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Stories from 2013


Sullivan new GM/Head Coach


November 24, 2013


by Marla Taylor



Lakers’ Executive, Volunteers, Staff, and press gathered Saturday November 23 at the PMC Pub and Grill for a press conference to introduce Joe Sullivan as the new General Manager and Head Coach of the Senior Lakers Lacrosse Team.


Ted Higgins opened the proceedings with the sad news that Wayne Dominick, a Lakers’ official Volunteer, had passed away that morning, fighting the complications of pneumonia. A moment of reflection was held in his honor and expressions of sympathy were expressed to his family.


The new GM/Head Coach then took the podium and outlined his vision for the team as a whole, and specifically the plan for the 2014 season. We are heading back to the Mann Cup in 2014, he declared. “We’re not rebuilding” and “we’re not broken” were firmly stated. The team will strive to be the best team in the MSL. Sullivan then outlined how he’d achieve his goals. He stressed that there would be team practices and that players would be expected to “buy into” getting faster, to keep up with younger swifter teams in the league. There will be a training camp, unlike other years.


Joe is fairly certain Andrew Suitor and Andrew Watt will commit to this year, and he added Mac Allen’s name as a distinct possibility of return, as well. He then added there are “irons in the fire” for certain players we haven’t had before; players of the highest calibre wanting to play in Peterborough. Sullivan


He has yet to name who will be his assistant coaches, and was asked if he would go with three or four. He will make that decision as he considers the applicants. He assured us there is value in opening the gate as he had done through many games. He suggested that role could be filled by an “intern” coach-someone interested in building skills to become an actual future coach.


The website staff enquired how he would accomplish all the tasks connected with the job, while situated so far away coaching the NLL Minnesota Swarm. He gave a surprising answer (to me) by explaining that he lives in the Peterborough area throughout the week and commutes each weekend to the faraway state in the USA. He is therefore available locally to organize the team and conversely, surrounded on weekends by the top names in lacrosse whom he can lure to Peterborough. That’s the best of both worlds.


We wish him well and welcome him as our new leader.


See you in the stands, fans.





Lakers' awards banquet 2013


October 12, 2013


by Anna Taylor


This past Friday, the Peterborough Lakers and their fans got together to celebrate the season that was, and the season that will be. The annual awards and fan appreciation banquet took place at the Trentwinds on Lansdowne Street, and while we were not celebrating a championship, we were celebrating being together on Thanksgiving weekend, and being thankful for another fun year of lacrosse in Peterborough.


Many references were made in jest to the Lakers' early exit, but make no mistake, the players are serious about winning the Mann Cup in 2014.


Shawn Evans was the night’s biggest winner, taking home the awards for Top Scorer, MVP, and Fan Favourite. As the Fan Favourite was announced, Scott Evans jokingly stood up to accept first, before acknowledging that he wasn’t the Evans they hadShawn Evans called. Shawn finished the regular season with 106 points, and added 27 in the playoffs. Over 400 unique votes were cast online for the Fan Favourite award.


Tyler Carlson won for Most Dedicated to the team, however head coach Jamie Batley stated in giving the award that any of the players on the team could have been the recipient. Consider Mark Steenhuis, who was unavailable for the banquet, but who drove from St. Catharines for every single game this season; or Tracey Kelusky, who played a playoff game the day after losing his father; or John Grant Jr., who spent most of his summer on an airplane so he could be in Peterborough to help his teammates whenever he could.


Carlson’s parents Ann and Dave were honoured along with Tyler Tyler Carlsonfor being at every game this season to cheer on both their son and the whole team. The Lakers always know to look for the Carlson’s in the stands at each arena, and feel comfort in knowing they can count on at least two fans in every building.


Darryl Gibson was awarded Best Defenseman. Gibson had originally retired prior to the season starting, but was convinced by the coaching staff to come back for one more year to help teach the younger defensemen the ropes. That move paid off, as Robert Hope, also a defenseman, was awarded Rookie of the Year. Batley joked that Hope had a 50/50 chance of winning, but since his parents came to the banquet, he won. Matt Crough was the team’s other rookie, and was just as qualified for the award. Hope and Crough were both unable to attend the banquet due to school commitments, so Hope’s mother Paula accepted his award on his behalf.


Brad Self and Mark Farthing were repeat winners, each receiving their second consecutive awards for Transition Player of the Year and Most Improved, respectively.


Captain Scott Self was awarded the Most Sportsmanlike award. Self tallied Scott Selfonly 14 penalty minutes throughout the regular season and playoffs and continues to be the consummate leader. Scott Evans was hopeful he would finally get an award, but then Batley announced that “the most sportsmanlike award has never been given to a member of the Evans family. They’re sportsmanlike... in their own way.” Lakers committee volunteer member Cathy Maljevic called out, “it’s okay Scott, Jamie Batley never won one either!”


Scott Evans, as is tradition, took over the microphone from MC Carey Walker to dish out the draw prizes, assisted by Peyton Evans and Kellar Kelusky. Walking up to the table, he quipped, “Looking at the draw prizes this year, I think we lost out in the first round!” The Lakers banquet draw prizes have become quite legendary in the past few years. Quality over quantity, this year. Some of the big ticket items included a pair of Lakers season tickets, a George Forman grill, a beautiful painting by Helen McFadden, and plenty of gift certificates from Chapters and The Pizza Factory. A bar fridge with the Lakers logo and a framed 2004 Mann Cup print were also given away. As always, the Lakers organization thanks all of their sponsors for their continued support.


The evening featured many speeches from executive members, thanking all those who made the season possible, including the media, the Petes, food supplier, the Memorial Centre and staff, City of Peterborough, the sponsors, and especially the fans. Dinner was provided by the Trentwinds staff, and was, as always, a great buffet featuring a large variety of foods to please everyone.Gillam Vitarelli Milligan


It was a low-key affair this year, with about 150 attendees, which suited everyone just fine. It was a night to be together and celebrate the team, even if we weren’t celebrating a championship. We’ll do that again next year.


Full List of Winners:


Most Sportsmanlike - Scott Self

Most Dedicated - Tyler Carlson

Rookie of the Year - Robert Hope

Transition Player of the Year - Brad Self

Defenseman of the Year - Darryl Gibson

Most Improved - Mark Farthing

MVP - Shawn Evans

Top Scorer - Shawn Evans

Fan Favourite - Shawn Evans

All winners





Reflections on 2013 season


August 22, 2013


by Anna Taylor


OSHAWA - As I write this, the Brooklin Redmen are down 3-0 to the Six Nations Chiefs in the MSL final. The winner will represent the league at the Mann Cup. It’s a bitter pill for Lakers' fans to swallow. When your team is knocked out, you have a tough time cheering for anyone else. In our case, we have to choose between our two most hated rivals. Sometimes, as fans, we want the team that knocked us out to win it all, so we can feel better knowing we lost to the eventual champions, and that maybe makes it sting less. But if Brooklin is swept then the Lakers and their fans are going to feel cheated. We know we could have taken Six Nations, or at the very least given them a hard time getting past us. Brooklin has put up no fight at all.


This year is very reminiscent of 2011. Peterborough faced a tough Six Nations squad in a grueling first round series that went seven games. Peterborough was victorious, but spent so much energy disposing of the Chiefs that they couldn’t get past Brampton in the final. The same thing has happened to Brooklin this year.


We’re all disappointed that the season ended when it did. Last year was something sp

ecial, and everyone was hopeful that 2013 would just be a continuation of last season’s winning ways.


To be clear, the season as a whole was not disappointing. The Lakers sported a 13-7 record, comparable to 2012’s 9-5 record. It’s the playoffs that matter, and the early exit is the ONLY thing that made 2013 disappointing. The rest of the season was typical Lakers' excitement.


I, for one, don’t believe that the Lakers “dynasty” is over, as some media outlets have reported. Missing the final for the first time since 2002 hurts, to be sure, but to quote an old phrase of Peterborough teams, “the Lakers don’t rebuild, they reload.” And that is what they will do for next season to bring us back to the MSL final. It’s not time to push the panic button. A number of factors combined to oust us this year and give a different team a chance, but there’s no reason to believe we won’t be right back in it next season. This season we’ll let two other teams try to grow the game in their centres.


Veteran Cory Vitarelli said before the season began that he doesn’t like to think of the Lakers as a dynasty at all. Vitarelli


“I don’t think we are unravelling as a dynasty and I also don’t like to consider us a dynasty,” Vitarelli said. “We’ve had very good and successful teams the last few years and we've been lucky we’ve be able to win. It’s never easy to win, especially the Mann Cup. We have a very good, competitive team still. Our look might be different but we are very capable of winning.”


He’s right on both counts. Winning isn’t easy, and the Lakers were capable of winning.


Captain Scott Self agreed after the season ended that the team had the talent to go to back to back championships.


“Anytime you lose, you don’t win the Mann Cup and that’s always a disappointment,” Self said, “and for us to lose in the first round is a letdown. We had our struggles this year, but I still feel we had a good enough team to compete for a Mann Cup and unfortunately we just didn’t play well enough.”


Nobody is harder on the Lakers than the players themselves.


Mark Farthing stated after the final game ended that the season was a failure, something that I didn’t start to think about for a few days, but once I did I set out to prove him wrong.


“Anytime for this team that we don’t win it's kind of a failure,”Farthing Farthing said. “It's win or bust for this team and I think everybody expects that: the fans and the players. I don’t think we reached the goal that we wanted to this year.”


Unfortunately, it appears that the rest of the team feels the same way, even a week later.


Alex Henderson agreed wholeheartedly with Farthing.


“Any season that doesn't end with a trophy presentation, a parade and a ring is a failure,” Henderson said. “The fans were great and they always are and with the support they give us they deserve a winning team. We don't need to hide behind excuses like lineups or scheduling. We just need to go out every night and perform to the level we are capable of.”


Self had pointed to the longer schedule as a potential factor for the disappointing result.


“It’s tough when you play 20 games as opposed to 14,” he said, “and you don’t field the same lineup every night because of other commitments. I don’t know if that was a factor in our record or not.”


Henderson said that having different players in the lineup didn’t hinder the team.


“We had dedicated veterans come back and help ease the transition for the younger/more inexperienced players. That time with the veterans and the increased playing time that came from filling the holes of the injured guys (Suitor, Allen) will make us stronger going forward.”


Remember the beginning of the season, when all anyone could talk about was how the team was in a transition year that could spell the end of the dynasty? Here’s something to think about:


Eight players are still with the team from their Mann Cup win in 2004. While the Lakers still have that core group that plays every year, the rest of the team looks vastly different than it did in 2004. Each year the players change, and each year up until now they have been successful. 2013 was an off year. Next year, team management will get the mix of players right - they’ll bring us back to glory again.


One missed year doesn’t mean the end of a dynasty, because in the Lakers' case, it’s not just the players that contribute to this legendary team.


The players acknowledge this, too.


“With this ownership, the sponsors, the fans and the support staff that Peterborough has.... I can't see the Lakers' dynasty ending anytime soon,” Henderson said.


Farthing said that the fans really do make a difference for the team when they’re in the stands supporting the players.


“It was tough for us in game seven,” he said, “but we really want to thank them for coming out.”


Self said that the fan support is just awesome.Fans


“We were pretty excited,” he said of the last game. “A lot of guys had the nerves tonight because we knew it was going to be a packed house for game seven. Even the support we were getting in Brooklin, with fans taking buses or driving, Peterborough is the best place to play lacrosse I've ever been.”


All the players agree, and openly show their appreciation for the fans. Just look at the outpouring of love via Twitter after the season ended:Twitter


Mark Farthing: “Would rather lose with this team then win with anyone else... Thank you very much to all the fans for their unconditional support #lakeshow.”


Kurtis Wagar: “Great experience with the #lakeshow this year. Classy organization filled with beauties. Next stop #banditland.”


Andrew Suitor: “Proud of the boro boys! Can't wait to be back next summer! #lakeshow.”


Alex Henderson: “Looking forward to being a part of the #lakeshow again next season, we will work harder and go further! #thankseveryone,” and “Good season, thanks to all of the Ptbo Lakers Fans you're all amazing and you're the reason EVERYONE wants to be a part of the #lakeshow!”


Jordan MacIntosh: “Great season with the Lakers. Had a blast and looking forward to getting back in the Mem Centre next year. Good luck to the Redmen & Chiefs.”


Cory Vitarelli: “I’d like to give a big thank you to all the Laker fans. By far the best fans around. #muchappreciated #thankyou #everyonesapartofthelakeshow.”


Brad Self: “Thanks to the City of Peterborough for all your support. We truly have the best fans in the world. #lakeshow #family #community.”


Josh Gillam: “Huge thank you to all the Lakers fans of Peterborough for a great year! We truly have the greatest fans in lacrosse! #dedication #loyalty.”


Goaltender Tyler Carlson just loves playing in Peterborough.


Besides the ending, he said that “It was a great season. I always love coming to Peterborough, and playing with all the guys that are here, like John Grant, TK, and Steiner. We just fell short this year. Next year is a different year and we’re going to come in and retake this Mann Cup.”


The dynasty isn’t over because we, the fans, won’t let it be. Neither will the players. The players love the fans, and the fans love the players too much to give up. All you have to do is take in a game to see the truth of that.


See you next season.







Lakers out; Redmen to face Chiefs


August 18, 2013


by Anna Taylor


“This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name.”
~ Fort Minor


PETERBOROUGH - The Brooklin Redmen certainly listened to the lyrics of their theme song.


For the first time in ten years, the Peterborough Lakers will not be participating in the MSL finals, losing a heartbreaking game seven to the Redmen on Sunday night at the Memorial Centre by a score of 13-8. Scoreboard


The upstart Redmen were just too determined to put down, combining luck, skill, and will, taking an early lead in the game and never relinquishing it. The Lakers were able to tie the game in the third period, but Brooklin went on a run and scored five unanswered goals in the last ten minutes of play to win the series and a date with the Six Nations Chiefs for the MSL title and the right to represent the East in the Mann Cup.


Captain Scott Self was disappointed in the outcome, especially after the Lakers chipped away at the lead in the third period.


“The offense did a really good job getting us back to 8-8,” he said, “but then we had a couple of breakdowns. I think it happened within a minute - they got those three goals and that was just too tough to bounce back from. We couldn’t get our momentum back; those three quick ones just took the wind out of our sails.”


Defenseman Mark Farthing, who had an assist in the game, said that the Lakers never quit.


“We were trying our best, doing everything we could,” Farthing said. Farthing“Their shots were falling in, ours weren’t, and we hit a couple of posts. Credit to their goalie, who played a good game. We couldn’t solve him, and we had some defensive lapses at the end and that was the difference, but we tried as hard as we could.”


Shawn Williams had a first period hat trick for Brooklin who led 4-1 after the first period. Williams seemed to have a knack for squeaking balls past Tyler Carlson as all three appeared stoppable, but trickled through. Tracey Kelusky had the lone goal in the period for the Lakers, who had bad luck hitting Zack Higgins' posts. On the only powerplay of the period, the Lakers were able to get in close enough to hit the post and pick up the rebound only to land in the crease. John Grant then hit the post again on the Lakers' next possession. Hopcroft had the other opening period goal for Brooklin.


Things might have gone differently if Jimmy Purves had been able to score on two breakaways. Purves has proven himself an excellent cherry picker, waiting at the line for loose balls and then running down the floor rarely caught. Unfortunately, he ran out of real estate and waited too long to shoot, getting too close to the crease to take a proper shot, although his jumps to avoid the crease could earn him a spot on any track and field team.


Purves finally got on the board in the second period with a solo effort goal that saw him dive headfirst through the crease. The Lakers picked up four in the period to match Brooklin's four, which allowed them to keep their three goal lead to enter the third period. Gavin Prout tallied twice, with Kiel Matisz and Sheldon Burns, who picked up a Prout rebound in front of the net, also scored for Brooklin. John Grant, Shawn Evans, and Cory Vitarelli were the other Lakers' scorers. Kyle Sorensen and Stephen Hoar both were stopped on breakaways.


The Lakers gave the sold out crowd much hope in the third period, as they slowly chipped away at the three goal lead. Grant, with his second, Shawn Evans, and Jordan MacIntosh all scored to close the gap and tie the game at eight. The tie was short lived and the Lakers' momentum all but stopped as Mike Melnychenko picked up the next goal, restoring the Redmen lead. That goal knocked the wind out of the Lakers, who could do nothing but watch helplessly as the Redmen put goal after goal behind Carlson to take a lead they never relinquished. Melnychenko added a second, Hopcroft picked up his second, and Cam Holding scored twice for a five goal run to end the game, and series.


Once again, the Lakers outshot the Redmen by a wide margin, but couldn’t get enough past Higgins and his goalposts. Higgins faced 57 shots while Carlson faced 40. Carlson


Carlson was very quiet after the game and was disappointed in the third period result.


“Basically we didn’t play D,” he said. “I wasn’t on my game tonight. The guys will tell you different, but I wasn't on my game tonight.”


Tracey Kelusky was quick to come to Carlson’s defense.

“He played great,” Kelusky said. “I think there were times when, obviously, we didn't capitalize when we needed to and you have to give credit where credit is due. Brooklin’s goaltender played great, but on the flip side I thought our goaltender played great too and so did our defense. Tonight boils down to us not capitalizing on our offensive opportunities and getting those timely goals.”


Carlson spoke of both offensive and defensive laps that made the difference.


“Our guys were giving Brooklin outside shots and they were finding the holes in my net,” he said. “We just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net. Higgy played amazing out there. I’m pretty excited to have him with me in Minnesota, it should be a different winter this year and I’m excited for that.”


The Lakers will certainly remember the name - Zack Higgins and the Brooklin Redmen. You don’t forget who knocked you out of contention for the country’s top lacrosse prize. The Lakers had the skill, the will, and more than their fair share of pain at times. With a little more luck, and fewer goalposts, the series could have ended quite differently.


Veterans Self and Kelusky were both despondent after the game in the realization that the season had ended. Both said that the series could have gone either way.


“We struggled in the first two games, more defensively than anything,” Self said. “Our offense was pretty good in the first two games, but we just Salutestruggled to keep the ball out of the net. Then I thought we got our groove going for those three that we won, even the one up there that we lost in game six, I thought we outplayed them. Both goalies were phenomenal, but they were able to force a game seven. Tonight I thought they just were more consistent. We were good at times, but not good enough throughout the entire game, or series.”


The MSL final will have a new look for the first time in ten years, a fact which does not sit well with any of the Lakers.


“It’s obviously a disappointment when we haven't missed in the finals in 10 years,” Kelusky said. “There's a first time for everything, but that said we underachieved and you have give some credit where credit is due. We faced a good club over there in Brooklin. We probably shouldn't have spotted them the first two games but that said, they earned it. We cost ourselves games. They have a willpower about them that allowed them to get that lead back and win the series.”Leo


Game Notes:

- Attendance was 3567 (43906 for the season including playoffs)
- The 50/50 was worth $2743
- Scott Evans may be facing a suspension to start the 2014 season. With seven seconds left in the game, Shawn Evans took a shot on net that hit Steve Priolo, a few feet away from Shawn. Priolo violently slashed Shawn on the back of the leg in retaliation, prompting Scott to come off the Lakers' bench to challenge Priolo. The two fought, with Scott receiving three game misconducts.
- Jordan MacIntosh was 7 for 14 on faceoffs, while Stephen Hoar was 9 for 10. Gavin Prout took all 24 faceoffs for Brooklin.

- Mark Farthing was the Pizza Factory Player of the Game.
- Six Nations graciously agreed to move game one of the MSL finals to Tuesday, to allow the Redmen a day’s rest. The series had originally been scheduled to start on Monday night in Oshweken.


Game sheet






Redmen tie series


August 14, 2013


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY - Game seven, here we come.


The Peterborough Lakers didn’t ever have a lead in Wednesday’s game six, but managed to force overtime against the Brooklin Redmen, who scored in the second overtime period to win the game in sudden death, 7-6.


The Lakers had been hoping to close out their first round series with a win, to earn some time off before round two starts next week. They will now have to play a seventh and deciding game on Sunday evening at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.


Both Tyler Carlson and Zach Higgins were at the top of their games, Carlson stopping 47 shots and Higgins stopping 61.


Lakers defensive coach Bobby Keast agreed that goaltending on both sides was one of the keys of the game.


“Tyler played amazing for us and he’s really only had two bad perTyler Carlsoniods all series,” Keast pointed out. “So he’s played amazing, and that’s just as we expected him to play. Higgins is playing a career series, and I think we had close to 70 shots tonight so whenever you allow just six goals in 70 shots, you’ve done well.”


The Redmen led 3-2 after the first period, and 5-3 after the second, but the Lakers outscored them 3-1 in the third period to tie the game at six and force overtime. The Lakers had a chance to win the game with a possession in the third with seven seconds left - Brad Self ran the ball up the floor and attempted a high pass to Jordan MacIntosh. Shawn Evans picked up the missed pass and put the ball in the net, but the goal was disallowed as the buzzer had already gone.Higgins


The first ten minute overtime solved nothing, so the teams went to sudden death, where Derek Hopcroft beat Carlson on a long hard shot just 34 seconds in. While sudden death may be a necessary evil of the game (nobody wants to sit through five or six overtimes with no scoring), for the losing team it certainly brings up an issue of fairness - or just plain luck. The team that wins the opening faceoff has the best chance to earn that all important goal, and that’s just what Brooklin was able to do by beating Jordan MacIntosh on the faceoff and keeping possession long enough to get by Carlson.


Despite the loss, Keast was pleased with his team’s defensive effort, and said that he won’t change anything in preparation for game seven.


“Defensively I’m not going to change a thing,” he said. “Realistically, we only let in seven goals against and in the lacrosse world that’s a very good game. We’re going to be a little more focused, we’re going to tweak some things, and we may need to keep them down to five goals, so that’s what we’ll do.”


Kyle Aquin opened the scoring eight minutes into the game, but it was quickly tied up by Shawn Evans. Shawn Williams, and Mike Melnychenko with his first, added goals for Brooklin in the second. John Grant picked up his first goal in the first period also.


Grant’s second goal, in period two, was sandwiched by markers from Melnychenko, his second, and perennial pest Gavin Prout.


Josh Gillam brought the Lakers within one just over ten minKarl McFaddenutes into the third period, and Jim Purves tied it up on an end to end rush two minutes later. Jordan Houtby then ran for a breakaway at the other end to restore the Brooklin lead, which was short lived as Shawn Evans picked up his second of the game 29 seconds later to tie the game at six.

Game Notes:

- Attendance was not announced at Iroquois Park, but Pointstreak listed it as 1000 even. We’d hazard a guess that at least half the fans in the building were cheering for the Lakers, giving it another home game feeling. Fans watching on TV via Rogers or Cogeco probably thought it was a home game, with the volume of “Let’s go Lakers” chants coming through loud and clear.
- The 50/50 draw was worth a tidy $937.
- Shawn Williams was honoured before the game for his 800th MSL goal, scored during game five. His daughter sang the national anthem.
- Peterborough was 0 for 2 on the powerplay, while Brooklin was 1 for 4.

- the final game in the series is at 8:00 p.m. Sunday August 18 at the Peterborough Memorial Centre (buy tickets online)



Game sheet





Lakers take 3-2 series lead


August 12, 2013


by Marla Taylor

(John Grant interview by Anna Taylor)


PETERBOROUGH - After a 15-9 victory on Monday night at the PMC, the Peterborough Lakers have taken a 3-2 lead in the series against the Brooklin Redmen.


“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”...that was beforeLeo.

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the LION” ROARS tonight. This is now.


Whether speaking of the entire team or particular players, the whole pride of lions was roaring Monday night at the Mem Centre. It was a basic run and score kind of game, lacking the drama recent games have had, but maybe that was a good thing? In a pre-game interview with Cogeco TV, Jim Milligan stressed that the Lakers had to settle down and be more disciplined. “We have certain systems we want to run” on offence and defence, and “when we get away from our systems, we lose control of the game.”


There were no worries when Brooklin opened the scoring at 1:32 of the first. Gavin Prout, former Laker that he was, sent a bouncer over Tyler Carlson's shoulder. It was possible that, with the ice now in for hockey tryouts, the floor was responsible for odd angles and bounces goalies weren't anticipating.


Shawn Evans, from a distance out, sent a bullet at Brooklin goalie Zack Higgins. Evans happened to be on his unnatural side, the left side, but scored easily at 4:17.


Mark Steenhuis had three Redmen on him, but you know Mark-he outran them all, and passed to John Grant. Junior found a wide open Brad Self to the right of Higgins, tossed the ball to him, and Self fired it in at 6:21. 2-1 Lakers.


Later, Grant made a series of strategic plays that kept the ball in the Brooklin end and allowed Shawn Evans to pass to Brad Self who fired his second goal past Higgins, at 12:05. 3-1 Lakers.


Even later, Grant was knocked to the floor by Jordan Houtby, who then slashed him viciously while he lay unmoving. The slash sent Grant's stick flying at least a metre away. Junior recovered, getting up slowly, but the refs had ignored the transgression instead of issuing the penalty Houtby was obviously due.


There were three more goals scored in the first frame, all by Brooklin. Jeff Gilbert, former Laker, Shawn Williams, and Kiel Matisz ended the first, giving Brooklin a 4-3 lead.


In the second, Mark Steenhuis on defence, accepted a pass from Tyler, and ran down the floor, dodging here and there, shot and scored. 4-4 Lakers “Let's get it started, ed, let's get it started, ed.” However, he paid a price. Brooklin's Dustin Dunn, who hails from Peterborough, constantly swatted at Steenhuis and then punched him in the face. Sheesh. At least the refs were aware this time, and sent Dunn to the box for roughing.


The Lion Awakes. John Grant, from Messrs. Evans and Evans, scored a rocket on the powerplay. Forty seconds later, Grant did it again, not even two minutes into the period. 6-4 Lakers.


Brooklin inched forward, with Mike Melnychenko sending an underhand shot to Tyler's right side and into the net. 6-5 Lakers.


Ever on the move, Carlson flung a pass to Mark Farthing who ran the whole floor, faked left, then right, and scored. 7-5 Lakers (Farthing has recently been hired as a coach for the Trent University Excalibur Men's Field Lacrosse Team.)


The teams traded goals to end out the period; Shawn Evans from Grant and Cory Vitarelli, and John Lafontaine from Steve Priolo. 8-6 Lakers.


In the third, THE LION ROARED. With Gavin Prout in the sinbin for four minutes (roughing double minor), John Jr. wound up and shot hard past Higgins. It was unassisted, at the thirty-five second mark. Fifteen seconds later, Brad Self passed to John Grant who scored again. 10-6 Lakers. Brooklin goalie Higgins was replaced by Steve Fryer.


It didn't take long to welcome the new goalie to the game. Forty-three seconds later, Matt Crough, fresh off the bench, accepted a pass from Scott Self, that went shortside over the shoulder past Fryer. 11-6 Lakers.


At the five minute mark, Grant did it again, his fifth of the game, from Shawn Evans and Tracey Kelusky. It was a beauty, fast and accurate. 12-6 Lakers.


How to help Brooklin? Dan Ball decided to tackle Shawn Evans. Ball threw the first punch. Shawn, probably fed up with all the attention he gets, retaliated, and punched back. Each exchanged two good blows before the refs intervened, but they only sent Shawn to the box. What??? It definitely helped the Redmen. Shawn Williams put one past Carlson, low on the right side. 12-7 Lakers. Thanks refs.



The parade to the penalty box continued for the Lakers. At 9:18, the team earned itself a bench minor for too many men. Mark Steenhuis, from John Grant, ragged the ball on the penalty kill, and then, like a racehorse, found his chance to break away through the middle of two pursuers, ran in on Fryer and scored his second of the night. He was very excited and urged the crowd to be more excited too. 13-7 Lakers.


With 5:23 to go, Kevin Brownell scored from outside the dotted line. Tyler may never have seen it. 13-8 Lakers. Soon after, Carlson left his net to emerge behind it and assist Kiel Matisz to fall into the back of the net. Helpful Tyler.


With Shawn Evans sitting for two minutes for tripping Dan Ball and then sort of sitting on him for good measure, Matt Crough and Brad Self assisted Mark Steenhuis to score on Fryer again. A hat trick for Steenhuis and a 14-8 lead for the hometown boys.


Two last goals were scored, one each, Mike Melnychenko for Brooklin and Matt Crough from Jordan MacIntosh. Final Score 15-9 LAKERS WIN AGAIN!


John Grant, with his five goals and four assists, was the Lion of the game, awake and roaring.


“This sure feels better than being one win away from being out,” he said after the game. “It was important that we have a big game tonight. We almost coughed the last one up (game four) and it was important to show the best fans in Canada that we mean business and we want to win for them. It was a good showing tonight.”


Grant missed much of the regular MSL season while applying for American citizenship and running lacrosse camps all over North America. The club has eagerly welcomed his presence in each game he's played, and he has proven he is still a force to be reckonGranted with, collecting 38 points in just seven regular season games, and adding nineteen points so far in four playoff games.


Grant said that the team will try their best to close out the series with Brooklin on Wednesday, so they can have a break before round two begins.


“We'll hopefully get the win,” he said.


Prior to the game, Gord Gibb announced the passing of Tracey Kelusky's father, Reg, suddenly on Sunday. A moment of silence was held as the shocked and saddened crowd digested the news. Ever the warrior, Kelusky chose to play game five in honour of his father.


Grant agreed that the game began subdued and was emotional overall.


“Without a doubt, you know I've grown up with the Kelusky's since I was a little boy,” he said. “My heart goes out to Tracey. What a warrior for him to strap the pads on and play through tonight. That's what he is. I think we all played for Reg and Tracey's family tonight, so it was good to get a W.”


Game Six goes Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. at Iroquois Park in Whitby. Game Seven, if necessary, will be held back at the Memorial Centre on Sunday August 18, at 7 p.m.


Game Notes
- Attendance was 3118
- 50/50 draw brought in a little $2526.
- Brad Self was the Pizza Factory Player of the Game
- Members of various Team Ontario Lacrosse teams, victors in the Ontario Lacrosse Festival held last week in Whitby, were honoured between the second and third periods.
- Game Length: 1hr 59 minutes



Game sheet





Lakers win in dramatic fashion


August 8, 2013


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY - The heroes are coming out of the woodwork for the Peterborough Lakers.


A solid lead in the third period nearly slipped away from the Lakers, but thanks to some last minute heroics, they tied their MSL semi-final best-of-seven playoff series at two games each, winning game four 12-11.


While Tyler Carlson was the man of the hour in game three, Thursday’s honours went to Jordan MacIntosh. Tied at 11 going into the last minute of play, the Lakers had the last possession of the game. MacIntosh started the play at centre, passing the ball to John Grant Jr. at the left side and then darting between Redmen defenders to set himself up all alone in front of Zach Higgins. Grant passed to MacIntosh who quick-sticked the ball into the net on the right side with three seconds left in the game, ending Brooklin’s bid for a 3-1 series lead.


The Lakers were backed by approximately 400 fans who made the drive (or took the fan bus) from Peterborough. Total attendance was announced as 1252, and with many of those fans neutral observers from the Ontario Lacrosse Festival, the Lakers fans easily drowned out any Redmen fans in attendance, giving the Lakers a home game feeling, something noticed and appreciated by all the players, who tweeted their thanks after the game.


Matt Crough tweeted “So much respect goes out to the #lakeshow fans #muTwitterchlove #bestfansintheleague,” and John Grant retweeted Mark Farthing’s “Big thanks to all the fans who made the trip down the 115 tonight, makes a big difference #6thman #lakeshow,” adding “Best fans in Canada.”


The parade to the penalty box started early, with John Grant and Dustin Dunn being sent to the box 1:30 into the game, and never let up, culminating in a third period with 30 minutes being handed out.


Sophomore player, and unsung hero Jim Purves said that it’s frustrating to play in a penalty filled game.


“You get no flow on offense or defense,” he said. “It ends up being what kind of special teams are the best, penalty kill or powerplay.”Purves


Purves was used sparingly in the regular season, electing to play most of the season with Sarnia’s Jr. B club. He was called up for playoffs and has worked his way into a regular spot, proving invaluable on both offense and defense.


“I wanted to come back here and make another run with the boys,” Purves said. “They treat me very well up here and I want to help win another Mann Cup.”


Purves has a goal and two assists so far in the playoffs, and in each of the away games, has had a spectacular breakaway. In game two, he was able to flip the ball to Shawn Evans for a goal after being hauled down. No such luck in game four, but he’s been an exciting player to watch, and intimidating to play against.


“The coaches just told me to keep playing my game, you know, hit people, try and score, and run the floor,” he said with a smile.


Purves also has six penalty minutes, each one well earned as he has stuck up for his teammates and helped to show Brooklin who’s boss.


Penalties were few and far between throughout most of the game, but more were called against the Lakers in the third period as fans began to heckle the referees. As much as we love to hate on the refs, what if they call more against us because we’re heckling them?


Mike Melnychenko from Brooklin and Cory Vitarelli from Peterborough both scored on that opening four on four, Vitarelli’s shot going over SteveCarlson Fryer’s right shoulder. Shawn Evans followed that up with a shorthanded goal in the same spot. Melnychenko evened it up soon after, getting a little too close to Carlson for comfort - Carlson rewarded his goal with a crosscheck to the head, for which he was penalized. Scott Evans gave the Lakers a 3-2 lead on an underhand shot on the powerplay with Dunn back in the box just over the ten minute mark. Brad Self restored the two goal lead seconds later on an excellent transition rush and a pass from Carlson that chased Fryer in favour of Zack Higgins.


Gavin Prout picked up a rebound in front of Carlson and put it past the goaltender before he knew where it had gone, making it 4-3. A pair of goals from Kevin Brownell sent the Redmen into the intermission up 5-4.


In the second period, special teams were not a factor as all goals were scored at even strength. Scott Evans tied the game at 5-5 early on, but the lead was short lived as Scott Campbell scored his first of the night soon after. The next three were from the Lakers, Mark Steenhuis, Tracey Kelusky, and Crough in succession to take the lead, which they held on to until late in the third. Derek Hopcroft, unusually quiet, picked up a goal, which was followed up by a second from Steenhuis. Campbell and then Scott Evans ended the period’s scoring, with Scott tallying on a Herculean effort all around the net before getting in close to Higgins.


Penalties picked up after the midway point of the second period, with two Redmen and Scott Evans being assessed penalties after Steenhuis’ first goal. Once again, Steve Priolo showed a lack of discipline as, unprovoked, he cross checked Shawn Evans on a stoppage of play.


John Grant opened the third period scoring with a powerplay goal, with Sheldon Burns in the box for holding. The referees really began to draw the ire of the crowd as Cory Vitarelli was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct for “diving” with six minutes to go in the game after being clearly elbowed in the head by Derek Suddons. Suddons got the gate as well, but that hardly mattered to the Lakers' faithful.


Hopcroft was given an early shower after mouthing off to the referees soon after, originally receiving only two minutes. Fortunately the referees tossed him before any escalation, with Carlson waving goodbye to him.


Brooklin then began to chip away at the Lakers three goal lead. Kiel Matisz led the attack, scoring on a four on three powerplay at the 15:40 mark. Carlson argued, but to no avail, that Shawn Williams had been in the crease. The Lakers spent the last five minutes either shorthanded or playing four on four.


Campbell recorded his hat trick goal on a five on three powerplay with only 2:35 to go, bringing the score to 11-10 Peterborough. Matisz scored the tying goal at 1:45 on a pick and roll around Carlson from one side of the net to the other, just as a powerplay had expired.

Game five is Monday night in Peterborough at 8:00 p.m., while game six is back in Brooklin next Wednesday, also at 8:00 p.m.



Game Notes:Steenhuis

- The 50/50 draw was worth $830 - highest ever in Brooklin?
- Attendance was announced as 1252.
- A member of the visiting Team Alberta PeeWee won the second intermission frisbee toss
- The Lakers scored 2 powerplay goals and one shorthanded goal, while Brooklin scored two powerplay goals on too many chances.
-The Redmen have changed goalies in each of the last three games.
- The Redmen were kind enough to assign the Lakers their own goal song for game four, using Cee-Lo Green’s “Forget You” anytime the Lakers scored, as well as when they won the game.

- Six Nations Chiefs swept Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks in the other semi-final series


Game sheet






Lakers roar back in game three


August 6, 2013


by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - “So light 'em up up up, so light 'em up up up-I'm on FIRE” as the Round One opening video played before each home game says. Yah, the Lakers lit 'em up all right and they were indeed ON FIRE Tuesday night, defeating the Brooklin Redmen 11-3. Now that's more like it, the way we thought this series was going to go.


Tuesday night's game was really fun. Fans, and I hope players, enjoyed themselves. Relaxed a little as we knew the fear had ended. And yet, Brooklin won the opening faceoff, with Derek Suddons grabbing it and sending it to Shawn Williams who unloaded a long shot on Tyler Carlson, but the save was made. Just when it needed to be. The sigh of relief was palpable throughout the rink and we knew a whole new game was underway.


The jubilant goalie was asked what he said to himself in the last couple of days to make the team better?


“Let's pick it up...basically that's it” he replied. “I haven't been playing like myself lately and (Monday) night it was just one of those things. You have to look yourself in the mirror and ask how are you doing and that's what I did.” RegardinCarlsong the rest of the team, did he say anything to them about their play? “No, they're all veteran guys; they know what they have to do, so they just knew that they had to come out and give it their all. We haven't been playing with desperation. Being down 2 nothing-that gives us some sort of desperation.”


Besides all those goals for and the stingy three against, game highlights also included emotion; acted out in 119 minutes of penalties. The refs allowed the game to unfold as it needed to, as the Lakers needed it to. The sterile atmosphere of the 'no fighting' rule makes you want to explode when you're down and desperate and Tuesday night's fights and other infractions were part of the relief we all were needing.


But, we also needed goals, and they came in bunches. Josh Gillam got the cavalcade rolling at 7:39 of the first, with a pass from John Grant and Shawn Evans. Gillam directed the ball over Zach Higgins' shoulder and there it was- a 1-0 lead.


Shawn Williams stole some of our thunder while Shawn Evans sat for holding. It was a low shot past Carlson's left ankle, making the score even at 1-all.


Tracey Kelusky shot an absolute bullet past Higgins, assisted by Grant and Matt Crough. This was at 10:27 in the first. Twenty seconds later, Brad Self scored an underhand transition goal, assisted by Cory Vitarelli. Actually, Cory had taken a shot on goal and the ball bounced off the backboards and Brad Self picked it up and fired for all he was worth. (The official score sheet recorded it very differently-Pete Rennie scoring, from S. Evans and Mark Farthing.) Brad was not credited for his goal, but he very definitely made it 3-1.


Scott Evans scored the next two, first one from his brother and Josh Gillam, and the second all by himself. That one was sort of rolled in, slo-mo over Higgins' shoulder. Good goal. Interesting to watch. The score was then 5-1, still in the first.


Controversy on the sixth goal. The Official scoring sheet records Josh Gillam as scoring, assisted by Cory Vitarelli and John Grant. Actually, Gillam faked a shot on Higgins and then sent the ball back to Vitarelli who did the real scoring. John Grant also assisted on the low shot that got by the unlucky Higgins.


That's how the first ended, 6-1 for the Lakers and Tyler Carlson was brilliant in net.


Three goals were scored in the second, and they were all victories for the Lakers. On the first, Mark Steenhuis drew the Brooklin goalie to him and then unselfishly, passed to Brad Self, who sent the ball into the other side of the net. 7-1 and it was goodbye to Zach Higgins. Steve Fryer assumed the goalkeeping duties.


Josh Gillam, from Scott Evans and Tracey Kelusky, welcomed Fryer with the eighth Lakers' goal and later Shawn Evans scored unassisted while short-handed.

Box - 5 Lakers!

That wasn't all that happened in the second. This middle inning is getting quite a reputation for the dramatics.


For instance, Dan Ball had been on John Grant for ages, slashing, sticking, holding, generally being a serious nuisance. His behavior escalated until Grant had had enough and he retaliated. They were sent to the sinbin for their activities. That was the second time those two clashed-in the first, similar behavior got them two minutes in the box as well.


Scott Evans sent a low shot at Fryer who was able to stop it, but the offended goalie shot his foot out and kicked Scottie. Who Fell Down. The officials ignored it. Fryer should have been penalized for that.


Jim Purves, who was brilliant all evening, even if he didn't figure in the goals scored, saved a close one for Carlson, keeping the score to 1 goal for the Redmen. Tyler made an initial save on a shot, but the ball rebounded across his back leg and nearly rolled into the net. Purves went down on all fours to grab the ball before it went over the line. Whew!


The best drama of the second occurred at 19:08. Dan Ball, once again the aggressor, ran across the floor to challenge Scott Evans to fight. The two tussled lightly for a minute, and then got into a major league battle. Gloves were dropped and Scott's helmet was quickly pried off. It took Evans both hands to pry the helmet off Ball, but Scottie also knocked the mouthguard from him and it went flying away. Ball got the pin. Oh well. Good fight. Bad results. Game misconducts. Oh well!


Watch Scott Evans dance

(Moves Like Jagger)


To end off the frame's excitement, the 9-1 scoreboard was suddenly changed to 8-0. What was up with that? It occurred just after the fight. Pete Dalliday and Jesse Thomas commented on Cogeco TV that the scorekeepers may have had too many penalties to record! A fan proposed that that was the penalty for fighting-each team loses a goal! Don't know, but it kept the second the interesting period it always is.Scoreboard


The third period was almost as exciting as the second. Mike Triolo scored a quick one on Carlson at 2:01. Score was 9-2.

Why do players pick on Shawn Evans so much? Steve Priolo slashed the younger Evans on the back of the ankles, knocking him down in the first period. It looked like a wicked slash. At least the refs saw it too, and sent Priolo to the box to consider what he'd done. Later, in the third, Mike Cudmore high-sticked Shawn across his mouth, although the tv replay looked like his ear. Wherever it was, it hurt, and any hit to the head is dangerous. Shawn was on the floor recovering for some time. Brooklin coach Wayne Colley laughed and shook his head and indicated with a hand gesture that Evans had taken a dive. If this had been the NLL, his player would have been given an automatic game suspension.


Tracey Kelusky had an adventure. He was in a corner in a scrum, and had his glove knocked off, as well as his chin strap. He still managed to nab the ball, but in his depleted condition, passed it to Tyler, who happily ran with it nearly all the way to the blue line, and then, on his way back, high-fived Kelusky for the service!


Jordan MacIntosh, from Shawn Evans and John Grant, fired a shot into the top corner over Fryer's shoulder. It was beautifully set up by Shawn from the side of the net. 10-2.


Mark Steenhuis and Scott Campbell engaged in slashing events and were headed to the penalty box. Then Campbell earned himself another two minutes in the sinbin, when he grabbed Steenhuis' helmet and tore it off. Gasp. Has Mark had a hair trim - his beautiful locks shorter? Or was he wearing a hair band?


Kyle Aquin put one past Tyler's shoulder, making it 10-3 with 4:21 left. The Lakers replied. With 51 seconds to go, Macintosh handed over to Cory Vitarelli who scored easily. Fryer was on one side of the net watching Jordan, and couldn't get to the other side in time to stop Cory neatly put the 11th goal of the game in the net. Purves


Meanwhile, Steve Priolo was busy shoving his stick into Brock Sorensen's face. Why? The game was basically over. There was no need. Then he knocked Sorensen's helmet off. Priolo was shipped to the box for high-sticking and as it was his fifth penalty, he was automatically ejected.


The Redmen were missing Kiel Matisz. It was a bonus for the Lakers for certain. However, Tyler Carlson wasn't so sure. “Yeah, he's a good player, but I still think the way we played (Tuesday) night, it wouldn't have mattered, we would have shut them down regardless. Kiel's a great player-I play with him in Minnesota, but we definitely shut them down, and we WILL shut them down next time too.”


Long story, I'm sorry, but the game was so much fun that somebody out there might have enjoyed all the antics that ensued. Thanks Lakers for a super good game.


Game Notes:

-Tyler Carlson was #1 star and was named the Pizza Factory Player of the Game.
- Brad Self was #2 star
- Attendance was 2714
- Tyler went 32 minutes between the first and second goals scored on him. He made 33 saves
- Lakers took 46 shots at Brooklin
- Kawartha Food Share collected $1368.30 in cash, and 1428 pounds of food. Thank you generous people.
- Team Ontario took time out from the Lacrosse Tournament in Whitby to attend the Lakers' game.
- A fan bus has filled and will be heading to the next game Thursday August 8 in Whitby. The bus will depart from the Evinrude Centre (High St. lot) at 6:30 p.m. For those who cannot attend, you can watch the webcast by going to (you're here, by the way), clicking on MSL and “click here for webcasts” appears on the right side of the screen

- The Lakers are back at home for game five on Monday, August 12.



Game sheet






Brooklin wins in overtime


August 5, 2013


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY - It was the Lakers game to lose. Solid first and third periods sandwiched a disastrous second period on Monday in Whitby, as the Lakers dropped an 11-10 decision to the Brooklin Redmen, who now lead the first round playoff series 2-0. Game three is Tuesday evening in Peterborough.


Everything was playing to the Lakers' favour. The crowd was behind them all the way. The Redmen faithful were drowned out by Lakers' fans every time, and even the neutral fans in attendance from the Ontario Lacrosse Festival began cheering for the Lakers, caught up in the enthusiasm of the visiting fans. Scott Evans acknowledged the Lakers' fans in an interview with Rogers TV’s Michelle Farrugia. Brad Self


A shutout third period by Tyler Carlson gave the Lakers all the momentum they should have needed, as they were able to chip away at the Redmen’s four goal lead, scoring the tying goal under two minutes left in the game.


In the ten minute overtime, Kiel Matisz scored for Brooklin, while the Lakers were unable to solve Higgins.


The Lakers were not happy after the game, all coming from the dressing room, subdued in the reality of the status of the series.


Assistant coach Bobby Keast vowed a different outcome on Tuesday.


“Tonight was unacceptable and the same thing will not happen tomorrow night. I’m embarrassed to say that I'm not 100% sure what happened tonight, but that’s two games in a row that we’ve had flat second periods that have been the difference. I thought I made some changes so that wouldn’t happen, but they scored another eight tonight.”


Faceoff man Jordan MacIntosh agreed that the second period was the issue.


“The last two games, we collapsed in the second,” he said. “I’m not sure what it is, what’s cursing us. We’ve just got to have three good periods and then we’ll win and right now that’s not happening.”



Two goals in the opening minute started the Lakers off on the right foot. Jim Purves shocked Redmen starting goaltender Steve Fryer 0:31 in. Brock Sorensen narrowly avoided the crease in making it 2-0 seconds later. Scott Campbell closed the gap as he had Tyler Carlson down and out and unable to recover with the net wide open and no Lakers' defenders able to help. Cory Vitarelli restored the two goal lead just four minutes into the game, which spelled the end of Fryer’s night. Head coach Wayne Colley elected to put Thursday’s game star Zack Higgins in net the rest of the way. Gavin Prout tallied the Redmen’s second goal at six and a half minutes. Mark Steenhuis scored an excellent transition goal low on Higgins to round out the first period scoring 4-2. Prout dropped the ball in the Lakers' end and it was scooped up by Brad Self, who took a Hail Mary shot with two seconds to go, but missed the net.


The second period was all Brooklin. Dustin Dunn and Kiel Matisz, who also was the Redmen’s best penalty killer of the night, a la Mark Steenhuis style, scored early for Brooklin to tie the game at four.


Zack Higgins stepped up his game in the second period, channeling his third period self from Thursday, making many key stops including five, and then two in a row on Tracey Kelusky, who spent the better half of the period parked on Higgins’ doorstep, unable to get past him. Kelusky’s two consecutive shots proved fruitless as Cam Holding scooped up the second rebound to run down the floor and put it past Carlson, with no defense challenging him.


Derek Hopcroft then scored his first of the period for Brooklin, prompting Jamie Batley to pull Carlson in favour of Kurtis Wagar. Wagar lasted exactly one shot, and one goal, given up to Shawn Williams, before Carlson relieved him.


The unofficial time out had the desired effect, however, as Matt Crough fired a shot from the top of the circle past Higgins. The reprieve did not last long, as the next three goals came from Brooklin, in order, Campbell and Hopcroft with their seconds, and Mike Melnychenko. Josh Gillam added one late in the period on a pass from John Grant, to end the period 10-6.


Brooklin ran into some penalty trouble in the third period, suffering a 5 on 3 halfway through the frame. Goals from Steenhuis, Shawn Evans, and Gillam, from Grant again, made it 10-9. Jim Purves scooped up the ball on a breakaway, but was brought down just outside the crease by Derek Hopcroft. Purves held onto the ball, and as he got up, flipped it to a trailing Shawn Evans who beat Higgins for the tying marker.


Several shots almost made it into the net that could have made a difference in the score. Steve Priolo rang a shot off the post on a breakaway in the first period. John Grant and Scott Evans hit the crossbar for the Lakers.


The Lakers will have to figure out how to get past Zack Higgins if they want to win on Tuesday. Brooklin is comfortable with either of their goaltenders, which speaks volumes in itself. Add Higgins’ play in the first two games and you have an almost unstoppable force.


“We scored 20 goals on him,” MacIntosh reminds, “but he’s been making a ton of saves. I play with him in the winter league and he’s a fantastic goalie which I dMacintoshon’t think people have realized yet. I think we just have to shoot better and not get so rattled that we’re not scoring. As long as we calm down we’ll be alright.”


Keast knows Higgins’ capabilities very well and has discussed it with the team.


“We talked as a team, with the players, and there are things we’re going to try differently,” he said, “and we talked as a coaching staff, again, and we have some ideas we believe will solve him, so we’re not overly concerned.”


Game time is 8:00 p.m. Tuesday at the Memorial Centre. Fans are reminded that the evening is sponsored by Kawartha Food Share and No Frills. Fans are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items or cash to the Kawartha Food Share drive. Participating fans will receive a draw ticket for a signed #22 Chris White jersey.


Sign-ups for Thursday’s fan bus will also take place at the game.

Game notes:


- The city of Whitby is playing host this week to the Ontario Lacrosse Festival, featuring minor teams from all over the province, as well as a Canadian Championship at the midget and peewee levels. Members of Team Alberta, Manitoba, and New Brunswick took in the evening’s MSL contest. Several members of the Lakers, including Jordan MacIntosh and Shawn Evans, were in Whitby all day working at the festival, which brings over 10,000 people into the Durham Region.
- The 50/50 draw was worth $620.
- Sign of Respect: An end of game melee featuring Scott Evans had the refs ushering the teams off the floor as quickly as possible. John Grant and Gavin Prout, teammates with the NLL’s Colorado Mammoth, were able to quickly shake hands before leaving the floor.
- The national anthem was sung by Shawn Williams’ daughter, Delayna.

- the game was carried at The announced coverage by CogecoTV never materialized as there were technical difficulties.

- Kiel Matisz was a force in the game and was awarded first star.



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Redmen take game one


August 1, 2013


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers are wishing that the MSL had video review after their opening game against the Brooklin Redmen. Two disallowed goals that appeared from several angles to bounce in the Brooklin net beyond the goal line and come up and hit the crossbar and bounce out, may have made all the difference to the Lakers on Thursday night as they were defeated 13-10. The Lakers trail the rival Redmen in their first round series 1-0.


Fans in the stands did everything they could to help and act as the seventh man, chanting “Let's go Lakers!” and cheering loudly for every Lakers goal, louder even than in the regular season. They even threw in a “We want a ref” chant in the third period. Peterborough knows how important playoffs are.


Shawn Evans led the team through the first period, picking up assists on all three Lakers goals. The hometown boys built up a 3-0 lead on goals from Josh Gillam, Cory Vitarelli, and Jordan MacIntosh before Brooklin's Cam Holding and Mike Melnychenko made it close.


If Lakers fans thought the playoffs would be a cakewalk, the first period alone proved that this will be a close series. One point separated the two teams in the standings, and they are evenly matched in skill. Brooklin's Shawn Williams had the scoring lead going into the last day of regular season play when Shawn Evans took over to win the title. Scott Evans, too, who tied for the lead in goals in the regular season, will also play a key role in the series, and proved his worth tonight with a hat trick. Shawn added three goals and four assists for seven points, to best Williams again, as he had six assists. Gavin Prout also led the Redmen with a goal and five assists.


Prout was obviously happy with the win.


“Anytime you can go into somebody else's barn and get a win is definitely a bonus,” he said after the game. “We have some momentum now going back into Whitby, and Peterborough is a tough team regardless of where you play them. It's going to be another battle out there and hopefully we play just as well and get another win under our belts.”Prout


Prout played for the Redmen for seven years before spending a year with the Lakers in 2011. He was expecting to suit up for Peterborough again this year, before being traded back to Brooklin in exchange for Stephen Hoar. An Oshawa native, Prout was glad to be home again, but had a good time in Peterborough and misses the friends he made.


“It's funny out there on the floor,” he chuckled, “because you get out there and you see a lot of your buddies and want to say hi; you want to be buddies out there with them because that's what you're used to. At the same time then you realize that this is going to be a battle out there. Nobody's friends on the floor and you're not friends until the final whistle blows.


“Being on the other side again, we have a nice young talented team that works very very hard and as long as we keep that work ethic up we're going to be very successful,” Prout said.


Neither goaltender was solid in the second period, as the teams traded goals more quickly than any scorekeeper in the building could keep up with. The lead changed several times, neither team ever gaining momentum.


Holding scored his second of the game 0:27 in to the second period, but the teams were quiet for much of the first five minutes. Tyler Carlson made a nice save on a Shawn Williams breakaway three minutes in, but then the floodgates opened at both ends of the floor, with Brooklin tallying eight and Peterborough six for a 10-9 Brooklin advantage after two. Prout scored on a breakaway with 17 seconds left in the period.


Penalties did not play a factor until the third period, when the referees perhaps began to worry of another Brooklin line brawl as seen versus Oakville last week, and began sending players to the box for even the smallest of infractions. Peterborough was 2 for 5 on the powerplay, while Brooklin was 0-4.


In the third period, Brooklin starting goaltender Zack Higgins truly outshone his Peterborough counterpart, limiting the Lakers to one goal in the frame. The Brooklin defence gave the Lakers many chances, but Higgins was square to every shot, sometimes seeming to be in two places at once. Carlson was lifted in favour of Kurtis Wagar after the 12th Brooklin goal.


Prout was quick to praise his goaltender.


“Higgins let in a couple of goals that he thinks he should have had, and they weren't great shots by any means, but he came down and buckled down in the end and made some HUGE saves, absolutely key saves to keep us in the game,” he said. “I think that powerplay when [the Lakers] were down, with three or four minutes left, there were five or six great opportunities and Higgins shut the door. That gives us a lot of confidence in him and we have a backup (Steve Fryer) who is just as good.”


Prout hopes for good things for his two young goaltenders.


“We're looking forward to seeing them both succeed in this series, and hopefully up into the Mann Cup,” he said.


Well, Mr. Prout, don't count the Lakers out yet – or ever.


What made the loss so disheartening was the lack of the Lakers usual comeback. Peterborough doesn't always lead games, and doesn't always win them – their 13-7 record shows that. But the games, at least at home, are always exciting, with the players keeping fans on the edges of their seats until the very last second. That didn't happen tonight – there was a spark missing, and that is something that the team needs to find during its three day rest before game two in Whitby on Monday.


Game time is 8:00 p.m. at the Iroquois Park Sports Centre. Hope to see you there – wearing BLUE to support your Lakers!



Game Notes:

- watch the Peterborough Lakers Playoff Video 2013 (click right)

- Kawartha Food Share Night is sponsored by both Ken’s and Dieter & Darcy’s No Frills store for Tuesday August 6th. This is an annual event in partnership with the Peterborough Lakers. Lakers' fans are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items or make cash donations to the Kawartha Food Share program. Fans who make donations can get a ticket for a draw on an autographed Chris White # 22 jersey. The draw is made during the first period and Chris White and Ken Adamson present the winner with the jersey during the first intermission. At this time of the year the food banks begin to need re-stocking. In advance, the Kawartha Food Share people, the No Frills staff and the Lakers' organization thank the fans for their generous support of this most worthy community cause. In past years the fan support for this event has been absolutely outstanding.


- The Peterborough Lakers will be running fan buses to Brooklin for Thursday August 8th. A sign up table will be located in the lobby at Tuesday night’s game. Payment is required to reserve your seat. The bus departs at 6:30 p.m. from the Memorial Centre parking lot. The cost is $ 10/person. Lakers' fans buy their game ticket at the Brooklin arena. Fans can also contact Doug Peacock 705-741-5435 to reserve a seat. The Lakers appreciate their excellent fan support in Brooklin. Let's bring the noise!!



Game sheet


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Lakers take 2nd place with win in Oakville


July 29, 2013


by Marla Taylor


OAKVILLE - Home-floor advantage is assured for the first playoff round, as the Lakers downed the Oakville Rock 10 - 5 Monday night at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre.


Good guys do finish second; in this case, really good guys. Our Peterborough Lakers gave us second place in the MSL standings, with exceptional effort from everyone who played.


The team began the last game of the season with several goals in mind. Defeating the Oakville Rock was a must to ensure home floor advantage in the first round of the playoffs against Brooklin Redmen. They did that. (And, sadly for the Rock, their loss prevented them from securing one lone home win this year-their two wins were both on the road.)


As well, the team wanted Shawn Evans to score at least five points so he'd win the MSL scoring title. He did, in fine style, assisting on seven goals and giving him the prestigious designation of the MSL's overall leading scorer for 2013.


Scott Evans was also destined for glory. He required one goal to tie Cody Jamieson for most goals scored this season, and he did that too, unassisted, at 8:20 of the second period.

Congratulations Evans Brothers! You Rock!


The first two periods were very evenly played and extremely low-scoring. Peterborough took a 2-1 lead into the second, and a 4-3 lead into the third.

Corey Vitarelli and Mark Steenhuis potted the first two Lakers' goals, with assists by Jordan MacIntosh, Shawn Evans (2) and Josh Gillam. AJ Masson was Oakville's lone scorer.


In the second, Tracey Kelusky and Scott Evans sent rockets past goalie Gary Muzzin. Shawn Evans assisted on Tracey's effort, and, as mentioned, Scott worked alone! Brendan Muise scored both Oakville markers.


Tyler Carlson put on his own worthy show and was quite entertaining throughout the game, especially in the second period. He appeared to use his face to make one spectacular save, and as Tyler does, ran behind his net to block Dylan Gilbert from advancing any further. Fans wondered if Gilbert might bounce backwards in the air after the collision! Instead, Gilbert shoved Carlson, requiring the ever-innocent netminder to blithely remove Gilbert's stick from his grip and toss it aside! All fun of course! Later in the same frame, Tyler ran the floor with the ball in his stick, and who ran beside him? Gilbert, of course. Don't know what he was planning, but our wiley goalie struck first, sticking out his foot hoping to send Gilbert head-over-heels, maybe? The Oakville runner was saved from possible indignity but the suggestion of vaudeville was there all the same!


In the third, the Lakers dominated, as we have seen them do so many times before. They scored six times more, and three resulted in a hat trick for Josh Gillam. Tracey Kelusky potted his second, while Brock Sorensen and Brad Self netted singles. Big brother Scott Self assisted his younger sibling. Other helpers were Kelusky, Shawn Evans, Jordan MacIntosh, Cory Vitarelli and Alex Henderson (2).


Carlson, ever fun to watch, made a spectacular save in the third, diving bodily across the net to foil a dangerous-looking passing play between Mike Woods and Connor Daly.


That was it, basically. The Lakers won, 10-5. Their season now enters its second phase, later this week. At time of writing, playoff details were still being finalized.


Thank you Laker players. You play to win, and we love you all for it. You are awesome. And again, congratulations to both Evans brothers-you are both inspirational and amazing. To the coaches, you got the guys motivated and they want to win for you. Thank you. The medical teams, the trainers, everyone who had a hand in getting us to the playoffs, can't thank you all enough. See you all soon.


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Regular season home finale a win with players, fans


July 25, 2013


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Brooklin Redmen are probably a little miffed at the Six Nations Chiefs. The first place Chiefs opted to rest several of their top scorers and agitators versus the Peterborough Lakers on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre, and the Lakers took thorough advantage of their opponents, beating them 14-9.


The Lakers snapped a three game losing skid to three teams lower than themselves in the standings by beating the top team. The win puts the Lakers one point behind second place Brooklin Redmen, who were hoping the Chiefs could help them by quashing the Lakers. The Redmen have played their 20 games and finish with 25 points. The Lakers have one game left, on the road this coming Monday in Oakville versus the last place Rock. If Peterborough can win that game, they will secure second place in the MSL and home floor advantage versus Brooklin in the first round of the playoffs.


Rookie Matt Crough says the team is looking forward to getting their last game out of the way so that they can prepare for playoffs.


“We're going to go in [to Oakville] and set the tone and play really aggressive,” he says, “just so [Brooklin] takes notice and knows that we're going to come next series and let them have it.”


Brad Self opened the scoring early in the first period after accepting a backwards pass from Shawn Evans. Evans raced towards the Chiefs net but instead of shooting, tossed an almost no-look pass behind him to the trailing Self, who then surprised starting goaltender Brandon Miller. Moments later, Scott Evans put an over the shoulder shot over Miller on a delayed penalty. John Grant Jr. then extended the Lakers lead to five with a Granttrue natural hat trick; three goals in a row to chase Miller in favour of Evan Kirk. Craig Point got the Chiefs on the board with a shorthanded goal, but Shawn Evans scored his first of three on the night to close out the first period 6-1 in favour of the Lakers.


The Chiefs appeared to shake off their bus legs in the second period, scoring three within the first five minutes, and five overall from Scott Defrancesco, Kedoh Hill, Craig Point, Kasey Beirnes, and Rodd Squire. Tyler Carlson was busy in goal while the Lakers faltered slightly, losing several balls from their zone, but the Lakers were able to counter with seven goals of their own for a 13-6 lead after two. The home team never trailed in the game.


The game was quiet for a Lakers-Chiefs affair; with Billy Dee Smith not playing, Mark Steenhuis was able to focus only on lacrosse and not getting the best of his brother-in-law. Steenuis had a big assist on Self's third goal, a two on one started by Carlson's long pass. The pugnacious Rory Smith was unusually quiet until the third period, when he took exception to a Scott Evans slash and retaliated by attacking Evans with his fists. Smith received 12 minutes in penalties (two for slashing, five for instigating, and five for fighting) and two game misconducts, giving the Lakers a rare 10 minute powerplay.


The referees were given a loud chorus of boos for giving Tyler Carlson a penalty with one second left in the second period, after he body slammed Kedoh Hill for getting too close in the crease.Carlson and Evans


The third period was relatively quiet – Roger “Miami” Vyse scored :38 in, and Kasey Beirnes and call up Torrey VanEvery tallied for Six Nations. Matt Crough put the game away with his second goal of the game just over 10 minutes in.


“It's good to play with all these guys that are experienced,” Crough says. “My teammates are smart, they see who's open and when they're open and if I set a pick and roll though the middle, sure enough they're there.”


After the game, the Lakers returned to the floor to sign autographs and pose for Fanspictures with fans. The Peterborough Examiner provided a large full colour sheet with all the players photos on it, and limited edition player cards were also available for $5 a set – which now includes John Grant Jr. The players away jerseys were auctioned off via silent auction.


Crough was happy to participate in his first Fan Appreciation event, and is sure that some of the kids who lined up for autographs are future Lakers themselves. He says that it's nice to have local kids looking up to the senior Lakers, and offers this advice on how they Croughcan help to achieve their lacrosse dreams like he has: “Keep your stick in your hands, always be in the backyard playing with your buddies, and that's how you get better.”


Game time in Oakville on Monday is at 8:00pm. Playoff dates will be announced shortly.


Game Notes:
⁃ Attendance was a season high 3572
⁃ The 50/50 draw was worth over $3000
⁃ Jim Hendry, managing editor of The Peterborough Examiner, dropped the ceremonial ball
⁃ The save of the game went to Tyler Carlson, who, with 6:30 left in the second period, appeared to stumble and slide onto the ground, but managed to make a save off Roger Vyse at the side of the net with the side of his body. Lucky save or just pure talent?
⁃ Notables out of the Chiefs lineup were Billy Dee Smith, Cody Jamieson, Steven Keough, Jesse Gamble, and Colin Doyle.


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Lakers lose for third time to KW


July 23, 2013


WATERLOO - Despite outshooting the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks 60 - 47, the Peterborough Lakers went down to defeat 14 - 12 in Waterloo Tuesday night.


The young fast Kodiaks showed they are a real threat in the upcoming MSL playoffs.


Lakers' goal scorers were Mark Steenhuis, John Grant Jr and Jordan MacIntosh with two each. Single Lakers' goals came from Brock Sorensen, Scott Self, Stephen Hoar, Josh Gillam, Jim Purves and Matt Crough.


Peterborough led 5 - 4 after the first period. The Kodiaks scored four in a row in the second before Lakers' captain Scott Self put one past Dillon Ward at 17:25. Entering the third, the Kodiaks led 9 - 7.


Aaron Wilson paced the Kodiaks with three markers, and two each came from Dhane Smith, Chris Cloutier and Jamie Rooney. The single KW Kodiak goals came from Alex Lubzcuk, Jordan Critch, Brandon Ivey, Ryan Dilks and Cameron Mann.


The final home game of the season is this Thursday at the PMC.


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Kodiaks win in overtime again 


July 18, 2013


by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks narrowly defeated the Peterborough Lakers in overtime 13-12 on Thursday night at the PMC.



The July 18 Kodiaks-Lakers game was one of three, depending on where you sat and how you viewed it. If you watched the televised broadcast, you saw a game of back and forth, goal for goal, some powerful shots and saves, some missed opportunities and a few giveaways. You had a hint of some roughness, a short fight with automatic expulsions, another attack on Scott Evans to entice him to fight, which he didn't want to do, and a pileup at the boards at the end of the game.


You saw the Lakers lose in a ten-minute overtime 13-12 and the K-W Kodiaks clinch a playoff spot for sure.


And you saw Kurtis Wagar, hot and frustrated Lakers' goalie, pitch his net, end over end, while advancing physically toward the referee. That was after the tying goal, scored by Corey Fowler at 18:21 of the third period, making it 12 all. (It was Fowler's fourth of the night. He also scored the winner in overtime.) Wagar Wagarappeared to have stopped and trapped the initial shot, which would have ended in a Lakers' victory as long as no one else from K-W scored. Unfortunately, the Kodiaks hacked at Wagar's possession of the ball and loosened it from his hold and Fowler took a hockey-type wrister and sent it past Wagar. The refs didn't agree with his protest and ignored our howls of discontent.


If you were in the Mem Centre, cool at the start, but heating up as the evening wore on, and wore everyone out, you saw an enhanced version of the above. You witnessed the end of game pileup at the boards and some of you may have seen Shawn Evans and Alex Lubczuk roughing up each other. They were assessed penalties, which wouldn't be served but would add on to their stats in the sinbin. You also saw the refs make a decision rarely made. They sent the warring players, both entire teams, to their respective dressing rooms without shaking hands. The coaches did the polite thing and shook hands.


If you sat in the south end, you witnessed a lot of goals being scored in your end. It was a serious game, and for the Lakers and their fans, it didn't end well.


However, if you were anywhere near the north end, you may have thought you were at an entirely different function, a sort of party, with laughter, singing, chanting, clapping, like fireworks with razzamatazz and sizzle. A party in the sizTede and number that Jay Gatsby, yes, that Great Gatsby, used to throw. Oh, we were there to cheer on the team, but we had help, fabulous help from three hundred and twenty enthusiastic campers from Camp Moshava. With part of the group singing the National Anthem, to the entire lot raising their voices in song all game long, it was a noisy, fun, wonderful evening from beginning to end.


The Moshava kids are international, although most are from Canada, Toronto and Montreal being well-represented. Others are from New York and Los Angeles, and as far away as Israel. They've been visiting in the area for 54 years, since 1959. The camp is approximately twenty minutes from Peterborough, so it's always a treat to see them at the Lakers' games. They enjoy watersports, hiking and nature activities while at camp, but when they visit the city, their favorite activity is cheering on the Lakers! And how they cheered! Whether it was “Let's go Lakers”, or “We Love Lakers, Yes We Do, We Love Lakers, How About You?”, or L-A-K-E-R-S over and over, it was impossible not to join in. Their countdowns were the best: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, WOOOO!


Even the coaches and players were very aware of the honored guests and look forward, with pleasure, to their visits each year. Asked to comment on the presence of such a large group cheering the team, Coach Jim Milligan responded that “It was great; I think our guys were really pumped for it. They were really excited to play and the energy in the arena was awesome and I think that showed their energy early in the game.”


Cory Vitarelli agreed. “It was obviously great; they make the atmosphere pretty fun to play in. It's great to see them up there and hear them.”


Would the final score have been different, had we not been missing six players? (Josh Gillam, Brock Sorensen, John Grant, Tracey Kelusky, Jordan MacIntosh, Mark Farthing) Can't say, but the remaining guys played with fire and soul, and nearly won. Had we had different refs, would they have agreed with Wagar on that twelfth goal and concluded he had possession long enough and not allowed a loose ball to be scored? Don't know, but the “what ifs” remain.


Nevertheless, there were highlights galore! Mark Steenhuis had two goals and five assists. Vitarelli scored a hat trick and assisted on another. Wagar had two assists. Alex Henderson went for one goal and three assists; Matt Crough contributed a goal and assist; Brad Self had one goal and four helpers and Aaron Grayson scored for the cause. I haven't even mentioned the Evans brothers yet-the scoring leaders in the league and on the team. Shawn put in one goal and four helpers while Scott went for two goals and an assist. What an awesome team. They never quit.


As for the near future, Vitarelli says the team wants “to win every game. Obviously we always want to be on a roll when we go into the playoffs, so that's our goal. We're disappointed in tonight's game but we have three games left and we want to win all three of them.” Will the team send a message of sorts to Six Nations when they visit next week? Vitarelli replied “Well, we play Tuesday night against Kitchener first so our focus is that. Then obviously we'll look at Six Nations-they're a good team and they're going to be tough to play and hopefully we see them later on in the playoffs.”


Jim Milligan's look into the future is very positive. He says the team's plan is “just to get better...clean up what we need to clean up and hopefully stop the little mistakes and try to get better as a team. I think we need to get better going into the playoffs.”


The fans are with you guys all the way.


Game Notes:
Attendance was 3497
Pizza FactoryPlayer of the game: Cory Vitarelli
Game Length was 2:10
Penalties for Lakers-33 minutes on 11 infractions
Penalties for Kodiaks-45 minutes on 13 infractions
SOG for Peterborough-48
SOG for Kodiaks-56


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Playoff-hungry Excelsiors hand Lakers disappointing defeat




July 14, 2013


BRAMPTON - The Peterborough Lakers suffered their fifth loss of the season on Sunday night as they were beaten by a hungry Brampton Excelsiors squad 9-7 at the Powerade Centre. A full Lakers lineup was unable to stop the upstart Excelsiors offense, led by Joe Resetarits (3-3), Mike Burke (1-3), Mike Hominuk (2-2), and Chris Attwood (1-2).


The Lakers remain in second place, while Brampton’s win puts them still in the hunt for the last MSL playoff spot.


Brampton led 3-0 until late in the first period when Scott Self got the Lakers on the scoresheet on a transition opportunity assisted by Robert Hope and Mark Farthing.


John Grant Jr and Josh Gillam each scored a pair in the second frame, but Brampton still led at the end the period 7-6. Scott Evans had the additonal marker.


Josh Gillam scored again early in the third period to knot the game at seven each, but the Excelsiors got two more to take the lead by the 10:24 mark of the third. Strong defense by both sides ended scoring for the night.


Tyler Carlson took the loss in net.


The Lakers were 7 for 18 on faceoffs, and 0 for 3 on the powerplay with one shorthanded goal. Brampton was 1 for 8 on the powerplay.


The Lakers return to home floor on Thursday at the Memorial Centre versus the Kitchener- Waterloo Kodiaks. Game time is 8:00 p.m.


Fans are reminded that beginning this week, any children participating in the intermission shoot arounds must only use tennis balls or soft rubber balls while on the floor. Soft rubber balls, such as the ones used at lacrosse camp, can be purchased in the Petes/Lakers store.


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Win in Oshweken for Lakers



July 13, 2013


OSHWEKEN - A short-staffed Lakers' squad triumphed over Six Nations Chiefs by a margin of 11 - 9 on Saturday night at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. The win draws the Lakers to within three points of the first-place Chiefs.


With only 15 runners available for the Lakers, a chippy affair between the rivals saw the Lakers defeat the Chiefs for the first time this season. Six Nations has a 2-1 advantage in the season series. The two teams will face each other once again in Peterborough on July 25.


John Grant Jr led the Lakers with three goals and three assists. Scott Evans had two goals and two assists. Also scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (2-1)

Cory Vitarelli (1-2)

Matt Crough (1-1)

Josh Gillam (1-0)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Brad Self (0-1)

Tyler Carlson (0-1)

Tracey Kelusky (0-1)

Alex Henderson (0-1)


Scott Self and Josh Gillam combined to win 14 of 22 faceoffs in the absence of Jordan MacIntosh and Stephen Hoar.


Tyler Carlson went the distance in net.


The Lakers were 1 for 7 on the powerplay. The Chiefs were 0 for 3.


The Lakers take on the Brampton Excelsiors tomorrow evening (Sunday, July 14) at the Powerade Centre in Brampton at 7:00 p.m. The team returns home on Thursday, July 18 to face the Kitchener Waterloo Kodiaks, who currently hold the last playoff spot.


Game Sheet



Lakers win 11- 7 over Brooklin


July 11, 2013


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Josh Gillam show.


The young Peterborough Lakers forward broke out offensively once again on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre as he led the Lakers to an 11-7 win over the Brooklin Redmen. Gillam had seven points in the win that brought the Lakers within five points of league leading Six Nations Chiefs for first place, and increased their lead over the Redmen for second place.


Another parade to the penalty box by both teams led to a low scoring first two periods. The teams combined for 46 minutes in penalties. Fans are used to the Lakers exceptional penalty killing, but what frustrated a few in the building was the Redmen’s lack of pressure to the Lakers penalty kill. Because the 30 second shot clock doesn’t run while a shorthanded team has the ball, a good team can kill off a whole penalty without the advantaged team ever touching the ball.


Gillam wasn’t worried about the Redmen’s lack of pressure.Interview


“When we’re killing penalties against them, they’re a young athletic team,” he says. “Throughout the game we don’t want to get too tired, so if they’re going to let us kill the penalty, then we’ll take it.”


It was odd to see the teams just standing around for much of the penalty killing, but neither team was willing to their guards down. Brooklin didn't want to give up any shorthanded goals by pushing the Lakers closer to their goaltender.


Tracey Kelusky opened the scoring early in the first period on an underhand shot that fooled Brooklin starter Steve Fryer. Brooklin then scored two to take the lead, from Mike Melnychenko and Derek Hopcroft, whose shot Tyler Carlson appeared to stop, but trickled in behind him. Gillam, who has a poutine named after him at The Whistle Stop cafe, scored his first of the game on a hard underhand shot with 29 seconds left in the period to take the teams tied into the intermission.


Shawn Williams fooled Carlson early in the second period to give Brooklin a 3-2 lead. Matt Crough knotted the game at three a few minutes later, after waiting out Fryer and beating him over the shoulder. Dustin Dunn scored halfway through the period, shorthanded, as he accepted a pass from Dan Ball alone in front of Carlson. Brooklin took a 4-3 lead into the third period.


Before John Grant’s return to the team two weeks ago, Gillam had averaged 4.2 points per game. With Grant in the lineup, Gillam’s production sank to an average of 1.7 points in those three games that Grant played.


Gillam is quick to point out that every game the Lakers play is a team effort, with or without Grant. As long as the goals are scored, the players don’t mind who gets them.


“Johnny is an unbelievable player and he’s the best in the world at [lacrosse],” Gillam praises. “When he’s in the game he’s very effective and we try and feed off of him and learn from him. I’ve been doing it my whole career with the Lakers, and I can’t say much more other than how lucky we are to have him.”


With Adrian Sorchetti serving a five minute slashing major (his fourth penalty of the period), Gillam opened the third period scoring with a hard overhand shot that just blew by Fryer. Scott Evans gave the Lakers the lead soon after, scoring the second goal of the powerplay on an outside shot from the right side. The game was tied at five, and then six, before the Lakers picked up steam and kept finding ways past Fryer. Shawn Evans has a third period hat trick, Gillam added a third, and Mark Steenhuis and Alex HendersonSteenhuis added singles to bring the score to 11 for the home team. Brooklin third period goals were scored by Hopcroft, his second, Kyle Aquin, and Steve Priolo, for a total of 7. Only one penalty was awarded in the period, to Scott Evans, after the Lakers already had the commanding lead.


“[The game] is a team effort and with Johnny out of the lineup, we had guys step up,” Gillam says. “The ball was moving around and a lot of guys stepped up in a lot of ways and we got it done tonight.”


The win gives the Lakers a 3-1 record versus the Redmen this season, a statistic that could come into play in deciding playoff seeding in the teams ended up tied in points.


The Lakers are on the road this Saturday in Hagersville to play the Six Nations Chiefs, and in Brampton on Sunday to face the Excelsiors. The Lakers are back home for their second last regular season home game, versus the KW Kodiaks, next Thursday. Shawn Evans


Game Notes:
- the Lakers were 3 for 5 on the powerplay, while the Redmen were 1 for 9, with one shorthanded goal.
- Attendance was 3239.
- The 50/50 draw was worth $2419.
- MSL leading scorer Shawn Evans finished the game with seven points, all earned in the third period.


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Oakville almost erases Lakers' lead


July 4, 2013


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Although the Peterborough Lakers were outscored 7-1 in the third period Thursday night at the Memorial Centre, the team managed to hang on for a 13-11 victory over the Oakville Rock. The Lakers had a substantial lead after the second period, but let the Rock chip away at the lead and get back into the game.


On a night that raised over $1700 for Five Counties Children's Centre, the Lakers played in front of one of the largest crowds of the season. Prizes sponsored by Pepsi were given out all night long, donations were accepted at the doors, and special edition Lakers' player cards were on sale.

Examining art


Forward Tracey Kelusky had two assists on the night in his first game back from a separated shoulder, and the Lakers were glad to have his veteran presence back on the bench.


“I was a little shaky, you know you're a little bit hesitant at first,” he says. “When you first get back in the lineup, you don't know if you're fully 100% recovered, but nonetheless I felt well enough to play.”


After almost a month of R&R (rest and rehab), Kelusky was ready to rejoin the team.


“After about two weeks I was finally able to get some mobility back in my arm with a little bit of pain. My schedule didn't allow me to get the therapy that I needed daily, so it was a work in progress. It's just one of those things where you want to make sure that it's better safe than getting back into it and missing another three weeks or even longer.”


The first period was all Lakeshow as they built up a 5-0 lead over the visitors on goals from Cory Vitarelli, Matt Crough, and Stephen Hoar, who scored on a breakaway. John Grant Jr. and Mark Steenhuis added shorthanded markers just over a minute apart.


The Lakers chased Oakville starter Tye Belanger (a Peterborough native) after they added four more goals in the second period. Oakville began to catch up and at one point only trailed by three goals. However, the Lakers' offense turned it up and they led 12-4 after two periods. Josh Gillam, Jordan MacIntosh, and Shawn Evans each had two goals in the frame. Steenhuis had his second of the evening.


Besides some scrums along the boards, fans did not have to endure any of last week's silliness. Both teams came to play hard. Oakville only lost by one goal during their last game in Peterborough, and were surely looking for revenge.


Kelusky was careful in his first game out. Kelusky


“You know, anytime you see those scrums in front of the net, you know guys are going to collapse on you, so I was maybe second guessing myself early on, but other than that the legs felt good,” he says.


Tyler Carlson had a strong first two periods in the Lakers' net, allowing only four goals. With a solid lead going into the third, Lakers elected to go with Kurtis Wagar in net. He didn't fare well between the pipes, surrendering seven and allowing Oakville to pull within two goals of the Lakers. Carlson went back in and shut the door the rest of the way, looking like the solid goaltender the city has come to root for.


Kelusky says nobody on the Lakers' bench was worried when Oakville's goals started rolling in.


“Really across the board we have a pretty veteran group and I don't think anyone pushed the panic button,” he says. “Offensively we went a little bit stale or a little bit stagnant, but with that being said I still think we were creating some good looks in the third period.”


Mark Steenhuis completed his hat trick in the third to keep thSteenhuise Lakers' lead alive. The hometown team's passing game also looked much stronger than in past weeks, with several set plays throughout the night that left the Oakville goalies spinning.



“That's just the presence of everybody together,” Kelusky says. “It felt good to be back with the Lakeshow tonight.”


The Lakers next game is Thursday, July 11, at home versus the Brooklin Redmen. Next road action for the Lakers is Saturday, July 13 against Six NatioShawn Evansns.

Game Notes
⁃ Attendance was 3208.
⁃ The 50/50 draw was worth $2214.
⁃ New Lakers' programs were on sale, with an updated cover photo of Brock Sorensen, Cory Vitarelli, and Josh Gillam. Pick one up at the next game for only $3!
⁃ The Pizza Factory Player of the Game was Jordan MacIntosh, who was 17 for 20 on face-offs.
Tyler Carlson made a last second shot towards an empty Oakville net, but put a little too much oomph into his shot and hit the scoreclock. Still looking for his second professional goal.
⁃ AJ Masson had a hat trick for the Rock. Kyle Davis, Connor Daly, Gatlin Burt, and Stephan Leblanc all added doubles for Oakville.
⁃ The Six Nations Chiefs became the first team in the MSL to clinch a playoff spot on Thursday with a 15-7 win over the Brampton Excelsiors.


Game sheet



Kids Night this Thursday July 4


July 2, 2013


The Peterborough Lakers are celebrating our children this Thursday, with their annual Kids Night with the Lakers, versus Oakville. Sponsored by Pepsi and Five Counties Children’s Centre, the night will feature extra fun activities for kids.


Activities planned for the night include:
- a special intermission frisbee toss with prizes from Five Counties
- a bucket brigade to collect donations
- draw prizes presented by Fishing For the Cure
- giveaways by Pepsi

- posting pictures of the Lakers coloured by the kids at home (see outlines here)


Special edition Lakers' trading cards will be on sale. The set of 20 cards will be sold for $5.00 each with all proceeds going to Five Counties.




Lakers fall to Six Nations


June 27, 2013


by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - In an intense back-and forth battle Thursday night at the PMC, Six Nations Chiefs scored three empty-net goals to win 16-11 and end the Lakers bid for another miraculous comeback.




Some billed it “a playoff game”; others realized its importance in determining first place and getting that extra home game in a playoff series. Still others celebrated the end of school and what better way to spend the beginning of a long summer cheering on the hometown Lakers. Most, though, knew there was something else - an expectation of more than the usual goals for and against, penalties assessed and never deserved on the home side. It was an expectation of BIGGER GOALS, and BIGGER PENALTIES, and FIREWORKS before the final buzzer sounded.


There were some tender moments, recognizing past and glorious players, returning home to appreciative applause for their victories and entertainment through many years; the announcement by MSL Commissioner Jim Brady of the new “Johnny Shooter Davis Award” for MVP of the playoffs, a recognition that Lakers' board member Wayne Dominick realized was lacking, and donated a trophy himself. That was sweet and kind and maybe, just maybe its first recipient will be one of the Lakers.


There was Leo, forever in our hearts the best mascot anywhere, having fun with the kids and showing his Lakers' pride every time his team scored. Leo


Then there was the game, not tender, nor sweet, and probably creating overtime for the massage and physiotherapists, scrambling to freeze as many ice packs as they could find, to mend and heal the bruises and slashes inflicted on both teams' members. Could they also mend the broken hearts of fans and players? Not on this night, but The Phoenix rises, always again, and so will we.


The goals and penalties were numerous, lots in each period- 27 goals and 35 penalties in total. John Grant Jr, welcome back, flew off the bench after only eight seconds had been played in the first, and twelve seconds later, scored his first of four on the night. Thank you!

Jordan MacIntosh had three; Shawn Evans notched two, and singles went to Scott Evans and Cory Vitarelli.



Eleven goals often win the game and even fewer are ending in victories this year. Whatever the reason, Six Nations Chiefs scored more, five more than we did, and deserved the win.


Cody Jamieson was on fire, on point, on his game, whatever cliché you want, but he was, and ended up with six goals (a sock trick), five scored in the first period. Colin Doyle notched a hat trick; Craig Point fired two, and singles went to Roger “Miami” Vyse, Billy Dee Smith, Rob Marshall, Dan Coates and Jesse Gamble; the last three were empty-netters.


What then was the highlight of the night if not the twenty-seven goals scored on Tyler Carlson of Lakers' fame, combined with Evan Kirk in the Chiefs' net? (They're teammates on the Minnesota Swarm in the NLL.) Those goals cannot be discounted; some were spectacular. In a pregame Cogeco Television interview, Head Coach Jamie Batley emphasized his team's job was to “gain control of the game and stay out of the penalty box.” Jamieson


The highlight, or some might say, the low point of the game, had to be the thirty-five penalties assessed. Something had to be happening to result in such a statistic. It may have been two things: the importance of the final score for position (these teams are 1 and 2 in the standings), and the lax, or should I say, relaxed attitude of the refs in allowing all that 'hacking and whacking' to continue all game long. They let the game flow and let the players play. How then did thirty-five penalties occur?


They came in bunches, that's how. Whether you watched the game or checked the statistics after, you see that most of the sinning was done by only a few, and they really put everything into it. Except Scott Evans. He didn't deserve the punishment doled out to him, but more on that in a moment.


At 13:11 of the first period, twelve of sixteen total penalties in that frame were levied. Discipline was not on the players' minds at that moment. It all began when Mark Steenhuis fell down after taking a shot on Kirk. When he was upright again, he clashed with brother-in-law Billy Dee Smith. That moment over, Scott Evans took a quick close-in shot on net and then the pushing and shoving began again. Steenhuis and Robert Hope joined Scott, and Billy Dee and Rodd Squire Jr. countered for the Chiefs. When the meleé was finally sorted, Steenhuis, Smith and Squire were assessed with two-minute roughing penalties each, and Scottie ended up with a four-minute roughing double minor. (Shake head.) They all added two-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, and ten-minute unsportsmanlike conduct misconducts to their records. It took some time to sort out and gave the game a feeling of tension and fun - what fans were secretly hoping would happen? Yes? No?


The game continued as a three on three. That was interesting to behold. Lots of floor room, and both Cody Jamieson and Roger Vyse took advantage and scored.


In the second period, almost a half-hour after the raft of penalties were assessed, (mindful of the break in between periods) Scott and Billy Dee were still chirping at each other in the penalty boxes. It definitely added to the high drama of the game.


At another point in the second, Six Nations had too many men on the floor, and Lakers' fans and players were quick to call that out to the refs. It was timed at about five seconds but the officials remained oblivious. No penalty. The game went on!


Cory Vitarelli and Shawn Evans steamrolled over Tom Montour and shortly thereafter, David Brock attacked Shawn and threw him face-first to the ground. Shawn lived to play another day, but Brock sat in the sinbin for four minutes and witnessed Shawn score his 18th goal of the year on a powerful pass from John Grant Jr.


Scotty notched a beauty, still on the powerplay, when he accepted an intercepted ball from Jim Purves, backed in toward the goal, probably making the Chiefs wonder what he was going to do, and then suddenly whirled around, fired a bullet on Kirk and scored his league-leading twenty-sixth goal of the season.


The second frame was not without drama. Tyler Carlson made an initial save and then chased the wandering ball behind the net, accompanied by three Chiefs, and three Lakers. Carlson was shoved backward in the mask, but he managed to inflict a little shoving of his own before he backed off and let the players continue the rumble. It wasn't a serious faceoff and the game resumed.


The Lakers went into the third leading 9-8. It didn't hold up long. Six Nations found all sorts of ways to score eight more, though the last three, as mentioned, were into the empty net.


Scott Evans

The frame had its own drama and nine penalties were assessed for the activity occurring at 8:26. Rory Smith tried to draw Scott Evans into a fight, even got him into a headlock, but Scott wanted no part of it. Smith was all ready to rumble, helmet and gloves off, and managed to pry Scotty's helmet off too, but the determined and wise Evans kept his gloves on. Even though he ended up on the floor under Smith, he still brandished those gloves to show the refs he wasn't fighting. He knew he'd be tossed if he removed those gloves, so he didn't. They didn't see it that way. Both players received five-minute fighting majors and ten-minute fighting game misconducts. They left the floor, but both still had roles to play in the next few minutes. After Scott went to the dressing room and removed his jersey, he returned to the gate area near the team bench, looking out at the floor, shaking his head. In disbelief? In disgust? He really had a case-he didn't want to fight and held on believing he would be recognized. On the other side of the floor, at the Six Nations bench, Rory Smith left very slowly, and only after engaging in air-fisticuffs with some of the fans sitting above him. Vintage Rory.


That wasn't all that happened at 8:26. Shawn Evans toppled to the ground, engaged in a struggle with Marty Hill. It took both refs to separate them. When that was over, both were assessed ten-minute unsportsmanlike conduct misconducts. Marty also went off with two minutes for roughing. Shawn, on the other hand, was deemed the aggressor and was charged with two-minutes unsportsmanlike conduct, and a five-minute unnecessary roughness major.


At 17:40, Brad Self wrapped his stick around Billy Dee Smith's neck and received a holding call. Smith continued his way up the floor, on the powerplay, but was met by two more Lakers. Everyone converged together and Billy Dee threw off his helmet and gloves and challenged several Lakers to fight. He was immediately tossed, but like teammate Rory, didn't leave without a flourish. He had several words with fans as he exited the bench area.


We caught up with Rory Smith after the game and asked him why everyone gets so riled up when the Lakers and Chiefs meet.


He said, thoughtfully, “It's history. For years and years the Lakers and Six Nations have been going at it. When you put in the Evans and you add the Smiths on our team, there's a lot of animosity.”


He may have been alluding to the Hatfields and McCoys of Kentucky history. When asked what it's like playing with Cody Jamieson, Rory was effusive in his praise, saying “Tt's great to play with the best player in the world.”


As for the game itself, Smith said it was all in "good fun." Nothing too "seriously rough," - just making a statement.


Six Nations may have emerged with a road win, and we suffered our first home loss, but not to worry. On to the next game! Which happens to be Thursday July 4 against Oakville. It's also Kids' Night, so interested kids visit Fanzone on this website and choose colouring pages and bring them in that night and we'll put them up near the Lakers' dressing room. They'll like that.


Game Sheet



Lakers win in Whitby


June 26, 2013


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY - The Peterborough Lakers defeated the Brooklin Redmen Wednesday night by a score of 8-6 in Whitby at the Iroquois Park Sports Centre.


The Lakers might (probably would have) have won this game without John Grant Jr., but as it was, his two goals were the difference in a close, penalty filled game in the IPSC’s non air-conditioned Arena 1.




No goal posts melted in this game due to heat, with the addition of large blower fans around the arena, but there were several delays as trainers had to wipe the concrete floor free of sweat around the nets.


Shawn and Scott Evans started the parade to the penalty box in the first period, with both brothers being sent to the sin bin at the same time. Uncommon phenomenon? Later in the game, both Brock and Kyle Sorensen found themselves in the same situation. It’s unclear if there’s a record for brothers in the box at the same time, but if Brad and Scott Self had taken concurrent penalties, the Lakers would have broken it.


With Tyler Carlson still nursing an injury, Kurtis Wagar started the game for the Lakers, with Carlson on the bench in case of emergency.



Mike Melnychenko opened the scoring from Brooklin, pushing the ball past Wagar as he was pushed into the Lakers crease. Grant didn’t wait long before tying it up to make his presence felt.


Kevin Bronwell put Brooklin back up after he accepted a crisp cross-crease pass from Kiel Matisz. Scott Evans tied it at two after fighting through all of the Redmen defenders to beat Zack Higgins. Bronwell scored his second two minutes later to allow Brooklin a 3-2 lead after the first period.


Matt Crough and Scott Evans scored the only two goals of the second, a period which featured both teams in a parade to the penalty box. The Lakers took six minors, and Brooklin eight, including five straight including everything from slashing to high sticking to unsportsmanlike conducts. The penalties sucked what little good air was in the arena away, but Wagar stood tall throughout a late Brooklin onslaught.




Crough’s goal was the result of a team effort started when Crough jumped six feet in the air (slight exaggeration) to intercept a Brooklin pass at the left of the net. The ball came to Grant, with the Lakers veteran then feeding a perfect pass to the quick moving rookie at the right side of the net, to put it past Higgins.


Penalties settled down in the third and scoring picked up. Scott Evans completed his hat trick, Grant and Crough both added their second, and Josh Gillam also scored to give the Lakers eight. Kiel Matisz had a third period hat trick for Brooklin but it wasn’t enough to get the home team the victory.


Matisz’s second goal came as he appeared to jump over Wagar, who face-planted into the slippery concrete floor to avoid the collision. It was a scary moment as Wagar stayed down, and even Carlson, who had been in his Under Armour all night on the bench, quickly threw on his pads just in case. Wagar quickly recovered and continued his strong play, a definite difference in the game.


The Lakers host the Six Nations Chiefs Thursday night at the Memorial Centre. Game time is 8:00 p.m.

Game Notes:


Attendance was 249

The Lakers welcomed John Grant and Kyle Sorensen for their first games of the season. Chris White, who signed a contract with the Lakers for the rest of the summer, was not in the lineup. 2012 Rookie of the Year Jim Purves is up with the team this weekend seeing some floor time.

Fans who have not seen the Lakers play on a concrete floor should make a trip to Brooklin, Six Nations, or Kitchener-Waterloo. The game is vastly different than when played on carpet, with the ball much harder to control. It takes an extra level of skill for each side to control their passes and shots.

In an unusual play, Derek Hopcroft dove into the penalty box head first as he tried to intercept a pass to John Grant. The audience had a good chuckle, and Grant was first on the scene to assist Hopcroft right side up.


Game Sheet





Kids Night is the second of three games this season dedicated to local charities. The third game will be sponsored by Kawartha Food Share and will take place during the Lakers second home playoff game.






Brad Self transition player of the week


June 26, 2013


Currently ranked second among transition players in points (20), Peterborough Lakers’ Brad Self has been named Transition Player of the Week.  Self recorded 4 points (3G, 1A) in the Lakers only game of the week, a 14-13 win over the K-W Kodiaks.




Veterans returning this week


June 26, 2013


PETERBOROUGH - Three key members of the Lakers 2012 Mann Cup will make their season debut with the team this week.


The return of John Grant Jr. has been talked about for weeks, but the more surprising news today is that the team has signed defenders Chris White and Kyle Sorensen for the rest of the season. Both White and Sorensen had other commitments for the summer that were originally keeping them from playing.


GM Jamie Batley was able to convince the pair to return for rest of the summer to help the push for a second consecutive Mann Cup appearance. White has won five cups with the Lakers, and Sorensen four.


“These two players add experience, leadership, communication and great skill to our Lakers defense,” Batley stated in a press release.


All three returning players will be in the lineup on Wednesday when the Lakers visit the Brooklin Redmen, and also at home on Thursday to host the Six Nations Chiefs.




Lakers take KW in close match


June 20, 2013


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers defeated the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks Thursday night at the Memorial Centre by a close score of 14-13. Special teams was the name of the game, with each team tallying four powerplay markers. Each team also had three shorthanded goals.


Missing both Tyler Carlson (to injury) and Kurtis Wagar (to work commitments), the Lakers called upon Peterborough native Kevin Croswell to start in net. Cole Murray, up from Norwood Sr. B, backed up Croswell. The Lakers' starter owes a debt of gratitude tonight to his goal posts, which stopped a last second shot from KW star Ryan Benesch that would have sent the game to overtime. Croswell


The Lakers, looking for retribution against KW, who beat them in the First Capital Cup on June 8 in Kingston, took an early 3-0 lead on goals from Jordan MacIntosh, Matt Crough, and Scott Evans. Brad Self added a powerplay goal later in the period. KW goals were scored by Jason Noble, Mike Teeter, and Jamie Batson.


Fourteen goals were scored in a wild second period fraught with penalties, seven of them either shorthanded or on the powerplay. Constant stoppages in play allowed for no consistency to the game, with players getting frustrated and temperatures overheating. Even the goaltenders were not exempt, as Mike Poulin scored in his own net halfway through the period. Shawn Evans took the shot, shorthanded, which the Poulin Wall stopped, but then dropped backwards out of his stick into the net. Kevin Croswell was pulled after the Kodiaks 10th goal in favour of Murray. Murray let in the only shot he saw and Croswell returned 1:19 later, allowing only one more goal in the period.


The Kodiaks led 12-9 after two periods.


After the crazy second period, the Lakers appeared to be a changed team in the third, and as in previous games, settled down to the serious business of playing catch up.


Alex Henderson, who was acquired for his transition skills, spent the night at forward. The move paid off as he scored his first two goals of the season and added an assist.


“The coaches trusted me to put me out there,” he said. “They just ask you to do what you can to help the team win, whether it's back door or front door.”


Henderson almost added a third goal when, in the first period, he took a pass from Shawn Evans with a clear shot at the right side of the net, which was wide open. Poulin made a diving save to stop the shot.


In the third, Croswell settled down and the Lakers scored five straight goals to take a 14-12 lead. Mark Farthing scored the game winning goal on a breakaway. Joey Cupido added KW's only goal of the period at the 12:45 mark, but Croswell shut the door the rest of the way.


Henderson gave credit to the hard work of the Lakers' special teams.


“It's hard to stop our powerplay, so credit to KW for the times they did,” he said. “We seemed to scored a lot of short handed goals tonight. The penalty kill was called on a lot, and they played great. We shut KW down when it counted and even helped out our PK by scoring a couple of shorties.”


The Lakers welcomed back Jordan MacIntosh tonight, who had been spending time on the road with the MLL's Rochester Rattlers. MacIntosh dominated the faceoff circle, showing the prowess for the position that earned him the NLL's Transition Player of the Year award.


“It's one of my favourite things, faceoffs,” he said. “I'm actually more comfortable with this style of faceoff versus the NLL. KW's normal faceoff guy wasn't playing today but the other guy (Martin Whittaker) was pretty good. I thought our ball team did a good job winning the draw.”


Of the change in team attitude between the second and third period, MacIntosh and Henderson both were proud of their teammates.


“We just had more of a sense of urgency,” MacIntosh said. “We started the last couple of games pretty slow. I think we just think our talent's going to win games. Teams are hungry to play us, so we just had to kick it up a notch and I think we did that.”


Henderson said that the Lakers stayed calm. Stephen Hoar


“We knew what had to be done,” he said. “Not much was said in the room. Nobody was too angry or fired up. We just went out and did what we had to.”


That attitude of “whatever it takes” has been a theme with the Lakers the last couple of weeks. Fans have seen the team down, but they have never been out.


The Lakers are in Whitby on Wednesday to take on the Brooklin Redmen before returning home to face the Six Nations Chiefs on Thursday. John Grant Jr. is expected to be in the lineup for both games.


Game Notes:

⁃ the Pizza Factory Player of the Game was Brad Self
⁃ the 50/50 draw was worth $2075
⁃ attendance was 2895
⁃ the game night sponsor was the Peterborough Coalition of Municipal Workers
⁃ Missy Knott sang the national anthem




Game sheet




Steenhuis transition player of the week


June 20, 2013


Chosen first overall by the Peterborough Lakers in the 2010 dispersal draft, Mark Steenhuis has been named Transition Player of the Week. Steenhuis more than doubled his weeks 1-3 points tally, recording 11 of his current 20 points



in week 4; picking up two goals and two assists in Monday’s 13-5 win in Oakville, three assists and the game winning goal in Thursday’s 13-12 win against Oakville, and two goals and one assist in Sunday’s 8-5 win in Brampton.





Lakers down Excelsiors 8 - 5


June 16, 2013


BRAMPTON - Peterborough Lakers downed the Brampton Excelsiors 8 - 5 Sunday night at the Powerade Centre in Brampton.


Leading the scoring for the Lakers were Mark Steenhuis and Matt Crough with two goals each.


Single markers went to Cory Vitarelli and Shawn Evans in the second period. Scott Evans and Josh Gillam had a goal each in the third.


Peterborough trailed 2-1 after the first, but scored three times in the second to leave the score 4-3 after the period.


Jordan MacIntosh won 13/16 faceoffs and Stephen Hoar won 3/3 for a team average of 84%. Ball possession by the Lakers was a big factor.


Kurtis Wagar played well in the Peterborough goal and was chosen first star on the night.


The three stars in the game were:


1ST STAR: Wagar, Kurtis (PET)
2ND STAR: Cosmo, Anthony (BRA)
3RD STAR: Resetarits, Joe (BRA)


Lakers' fans are reminded that the Mann Cup, players Shawn Evans and Brad Self will be at the Pizza Factory tomorrow from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to show the Lakers' appreciation of Peter Bouzinelos and Pizza Factory’s long time sponsorship and support of the Lakers. Fans are encouraged to bring Lakers' hats, t-shirts,, lacrosse balls etc. for signatures.


The Peterborough Lakers' next home game is this Thursday June 20, 2013 against the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks.


Game sheet



Lakers roar back after 7-1 deficit


June 13, 2013

by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - If there's one thing the Peterborough Lakers consistently do, it's play as a team, whether it's win or lose. Looking lost and out of sorts, a near complete meltdown turned into a total team effort on Thursday night as the Lakers downed the visiting Oakville Rock 13-12 at the Memorial Centre.



The Lakers hosted the Canadian Cancer Society for the fundraiser Wheelin', a night dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Peterborough's Wheels of Hope program, in which volunteer drivers spend time and money shuttling patients back and forth for cancer treatments around the province. The Peterborough chapter is one of the largest in the province.


Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer, and the Lakers wanted to show their appreciation for the volunteers who spend their time helping others through their struggles with the disease. The cause is close to the hearts of the Peterborough Lakers.


Over $8000 was raised through sales of a commemorative Wheelin' t-shirt, silent auction items, a raffle draw for a signed Lakers bar fridge, and donations.


As for the game, it was only appropriate that the Lakers win on such a special night, but they made it incredibly hard on themselves, falling behind 7-1 by the middle of the second period.


It's not often that this Lakers team finds themselves shut out in any period, but the first period of Thursday's game was one such occasion, where sloppy play and a lack of effort equaled a 3-0 lead for the visiting Rock. Passes were missed, players were falling, and Lakers starting goaltender Tyler Carlson fought the ball (and body checked two Rock players at the same time).


Emotional leader Shawn Evans admitted that the team had a slow start.Gillam


“We came out flat,” he admitted. “[Oakville] came out hard and they played well.”


Although fans were sure that intermission would straighten the players out, it was not to be, as Connor Daly shocked the Lakers and their fans by slipping a soft bounce shot past Carlson just 21 seconds into the second. Carlson was lifted in favour of Kurtis Wagar after a fifth goal went past him just over a minute into the period. It was Wagar's first home appearance as a Laker, and he wasted no time making his mark, making three key saves early, recording an assist on an Evans goal, and getting into the action by also bodychecking a Rock player.


Scott Evans finally got the Lakers on the board with a rocket from the line, but Oakville scored two more to make it 7-1 midway through the second period. The Lakers got a break when Mark Farthing picked up the ball and ran for a shorthanded breakaway, putting it behind Rock goaltender Tye Belanger.


Farthing, as was Evans, was quick to give the credit for the Lakers emotional comeback to teammate Mike Thomas, who was ejected in the second period for the team's first fighting major.


“Our emotional boost started when Mike Thomas dropped the gloves for the team,” Farthing said. “It was really big of him to step up and man up for us. I got that first goal to get the ball rolling but I think it really started when Mike stepped up for us.”


Under new CLA rules, any player who fights in a game will receive a game misconduct. Thomas also received an instigating penalty, as he was defending Josh Gillam at the time, which will carry a suspension.


“Mikey stood up to them,” Evans said. “You know, they whacked our guys and pushed us around but after that fight we said 'let's get these guys.'”


Of his goal, Farthing, who is a defensive player, was pleased.


“As I was running down the floor with the ball, I saw we had a pretty good break going on. Obviously we would have had some really talented players coming out the front door, so my first look was to try and get the ball in one of their sticks, but an opportunity opened up for me so I scored.”



Farthing's goal sparked a five goal run for the Lakers to end the second period, putting them behind only 7-6.


Shawn and Scott Evans each scored twice to round out the Lakers second period scoring.


Just as fans were starting to get comfortable with the Lakers play, feeling a comeback was possible, Oakville scored three goals early in the third period to take a 10-6 lead. However, Cory Vitarelli answered back with his first of three in the period which propelled the Lakers to more momentum. The teams traded goals for a few minutes with the Lakers finally able to tie the game at 12. Newly acquired Pat Saunders had the Lakers 10th goal of the game as well as an assist in his debut.


Mark Steenhuis fired a shot past Belanger at 17:44 of the third to give the Lakers their only lead of the night, and the only one that counted. The team held on for the final two minutes and stole a win from the Rock.


Shawn Evans was happy with the result.


“We don't give up,” he stated. “It was 7-1 at one point and we didn't give up. We stuck playing together, we stayed with each other, moved the ball well and we bode our time and the ball found the back of the net. With our team, the ball's always going to find the back of the net, and I'm very happy with our team's effort tonight.”


Evans and Vitarelli finished the game with three goals each, while Scott Evans had four. Josh Gillam added five assists.

Game Notes:

⁃ Attendance was 2981
⁃ The 50/50 draw was worth $2066
Mark Steenhuis was named the Pizza Factory Player of the Game
⁃ The Lakers were without head coach Jamie Batley for a third consecutive game as he served another of his five game suspension


Game sheet





Lakers acquire Pat Saunders


June 12, 2013


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers traded today with the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks to acquire left-handed scorer Pat Saunders. Lakers' GM Jamie Batley said that Saunders was acquired for cash and a 2nd round draft pick in 2015. Pat Saunders is 23-years old and was with the Owen Sound North Stars of the OLA Sr B league. At present Saunders leads the Owen Sound team in scoring with 19 goals in just five games. Saunders has recorded three and four-goal games against the Norwood James Gang Sr B team. Jamie Batley feels that Saunders will help solidify the Lakers' left side offense.

(2012 interview)




Lakers get first road win


June 10, 2013

by Anna Taylor


OAKVILLE - The Peterborough Lakers made their first trip of the season to the new Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville, where they defeated the Oakville Rock 13-5 on Monday night. The TRAC, as it is known, is quite a step up from the Rock’s former home at the Ajax Community Centre, and is the third MSL arena to feature a carpeted floor (Peterborough and Brampton are the others).


The Lakers were without head coach Jamie Batley for the second consecutive game as he served a game of his suspension stemming from last season’s Mann Cup. Batley sat in the broadcast booth with Stephen Stamp and helped out with colour commentary for the webcast.


Oakville opened the scoring on a shot from Russ Poulton that caught Tyler Carlson by surprise. However, it was Carlson’s only weak moment of the night as he went on to make some phenomenal saves. Brock Sorensen and Shawn Evans made it 2-1 Lakers before Oakville’s Aaron Brown tied the game at two. Peterborough added three more in the opening period; Shawn Evans, with his second, Mark Steenhuis, and Scott Evans helped the Lakers to a 5-2 lead after the first period of play.


Although the Lakers initially did well with the long change in the second period, with Scott Evans and Josh Gillam scoring early on Oakville goaltender Gary Muzzin, the offense dried up for the middle 14 minutes of the frame. AJ Masson scored Oakville’s third goal halfway through the period. Brad Self and Matt Crough scored late in the period to hit nine for the Lakers, but Oakville added one more with eight seconds to go, to make it 9-4 Lakers.


Crough scored his second goal of the game early in the third period for his first multiple goal game as a Laker. Brock Boyle then scored his first goal as a Laker to increase the lead even more. Boyle accepted a pass from Sorensen and scored in close on Muzzin. Up by seven goals in the third period, the Lakers began to play keep away from the Rock, rarely relinquishing the ball for opposition scoring chances. With Robert Hope in the penalty box, Steenhuis scored shorthanded on a behind the back pass from Self. Dilan Gilbert picked up a rebound on the same powerplay right off the back boards and slipped a one timer past Carlson for Oakville’s fifth goal. The one timer not a play that’s seen often in lacrosse because it’s quite hard to pull off, although when it does happen, it’s usually a thing of beauty. Shawn Evans rounded out the scoring in the game with a no look backwards shot in front of Muzzin. Tyler Carlson made a final save at the buzzer.


Brock Sorensen and Josh Gillam both played excellent games that included a two on one that led to Evans’ second goal. Sorensen and Gillam are teammates with the NLL’s Minnesota Wild, and both were fan favourites this past season with their scoring prowesses. While Sorensen has been used mainly in a defensive role this year in Peterborough, he showed on Monday that he can play offense just as well, if not even better.


The Lakers next game is a return engagement versus the Oakville Rock this Thursday at the Memorial Centre. Game time is 8:00 p.m., and the game’s theme is Wheelin’ 2013. The night is a special fundraiser for the Wheels of Hope campaign, a program whose volunteers drive cancer patients to and from treatments that are out of town.


Game Notes:


- Shawn Evans once again led the way for the Lakers with three goals and six assists. He leads the MSL in scoring with 43 points in 7 games.

- The three stars as chosen by JVI Video Productions were Tyler Carlson, Shawn Evans, and Aaron Brown.

- As of press time, Pointstreak’s online game sheet had Oakville’s starting goalie listed as Peterborough’s Tye Belanger. Gary Muzzin was in fact the goaltender of record for the match.






Overtime loss to KW


June 8, 2013

by Marla Taylor


KINGSTON -Peterborough Lakers lost 11 - 8 in overtime to the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks on Saturday night in the First Capital Cup game played in Kingston at the K-Rock Centre.



The city of Kingston was in a celebratory mood this weekend, June 7-9, as it  hosted the Limestone Invitational Kingston Krossfire Lacrosse Tournament. Forty teams were entered, from tyke to midget. A pleasant interlude was the Saturday June 8th Capital Cup Tournament featuring the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks as the home team, facing off against our Peterborough Lakers. Brad Self and Shawn Evans spent much of the day demonstrating their skills and the logistics of the game to many of the gathered teams. The ultimate hope is to increase the interest in lacrosse in the eastern part of the province and ultimately build a stronger and larger MSL League.


The Capital Cup festivities began with a traditional Mohawk greeting delivered by Joe Brown. The crowd then stood for the Strong Women Aboriginal Drum Circle; their performance built to a climactic crescendo of drumming and singing. Kingston's Town Crier Chris Whyman, dressed in traditional red coat and three-corner hat, cried his greetings. He began with a loud “OY YAY”, delivered three times-the last held so long the crowd broke into appreciative applause. Next, MSL Commissioner Jim Brady performed the ceremonial ball drop between the two team captains- Jay Thorimbert for the Kodiaks and Lakers' Scott Self. Then the national anthem was sung, very well too, by Tara Serson. Then to the business of the evening- THE GAME.


Jim Milligan wore the head coach hat this evening and had Tracey Kelusky as his defence partner, a role he performs for the junior Lakers as well. Three Juniors were called in - Cam Milligan, Jeff Swift and Brad Baker. Tyler Carlson manned our net and Mike Poulin, with his traditional wooden stick, stood in the Kodiak's goal.


The floor looked intimidating, solid cement, and became slick with the temperature and humidity. More than a few players found themselves slipping. The Kodiaks play on cement at home, so may have endured better, but fell just as often. The shot clock in their end malfunctioned early in the period, so the Kodiaks couldn't tell how much time they had in their end!


Near the two-minute mark of the first period, Scott Evans faked a shot to Cam Milligan and then fired a fast one past the Poulin Wall. At 5:19, Mark Steenhuis slipped a low shot close in past Poulin and the Lakers were quickly up 2-0. With 9:45 to go in the first, Brad Self, from Steenhuis, scored next, and it looked as if the Lakers had established the tenor of the game.


Didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or both, but the wet floor played a major role in the Kodiak's first goal. With 3:18 to go, Tyler Carlson chased the ball behind the goal, and almost made it back, but may have slipped and went down, rolling over, allowing Alex Lubchuk to put one in the Lakers’ net. Period one ended with Lakers up 3-1.


With the Lakers now in the end with the broken shot clock, it was a relief to begin the second period with the clock restored.


A Mitch Wilde breakaway and a quick low shot past Carlson put the score at 3-2 Lakers about 6:30 into the second.


For a while, the Lakers were able to pressure the K-W defence enough that they found it hard to get out of their end. At the 12-minute mark, Matt Crough sent a hard shot through the goal and increased the Lakers' lead to 4-2.


With 6:06 to go, still in the second, Aaron Wilson, who initially had his back to the goal, suddenly swivelled round, fired at Carlson and scored. Kodiaks inched up 4-3.


During a 4 on 4, Carlson sent a long shot up the floor to recipient Mark Steenhuis and he went in all alone with a quick fake and low shot and made the score Lakers 5-3.


Branden Ivey ended the period with a power play goal and edged the Kodiaks to 5-4.


In the third, though it wasn't a goal, Ryan Dilks ran the floor on a breakaway and Carlson made a very cool stop. That one was worth a second look.


A squeaker got by Poulin with about 10:40 to go, and I mean a squeaker! Cory Vitarelli sent a shot to the net (although the arena announcer said it was Brock Sorensen) and it rolled, spinning, under Poulin over the line, then out, then back in again. Slo-mo in real time. Lakers up 6-4. Shawn Evans scored next, over Poulin's shoulder, at 12:40, increasing the lead to 7-4.


Seconds later, Jason Noble put one past Carlson, 7-5. It didn't stop. K-W went on a run and scored three goals in 2 1/2 minutes to even the score at 7 all. Jamie Rooney sent a beautiful back-handed shot past Carlson with 4:29 to go, giving the Kodiaks an 8-7 lead.


As the third period waned, Scott Evans ripped his famous shot through Poulin, and drew the Lakers to an 8-all tie.


That got us into a ten-minute overtime and some trouble. K-W drew a too-many men penalty, and hope loomed large for the Lakers. However, Branden Ivey fought through terrific pressure from Steenhuis and Sorensen to score short-handed. Jordan Critch sent a spinning shot close in on the crease over Tyler's shoulder and rocked the score to 10-8 Kodiaks. With 1:20 left in the overtime, Carlson left the net, but Jason Noble scored his second of the night, ending the game at 11-8 for the Kodiaks. Kitchener-Waterloo claimed the first Capital Cup.


Lakers are now 3-3. Next game is also a road game, Monday night in Oakville. Cogeco TV will air it, tape-delayed, at 9:30 p.m. Their next home game is Thursday June 13, 2013. The Canadian Cancer Society will be on hand to take your generous donations. 





Lakers down first-place Redmen


June 6, 2013

by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers, in a defensive struggle Thursday night, downed the first-place Brooklin Redmen 7 - 4 at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.


It was a dreary, cool and rainy night, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the 3,095 fans turning out to see the Peterborough Lakers take on their nemesis, the Brooklin Redmen. The Lakers had two road losses on the season, one to this night's opponent, and two home wins, for a 2-2 record. Which team would turn up to play this night?


Brooklin came in at a perfect record of 3-0, but had played the previous evening, so would tired legs take to the floor, or the momentum of so recent a win?


Strong defensive work was the highlight of the evening and Lakers' fans expressed their appreciation. Veterans and wet-behind-the-ears rookies, by restricting the Redmen to only four goals, gave a near-perfect clinic on how to protect the net. Any one of them could have been player of the game.


The first period ended tied at only one, but featured highlights. During Scott Self's checking from behind double minor penalty, Brooklin's John Lafontaine snatched a breakaway and threw at least four fakes at Tyler Carlson, who stood stalwart and proud, stopping Lafontaine in his tracks.


Mark Steenhuis put on a real show killing off those four minutes. When he had possession of the ball, he was high-sticked, double-teamed, pushed and shoved. He never lost that ball and we said goodbye to those four minutes as if they had been nothing at all. It's awesome to watch him work. Mark Steenhuis


Both teams were guilty of some sloppy passing and giveaways in the second period, with Lakers leading in turnovers 9-7 at the start of the period. Coach Bobby Keast was interviewed on TVCogeco prior to the game and wasn't concerned about the style of play shown by the new younger players. "This is the time to learn how to play together," he said, and was confident the team would be a solid unit later in the season when it really counts. Their speed and strength is an obvious plus.


Early in the second frame, Scott Evans, coming right off the bench, drilled a long hard shot past Brooklin goalie Zack Higgins. If he saw it, he couldn't move fast enough to block it. This gave the Lakers their first lead of the game. Evans' shot is a work of art when he winds up and gives it all he's got. He made it 2 for 2 a minute later when he nabbed his ninth goal of the season.


Josh Gillam took the team to a 4-1 lead with a beautiful goal, drawing Higgins out of his net, then throwing a couple of fakes at him while fighting off two defenders, and then neatly putting his 11th of the year up overtop and in!


Derek Hopcroft netted his 5th of the year, firing a cannon through Tyler Carlson, but, no worries, eleven seconds later, Shawn Evans from brother Scott, zinged the fifth Lakers' goal past Higgins.


Brad Self received a five minute major slashing penalty in the last five minutes of the period. Guess who ended up eventually with the ball?  Mark Steenhuis again, double-teamed, hacked and whacked but held fast to that ball and even drew a delayed penalty for his tenacity. He caused a laugh from the crowd as he had a standing stare-off with former Lakers' player Jeff Gilbert. Don't know if they spoke, or simply eyed each other, but Steenhuis emerged the victor and eventually took a quick low shot on Higgins. It was another perfect clinic on short-handed penalty killing.


In the third period, the Redmen inched closer, Jake Hayes scoring at 4:23 to make it 5-3, but not for long. Less than a minute later, Scott Evans claimed his hat trick, faking out Jeff Gilbert and firing past Higgins again.

Hat trick


Brooklin's Mike Triolo fired a quick one past Carlson at 7:13 to end the team's scoring at four goals.


Tyler Carlson ended the game with a long floor-length shot on Brooklin's empty net. The missile bounced wide and Mark Steenhuis, who was closest to the ball, fired it in the net with one second to go. It was a fair goal, but former Lakers' player Gavin Prout seemed to take exception and pushed at Steenhuis right after. The two clashed briefly again as the teams were shaking hands, and for their eagerness, they both received 12 minutes each in unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and misconducts. Final Score: 7-4 Lakers Win!


Steenhuis was interviewed after the game and was asked what goes through his mind when killing a penalty? He responded “Don't lose the ball and don't get caught up against the boards. Try to keep your head up, and see where the guys are going, and, obviously, the ultimate goal is helping your team out trying to kill off that penalty. It can be a huge momentum swing in any game, so keep that ball and stick and just keep your feet moving.”


He was then asked about the importance of the game since Brooklin was in first place. “Brooklin has a great team this year. They had a tremendous regular season last year and we were able to get by them in the playoffs. The rivalry has started and we don't like them and they don't like us; that's kind of the way it is right now. I know it's early in the year but we're trying to set the tone for the playoffs. I think last year we didn't beat them in the regular season, so we don't want to do that again. We want to end in a good spot so we can have home court advantage in the end.”Carlson


Six Nations now moves into top spot with no losses, while Brooklin drops to second. Peterborough remains in third. All three teams have six points in the young season.


Game Notes:

- Tyler Carlson was Pizza Factory Player of the game.

- Brian Croswell is out with a broken wrist, giving Mike Thomas an opportunity to step in to this game.

- Jesse Thomas of Cogeco TV mentioned that Matt Crough, Robert Hope and Taylor Evans were assistant coaches of the Holy Cross Secondary School Hurricanes who won the Double AA OFFSA Field Lacrosse title in Ottawa on Wednesday June 5th.

- The first Capital Cup Game will be played in Kingston on Saturday June 8th between the Peterborough Lakers and Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks. Seats are reserved for Peterborough fans going to the game, and it is being broadcast on television by TVCogeco beginning at 7:00 p.m.

- Monday June 10's away game between the Lakers and the Oakville Rock will be broadcast over TVCogeco, but time-delayed, beginning at 9:30pm.


The next home game is Thursday June 13th, with the Lakers facing the Oakville Rock in a turn-around game. The evening is the Lakers' Cancer Support Night so a large crowd hopefully will be on hand.


Game sheet here.





June 2013


The Peterborough Lakers wish to extend their condolences to the lacrosse community and the family of Kyle Miller. Miller, 31, was a former Team Canada goalie who lost his battle with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) early Saturday morning.


In 2003, while at Cornell University, Miller was first diagnosed with the disease. He handily beat the cancer although his knee joint and part of his tibia were replaced by titanium. Miller rejoined the Cornell lacrosse team and went on to win a gold medal with Canada at the 2006 World Field Lacrosse Championship. Miller also represented Canada in 2003 at the World U19 Championship, winning a silver medal. He was inducted into the Orangeville Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. After his lacrosse career concluded, Miller spent time travelling around the world as a motivational speaker, encouraging children to overcome adversity.

In 2011, Miller learned that his cancer had returned, this time in his lungs.


One of Miller’s mentors was Chris Sanderson, another Team Canada member who lost his battle with cancer last year. Miller’s brother Brandon played against the Lakers with the Brampton Excelsiors for several seasons. Miller is survived by his brother, father Kevin, mother Sharon, and fiancee Vanessa. For more information on Kyle’s story, please visit or read this story written by ILindoor’s Teddy Jenner:





Lakers team up with Cancer Society to battle disease

(by Mike Davies - Peterborough Examiner- June 4, 2013)

Shawn Evans has been named Offensive Player of the Week


June 4, 2013


Taking home weekly honours in back-to-back weeks, Peterborough Lakers’ Shawn Evans has been named Offensive Player of the Week. Evans, the league points leader, notched eight points (1G, 7A) in the Lakers’ 13-8 win over the Excelsiors last Thursday and another seven assists in the 12-9 loss at Six Nations on Sunday.





Six Nations Chiefs best Lakers 12 - 9


June 2, 2013


OSHWEKEN - The Peterborough Lakers were defeated by the Six Nations Chiefs 12 - 9 Sunday afternoon at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in Oshweken.


Lakers' scorers were Scott Evans with three and two goals each from Josh Gillam, Mark Steenhuis and Cory Vitarelli.

Six Nations was led by Casey Beirnes, Cody Jamieson and Roger Vyse each with two goals.


The Chiefs scored three shorthanded goals. Mark Steenhuis had a lone Lakers' shorthanded goal.


On the power play, the Lakers were one for eight while the Chiefs were two for six.


Shots on goal were even.


The next Lakers' home game is at the Peterborough Memorial Centre this Thursday June 6th against the league-leading Brooklin Redmen.


Game sheet here.




Lakers defeat Excelsiors, but not without a fight


May 30, 2013

By Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers faced the Brampton Excelsiors for the second time in the young MSL season, and came away with their second win. The Lakers, 2-1 on the season, defeated Brampton 13-8 in a varyingly-paced affair Thursday night at the Memorial Centre.


Last week, it appeared as though the Excelsiors were completely unprepared for the season. This week however, showing much improvement, they were able to stay competitive throughout the game. Although Joe Resetarits opened the scoring for Brampton, they couldn’t maintain momentum and quickly fell behind 6-2 after the first period.Defence


The game felt sleepy in the second, with the Lakers only tallying twice and Brampton once.


In the third period, the pace of the game picked up as 10 goals were scored. If not for a disallowed goal, Brampton could have caught up on the scoreboard. The Lakers saw a commanding lead diminish as the Excelsiors took advantage of some confusion regarding penalties. Several Lakers ended up in the box after a skirmish by the Brampton bench. Brock Sorensen was sent off for two minutes, Scott Evans for four, and Aaron Grayson for five. On the Brampton side, Dan Dawson sat for two, and agitator Hayden Smith for four. Sorensen and Dawson, the two tallest players on the floor, wrestled and threw some minor punches, and were lucky to get away without fighting majors.Jordan MacIntosh


Brampton scored twice on Grayson’s major penalty for unnecessary roughness, which negated the rest of the power play time, although Grayson had to serve the full five minutes.


While still technically an affiliated player with the Sr. B Norwood James Gang, Grayson is doing everything he can to earn full time roster status with the Lakers. Already with a goal and assist on the season, he showed in Thursday’s game that he is willing to do the dirty work needed by a team, by going into the corners to chase loose balls, or by standing up for teammates against tough opponents.


Grayson, 29, who chuckled at being called one of the “younger players” on the Lakers, mixed it up with several Excelsiors throughout the game.


“I work hard and I do my job,” he said. “The coaches tell me what to watch for each game.”


With ten seconds to go in the game, tempers flared again as both teams converged around Tyler Carlson, with Smith and Grayson in the middle of it all. Mark Steenhuis came out of the scrum wrestling with Chris Corbeil; both ended their nights early. Steenhuis waved at the crowd as he left the floor.


Carlson was on pace for another stellar night, but due to some lethargic penalty killing by the whole team, was not able to wow the crowd as he did in the opener. Despite the penalty confusion in the third period, overall the Lakers played like a solid team. The team does not expect John Grant or John Tavares back anytime soon, but those who are left are making a statement that the Lakers are just as dangerous to play against as always.


Scoring for the Lakers was Shawn Evans (1-7), Cory Vitarelli (2-5), Jordan MacIntosh (3-2), Josh Gillam (3-1), Scott Evans (1-3), Brock Sorensen (1-1), Robert Hope (1-1), Matt Crough (1-0), Pete Rennie (0-2), Mark Steenhuis (0-1), Mark Farthing (0-1), and Darryl Gibson (0-1). Tracey Kelusky had an assist in his first game for the Lakers this season.


Chris Attwood and Mike Burke each had three goals for Brampton. Joe Resetarits and Mark White had singles.


The Excelsiors definitely benefitted from the return of their captain, Dan Dawson, who made his presence known in front of the net. Although Dawson is 6’6, he is lanky, and often moves like a gazelle, darting in between defenders to always be in the right spot. Dawson’s presence seemed to act as a unifier for the Excelsiors.


“Brampton had a couple of key players back,” Grayson acknowledged, “especially Dawson. Having their captain back helped. We have to be aware when we’re out on the floor with them. They’re only going to get stronger as the season goes. We have to play honest defense and offense when we’re out there to contain them.”Aaron Grayson


Grayson left the floor limping partway through the second period but came back to finish the game strong.


“I just put some ice on my leg and I’ll be ready for the weekend,” he said. “I’ll do my best to help this team. Just get around and make sure I work hard, get my teammates open, and put the ball in the net when I get the chance.”


Next action for the Lakers is Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at Six Nations, and then back at the Memorial Centre on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. for a tilt with the Brooklin Redmen.


Game Notes:

- Attendance was 2879

- The 50/50 draw was worth $1927

- The Pizza Factory Player of the Game was Jordan MacIntosh





Short-staffed Lakers lose in Brooklin


May 26, 2013


WHITBY - The Peterborough Lakers were defeated by the Brooklin Redmen 15 - 9 Sunday night at the Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby.


Lakers' goal scorers with a pair each were Josh Gillam, Scott Evans and Shawn Evans. Single markers went to Aaron Grayson, Matt Crough, and newly-activated Jason Crosbie.

Missing from the Lakers tonight were Tyler Carlson, Jordan MacIntosh, Stephen Hoar, Brian Croswell, Tracey Kelusky and Cory Vitarelli.

Brooklin was led by Gavin Prout (recently traded by the Lakers to Brooklin) and Shawn Williams.

The next Lakers game is at home this Thursday May 30th at 8:00 p.m. against the Brampton Excelsiors.





Win in season opener


May 23, 2013

by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Anyone who thought that the Peterborough Lakers might be in trouble this season should think again. The Lakers easily defeated the Brampton Excelsiors on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre by a score of 14-4.


The short staffed Excelsiors were simply outmatched by a Peterborough team that boasted just as much youth as it did experience.


While both teams were missing key players, Peterborough did as they always do and put on a show for the fans.


Despite falling behind 2-0 early in the first period, the Lakers fought back and by the end of the first period led 6-3. Starting goaltender Tyler Carlson, coming off a breakout year with the Minnesota Swarm, shut the door the rest of the way, allowing only one more goal in the final 40 minutes of play, and by then it was too late for the Excelsiors.


Brampton was without star players Dan Dawson, Kevin Ross, Kyle Rubisch, and Mike Hominuk, and wasn’t able to set a final roster until game day.


Brad Self, fresh off a second consecutive NLL Championship with Rochester, said that Lakers fans shouldn’t be expecting anything different than the usual winning attitude this year.


“We did what we were supposed to do,” he said. “When teams are short handed we obviously want to take it to them and we believe that we should win by 9 or 10 goals. I think that shows that we aren’t unraveling.”


NLL scoring champion Shawn Evans picked up right where he left off in Calgary, and now leads the MSL with two goals and eight assists.


Questions of who would lead the Lakers, missing the flair of John Grant, John Tavares, and Tracey Kelusky on Thursday, were answered by Evans, NLL Transition Player of the Year Jordan MacIntosh, with four goals and three assists, and Cory Vitarelli, who had two goals and three assists. Josh Gillam had two goals and two assists. Returning player Brian Croswell chipped in five assists, while Brad Self had three. Single goals were scored by Scott Evans, Aaron Grayson, Matt Crough, and Stephen Hoar.


Mike Thomas, a junior Lakers graduate, played his first game for the senior team. The recent graduate of Colgate University played with spark and had a good shot early on Excelsiors goaltender Scotty Komer.


Of the “new look” Lakers, Shawn Evans is positive. “It’s a faster game,” he said. “It’s a speed game now and we have to be creative. We have a lot of young players with good talent.”


As for those who believe the Lakers days of domination might be coming to an end, Evans and Self say it’s not happening.


“I don’t think that's the case whatsoever,” said Self. “I think there are guys on our team from last year that didn’t get to play a dominant role before with our team being so stacked. This year those guys are going to have to step up and gain their confidence and start to play bigger roles for us.”


Evans agrees.


“Not as long as I’m on this team,” he stated. “We’re not going to unravel. We’re going to push it all the way. We want to win as much as we can, and that's what we do. We win.”


The Lakers first road test is this coming Sunday, May 26 at Whitby’s Iroquois Park Sports Centre vs. the Brooklin Redmen. The next home game for the Lakers is next Thursday, May 30, when they face the Excelsiors again.

Game Notes:
- Attendance was 3031.
- the 50/50 was worth just over $2000.
- Shawn Evans was named the Pizza Factory Player of the Game.
- Ted Higgins, as is tradition, sang the first national anthem.
- the Lakers were accompanied on the floor by members of the Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association, as well as the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52 Colour Guard.


Prior to the opening faceoff, the Mann Cup banner was raised to the rafters by captain Scott Self and new assistants Brad Self and Shawn Evans. The Mann Cup was then brought to the captain via Peterborough firefighters who rappelled from the ceiling with the trophy.

Lakers fan Sid Sidhu made a presentation to Shawn Evans and Brad Self prior to the start of the 3rd period. Shawn was presented with a trophy in memory of Sid’s mother Gian Kaur Sidhu, for winning the NLL scoring title. He was presented with the trophy for the honour, sportsmanship, and entertainment he was brought to the game of lacrosse. Evans and Self were also presented with medals for inspiring youth participation in sports with their new company Nationwide Lacrosse, whose motto is Dream. Believe. Achieve. Sidhu will donate $200 to sponsor a youth at a camp this summer.

Darryl Gibson, who announced his retirement from lacrosse after the Mann Cup, was convinced to come back to play one more year to bolster the Lakers defence.





Lakers make trade


May 17, 2013


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Lakers have acquired defender Stephen HoarSteven Hoar in exchange for Mike Hobbins and Gavin Prout.




Lakers add two


May 7, 2013

by Anna Taylor


The Peterborough Lakers have acquired two dedicated and hard working transition players from Oakville, the team announced on Monday. Oakville (formerly Ajax) gave up Alex Henderson and Brock Boyle for fourth and third round draft picks, respectively.


With the loss of Andrew Suitor and potentially Andrew Watt this year to injury, General Manager Jamie Batley feels that the addition of Boyle and Henderson will give the Lakers added speed and keep the team’s transition game a threat.


Boyle, 30, is a veteran of both summer lacrosse and the NLL. Since 2001, he has played for St. Catharines, Six Nations, Brooklin, Brampton, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Ajax in the MSL, while also suiting up for four different NLL teams, most recently Minnesota in 2011. Boyle has also spent time with the still new Canadian Lacrosse League (CLAX) in Peel and Brampton. His debut game with the Lakers will be his 100th senior game. Fans will remember Alex Henderson from 2009. He was drafted 26th overall by the Lakers from the Clarington Green Gaels Jr. B team, and managed to crack the tough Lakers lineup in his rookie season, suiting up for 11 regular season games and 9 playoff games. However, when the Ajax Rock joined the MSL in 2010, Henderson was left off the Lakers 20-man protected list and was picked up by Ajax. He spent a year there before playing last season with Kahnawake Mohawks in the Quebec Senior League.


Henderson, now 26, is a sociology/psychology major at Bishop’s University in Quebec, where he plays for the Gaiters field lacrosse team.



In a 2010 interview with Stephen Stamp of, Jim Milligan stated that the Lakers were disappointed to lose Henderson. “[It’s] one of the downfalls of the dispersal draft,” Milligan said. “Unfortunately, sometimes you have to keep the older talent and let the youth go, which we did, and hopefully maybe one day we’ll get him back.”


That day has come - welcome home, Alex!


The Lakers open their 2013 season at home on May 23 versus the Brampton Excelsiors. Season tickets can now be picked up at the box office. Single game tickets go on sale May 23.



With files from Stephen Stamp




UPDATE - Much VJ Search


April 25, 2013

by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Tyson Geick, who hosts the Peterborough Lakers TV broadcasts on Cogeco, is in the running to become the newest VJ on Much Music. The Canadian music network is running a reality show style competition to choose their next on air host. With just two episodes left, the winner will be chosen on Friday.


Geick, 24, from Newmarket, was originally voted off the show but was brought back due to overwhelming fan support. He is now in the top five and will find out on Thursday if he’ll be competing in Friday’s finale.


Fans can vote for Tyson by tweeting the hashtags #Tyson4VJ and #MuchVJSearch, or choosing at The show airs at 6:00pm EST.


The Peterborough Lakers would like to wish Tyson the best of luck in the competition.


Update: Unfortunately, Lakers TV host Tyson Geick was eliminated from the competition on tonight's episode of Much VJ Search. Tyson made top 5, and despite a strong Twitter campaign and lots of social media love, will not be moving on to Friday's finale.


The Peterborough Lakers hope that Tyson will be back hosting again this summer, and wish him luck in other future broadcasting endeavours. Peterborough is proud!




Lakers gear up for 2013 season


April 11, 2013

by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - It was a dark and windy and rainy day on Wednesday April 10, but not nearly miserable enough to deter the Peterborough Lakers from holding a much-anticipated press conference to announce the lineup of the team for the coming 2013 MSL season. Board of Directors member Karl McFadden graciously hosted the event and quickly got things underway by introducing Head Coach and General Manager Jamie Batley. As Jamie took the mike, he introduced his distinguished side-kicks, NLL Leading scorer Shawn Evans, and brothers Brad and Team Captain Scott Self. (These days, those three are busy guys, nearing the end of the regular NLL season and anticipating playoff possibilities. Thanks to them for attending.)


First order of business was to announce the retention of Carl Doughty of Doughty Masonry as the team's major sponsor in 2013. He's been the sponsor in the four preceding Mann Cup years-2006, 2007, 2010, and 2012. Hmmm.



Jamie then began listing the returning players: Shawn and Scott Evans, Brad and Scott Self, Kyle and Brock Sorensen. He mentioned them first because his delivery was themed toward local development of players and those three brother combos are locally-born. The “foundation must be Peterborough-based”. That's the team's “mandate.” As well, he pointed out that the players mentioned are guys “who show up and work hard and set a good example” for all.


Cory Vitarelli, “another key player”, has confirmed his return. “On the back end”, Jordan MacIntosh, Andrew Watt and Mark Steenhuis are also returning, a relief to the team and coaches because they play such “a major role”.


Goaltender Tyler Carlson, “who's having a great year in Minnesota”, is returning, as well as Kevin Crosswell, another local product. Rounding out the netminding duties, will be Kurtis Wagar, whom the Lakers signed as a free agent and he's been honing his skills this winter as the Buffalo Bandits' backup goaltender. This is once again a three-man rotation, but Jamie said “it's up to them to decide who's going to be the #1” netminder. As a teaser, or maybe not, he reminded us Mike Thompson has retired, “although that may not mean much if he wants to come back, we'll entertain that further down the road”.


Rochester Knighthawks' Jim Purves has elected to play Senior B for the Sarnia Beavers, but Jamie confirmed “we'll use him on a part time basis”.


Chad Culp hurt his shoulder earlier this year and is seeing a doctor in Buffalo this week. He thinks he will be sufficiently recovered in time and has committed to play with the Lakers as well.


John Tavares is returning as long as he is healthy, so please Lacrosse Gods, make him healthy.


Tracey Kelusky is another of our returning heroes, and a welcome one for sure.


John Grant has applied for US citizenship and is in the middle of confirming his status, leaving Jamie to conclude he will play “on a limited basis” if he is “eligible to travel to Canada” and can find time away from his field lacrosse responsibilities with the Chesapeake Bay Hawks.


Not all the news is good...Many of us witnessed, in horror, the injury to Minnesota's Andrew Suitor, and he's gone for a year, at least. Colorado's Mac Allen tore up his knee in January, and has declined to play this summer as well. Jamie echoed our thoughts and said “both players will be deeply missed on our back end”.

Batley & Evans


Both Mat Giles and Geoff Snider have declined to play and Daryl Gibson retired. Mike Hobbins currently is “uncommitted”, with travel a major issue for him.


Chris White, having a super year with the Toronto Rock, hasn't committed for this summer yet, but he just might change his mind at some point...maybe. He's being married this summer, but is showing “good planning and smart play” because his wedding is between the OLA Finals and the Mann Cup. Jamie concluded they're “planning for him not to be here, but we'll leave that spot open” if he changes his mind.


Batley ended the press conference with another mention of the team's focus on the three brother combinations, the Evans boys, the Sorensens and the Selfs. Notwithstanding their natural-born talents, they reflect the great foundation in Peterborough's minor system and how well it develops local talent. He noted that approximately 1000 kids have signed up to play lacrosse this year, feeding graduates to our very noteworthy Junior A and C and Norwood Senior B teams. He mentioned Mark Farthing, Pete Rennie and Eric Bissell stayed with the Lakers from their minor teams for much of last season, reflecting the excellent talent constantly being developed in the minor system. “Without our local guys, we wouldn't have anything...We want the local kids to play”.


Great philosophy Coach, and the best to you and our wonderful Lakers in 2013.





Batley will sit for five


March 31, 2013

by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Peterborough Lakers' head coach Jamie Batley has been suspended for five games for breaching the Canadian Lacrosse Association’s Code of Conduct during the 2012 Mann Cup. The CLA released its decision this past week after a hearing stemming from incidents during routine drug testing by the independently operated Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport after games two and four of the tournament.


Penalties were handed out to both the Lakers and the Langley Thunder for breaching the Code of Conduct.




Batley held a press conference at the Memorial Centre on Thursday to address his suspension.


“To the fans, we apologize,” he said. “We weren’t respectful.”


Batley said a lack of education on the anti-doping procedures led to the issues.


“The major problem was that we prevented the CCES from entering into our dressing room with our players,” he said. “Without the education to know that that is what we’re supposed to do, we did what we normally would do, which is to not allow anyone into our sanctioned area of where the players get dressed.”


No Laker player tested positive for any banned substances. Batley made it clear that the issues were with the testing procedure itself.


“We support the drug testing in lacrosse, and obviously from the results we don’t have anything to hide,” he said. “We won the Mann Cup fair and square and we’ll go forward and try to win it again.”



Batley can serve his five games at any time during the season. He was also placed on probation for one year and must make himself available to the OLA to speak about the CCES’s anti-doping program. Trainer Steve Hynes has also been suspended for two games and placed on probation for violating the Code of Conduct. Charges against Jim Milligan, Bobby Keast, Roger Fowler, and Mark Steenhuis were withdrawn; however, Milligan will also be under one year’s probation. The team was also fined $5000.


Going forward, the Lakers will ensure their players are informed about the anti-doping program by having education seminars. The Peterborough Lakers fully support the CLA and CCES in their efforts to keep our beloved game drug free.



Chatting with the Captain


February 18, 2013

By Anna Taylor


“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” – Wayne Gretzky


Gretzky was arguably one of sports smartest players. While there will never be another “Great One,” others in sports, having learned by watching and imitating, do display some of his strengths. Peterborough Lakers captain Scott Self is one such player, an unsung hero when playing with the likes of stars John Grant Jr. and Mark Steenhuis, but is one of the smartest defenders in lacrosse today.


Just watch him read the play when he’s on the floor. Self knows exactly where the ball is going to be, and is able to position himself to meet the ball if it’s coming towards the Lakers, or is able to run off the floor and let the offense take over, before anyone else knows what’s going to happen. The best defenders are often ones that people don’t talk about, because they rarely make mistakes. They do their job quietly and effectively.


Scott Self


A Peterborough native, Self grew up in a sports-minded household. Father Steve was a great hockey player in the early 1970’s, and even spent a season with the NHL’s expansion team in Washington. If you mention the great sports families of Peterborough, Self is a name that comes up often, right there with Evans and Wasson.


Scott Self was raised on hockey and lacrosse, playing both at the junior level in his hometown. He never knew anything but excellence, so it is no surprise that he has played at high levels of both sports. Self played three years of university hockey for the Guelph Gryphons before moving on to the National Lacrosse League, where today he guards offensive players from getting too close to Buffalo Bandits goaltender Anthony Cosmo.


Self has won five Mann Cups with the Lakers, and has been recognized three times as the Merv McKenzie Memorial Trophy winner as the MSL’s Top Defender.


Peterborough Lakers web design team member Anna Taylor recently had the chance to speak with Self about his distinguished career in both amateur and professional sport.


AT: Who are you outside of lacrosse? What job do you work at, and what hobbies do you enjoy?

SS: I work as a carpenter’s apprentice. In my free time I enjoy spending time at the cottage with my family. I like movies and playing other sports such as golf, hockey, and squash.


AT: Describe the experience of playing both junior hockey and lacrosse in your hometown. SS: Peterborough is a great sports town. I was very fortunate to be able to play junior hockey and lacrosse at home for two great organizations (hockey with the former Jr. A Peterborough Bees organization and lacrosse with the junior Lakers).


AT: As a student at the University of Guelph, you played hockey instead of lacrosse. Did you ever consider a pro career in hockey? What made you decide the NLL was right for you?

SS: I was hoping to play pro hockey, but after being drafted by the Bandits I decided to pursue a career in pro lacrosse instead.


AT: The profile of OUA hockey has been on the rise recently, with more schools joining the league and media attention on graduating junior players’ education packages. What was your experience like playing university hockey?

SS: It was great. The hockey was very competitive and I was on the ice every day.


AT: You played your first full year of senior lacrosse in 2001 out in Victoria (after playing various games as a call up with the Senior Lakers in previous seasons). What was the reasoning behind going out west for that year?

SS: I wanted a chance to travel in the summer, but I still wanted to play lacrosse and this gave me the opportunity to do both.


AT: You came back to Peterborough the next summer to play for the Lakers and haven’t left since. What does it mean to you, as a hometown boy, to represent your city as captain of the Lakers?


SS: I feel very fortunate to play for the Lakers. We have the best fans and they make the Memorial Centre an awesome place to play. It’s also nice to have my family at all my home games.


AT: What’s it like playing with your brother, Brad?

SS: It’s a lot of fun. We never got to play in sports leagues together growing up because of our age difference (Note: Scott is two years older than Brad). It’s great being out there together and getting to share in the Lakers success together.


AT: What was it like to represent Canada at the 2007 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships?

SS: It was a real honour to be selected for the team; there are a lot of great Canadian lacrosse players. It was a great week of competition and it was a tremendous feeling to bring home the gold medal.


AT: You’ve played for several different teams in the NLL over your career (Buffalo, New York, Ottawa, Arizona, Chicago, Edmonton, and Minnesota). What has been your favourite NLL city to play in, and why?

SS: Arizona was great because we had a good young team while I was there. The weather wasn’t bad either! I’d have to say though, that Buffalo (my current team) is my favorite, as our fans are the best and we fill the arena every night.


AT: You’ve been named an NLL All Star 3 times, yet you’re a fairly quiet defender most of the time. What does it say about your game that you receive these honours, yet otherwise manage to stay under the radar?

SS: It’s nice to get recognized for doing a good job even if you’re not very flashy.


AT: Why defense and not offense (or goal!)?

SS: I’ve always been more defensive minded, so it made sense to be a defender. However, I do love to score and help out the offense when possible! It’s a lot easier to jump on offense in lacrosse than in hockey as there are more opportunities for breakaways.


AT: You’re an alternate captain in Buffalo this year. This is your first time wearing a letter for an NLL team. What does the responsibility mean to you, especially with John Tavares serving as captain this year?

SS: I’ve always tried to lead by example and I will continue to do so. John is a great player and an exemplary leader and I’ve learned a lot from him.


AT: What would you like to accomplish in your lacrosse career that you haven’t already?

SS: I would love to win the NLL Champions Cup.


Scott Self at a Glance


Hometown: Peterborough

NLL Team: Buffalo Bandits

Favourite Music: Country

Favourite Pre Game Meal: Chicken, Kraft Dinner and salad

Who Would Play You in a Movie: Liam Neeson

Best Lacrosse Memory: Mann Cup 2004

Biggest Influence/Inspiration: My parents





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