the same, but the first ones won't go on sale until Monday May 31, 2012 so it makes sense to buy a season ticket now! The deadline for renewal for all current season ticket subscribers AND sponsors is April 30. Adult $91.00, Senior/Student $63.00 and Child $24.50. Tickets will be available for pickup on Wednesday May 9, 2012. Season tickets sales will end on May 30.


Buying a season ticket ensures the same seat for all seven home games. If the Lakers make the playoffs, season ticket holders will have up to a specified date to purchase playoff tickets. After that date, their tickets will be released for sale to the general public.


If the Lakers win the MSL Championship, the Mann Cup game will be in Peterborough so don't miss out on the action.



Lakers deal at MSL draft

January 29, 2012


WHITBY-Peterborough Lakers have acquired Andrew Suitor from the Ajax Rock in a Major Series Lacrosse draft-day deal on Saturday. Suitor, who is an excellent transition player, is the youngest captain in the NLL with the Minnesota Swarm. He is a noted loose-ball player and, as his three-goal performance against the Buffalo Bandits last night in the NLL showed, he can score. Suitor played with Victoria in the WLA last year. GM Jamie Batley is confident Suitor will come to the Lakers this year.


In exchange for Suitor, Lakers traded the rights to recently protected goalie Tye Belanger along with first round draft picks in 2012 and 2014.


Lakers drafted Travis Cornwall and local Merit Precision Jr A player Eric Bissell. Cornwall is a graduating western Jr A player  and probably will also be a high selection in the WLA draft. Eric Bissell is a rugged defensive player graduating from the Merit Precision Jr A Lakers. He is honing his lacrosse skills in the CLAX league this winter.


The MSL announced that the league will be divided into two divisions with a 14 game schedule. The Lakers will play the Brooklin Redmen and Ajax Rock four times each in the MSL Eastern Division. They will play the the Western Division Brampton Excelsiors, Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks and Six Nations Chiefs twice each.


Lastly, the MSL announced that the first MSL All Star Game will be played during the regular season in the Peterborough Memorial Centre. It was a natural choice to play the game here as Peterborough draws by far the largest  audiences in the MSL.



Lakers prepare for MSL draft

January 25, 2012


PETERBOROUGH-The Peterborough Lakers Lacrosse organization is busy preparing for the MSL draft Saturday January 28th to be held in Whitby. Expected in attendance for the Lakers will be some members of their Executive and GM/Head Coach, Jamie Batley.


Prior to the MSL draft, the Lakers have named goalie, Tye Belanger and right defensive player Pete Rennie as their two over –aged protected Jr. A Laker players.


Tye Belanger was the named the top Canadian Junior A goalie for 2011 because of his outstanding play in the net for the Merit Precision Lakers this past season. Belanger was also the OLA 1st All Star goalie this past year. In many games when his team was outshot, Belanger would lead his team to narrow victories. In recognition of his great Jr. A career, Belanger was drafted 16th overall in the NLL draft by the Colorado Mammoth where he is a backup goalie.


Pete Rennie at 6’2” and 200 lbs. is a local boy who played right defense for the Merit Precision Jr. Lakers. Pete was drafted by the Toronto Rock and was successful enough in training camp to be named to their practice squad.


Lakers acquire Chad Culp from Kodiaks

January 24, 2012


PETERBOROUGH - Peterborough Lakers’ GM Jamie Batley has announced the first trade by the Peterborough Lakers for the 2012 MSL season. The Lakers have acquired the rights to left handed offensive player Chad Culp from the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks for the rights to back up goalie Pat Campbell and a first round draft selection in 2013.


Culp is a lefty currently being utilized on the power play with the Buffalo Bandits in the NLL. He has the experience of playing with several other Lakers on the present Buffalo Bandits team. Culp's addition further strengthens the already strong left side of the Lakers offense.


The Lakers thank Pat Campbell for his services and wish him the best with the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks.




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