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Lakers draft two



January 28, 2018


OAKVILLE, Ont. – Major Series Lacrosse held its annual junior draft on Sunday at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre. The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers held only two picks in the five-round draft.


The Lakers stayed local with both picks, taking Jr. A defenseman Tyler Gaulton in the fourth round at 26 overall, and Jr. C defenseman Trent Larock in the fifth round at number 32.


“We were happy to get Tyler Gaulton who has played well for us the past two seasons,” general manager Paul Day said.


Prior to Sunday’s draft, the Lakers protected four graduates from the Jr. A program: forwards Jake Fox and Kyle Killen, and defensemen Jordan Stouros and Nick Finlay.


With an already stacked roster, the defending Mann Cup champions don’t have a lot of wiggle room for additions. Day said the Lakers’ strategy in protecting and drafting local players had a lot to do with keeping them in the Lakers’ system and allowing them to develop.


“I think we need as many local guys as possible helping our Sr. B team in Ennismore,” he said. “We are deep and I think sometimes when you draft players from other markets, it’s tough for them to crack our lineup and they don’t want to play Sr. B in our area. Some of our young guys are going to have to play for Ennismore and help us as needed.”


Five of the six new additions have already played with the senior Lakers.


Of the six, Fox, an Ottawa native, has seen the most time. In eight games in 2017, he scored 13 goals and eight assists for 21 points, finishing eighth in scoring. In 76 games over five years in Jr. A, the captain scored 102 goals and 126 assists for 228 points.


Killen contributed three assists in one game for the senior Lakers in 2017, while scoring 103 goals and 94 assists for 197 points in 78 games over five years in junior.


Gaulton and Stouros each played three games for the Lakers in 2017, while Finlay, who is currently playing with the Saskatchewan Rush and scored his first pro goal on Saturday, suited up in five games. All three were stalwarts on defense for the junior Lakers.


Larock, a member of the Jr. C Lakers since 2013 played 15 games for them 2017, scoring nine goals and 21 assists for 30 points. He was a member of the 2015 team that won the Meredith Cup.


The Cobourg Kodiaks held 12 picks in Sunday’s draft including the first overall pick which they used on KW goaltender Kevin Orleman.


Other local players to be selected included Trent Excalibur standouts Garrett Eddy and Jeff Fernandes, both taken by the Kodiaks.



Lakers' individual award winners


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers celebrated their Mann Cup win on Saturday with an afternoon parade and evening banquet and dance.


About 1500 people took in the parade, which stretched from City Hall, where mayor Darryl Bennett praised the Lakers, to Del Crary Park, where fans mingled with players for autographs and photos with the Mann Cup.


The banquet, held at the Evinrude Centre, was attended by about 250 people and featured a buffet dinner from Franz’s, awards ceremony and dance.


Captain Robert Hope and general manager Paul Day spoke at the banquet, recognizing and honouring everyone who was a part of the 2017 season including the players, training staff, executive, volunteers, family members and fans. Hope spoke especially fondly of his teammates, calling them “warriors, competitors and winners.”


The Lakers won the Mann Cup, their 15th, on September 15, 2017 after defeating the New Westminster Salmonbellies four games to two in British Columbia.


2017 Lakers’ award winners:


MVP: Kyle Buchanan

Most Improved: Eric Shewell

Most Dedicated: Mark Steenhuis

Most Sportsmanlike: Turner Evans

Rookie of the Year: Matt Gilray and Thomas Hoggarth

Top Defenseman: Robert Hope

Top Transition: Zach Currier

Leading Scorer: Shawn Evans

Fan Favourite: Shawn Evans

Bobby Allan Legacy Award: John Grant Sr.



Unexpectedly honoured: Buchanan's MVP season


December 19, 2017


by Anna Taylor


Nobody was more surprised about Kyle Buchanan’s 2017 Most Valuable Player award than Kyle Buchanan.


“So many guys on our team could get that award with the year we had,” said the first year Peterborough Century 21 Laker. “To give MVP to one guy doesn’t make sense to me. From goalies standing on their heads in the playoffs, to our defense shutting down New Westminster in the Mann Cup, to so many clutch goals on offense, I was honoured to even be considered.”


Most fans were, like the righty forward himself, initially surprised with the unexpected pick but very pleased after thinking it through. Buchanan made himself truly indispensable both on and off the floor. A heart and soul player, he finished second in team and league scoring with 94 points (32G/62A), also contributing five goals and 32 assists in the playoffs with four goals and 10 assists in the Mann Cup.


He likely also led the Lakers’ offense in loose balls. It’s impossible to know because Major Series Lacrosse doesn’t keep that statistic, but you can’t argue with the tenacity he showed every time he stepped on the floor. If the ball was free, he was right there chasing it. Playing without the ball is part of the game on which Buchanan prides himself.


“It’s something I focus on and have fit into my style of play due to the fact that I’m playing with so many skilled guys who do great things with the ball,” he said. “As I’ve moved up the ranks in lacrosse, I’ve had to find ways to be successful without the ball… I try and use my speed and anticipation to get to balls for possessions for our team.”


“The addition of Bucky made our right side and our team difficult to defend, as his ability to read and react and the speed that he is able to do it at creates havoc and creates space for himself and his teammates,” praised head coach Mike Hasen. “Extra possessions off the face-off and loose balls in the offensive end gave Dickson, Evans and Currier more time and space and is a big reason for our success this season.”


Buchanan demonstrated his leadership capabilities to the Lakers very quickly, filling in as captain during the July 13 game when Robert Hope was away.


“It was unexpected and an absolute honour. To even be considered a leader with the guys in our room is humbling,” he said. “I try and lead by example with hard work and by doing smaller things the right way.”


Serving as captain showed how much his Lakers’ teammates had welcomed him into their ranks.


“Coming to a new group takes some adjusting, but the lacrosse world is small enough for you to have either played with or against most of the guys. It took some time to get used to the dynamic, but I was welcomed with open arms and was able to focus on playing,” he explained. “There’s no team I’ve been around that pokes fun at each other so much, but when the whistle goes, is ready to go to war for each other. It certainly helped us when we got down in the series vs. Brooklin early, and then again in the Mann Cup. That trust and care for each other showed as we were so steady in the long runs of those series.”


The core of the Lakers’ team is from Peterborough, complemented by talented out-of-towners like Buchanan, who said that rides to and from games with his western GTA teammates were a highlight of the season and helped build comradery.


“Road trips with Vno, Steenhuis, Matthews, Dylan Evans and Ian Llord… driving 2 plus hours in a van both ways one or two nights a week can get tough. Having a good crew to do those drives with made it a lot easier and a ton of laughs were had,” he smiled. “And I enjoyed the nights I stuck around Peterborough. I loved seeing the boys in their element and experiencing summer life in the ‘Boro.” 


Buchanan said he was very fortunate to win the Mann Cup in his first year as a Laker and hopes to host the tournament next season.


“I had never won a Mann Cup, nor had I even competed for one,” he said.


However, as great as winning the Mann Cup was, it will not be the highlight of Buchanan’s year.


That highlight is still to come, as he and his fiancée Nat are expecting the arrival of their first child in a matter of days.


He’s excited to share his life and his lacrosse experiences with his child, and was happy to kick off that process with the Mann Cup.


“Winning was a dream come true,” he said. “To do it with my pregnant fiancée in the stands was a very special moment that I will cherish forever.”


No rest for the champions


November 7, 2017


by Anna Taylor


National Lacrosse League training camps are just around the corner, and that means no days off for our Mann Cup champion Peterborough Century 21 Lakers.


With the NLL season starting three weeks earlier than normal, training camps have also moved up on the calendar. That, plus playing into mid-September, means players won’t get much recuperation time before the grind of another lacrosse season starts.


Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport. The Mann Cup is a war. Don’t get me wrong - the boys loved it. They gave everything they had to win that trophy and none of them regret a second of it. And they all want to do it again next summer - and try for a Champion’s Cup in the meantime. But, none of them came out of British Columbia unscathed - least of all Bryce Sweeting, who had a contusion on the back of his leg so large, so black and purple, that it would make any mother cringe.



So what do our boys do to keep up with what is now - basically - a year-round sport? How do they keep their bodies healthy and ready to play?


They go hard at the gym every chance they get. Workouts include weight training, cardio and stretching.


Sweeting is one of the Lakers spending his “off-season” at Hybrid Fitness Health Performance, a local gym and training centre run by former Laker Josh Gillam.


As Hybrid’s reputation grows, so does its client base, and this fall counts both Currier brothers, Jake Withers, Mark Farthing, Thomas Hoggarth, Robert Hope, Eric Shewell and Cory Vitarelli among the elite athletes that use the facility in addition to Sweeting. Gillam also joined the Peterborough Petes staff as strength and conditioning coach and has the teenage Petes in the gym often to help their conditioning.



“This is my world now,” Gillam says of his business. “Getting the guys prepped for where I used to be is one of the most exciting feelings."


Also a former high-level hockey player, Gillam played eight seasons for the Lakers in addition to stints in the NLL with Minnesota and Rochester so he understands the demands on an athlete’s body.


He’s been able to build a training centre with equipment and programs that are specifically targeted to each individual’s needs.


For the Lakers, he says they start by “building a foundation base to build them back up and then try to get them back up to game speed, game strength and a little bit bigger and faster and stronger to get them to their NLL camps.”



Every player has an individual assessment done to see where their bodies are at after the long Mann Cup run and see where any soreness is coming from, Gillam explains.


Having Lakers’ head athletic therapist Josh Martin under the same roof is an added bonus. He and his Return to Function staff can work with the players year-round.


One of the ways Hybrid staff accomplishes helps their athletes is by focusing on fundamentals - namely, making sure the body is ready for exercise by stretching.


This is where Ally Sharpe comes in. Sharpe runs Peterborough Strength out of Hybrid and volunteers her time to work with athletes using the Kinstretch method, a “movement enhancement system born out of scientific research that helps people develop usable ranges of motion, as well as flexibility and control over their range of motion.”


Kinstretch is a unique way of stretching that isolates each joint individually, taking it through its full range of motion. Those stretches are called controlled articular rotations (CARs) and Sharpe says they should be done every day.


“There more you do your CARs the better the results will be. They call the routine that I do the morning routine because people spend so much time warming up in the gym yet nobody does any warming up for real life and usually that’s when people end up hurting themselves,” Sharpe explains. “Not many people will injure themselves during a deadlift but who knows what will happen if somebody drops a pencil and bends over the wrong way. A lot of injuries happen outside the gym so we’re trying to minimize that as much as we can.”



CARs are used as a self-assessment tool to help you can see where there is a limited of range of motion, or lack of control or flexibility.


Sweeting says that Kinstretch has helped him with his range of motion and it can help others, too.


“Not just lacrosse players or hockey players,” he said. “Hockey, lacrosse, baseball or football, it doesn’t matter. I think stretching is something that everyone can work on and improve.”


Sharpe says that Sweeting, nicknamed the “tin man” for his inflexibility, has shown the most improvement of all the Lakers.


“I told him that I’m going to take him from tin man to Cirque du Soleil,” she jokes. “I’ve noticed huge improvements in his flexibility."


“Kinstretch is helping to loosen up my hips,” Sweeting says. “Moving laterally side to side is a big part of lacrosse so we’ve worked on my hip mobility and just opening them up.”


Also improved are Josh Currier, Jake Withers and Mark Farthing, says Sharpe.



“Farthing just recently recovered from a knee injury. A part of anyone’s post surgery routine is usually some type of stretching, mobility and strengthening series. The other day I posted a photo of him on Instagram and his physiotherapist commented that they were happy he was dong his hip mobility.”


Sweeting has high praise for the program Gillam has built.


“He makes everyone feel welcome when they step foot into the gym. He’s got a great space here and there is a good and energized squad here during athletes hours,” he says.


Sharpe believes the good atmosphere in the gym comes from the shared goals of the trainers and players.


“We care about mobility for athletes to help them with prevention of injuries and to keep their joints healthy and moving during both the season and off-season,” she says. “We train for real life here.”


Mann Cup 2017: In Their Own Words

by Anna Taylor

Monday, September 25, 2017

We did a lot of interviews over the 10 days we were in BC for the Mann Cup from September 7 to September 17. It was an emotional week. First the Lakers went down 2-0 to the New Westminster Salmonbellies, but then they stormed back to take the series four games to two. Here’s a look back at the championship, in the players’ own words.



“It’s a little different; it’s quick. You can tell the ball is moving faster especially with bounce-passes and bounce-shots, you have to get used to the bounces off the boards and everything else.” – Curtis Dickson on the (gorgeous) hardwood floor at Queen’s Park Arena.


“It’s a tough, hard-fought game. Everyone’s leaving everything on the floor.” – Matt Vinc, who, despite the game one loss, was a star in goal.


“We’re down 2-0 but we were down 2-0 the last time we won the Mann Cup too. We trust each other and we’re going to be giving them hell on Monday.” – Mark Farthing, who played his first game for the Lakers since the 2015 Mann Cup in Victoria.


“Sure there’s a learning curve but we’re going into game three now so the learning curve is done. You adapt and you get better. – assistant coach Bobby Keast, after the Lakers went down 2-0.


“I think they made a mistake by giving us one win because I don’t think we’re going to look back now.” – Joel Matthews, after the Lakers won game three to get back in the series.


“A win’s a win. We’re bringing the same thing tomorrow if not more. We’re bringing some energy so were looking forward to every game we’re not going to shy away from anything right now.” – Turner Evans, on the confidence the Lakers found after winning game three.

"We let the first two slip away but we played a little better in game three. Team wise we need to smarten up and stay out of the box. We need to be a little better discipline wise." - Bryce Sweeting, prior to game four. Once the Lakers got used to the CLA rules, they ended up in the box less than the 'Bellies in game five, which was a huge momentum swing.

"Just going to roll off last night's momentum, start by working on our first five minutes and go from there." - Kyle Buchanan on game four's plan.


“I don’t know what the big stink was, I wasn’t even going to go for it this time. They tried to set the tone early.” – Robert Hope on game four’s ceremonial face-off.


“We’ve got one goal. We’ve invested everything. Invested in our bodies, our time, our trip here - just to win. If being here means we’re beat up and banged up, then that’s what we have to do.” – Adam Jones after game four.


“It’s a real family environment. Everyone looks after one another. It’s always fun and light in the room but when it’s time to punch in for game time, we can do that also.” – Captain Robert Hope on the team’s comradery. 


“We were able to play with one less guy and sometimes that stuff comes back and bites the other team in the ass.” – Paul Day on the gamesmanship from the ‘Bellies, who had Holden Cattoni ejected in game four for wearing a gold chain around his neck.


“Mann Cup or bust.” – Robert Hope after the Lakers tied the series at two.

"The games only get bigger as we go and we have to show up with the same intensity we showed up with for the last two games." - Brad Self on the plan for game five. 


“It’s tough being taken out of a game that way. Tough not having the opportunity to compete with the guys that I’ve done it with all year.” – Holden Cattoni on his game four ejection.


“I don’t want to say we’re celebrating but we have a huge opportunity in front of us.” – Eric Shewell on the loud music and general excitement in the dressing room after game five.


“Treat it like a game seven.” – Holden Cattoni on game six.

"It's a little anxious feeling but we're ready to go. We're treating this like game seven, we want to get this done with tonight." - Curtis Dickson before game six.


“That’s the life of a goalie. You have to rebound. You have to put yourself in those situations, you have to be willing to lose.” – Evan Kirk on his game two loss and subsequent mind-blowing rebound in games four and six.


“There’s nothing good in life if it comes easy, and this wasn’t easy.” – Adam Jones, who won his first Mann Cup.


“I think the experience will do everyone some good. It’s the standard, it’s the goal and they’ve had a taste and let’s go get more.” – head coach Mike Hasen, who led the Lakers to their first Mann Cup since 2012 in just his third year at the helm.


“My ankle feels terrible. It used to feel better and hopefully a month from now it will feel better again.” – Dylan Evans, who was injured in the semi-finals against Brooklin, but came back to play five Mann Cup games.


“We’re the 2017 Mann Cup champs and we’re bringing the Mann Cup home to Peterborough.” – Shawn Evans, who won his fifth Mann Cup with the Lakers.


“We expected to be here, we wanted to be here, and we want to keep this going for years to come.” – Robert Hope, first-year captain of the Lakers.

Lakers win Mann Cup!


September 15, 2017


NEW WESTMINSTER, BC – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are the Canadian champions after a 14-10 win in New Westminster on Friday night at Queen's Park Arena. The Lakers captured the Mann Cup in four straight after giving up the first two to a skilled Salmonbellies squad.


The win is the sixth in 13 years for the Lakers.


Shawn Evans was awarded the Mike Kelly trophy as the Mann Cup’s MVP. Evans previously won the award during the 2010 series, also against the Salmonbellies, which the Lakers also won in six games.


Robert Hope was named the team’s own player of the game, or which he was awarded the game ball.


The Lakers and Salmonbellies traded the first six goals of the game. Zach Currier put the Lakers up 4-3 with a transition goal. Shawn Evans gave the Lakers a two-goal cushion to end the period. Evans had a first-period hat trick.


Three consecutive goals to start the second gave the Lakers an 8-3 lead. The Salmonbellies fought back but the Lakers led 10-5 after 40 minutes.


New Westminster once again shone in the third period, scoring five times including a hat trick from Logan Schuss. The Lakers stayed ahead of the ‘Bellies. Adam Jones scored twice, Evans once and Hope put the icing on the Cup with an empty-net goal.

Evan Kirk made 47 saves in a second strong outing as he split games in the series with Matt Vinc.


The Lakers finish the 2017 season with a record of 29-6.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (5-3)

Adam Jones (3-4)

Zach Currier (2-2)

Curtis Dickson (2-1)

Kyle Buchanan (1-2)

Robert Hope (1-1)

Holden Cattoni (0-4)

Turner Evans (0-3)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Peterborough continues to roll


September 13, 2017


by Anna Taylor




After clawing their back from 0-2, the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers now lead the 2017 Mann Cup series three games to two after an 11-10 win over the New Westminster Salmonbellies on Wednesday night at Queens Park Arena.


The teams took Thursday off to rest and recuperate their bodies and will play game six at 7:30/10:30 EDT on Friday evening. If necessary, game seven will be Saturday.


Holden Cattoni was a sparkplug for the Lakers in game five after being ejected early in the first period from game four for the gold chain he always wears around his neck – no jewellery is a rule that exists CLA-wide but is rarely, if ever, enforced by opposing teams in the MSL. Cattoni rebounded well with three goals.


“It’s tough being taken out of a game that way,” Cattoni said. “It’s tough not having the opportunity to compete with the guys that I’ve done it with all year. Tonight I knew I had to go in there and play my game and try to make up for it.”


The Lakers went down 2-0 early, but for the first time in the series, the team that scored first did not win. The Lakers settled in and took a 3-2 lead on goals from Adam Jones, Cattoni and Zach Currier. New Westminster tied the game at three but Jones and Cattoni’s second goals had the Lakers up 5-3 after one.


Leading at intermission has been helpful for the Lakers’ confidence, especially as the ‘Bellies have a tendency to score late goals to keep the Lakers on their toes.


“We’re just trying to play as a five-man unit, pack it in and make sure we’re on their hands,” defenseman Eric Shewell said. “They do have good shooters and they’re putting the ball in from the outside so we’re just trying to stay on their hands and stay tight as a group.”


Shawn Evans and Jones increased the Lakers lead to 7-3 in the second. The ‘Bellies came back with three in a row including two from Mitch Jones, who has been named the ‘Bellies player of the game twice in the series. Jones later added a third goal in the period, while Curtis Dickson caught fire and scored two while also assisting on Cattoni’s third goal. The Lakers led 10-7 after two.


While they were outscored 3-1 in the third, at this point, it’s not something they can worry about. They can only look forward.


“You just have to have faith in our team and we do,” said Cattoni. “We can’t look back at the series. We just have to keep the momentum going.”


Cattoni said that nerves aren’t really a factor for the Lakers. Playing as a unit all year has brought both the offensive and defensive groups together.


“When one of us is having a tough game up front we know the defense is going to have our back and they’re going to shut it down for us,” he said. “When [the Salmonbellies] get on a roll [the defense has] to have confidence that we’re going to get one back for us.”


The Lakers were energetic after their win – they have been since they won game three – but they’re still focused.


“We have a huge opportunity in front of us,” acknowledged Shewell. “Getting those last three (wins) is huge. We have a chance to take it home so I guess that’s something to celebrate but nothing’s finished yet. It goes without saying that it’s the biggest game of the year.”


Scoring for the Lakers:


Curtis Dickson (3-3)

Adam Jones (3-2)

Holden Cattoni (3-0)

Shawn Evans (1-3)

Zach Currier (1-0)

Turner Evans (0-3)

Kyle Buchanan (0-3)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Brad Self (0-1)

Ian Llord (0-1)

Lakers tie series


September 12, 2017


by Anna Taylor


NEW WESTMINSTER, BC – We’ve got them right where we want them.


The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers followed up a strong game three performance with an even stronger game four showing, defeating the New Westminster Salmonbellies 9-7 on Tuesday night at Queen’s Park Arena in the 2017 Mann Cup to even the series at two games each.


Curtis Dickson scored the game winner with exactly 10 minutes left to put the Lakers up 8-6. Joel Matthews added an insurance marker, fooling Alex Buque on a reset attempt. The ‘Bellies got one more before the game ended but Evan Kirk, who made 49 saves on the night, and the Lakers’ defense played typical shut-down Lakers lacrosse in the dying moments of the game.


“It’s a best two out of three now,” said forward Adam Jones. “We played a good team game tonight.”


Scoring first has been key in the series, and Turner Evans put the Lakers up 1-0 just 1:55 into the game. Shawn Evans put the Lakers up 2-0 at 4:37. The ‘Bellies came back and tied the game by 9:37 on goals from Connor Robinson and Mitch Jones. Thomas Hoggarth scored his first of two great goals on the night at 11:03, picking up a rebound right in front of the net to beat Buque. Turner Evans scored a power play goal and Curtis Dickson scored an underhand shot for a 5-2 lead after the first.


The offense did its job but it was Evan Kirk who stole the show. Pulled early in game two, Kirk rebounded with solid, athletic saves, even diving across the crease to make a save on a rebound.


“He did a great job early making some huge stops and letting our D settle in and our offense get used to the pace of what they were playing at and score a couple goals,” Hope said. “He made some huge stops when we really needed it on power plays and opportunities at the end six-on-five. Hopefully we can keep riding our two great goalies and keep getting better each and every game.”


The Salmonbellies outscored the Lakers 3-2 in the middle frame. Hoggarth’s second goal was again on Buque’s doorstep to put the Lakers up 6-2. He nearly had a third but was checked from behind on the attempt, crashing into Buque. The ‘Bellies got revenge later with Drew Belgrave taking out Kirk from behind as they both went for a loose ball.


Hoggarth did get an assist on Steenhuis’ second period goal. Kevin Crowley, Logan Schuss and Mitch Jones scored for the ‘Bellies in the frame, from which the Lakers emerged with 7-5 lead.


The series has not been without its share of gamesmanship. There’s been some controversy over the ceremonial ball drops and who gets to claim possession of the ball, so last night, words were exchanged which led to both teams converging around the faceoff dot.


“The man doing the face-off was really good about it,” captain Robert Hope explained. “He just said he wasn’t even going to put the ball down so I don’t know what the big stink was. I wasn’t even going to go for it this time. They tried to set the tone early. A couple of their players stepped up early and crowded the faceoff dot then obviously my great teammates stepped up. They always have my back… it was a misunderstanding.”


It wasn’t the only event of the night – the Salmonbellies called Holden Cattoni for an illegal equipment penalty early in the first period. The issue was a gold chain that Cattoni always wears around his neck, and has for every game this season – but is actually against the CLA rules, though not enforced in the MSL. It resulted in a two-minute minor and a shocking game ejection.


Cattoni’s ejection meant the Lakers’ left side had to compensate for the loss of one of their best players.


“We ended up going with strong righties more, always had three vs two lefties, but we have talent on our team,” Jones said. “We have D guys coming up. Hoggarth had two tonight. We just figured it out and keep playing hard. It’s more touches for everyone else.”


"Zach Currier played a lot up there tonight, which gave us more energy," general manager Paul Day said. "We’re pretty happy with our effort and Kirky was stellar tonight."


It also means Cattoni will be fresh for game five, so everyone is expecting a big game from him.


"We were able to play with one less guy and sometimes that stuff comes back and bites the other team in the ass," Day said. "It worked out in our favour and now we have a fresh Holden Cattoni who’s going to get four of five goals for us."


“It’s a win-win,” said Jones. “We got the win. Holden felt bad for a bit but we picked him up. I told him he’s going to be fresh tomorrow. We’re already focused on tomorrow.”


Game five is tonight at 7:30/10:30 EDT. The teams have a day off on Thursday before playing game six on Friday night, with game seven set for Saturday night, if necessary.



Lakers take game 3


September 11, 2017


by Anna Taylor


NEW WESTMINSTER, BC – They were never out of it, but now the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers can say they’re back in the 2017 Mann Cup. A 13-12 win on Monday night at Queen’s Park arena cut the New Westminster Salmonbellies’ series lead in half two games to one. Game four is Tuesday night and game five Wednesday night.


“I think they made a mistake by giving us one win because I don’t think we’re going to look back now,” said Lakers’ forward Joel Matthews after the game.


Matthews was inserted into the lineup in place of Josh Currier, and the second-year Laker had a great Mann Cup debut, scoring a huge goal at 29 seconds of the third period to break a 9-9 tie.


That goal led to another by Brad Self, and though Logan Schuss got one back for the ‘Bellies, the Lakers kept up the pace, adding two more including Curtis Dickson’s game winner on a late power play.


“I was just trying to make the most of my opportunities,” Matthews said. “I don’t get as many shifts so I have to make the most of what I get. Shawn Evans made a great play and Adam Jones found me on the crease and I luckily put it in the net.”


The Lakers came out on fire, scoring three goals in the first three minutes of the game. Adam Jones scored at 1:27. Turner Evans cut to the net and converted his cousin Shawn’s pass at 2:26 and Curtis Dickson scored on an underhand shot at 3:00. New Westminster replied with three goals of their own to tie the game by the 9:22 mark. Dickson scored a second underhand shot at 15:45. Mitch Jones and Logan Schuss then scored power play markers that sandwiched a Zach Currier shorthanded goal for a 5-5 tie after the first.


Turner Evans played like a man possessed in the first, sacrificing his body to get the Lakers extra possessions from loose balls.


“Tonight we played our game,” he said. “We didn’t really think too much. We just played lacrosse and you could see it on the scoreboard.”


Jones passed cross-crease to Shawn Evans to open the second period. The ‘Bellies scored two in a row for their first lead which was quickly erased by Turner’s second goal.


“It came off the swing,” Turner said. “That’s when we’re finding the net, five-on-five swinging the ball, and I just took a shot and it went in the net.”


Kyle Buchanan scored on ‘Bellies goalie Alex Buque’s doorstep to give the Lakers back the lead 28 seconds later. Shawn Evans gave them a two-goal lead but two late goals tied the game at nine heading into the third.


In a series so far dominated by special teams, the Lakers were able to flex their true offensive muscles in game three with eleven five-on-five goals. That said, they’re still giving up more power play opportunities than they’re getting, something they’ll try to correct in game four.


The win was special for all the players, especially those in their first Mann Cups, but even more so for Evans and Matthews.


Evans was celebrating his 24th birthday.


“This was definitely a good birthday present to get,” he said. “The boys told me they were going to get it for me tonight so it’s nice to get the first win under our belt.”


Matthews was probably the most pumped-up about the game. He’s an emotional player so his first Mann Cup experience will be something he’ll cherish.


“It’s a dream come true,” he smiled after the game. “As a young kid playing in Canada you dream about the Mann Cup more than most championships. I’ve been itching to get in and I finally got my chance tonight. I just wanted to do my role and create space and bang bodies and we came out with the win.”


Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (3-4)

Curtis Dickson (3-1)

Kyle Buchanan (2-2)

Adam Jones (1-4)

Brad Self (1-4)

Turner Evans (1-2)

Zach Currier (1-0)

Joel Matthews (1-0)

Holden Cattoni (0-2)

Mark Steenhuis (0-1)

Eric Shewell (0-1)


Disappointing 13-8 loss in game 2


September 9, 2017


by Anna Taylor


NEW WESTMINSTER, BC - It wasn’t the start the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers wanted – either to the game or to the series. A 13-8 loss to the New Westminster Salmonbellies in game two of the 2017 Mann Cup means the Lakers are down two games to none.


There were some bright spots for the Lakers, including the debut of defenseman Mark Farthing, who last played for the Lakers in the 2015 Mann Cup in Victoria. Farthing tore his ACL in a game with the NLL’s Toronto Rock in 2016, and the resulting surgery and rehab kept him out of action for a long time. He warmed up and practiced with the Lakers every game this season, so it was an easy transition back into the game.


“The guys here are great in giving me confidence, talking to me and supporting me,” Farthing said. “I’m trying to do the same thing for them. We’re a big family here and that’s just kind of how we roll.”


It’s that connectedness the Lakers have that will help them dig themselves out of the 2-0 hole they’re in.


As in game one, Kevin Crowley scored in the first minute. The Salmonbellies came out on fire and poured on the offense immediately. Anthony Malcom scooped up a loose ball in the crease and put a backhand by Evan Kirk at 2:24. Joel McCready lobbed a soft shot past Kirk 12 seconds later and it was 3-0. ‘Bellies goalie Alex Buque then sprung Brandon Goodwin on a fast-break and it was 4-0 less than five minutes in. Matt Vinc briefly replaced Kirk in the Lakers’ goal, but spelled him for good after Logan Schuss and Connor Robinson brought the ‘Bellies first period total to six. Brad Self scored the Lakers’ lone goal of the period.


“We just have to match that intensity,” said defensive coach Bobby Keast. “The first game I’ll give to travel day issues, but there’s no excuse for this game. The guys have to come prepared and focused to play a full 60 minutes and start off with that first shift.”


Unfortunately for the Lakers, there was no great second period comeback this time. Crowley and Robinson put the ‘Bellies up 8-1 early in the period. A three-goal run from the Lakers brought some relief to their bench as Holden Cattoni, Adam Jones and Brad Self scored in succession to take some momentum back. Goodwin scored a second and Robinson a third for a 10-4 lead but Jones cut the lead in half with an extra-attacker goal with four seconds left.


Three straight from the Salmonbellies put the game out of reach in the third period although the Lakers managed a three-goal run of their own late in the game amidst more penalty trouble as frustration started to surface.



Bryce Sweeting fought Mitch Jones after the two got out of the box from their initial unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Brock Sorensen tried to drop the gloves with Quinn Mackay but the referees jumped in quickly.


“That’s expected,” said Mitch Jones. “I’ve been playing Peterborough teams since my early junior days and they like to win. They’re not going to roll over. They’re going to keep coming at us in any way they can.”


Kyle Buchanan scored his first of the series at 15:02. Cattoni and Jones both potted goals with Vinc on the bench.


The Lakers, although maybe not quite in this iteration, have been in this positon before – in 2012.


“We’re down 2-0 but we were down 2-0 the last time we won the Mann Cup too,” Farthing said. “Obviously we have a confident group in here. We know that we have a lot of good players. We trust each other and we’re going to be giving them hell on Monday.”


It’s been a steep learning curve for the MSL champions. They faced little adversity at home, but the Salmonbellies are a good team with home-floor advantage.


“We’ll break down film and we’ve got some clips that we’re going to go over with the guys,” Keast said. “Our system works. It works very well but we haven’t played it yet. We’ll make some subtle changes and be much better on Monday.”


The Lakers were better at controlling portions of the game and improved face-offs and loose balls. Having an OLA referee on the floor was a blessing as it allowed the Lakers to play more of their style of game. In game one, both referees were from the WLA and called things much more tightly than they do in the east.


The teams have Sunday off to rest, relax and regroup. It’s been less than 72 hours since the Lakers left Peterborough, and they’ve played a lot of lacrosse in that time. They need a day to reflect.


“We’re going to get away from lacrosse for a bit and come back ready for war on Monday,” said Farthing.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (3-1)

Brad Self (2-0)

Holden Cattoni (2-0)

Kyle Buchanan (1-1)

Shawn Evans (0-3)

Curtis Dickson (0-2)

Turner Evans (0-1)

Jake Withers (0-1).


Lakers lose opener in OT


September 8, 2017


by Anna Taylor


NEW WESTMINSTER, BC – It came down to overtime and special teams but the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers ultimately fell 12-10 to the New Westminster Salmonbellies in game one of the Mann Cup national championship series.


It was a learning experience for the Lakers, who experienced both highs and lows in the game and know they’ll need to make some adjustments before game two.


“We knew what they were going to bring to the table,” said Curtis Dickson, who led the Lakers with four goals and four assists. “They executed their game plan really well. I don’t think that’s the best we can play. We’ll have to see what we did right, see what we did wrong and come out ready to go [on Saturday].”


The Lakers reached the championship after defeating the defending champion Six Nations Chiefs in five games in the Major Series Lacrosse final.


The ‘Bellies, the Western Lacrosse Association champions, jumped out to a 3-0 lead by the 10:35 mark of the first period. Kevin Crowley scored a pair of goals and Brandon Goodwin scored one. Adam Jones got the Lakers on the board at 16:40 but Logan Schuss restored the three-goal lead before the period ended.


“We knew they were going to come out ready to play,” Dickson said. “Unfortunately, we had too slow of a start going down 4-1 in the first period. That’s not going to win you many games so that’s something that we have to figure out going into game two.”


After a 10-minute cooldown, it looked like the Lakers had figured it out. Gone were any nerves they felt in the first as they adjusted to the pace of the game and the new environment.


Dickson sandwiched a Shawn Evans goal to tie the game at four 7:22 into the period. Josh Currier scored on an energetic shot but Connor Robinson tied it. Adam Jones put the Lakers back up 6-5 with a classic goal from the shooter’s circle and Dickson gave the Lakers a two-goal cushion heading into the third.


“I knew they were going to come out flying,” said Logan Schuss. “I think we had to weather the storm and I think we were lucky to come out 7-5 going into the third. We pride ourselves on playing a full 60 minutes and we didn’t play a strong 20 in the second period.”


Holden Cattoni extended the lead to 8-5 just 28 seconds into the third, but the ‘Bellies scored three straight while holding the Lakers’ offense at bay to tie the game. Goodwin and Robinson each scored their second goals and Joel McCready tied the game at 9:41.

Dickson was named the star of the game for the Lakers but it was goaltender Matt Vinc who made the most difference in the game. Vinc kept his team in the game early, stopping on onslaught from the home team who took advantage of the Lakers’ inexperience with the bounces on the hardwood floor.


“A lot of the different resets and stuff was where they were getting shots but then they were getting second looks because the ball has that second kick and they’re bouncing around everywhere,” said Vinc. “I think it took us a little bit of time to adjust but after that we played it a lot better.”


Dickson, being from the west, is of course used to the floor’s quirks but many of the Lakers had only Friday morning shoot-around to acclimate themselves.


“It’s a little different. It’s quick,” said Dickson. “You can tell the ball is moving faster especially on bounce-passes and bounce-shots. It’s something you have to get used to but we now have a game under our belts, so there are no excuses going forward.”


Evans got the Lakers on the board first 26 seconds into the extra frame. Crowley’s third tied it at 3:23. Thomas Hoggarth was called for a major high-sticking penalty after he made contact with the neck area of one of the ‘Bellies. Any head contact in the WLA results in a major. A spark from the Lakers saw Dickson split a pair of defenders to get in close and beat Buque shorthanded for a short-lived lead. Schuss tied the game at 10 and McCready scord the game winner. Mike Messenger scored with 10 seconds left as the Lakers pulled Vinc in a hail-Mary play looking for a loose ball that never came.


Discipline will also be something to get used to as the Lakers racked up 41 penalty minutes compared to the ‘Bellies 16. The refereeing is stricter in the west. The OLA sent Ian Garrison as their representative to the officiating crew but he had game one off, so the Lakers dealt with two WLA officials with whom they were unfamiliar.


“I think when we look back at the game film we’ll see they really burned us on the power play especially in the last 15 minutes or so,” Vinc said. “I think overall we just have to adjust and hopefully come out with a better game Saturday.”


Eleven goals were scored on the power play including five of the six in overtime along with Dickson’s shorty.


There’s barely any time to rest – by the time you read this, the Lakers will be back on the floor for morning shoot-around in preparation for game two on Saturday night. The game can be watched on, or you can follow our tweets at





2017 Mann Cup preview


September 7, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers take to the skies this morning as they begin their quest to become Mann Cup champions.


The Lakers are heading to British Columbia to face the WLA champion New Westminster Salmonbellies beginning Friday night at Queens Park Arena. For the complete schedule and webcast information, check the official website:


It was just a week ago the Lakers defeated the Six Nations Chiefs to win the MSL’s Everett Coates Memorial Trophy, but it was a week that was put to good use. The team spent the week resting and recuperating, not to mention scouting their competition.


The Salmonbellies defeated the Victoria Shamrocks in five games in the WLA finals. The WLA playoffs were just as tight a battle as the MSL playoffs. All four teams finished within three points of each other.


Not much is known about the ‘Bellies – they’ll be a vastly different team from the one the Lakers defeated here in 2010 – but we all know it will be another tough contest. The Lakers will learn fast though as they get thrown right back into the competitive fire.


“Our job didn’t end last Thursday,” said defenseman Zach Currier. “That was a tough Six Nations team to get through and it was a battle the whole series. But if we go out to BC and lay an egg out there and don’t come back with what we’re expected to get nobody’s going to be happy.”



The ‘Bellies are led by a host of local BC talent including leading scorers Mitch Jones and Logan Schuss, who combined for 115 points during the playoffs. Most players are familiar with each other from playing against each other - or with each other - in the National Lacrosse League. Thomas Hoggarth is teammates with Schuss on the Vancouver Stealth, while Jones plays with Mark Steenhuis and Nick Weiss for the Buffalo Bandits.


Curtis Dickson is no stranger to the QPA. He hails from nearby Port Coquitlam, played a year of junior in New Westminster and suited up for the WLA’s Maple Ridge Burrards for parts of five seasons.


Something unique about Queens Park Arena is the hardwood floor. There are two in the WLA – the other is in Burnaby – but they are not common in Ontario.


“I like it,” Dickson said of the hardwood. “It’s better than concrete. It’s almost like a basketball court. That arena – there’s so much history there and they’re going to have it packed and it’s going to be loud and a lot of fun.”


It’ll be a new challenge for Lakers’ face-off man Jake Withers - he’s never played on the hardwood before and hopes he’ll get some practice time before the first whistle on Friday. Withers was 109 for 151 of recorded draws in the Lakers’ 11 playoff games.


“The hardwood might play a role out there,” he recognized. “I’ve never played on that and taken face-offs on it so its something that will be new. Hopefully we get out there early and I can gauge how tough it is, how different it is.”


Adam Jones believes the difference will be nil.


“I played out west for a summer with Langley. Hard floor, soft floor, it’s all the same game so I don’t think we’re worried about it,” he said.


Dickson was perhaps the happiest Laker last Thursday, his emotion showing in his face the whole night.


“The Mann Cup is the elusive trophy. I’ve never won one and I’ve still got a bitter taste in my mouth two years later,” referring to the Lakers’ last trip out west. “It’s going to be a lot of fun in New West and playing in that barn. My dad played all his senior lacrosse there. My family lives 10 minutes from the rink so it’s going to be pretty cool.”


Follow the Lakers on their quest for the 2017 Mann Cup right here on our official website. Make sure you’re also following the Lakers on social media @PtboLakersLax (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) for exclusive content straight from BC!



Westward bound: Lakers win in five


August 31, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - They didn’t touch the trophy.


With all the hype over the Mann Cup, some fans might not have remembered that Major Series Lacrosse gives out a trophy of its own. The winners are, after all, provincial champions.


So while the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers were happy (understatement) and honoured to be presented with awards on Thursday night as MSL champions, to a man they refused to lift the Everett Coates Memorial Trophy. They piled around it and smiled for photos, but they didn’t touch the trophy.


Didn’t we just say that sports breed superstition?


“[In 2015] we ended up losing the Mann Cup and we had touched it,” captain Robert Hope explained. “So this time we just let the commissioner handle it. He handled it, we got a picture and that was it. It’s an honour to win it, it’s a great trophy with a lot of history behind it but the one we want is… the Mann Cup.”


After defeating the Six Nations Chiefs 9-7 to win the series four games to one, the Lakers will now face the Western Lacrosse Association’s New Westminster Salmonbellies for the national championship. 


For the first time in four years, the Lakers-Chiefs series didn’t go seven games. The Lakers got past the Chiefs on the strength of their third periods alone – outscoring them 19-4 over the series. 


“That was the first period we went into with a lead,” Curtis Dickson said. “Our defense was lights out. They let in four third period goals the entire series so you’re not going to lose a lot of games doing that. Hats off to Kirky, hats off to the defense, hats off to our transition game who had four goals tonight to pick it up for our offense when we were struggling. That’s a full team effort tonight.”


Adam Jones’ second goal of the game proved to be the game winner, scored at 8:33 of the third period on a typical overhand shot. Brock Sorensen added an insurance marker at 13:36, depositing the ball underneath Dillon Ward. Dan Dawson got one back as the Chiefs pressured the Lakers’ defense in the last five minutes but Evan Kirk was unbeatable.


“We’re pumped. I think we deserve this,” said Jones. “We’ve all sacrificed so much… I know the guys have sacrificed everything to get an opportunity to win and keep coming so close. I think we’re going to enjoy this tonight but then it’s back to the grind and working hard to bring back the Mann Cup.”


In addition to leading the team in scoring, Jones helped out on the penalty kill, holding onto the ball and drawing a penalty with four Chiefs draped all over him in the first period. It was sheer determination from both he and Zach Currier who contributed to the team’s transition game all night. Both played all over the floor.


“I’m not thinking about while playing, I’m just trying to work as hard as I can,” said Currier. “I happened to get a few bounces tonight and I finished my chances.”


Holden Cattoni opened the scoring just 27 seconds into the game from the top of the circle. Goals from Jordan Durston at 7:22 and Randy Staats at 9:38 gave the Chiefs a 2-1. Thomas Hoggarth tied the game at two late in the period after finishing a three on none rush after Robert Hope picked off a Ryan Benesch pass.


A rocket from Shawn Evans put the Lakers up 3-2 just a minute and three seconds into the middle frame. From there, it was back and forth. Neither team could hold more than a one goal lead. Dhane Smith scored off a give-and-go with Austin Staats. Currier picked off a pass and ran in uncontested to put the ball over Ward’s shoulder. Randy Staats’ second came as he bounced the ball between Evan Kirk and the post. Durtson’s second came on a rebound from a Vaughn Harris shot that put the Chiefs up 5-4. Adam Jones’ underhand goal was the game’s only power play tally after Brier Jonathan left the penalty box early, resulting in a delay of game call. Kyle Buchanan got in close on Ward to score five-hole but Kyle Jackson evened the game at six just 18 seconds later. Currier stole the ball on a broken play at the Chiefs’ bench and grabbed the rebound from Brad Self’s shot to put the Lakers up 7-6 before the period ended.


The Lakers fly to British Columbia on Thursday. The Mann Cup starts on Friday. They’re grateful for the week of rest they’ll get to heal some bumps and bruises and prepare for a new opponent.


“It was nice to be able to get this one in five, would have been nicer if we got in in four but whatever, we got it,” Currier said. “Especially in front of the best fans in the game of lacrosse. You get goosebumps hearing the crowd, close to 4000 people in the arena just screaming and all getting so excited for the same thing. It feels like the whole town is behind us like they always have been. For us to be able to win it at home is huge and we have to be able to get the job done and bring back the trophy.”


If they win that trophy, they might never let go of it.



Third period comeback falls short


August 29, 2017


by Anna Taylor


OHSWEKEN, ON - Despite another great third period, the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers weren’t able to close out the Six Nations Chiefs in game four of the MSL final series on Tuesday night at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena, falling 11-10. The Lakers lead the best-of-seven series three games to one and will have another chance to book their Mann Cup tickets on Thursday at home.


The Lakers scored first for the first time in the series but still found themselves chasing the Chiefs into the third period. Down 10-5, the Lakers mounted a near-brilliant comeback with five goals in just over five minutes of play. Jordan Durston scored the only goal of the period for the Chiefs, which ended up being the game winner. Holden Cattoni had a chance for a goal on a penalty shot but missed.


The Lakers won’t ever make excuses, so allow me to make one for them. Most guys will deny being superstitious, but whether they admit it or not, routine is important to them. So when the team bus took an extra half an hour on the road, it threw everything off, even for the guys who drove themselves as they waited for their equipment to show up. Some guys arrived late. Some didn’t get their proper stretches in. It’s not necessarily the cause – I mean, look at their great third period – but it could have been a factor in the early game fatigue. Sports breed superstition.


“We took our foot off the pedal a little bit,” admitted defenseman Eric Shewell, “but it also comes down to just bounces. Their shots were falling tonight. We didn’t work like we wanted to work. You can’t really attribute it to much.”





Turner Evans scored just 43 seconds into the game. Adam Jones extended the lead to 2-0 at 1:26, but the Chiefs regained their composure for a five-goal run. Craig Point and Dhane Smith evened the score by 4:04. Vaughan Harris, Dan Dawson and Brendan Bomberry gave the Chiefs a 5-2 lead. Brad Self scored for the Lakers and then Curtis Dickson scored a buzzer beater with 0.7 seconds left in the period to get the Lakers back to 5-4.


“We wanted a better start but their shooters were hot off the start and they evened it up quick and then turned the tide,” captain Robert Hope said. “Their offense scored and capitalised on their opportunities. I don’t think we had our best game. We gave them too many opportunities on the offensive end.”


The Chiefs scored five more to start the second period, putting the Lakers down 10-4. Josh Currier got the only goal of the frame for the Lakers.


“They tried to keep the ball at the top of the floor and they were taking a lot of shots from the top of the floor and that’s not where we want them to shoot the ball,” explained Bobby Keast.


But then the Lakers we know and love showed up. I’d like to say they have some magic in them, but that’s undervaluing them. Their third period successes are all due to their hard work.

“We got to make some subtle changes in the third,” Keast said. “Their defense packed it in and made our offense work so they made some subtle changes and I thought we responded in the third, just one goal too short.”


Cattoni scored on a delayed penalty at 10:16. Dickson’s second came 33 seconds later. Shawn Evans, Jones and Cattoni all scored in a span of two minutes after Durston’s goal. The Lakers had two possessions in the last 17 seconds but Dillon Ward stopped both shots.


“The third period is something to build on and carry into Thursday for sure,” Shewell said. “They’re on their last legs out there. If we come out and match their desperation and decide we want to earn it, we’re in good shape.”


“We have to learn from the mistakes,” said Hope. “It’s not going to come easy to us and we know that it only gets tougher and tougher and they may build a little bit of momentum. We’re going to make sure we learn from our mistakes and be ready for Thursday.”


Tickets for game five will go on sale at the Memorial Centre box office Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. They can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at


Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (2-2)

Curtis Dickson (2-2)

Holden Cattoni (2-1)

Shawn Evans (1-3)

Turner Evans (1-2)

Brad Self (1-1)

Josh Currier (1-1)

Kyle Buchanan (0-5)

Brock Sorensen (0-1)

Lakers take commanding 3-0 lead


August 27, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - After an 11-8 win on Sunday night at the Memorial Centre over the Six Nations Chiefs, the Lakers find themselves in a familiar position up 3-0 on their most-hated rivals.


But these are not last year’s Peterborough Century 21 Lakers.


We all know what happened last year. Up 3-0, Chiefs won four in a row, then the Mann Cup, yadda, yadda. As much as the players say they’re not thinking about it, it’s in the back of their minds as motivation.


And this is not 2016.


These Lakers are younger. They’re calmer. And they’re hungrier. It’s that hunger that’s led them to phenomenal third periods in which they have outscored the Chiefs, kings of the third period run, 12-2 in three games so far. It’s the kind of magic fans are used to seeing from the Chiefs. The Lakers have harnessed some of that power for themselves and are putting it to good use.


The Lakers’ five-goal run in the third period was a thing of beauty to watch.  


“(Not being able to finish) is something that plagued us last year. We were in this position and we dropped four straight to these guys,” Jake Withers said. “Coming into this season a common theme is to finish. We’ve had strong third periods the last couple games and it’s paid off with some big wins.”


Withers had a big game for the Lakers, going 17 for 22 in the face-off circle and scoring the team’s first goal at 11:24 of the first off a face-off win after the Chiefs had gone up 2-0. His ability in the face-off circle is mind-blowing. He finds anyway he can to win draws and give the Lakers extra possessions.


But he’s a Laker, so of course he won’t take all the credit for his success. These guys are team first, through and through.



“It really goes to show how good of a unit we have with the other four guys we have out there,” Withers said. “A lot of those draws are loose ball scrums and the guys battle for me. They’re constantly setting picks and screens so I can come out clean. If I’m having a good day at the dot it’s a team effort. It’s showing in this series how valuable our loose ball squad is.”


Holden Cattoni evened the game at two at 12:50 with bomb from the shooter’s position.


Randy Staats put the Chiefs up 3-2 just 30 seconds into the second but Shawn Evans bullied his way past Paul Dawson to score 28 seconds later. Dhane Smith and Turner Evans then traded goals 50 seconds apart for a 4-4 tie. Staats’ hat-trick goal gave the advantage back to the Chiefs and Kyle Jackson put them up two before Adam Jones converted on a power play goal. The Lakers trailed by one goal after two.


Special teams have been a positive factor in the series for the Lakers. A first period penalty-kill featured excellent work by Turner Evans, Zach Currier and Holden Cattoni. Evans and Cattoni took their licks from Chiefs defenders while ragging the ball while Currier just ran circles around them all. It was a great momentum boost for the young defense.


The Lakers converted on two of seven power play opportunities while holding the Chiefs scoreless on three attempts. In addition to their powerful penalty killing, the Lakers have been staying disciplined – doing the little things right.


“We’re really focusing on the little things and it’s just coming together for us in the third period,” said head coach Mike Hasen, while noting that “it’s been a grind and there’s still a long way to go.”


Transition has also helped out the Lakers. Defensemen scoring is not unusual in lacrosse, but the Lakers have been doing it in bunches. Brock Sorensen and Matt Gilray scored from the back end in the third period in addition to Withers’ first period marker.


“I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the right spot the last two games and jump start the guys on the front end,” said Withers. “Guys like Zach (Currier) and Brock (Sorensen) and the whole D squad pushing the ball really helps create some chaos up there and tire [the Chiefs] defense out.”


Curtis Dickson started the third period run at 5:48, casually throwing a low, no-look, behind the back toss past Ward, tying the game at six. Sorensen picked off a pass and scored unassisted at 6:43. A minute later, Gilray finished off a three-on-two with Withers and Ian Llord, who scooped up the rebound. Jones took just 19 seconds to score on a power play at 9:28, and Turner Evans converted his cousin Shawn’s pass into an underhand quick-stick at 9:57 to put the Lakers up 10-6.


Brandon Miller then replaced Dillon Ward in the Chiefs’ goal.


Dan Dawson and Kyle Jackson stopped the Lakers’ run, scoring the Chiefs only third period goals in the series. Jones provided a quick-stick insurance marker late in the game.


Game four is Tuesday at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. The winner of the series will represent Ontario at the Mann Cup national championship.


The fourth game is the hardest to win. With the first three already being battles, expect nothing less than a war on the floor in game four.


“I think we have that itch and I think we want it,” Jones said. “I’ve been here for four years now and we’ve been close every year, we just haven’t been able to finish it off. We have that extra bit of heart right now that we need to have to push through. We have one more game to win. It’s far from over so we need to make sure that we’re focused, ready to go and willing to put in the work.”


The Lakers have filled one fan bus for Tuesday and are taking names for a second bus. Call Lynn at 705-748-3384 to reserve your spot. The game will also be available online via JVI Sports Network via a pay-per-view broadcast. Stay tuned to the Lakers’ social media accounts for the link.


Tickets for game five will only be sold if necessary.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (3-1)

Turner Evans (2-0)

Shawn Evans (1-4)

Curtis Dickson (1-3)

Jake Withers (1-1)

Holden Catton (1-1)

Brock Sorensen (1-0)

Matt Gilray (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-3)

Josh Currier (0-2)

Ian Llord (0-1)

Zach Currier (0-1)


9-7 come-from-behind win


August 24, 2017


by Marla Taylor

-- with files from Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers took a two games to none lead over the Six Nations Chiefs in their MSL final series Thursday night with a 9-7 win at the Peterborough Memorial Centre.


Holden Cattoni had a hat-trick for the Lakers, who trailed the whole game, until Mark Steenhuis’ tying goal at 2:37 of the third. For the second consecutive game, the Lakers’ defense shut out the Chiefs in the final frame. However, there was a lot of work to be done to get to that point. Score some goals and try to make Dillon Ward move…out of the way.


Jake Withers opened the Lakers’ scoring, after Zach Currier ran a loose ball down the floor. They didn’t connect on the pass but Withers scooped up the loose ball to score by diving across the crease to find a tiny opening Ward had not protected and slipped in his beautiful goal.


Later, Holden Cattoni planted himself just outside the crease but squarely in front of Ward. The Six Nations defense was busy, but not with him and he located another crack in the goalie’s coverage, and Cattoni gave the Lakers their second goal, this one on the power play. Jordan Durston, Ryan Benesch and Vaughn Harris put the Chiefs on the board and in the lead, 3-2.


The first period contained a little bit of everything fans want to see in their favourite games. There were few rebounds as the defense was grabbing the loose balls before they could be claimed and the ball changes hands. The penalties were subdued although in other days, in other years, they might have resulted in longer, messier fights. Billy Dee Smith took a slashing penalty at 16:51 but went quietly and alone. For comic relief, or some unexplainable reason, Craig Point smashed two right hooks on Lakers’ players right in front of a ref. Not sure if Brock Sorensen was involved (he didn’t seem to be anywhere near?) but he was assessed a two minute roughing call. So was Point.




The second period was light on penalties - Paul Dawson for holding, at 4:01, and Cattoni converted on that opportunity as well.


There were seven goals in the second frame: four for Six Nations, and three for Peterborough, putting the Lakers at a 7-5 disadvantage. Harris made Matt Vinc shuffle to the left but then unloaded from outside the shooters’ line and increased the Chiefs’ lead to 4-2. Randy Staats was in mid-air and scored a shorthanded marker. Of interest, Kyle Jackson had begun the play that led to the Staats goal. Jackson was double-teamed by two Lakers who looked like they were trying to smother him. Bent nearly at the waist, he pulled forward with them firmly attached. He managed to break free and scattered from the Lakers’ grasp, still holding the ball. He flipped it to a teammate, but there wouldn’t have been a goal without Jackson’s determination and grit. He scored one for himself at 9:01 to make it 6-3. Dickson’s smooth underhand shot found a corner at 12:04 to cut into the lead. Twenty-three seconds later, Zach Currier put one in and the score now read 6-5 Six Nations. Dan Dawson beat Vinc short side by faking one way and shooting to the other side for the final goal of the period.


“We stuck with the process,” said assistant coach Tracey Kelusky. “We stuck with the game plan and really invested in every area of the floor. I’m proud of what we did offensively. I thought we had a great second period; we hit four posts… It’s ball movement in particular. Defensively we tightened up when we needed to. You can look at the scoreboard all you want as far as falling behind but for us it’s a process base and it’s invested in what we’re trying to do shift in and shift out.”


The third period was all Peterborough. Cattoni gave himself a hat trick, shooting high on Ward, who was screened by a couple of helpful players. Then Mark Steenhuis scored over Ward’s shoulder, tying the game at seven. Kyle Buchanan put himself in the assist column by flipping a shot to Dickson who shot between Ward’s legs and gave the Lakers their first lead in the game at 12:29. Currier finished the game for the home team with his goal at 16:35.




Brodie Merrill and Steenhuis took 10 minute misconducts late in the frame although the refs stepped in before things got out of hand.


Steenhuis commented that the defense has been communicating very well, especially in the last two games. He said where his contribution is considered, coming in late, basically missing the whole regular season, and then having the “last series (Brooklin Redmen) with all the guys was huge. They gave us a run for our money and they had some fast moving offense which helped us get stronger and get more on the page and communicate. I think it’s starting to turn over with Six Nations where they’re a different-style team. Where they’re very smart lacrosse players and very skilled. So we’re trying to make adjustments. It seems like we’re getting stronger as the games progress.”


Transition plays accounted for four of the Lakers’ nine goals.


“It relieves some pressure off our O guys who are getting whacked by some of the biggest, toughest defensemen in the league so for us to be able to contribute and get a few goals and take the pressure off them is huge,” Zach Currier said. “They can play their game and not worry about having to get ALL the goals and they can worry about doing the little things and keeping to the process, whether they’re getting bounces or not.”


Currier had his best game of the season by far, and not just because he contributed two outstanding goals. He looked more like the Currier that the MLL’s Denver Outlaws drafted sixth overall, and that will be a high-pick in this year’s NLL draft, running all over the floor to scoop up loose balls. The MSL doesn’t keep that particular statistic but trust us, he led everyone on the floor. He ran circles around Ward during a third period penalty kill.
His offense started early with his pass on Withers’ goal. Currier’s own two goals came from broken plays the Chiefs just gave up on.
“They turned it over and all their players went off the floor and I was left by myself. Matt Gilray fed me the ball and I was on top of the crease, threw a fake and put it short side,” he described his first goal.


The second came on a quick whistle the Chiefs complained about, but “if Benesch doesn’t hold me on that I have a breakaway anyway,” Currier said. The Lakers were awarded possession after Benesch pushed Currier into the boards at the Chiefs bench while they were fighting for a loose ball. Instead of following up on the play, Benesch went to the bench, allowing Currier in alone on Ward.
Currier was pretty happy after the game.
“I’ve been playing hard but I haven’t been getting that many bounces this season,” he said. “To have a big game in playoffs, I’m really excited about it and I’m really happy to contribute to the team in a big way because they’ve been carrying me all season so it’s about time that I started helping them out.”


Steenhuis was full of praise for the sophomore defenseman.


“He’s unreal. What a great kid, what an unbelievable talent,” Steenhuis said. “He’s a special lacrosse player. You really saw his full arsenal tonight. I always say he kinda runs like a deer. He’s got a beautiful stride out there and he can run all day. He does it from start to finish. He’s got tons of energy. He’s a huge spark-plug for us. We see him going and stuff like that, digging up loose balls, fighting hard, playing good defense, and now he’s been rewarded by starting to bury that ball and it looks great for him.”


Steenhuis said the defense concetrated on making the Chiefs shoot where they didn’t want to, allowing for the Lakers to scoop up the rebounds and loose balls.


“They did a good job the first half of the first game running us and you saw the same sort of thing tonight. We were trying; we were counting on the refs to watch the benches. We felt they were definitely taking some liberties (we probably were too) but you don’t really see those ones; you see the other side. They’ve got big boys back there and our offense is taking a beating, so the defense and transition goals were a big help.”


Keluksy said the transition goals were massive.


“I don’t know how many we had five-on-five. I know we had a lot of chances five-on-five. Our power play got a couple for us tonight as well, and we had (four) on transition so there’s (six) of our nine. Those are massive goals.”


The Lakers host game three of the series on Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Memorial Centre and will look to take a commanding 3-0 lead back to Six Nations on Tuesday.

“The next game is as important as the one we just played,” Kelusky said. “We have to stick with the process. Our message from day one has been to believe in what we’re doing. Every game we step on the floor, we have to get better. We’re hoping to improve on this game and bring our best game and put our best foot forward on Sunday.”


Fans are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food donation for Kawartha Food Share. Tickets are on sale at the box office - in person, online at or by calling 705-743-3561.


The Lakers are also looking to fill a fan bus for game four on Tuesday. Call Lynn at 705-748-3384 to reserve your spot.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (3-2)

Curtis Dickson (2-1)

Zach Currier (2-0)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Jake Withers (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-4)

Adam Jones (0-1)

Kyle Buchanan (0-1)

Brad Self (0-1)

Josh Currier (0-1)

Matt Gilray (0-1)




Lakers take game one of MSL Final


August 22, 2017


by Anna Taylor


OHSWEKEN, ON - Adversity isn’t so bad, as the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are proving during this playoff season.


The Lakers, fresh off a tough six-game semi-final series win over the Brooklin Redmen, prevailed 10-7 over the Six Nations Chiefs on Tuesday night in a comeback win in the first game of their Major Series Lacrosse final. 


“Everyone’s excited for the first game of the series and I don’t think it matters where you play,” said Lakers’ forward Adam Jones. “Getting the first one down here - this is a tough place to win so we just have to make sure that we take care of business at home.”


The Lakers hold home-floor advantage for the series but had to start on the road as the Peterborough Memorial Centre’s ice was installed this week. The Iroquois Lacrosse Arena hosts the President’s Cup next week so both teams had to do some schedule shuffling. The Lakers host games two and three on Thursday and Sunday.


The Chiefs jumped out to a 4-0 lead early in the first period, scoring three goals in a span of 2:16 mid-period. Mark Steenhuis stemmed the tide with a goal at 15:46, leaving the Lakers down 4-1 after the first.


“TK (Tracey Kelusky) came in at intermission and said we were flat all the way around and especially offensively. It was a little bit of a gut-check time,” said Jones.


Whatever the team took from that intermission talk, it worked. They rallied, scoring three goals to tie the game in the first 2:57 of the second. Jones’ shot slipped under Dillon Ward at 1:59. Holden Cattoni scored on a rocket from the left side at 2:28. Shawn Evans tied the game at four at 2:57. After that it was a battle back-and-forth as the Chiefs took leads of 6-4 and then 7-6. Each time the Lakers fought their way back to tie the game.


“We started out a little slow but the boys got going. We had a lot of energy in the second period and we just drilled away (at the lead),” said defenseman Matt Gilray.




Curtis Dickson caught a pass from Steenhuis on the run and tied the game at seven. Thomas Hoggarth converted Shawn Evans’ pass at 17:49 for an 8-7 lead and that proved to be the game winner, as Adam Jones outscored the Chiefs 2-0 in the third period.


“We didn’t want to get the game to get away from us,” Jones said. “We wanted to make sure we always got the next one to keep us in it, and then we got some momentum. Fortunately, the ball was going in for us offensively and our D shut it down for the second half of the game. It was a team effort tonight.”


Jones may have scored four goals, but Evan Kirk and the defense were the difference. Kirk stopped three times as many good shots as he let in during the first. Once the whole team settled down, they began making smart plays.


One of the best examples of the Lakers’ solid defense was a play by Gilray, who knocked into Ryan Benesch from behind as he was winding up for a shot and jostled the ball loose. Benesch never got that shot away, and the Lakers ended up shutting out the Chiefs in the third period. Little plays like that will play a big part in who wins this series.


Gilray, who enjoyed his first taste of Lakers/Chiefs playoff lacrosse, did not remember that specific play, but said the defensive core was doing its best to take the game to the Chiefs.


“In the first period we were sitting back and we started a little slow,” he recognized. “Once we got our feet under us we started bringing the game to them and that’s more our style of defense. We got in the flow of things from then on.”


Game two is on Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Memorial Centre. Game three, also at the Memorial Centre, is at 7 p.m. Sunday and is Kawartha Food Share Night sponsored by Sobeys/Foodland. Fans are asked to bring a non-perishable food donation with them to the game.


Playoff packages for this round are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at Single-game tickets are on sale Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (4-1)

Shawn Evans (1-5)

Curtis Dickson (1-2)

Holden Cattoni (1-2)

Mark Steenhuis (1-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-1)

Kyle Buchanan (1-1)

Brad Self (0-2)

Josh Currier (0-2)

Turner Evans (0-1)

Evan Kirk (0-1)


Lakers take series ~ on to Six Nations


August 16, 2017


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY, ON - The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers will once again play for the Everett Coates Memorial Trophy after their 10-4 defeat of the Brooklin Redmen on Wednesday night gave them a four games to two series win in the Major Series Lacrosse semi-finals. Their opponent? Of course it’s the Six Nations Chiefs. The teams will meet in the final for the fourth consecutive year.


The Lakers led 4-2 after the second period in what was looking like a sixth tight game in a row against the Redmen. Instead of maintaining the status quo, though, the Lakers exploded in the third period, outscoring the Redmen 5-2. Matt Vinc was fantastic in net, holding the Redmen to just four goals over 60 minutes and making 39 saves.


“We were playing five minutes at a time,” explained assistant coach Bobby Keast. “We broke every period into five minute sets and that was our focus, just five minutes at a time.”


The defense as a whole was what allowed the Lakers offense to flourish. After a second-intermission powwow, each defenseman stepped up his game and kept the Redmen to outside shots that Vinc easily turned away. Zach Currier scored his second of the series on a transition break at 6:01 to put the Lakers up 6-2 for their biggest lead of the series.


Bryce Sweeting also played a solid game, blocking shots and picking off passes.


“We knew coming in it was going to be a hard-fought battle,” Sweeting said. “They weren't going to let down at all. It took a full 60 from Vno on out. The offense gave us the lead early and the back-end did the job to hold the fort.”


Sweeting said that stopping the Redmen’s transition was the goal.


“They normally like to run the ball so just stopping transition was key,” he said. “Lots of communication on our end, just sticking to our systems and fundamentals.”


Unable to rely on their transition players, the Redmen became desperate, throwing anything they could at the Lakers. A wild shot from from Austin Shanks nearly hit Dan Lintner in the head behind the Lakers goal with about three minutes to play. A consecutive shot from Reilly O’Connor did hit Lintner as he unsuccessfully tried to screen Vinc.


The Lakers took the lead 6:52 into the game when Curtis Dickson converted Shawn Evans’ pass over Mike Poulin’s glove. Evans scored on a power play at 12:12 for a 2-0 lead after the first period. Despite the low scores in every game, it was the first period anyone had been shut out.


Ryan McSpadyen scored just 36 seconds into the second period to cut the lead in half, but the Lakers responded. Holden Cattoni fired a typical long-bomb from the left side to give the Lakers back their two-goal lead. Brad Self scored just over a minute later, potting a long pass from Ian Llord. Ryan Keenan got one back on the power play but it was Curtis Dickson’s shorthanded goal at 18:19 that proved to be the game winner.


“I thought tonight’s game would be very tight,” Keast said. “We’re very fortunate that the offense came to play tonight and they did what they've done all year and that is play very well.”


The offense opened the floodgates on a shell-shocked Poulin, who won the NLL championship this past June with the Georgia Swarm.


Keenan scored his second of the game after Currier’s goal, but the Lakers responded with two more from Adam Jones at 11:40 and Jeff Swift at 13:31. Call-up Dawson Theede cut into the lead 15 seconds later but Vinc shut the door after that. Cattoni scored his second at 14:22 and Thomas Hoggarth potted an empty-netter with 2:10 left to play.


The Lakers and Chiefs have not yet finalized their schedule. The Memorial Centre is putting ice in for hockey season this weekend and the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena is hosting the President’s Cup Sr. B championship beginning August 27 so there are some kinks to work around.


The Lakers will enjoy the weekend as they prepare for another tough series.


“We’re expecting to go long with them as well,” Sweeting said. “They're a big physical team.”


Each time the Lakers and Chiefs have met in the final in the last three years, the series has gone seven games. The Chiefs won in 2014 and 2016 and subsequently hosted and won the Mann Cup. The Lakers won in 2015 and represented the OLA in Victoria where they lost in six games to the Shamrocks.


Keast said the Lakers’ veterans will use their experiences from the past three years to prepare for the Chiefs.


“We've had that experience the last three years,” he said. “It’s going to be a very physical series and low-scoring. We’re healthy, so we’ll see what we can do.”


Playoff packages for round two are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office. Season ticket holders have until 24 hours prior to the first game to claim their seats. Single-game tickets will go on sale the day of the first game.





- Dylan Evans remains out with an ankle injury. Turner Evans is also nursing a lower-body injury. Jeff Swift took his place on the left side.

- The Redmen were without head coach Derek Keenan, who is scheduled to be in Saskatchewan with the Rush for the next couple of days.

- After seeing a combination of Ian Garrison, Andrew Ecclestone and Blair Ferguson referee the first five games, the series had a different look in game six with the return of Josh Hiltz from game one and the addition of Brent Coloumbe.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (2-2)

Curtis Dickson (2-0)

Shawn Evans (1-4)

Brad Self (1-1)

Adam Jones (1-0)

Jeff Swift (1-0)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-0)

Zach Currier (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-5)

Ian Llord (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)



Lakers top Redmen, lead series 3-2


August 14, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - Lacrosse will continue at the Peterborough Memorial Centre this season.


The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers defeated the Brooklin Redmen 7-5 on Monday night to take a three games to two lead in their best-of-seven MSL semi-final series. Whether the next game at home is the seventh game of this series or the first game of the final series remains to be seen. The Lakers have a chance to close out the series on Wednesday in Whitby. If game seven is necessary, it will be on Thursday evening.


“I liked our game tonight,” head coach Mike Hasen said. “We came out with a purpose and a little bit of an edge. We did what we wanted to do. It was a great lacrosse game and we controlled a lot of it.”


Curtis Dickson and Holden Cattoni provided all the Lakers’ offense in the first two periods but it was Kyle Buchanan’s goal at 8:03 of the third period that proved to be the eventual game winner after a late push from the Redmen, who scored goals 22 seconds apart to bring the game to 6-5. Adam Jones fought off a check from Ryan McSpadyen to pot an insurance marker at 15:12.


“Even though we only scored seven goals I thought that was one of our better offensive performances so far,” said Lakers’ forward Curtis Dickson. “We moved the ball well and got Poulin moving in the net. We buried the chances that we needed to and were able to hold onto our lead and finish it off.”


For the first time in the series, the Lakers scored first. Dickson picked up the rebound from Shawn Evans’ shot at 4:28 and beat Mike Poulin stick-side. Three minutes later Evans passed to a streaking Holden Cattoni who faked before putting the ball past Poulin for a 2-0 lead.


“No team likes playing from behind,” Dickson said. “[Brooklin is a] team that likes to play with a lead. They’re very good defensively and they have a good goalie so they can sit on that. We want to bring the game to them and put the pressure on them and get them gripping their sticks and taking poor shots.”


Matt Hossack won the ensuing face-off to his brother Graeme who scored just eight seconds after Cattoni’s goal to cut the lead to 2-1. Dan Lintner was hauled down late in the period but miraculously recovered just in time to pick up Ryan Keenan’s pass to beat Evan Kirk with nine seconds left in the period.


Both Dickson and Cattoni agreed that the game was the Lakers’ best of the series so far. That said, their first period play needed improvement. There was some sloppy passing and two lacklustre power plays.


“We hadn't felt that we had played our best yet in the series and we really hadn't put a full 60 minutes together which is frustrating,” said Cattoni. “We we took a step forward in doing that tonight and I think we were in control for the most part.”


Hasen said the coaches’ advice between periods was to just stick with it and play lacrosse.


“We’re not used to the adversity that we’ve had these first four games and we’re just getting back to playing,” he said. “That’s what we did in the second period.”


The advice worked; the Lakers took the lead after the second and played smart, determined lacrosse.


Cattoni scored from the top of the circle at 6:30 on the power play. Curtis Knight evened the scored at three a minute and a half later. Dickson’s second of the game on a spin-shot at 14:58 gave the Lakers a 4-3 lead and the momentum heading into the final frame.


Dickson did more than just contribute to the score. He’s been working on improving his defensive skills and it shows. Fans have seen him run back to stop an opposition transition attempt more than once this season and he was back in the defensive end again Monday night.


“I take pride in little things like that,” he said. “Not everybody may notice but those are the kind of plays that can make or break a game. Brooklin thrives on transition. That’s how they scored a lot of their goals this series so the coaches have really been preaching ‘get off the floor or get back and help out on D.’”


The Lakers did some great things in the game: they held Brooklin scoreless on the power play while scoring two of their own. They also played with some dogged determination. Instead of giving up on plays at the end of possessions, they’d take desperate shots to get a reset and then control the rebound. It gave them more chances on offense while limiting Brooklin’s transition attempts.


In the third, Jones scored a power play goal to put the Lakers up 5-3 at 6:12. Buchanan’s goal gave the Lakers a three-goal cushion.


The Lakers will attempt to close out the series Wednesday evening at Iroquois Park Sports Centre.


Cattoni believes it will be the toughest test of the season.


“Their backs are against the wall,” he said. “We’re going to see a different team. They’re going to have a lot of urgency and we have to be up to the task.”


“It’s going to be really tough. We were good tonight but we have to be better on Wednesday,” said Hasen.


Game time is 8 p.m.

Series tied 2-2 after loss in Whitby


August 10, 2017


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY, ON - A loud, familiar crowd wasn’t enough to cheer on the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers to victory on Thursday night as they fell 11-9 to the Brooklin Redmen at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby.


Down 10-8, Curtis Dickson scored at 17:11 to get the Lakers within a goal of tying the game but Austin Shanks spoiled the comeback attempt, scoring before the Lakers even had a chance to pull Matt Vinc, to put the Redmen up by two with just 24 seconds remaining.


The loss allowed the Redmen to tie the best-of-seven MSL semi-final series at two games each. Both teams pushed the pace in this game, relying heavily on their transition players to give them chances. It’s getting to the point in the series where familiarity breeds contempt.


The crowd, estimated around 1700 with the influx of Ontario Lacrosse Festival participants, was heavily pro-Lakers. If not for the cement floor, the heat and the close quarters it could have been a Lakers’ home game.


As viewers on Twitter saw, emotions ran over at the end of the game. Six players ended up in the penalty boxes.


Assistant coach Tracey Kelusky said the arena conditions really only lend themselves to a faster-paced game. The intensity all comes from the players.


“It’s the same for both teams,” Kelusky said. “It is what it is.”

Kelusky recognized how hard the Redmen have been working and said that it’s paying off.


“Maybe at times we think we just have to show up and the wins are going to happen,” he said. “They’re earning everything they get so we have to get back to that mentality ourselves. Give them all the credit in the world; they’re playing hungry and quite frankly we’re lucky to be 2-2.”


Zach Currier, who played his best game of the playoffs, contributed a goal and assist and was in the melee at the end slashing away at John Lafontaine.


“It’s a seven-game series and that one might have been out of reach with nine seconds left so I was just letting them know that we’re going to play tough on them come Monday at home,” he said after the game.


Call-up Dawson Theede scored 2:44 in to give Brooklin a 1-0 lead. Brooklin has scored first in every game so far. Lafontaine scored in transition and Dan Lintner scored his first of three on the night to give the Redmen a 3-0 lead at 13:28. Holden Cattoni finally got the Lakers on the board with a blast at 18:10.


The Lakers took possession of the ball with 32 seconds left in the period but were unable to get a shot before turning the ball over with two seconds left. That two seconds was all it took for Graeme Hossack to launch the ball down the floor into the Lakers’ empty net for a 4-1 lead after the first. Protests from the bench that the ball went in after the buzzer did no good - the shot clock buzzer had gone off, but not the game clock.


Matt Gilray scored on the power play off Currier’s pass at 3:53 of the second period. Adrian Sorichetti then scored a transition goal for a 5-2 lead. That’s when the crowd saw their Lakers come to life. They scored four goals in a span of 1:19, Shawn Evans leading the way with two. Gilray contributed a second in transition and Adam Jones also scored. Suddenly the Lakers were on top 6-5.


Lintner’s second tied the game at six 15:41 and Matt Hossack scored on his own face-off seven seconds later to give the Redmen a 7-6 lead after two.


“It’s never good to go down early because then you're fighting and clawing the whole game to get back,” said Currier. “We had a chance to close it out up [6-5] but we had a few mental lapses and a few ones that we want to have back. It’s a different game if we get those ones back.”


The third period was back-and-forth all 20 minutes. Currier evened the game just 1:26 into the frame. Lintner’s hat trick goal and Ryan Keenan’s power play goal put the Redmen up 9-7. The Lakers continued to claw their way back, with Adam Jones scoring on a power play before Lafontaine’s second transition goal made it 10-8.


Kelusky said his offense will do their homework this weekend to try and find more ways to beat Poulin.


“We haven’t been able to find a way to solve him yet but these guys are all professionals,” Kelusky said. “They’ve played against him lots. They’ll do their homework and watch the video.”


Currier, a sophomore defenseman known for his quick speed, has had trouble converting on his transition attempts this year. He’s hit more posts than he’d like, but he made this rush count, beating Poulin low.


“It’s always nice to get that first one out of the way,” he said. “Once you get one you’re subconsciously going to try to get more. I was being chased so I didn’t really have enough time to get in my own head so that worked out for me and I picked a spot and put it in.”


While he was glad to contribute, he’d like to do more.


“One’s not enough,” he said. “I have to lock down the back end and hopefully try to push it up on transition a few more times next game and see what happens. Give our offense a chance to get a W for us.”


The Lakers next game is Monday, but Currier’s next game is Saturday, when he joins the Denver Outlaws of Major League Lacrosse as they start their playoff run against the Rochester Rattlers.


Tickets for Monday’s game are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office. Game six will be at Iroquois Park on Wednesday. Game seven, if necessary, will be Thursday night back in Peterborough.


Playoff packages for both the first and second rounds are now on sale at the Memorial Centre, online at or by calling (705) 743-3561. Single-game tickets are also on sale for the remainder of the first-round series.



Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (2-4)

Adam Jones (2-1)

Matt Glray (2-0)

Zach Currier (1-1)

Holden Cattoni (1-1)

Curtis Dickson (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-3)

Turner Evans (0-2)

Brad Self (0-1)

Josh Currier (0-1)


Lakers win in double OT nailbiter


August 8, 2017


by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - It isn’t everybody who gets to score the game winning goal in a sudden-death double-overtime period as Josh Currier did at the Memorial Centre on Tuesday August 8. Doing so pulled the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers ahead of the Brooklin Redmen with a two games to one series lead in the best-of-seven semi-final. Thursday evening, they reassemble in Whitby to increase that lead to three games. 

For now, Currier is “feeling pretty good,” as he told the Lakers’ post-game media scrum. Though he removed a “monkey from his back” by scoring so handily, he gave all due credit to his teammates. “It’s a team win," he declared.

Currier missed the first 13 games of the 2017 season as he rehabbed a knee injury. He exploded for three goals and two assists in his season debut, but was held to just two more goals and seven assists after that. He has contributed two goals so far in the post-season.

“I don’t know how I got wide open, but somehow I was wide open in the middle and Bucky (Kyle Buchanan) hit me and I just put it in the net,” Currier described. It seemed like a golden opportunity, right before his eyes, but, as he said about his ability to fake out goaltenders in close, “I think that’s my bread and butter out there, so I was glad that’s where I got to shoot from.”

The Redmen cried foul, trying to convince the referees that Currier was in the crease, but he made sure to be light on his feet as he stretched toward Mike Poulin - feet outside the whole time - and the goal stood. The Lakers now have home-floor advantage back.

Brooklin drew first blood with Dan Lintner scoring from the side of the crease on a power play at 6:32 of the first period. Though high-shooting, the game was not high-scoring, and it took the Lakers until 17:42 to draw even. Adam Jones scored, followed by Curtis Dickson at 19:19. Jones found that Poulin covered practically every square centimeter in the net (hence the name The Poulin Wall) so he aimed a shot at the far back corner and by luck and some genius too, it went in, tying the game at one. Dickson’s shot was taken from way out past the dotted shooting circle and though a long way, it went right where Dickson wanted it. It was a very big shot.

Lakers tie series


August 2, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON – If the rest of the Lakers’ first-round series against the Brooklin Redmen is anything like the first two games, fans are going to need to keep a close eye on their blood pressure.


The Lakers tied their MSL semi-final series at one game apiece on Wednesday night with a 6-5 win over the Redmen at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby. About half of the 650 fans in attendance were cheering for the Lakers.


The game marks the third meeting in a row between the teams that ended in a one-goal differential.


“The (first three) games that we played Brooklin they didn’t have a full lineup,” said winning goaltender Matt Vinc. “They’re well-coached; they play good systems and disciplined lacrosse. We knew it was going to be a battle. It is a hot rink and favours their style of play. We knew it was going to be a grind.”



IPSC is known for its cement floor and lack of air conditioning, so it was a hot, sweaty night in Durham Region but the Lakers adapted quickly to the inhospitable conditions. Although the Redmen scored first, as they did in game one, Shawn Evans quickly tied the game. Curtis Dickson gave the Lakers a 2-1 lead at 4:52 but that was erased just 16 seconds later by Ryan Keenan. Holden Cattoni put the Lakers up 3-2 but Curtis Knight tied the game at three with three seconds left in the period after the Redmen pulled starter Zach Higgins for an extra attacker.


Ian Llord put the Lakers up 4-3 in the third period with a bounce-shot on a fast-break.


“It ended up in my stick. I went down and saw something and shot at it, simple as that,” the defenseman described.


We don’t give player of the game awards during road games, but if we did, Llord would be the winner. He was all over the defensive end, helping out Vinc.


“Vinc definitely held us in that game,” Llord said. “I thought we played a lot better on defense tonight than we did the first game but Vinc was definitely the star of this game for sure.”


Austin Shanks and Kyle Buchanan traded goals for a 5-4 Lakers lead after the second period.


Evans gave the Lakers a two-goal cushion at 11:28. Dan Lintner scored at 13:49 to cut the lead to one but Vinc and the defense shut the door, holding off a couple of good chances in the last minute and a half.



Vinc made 36 saves, none bigger than two stops on fast-breaks from Ryan McSpadyen in the third period.


“We played better from the start,” Vinc recognized. “We didn’t get behind early and didn’t let them get runs. That’s more our style of play, with the exception of them holding us to six, but overall that was a better team game for us.”


It was the Lakers’ lowest-scoring game of the season. Evans led the team with two goals and two assists.


The Lakers return home to the Memorial Centre next Tuesday, August 8 to host game three of the series. Playoff packages as well as single-game tickets for round one are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at



-       Both teams switched up their game one starters. The Lakers have rotated Vinc and Evan Kirk all season, so that was no surprise. But Mike Poulin backed up Zach Higgins on the Brooklin side.

-       Brock Sorensen made his 2017 debut for the Lakers after missing all of 2016 with a knee injury. Thomas Hoggarth continues to be sidelined with an ankle injury. Joel Matthews was scratched to make room for Sorensen.




Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (2-2)

Kyle Buchanan (1-1)

Ian Llord (1-0)

Curtis Dickson (1-0)

Holden Cattoni (1-0)

Adam Jones (0-2)

Turner Evans (0-1)

Mark Steenhuis (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)

Lakers falter in opener


August 1, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON – It’s rare for a team in the MSL to face as little adversity as the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers did in the regular season, so it’s not surprising that it has finally come.


An 11-10 loss to the Brooklin Redmen on Tuesday night has the Lakers in a 1-0 hole as they open the 2017 MSL playoffs. Their last (and only) loss this season came on June 29 to the Cobourg Kodiaks. 


“We didn’t show up for the first and second and Brooklin came ready to play,” captain Robert Hope said. “We can’t expect to just turn it on in the third and expect to win. We have to show up for 60 minutes every single game. Playoffs are a brand new season each and every time you play.”


Curtis Dickson and Mike Hasen echoed Hope’s “new season” sentiment. The Lakers have wiped out the regular season and are solely focused on the future.


“We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy series,” Dickson acknowledged. “Come playoff time, it’s a whole new season. We knew they would be looking to play well off the bat.”


Dickson was all over the floor during the game. In addition to scoring two third-period goals, he drew a penalty with six seconds left to give the Lakers a chance, plus he knocked the ball free of Graeme Hossack on a first-period fast-break. That defensive play drew the loudest cheer of the night from the 2445 fans in attendance.


That transition attempt was stopped, but others weren’t. The Redmen took off running every chance they got and made the Lakers pay.

“They moved the ball very well. They’re a well-coached team,” said Hope. “They tried some different things out there… They were able to get up the floor, score some transition goals and then their goalie (Mike Poulin) played well.”


The Redmen shocked the Lakers just 20 seconds into the first period. Kyle Rubisch got in alone on Evan Kirk after the Redmen won the face-off and threw a fake to the right side before going over Kirk’s shoulder. Matt Hossack scored on a power play at 5:44. Brad Self put a quick-stick goal past Mike Poulin and Joel Matthews scored on transition to tie the game at two, but three in a row from the Redmen put them up 5-2 after the first.


The Lakers came out flat, and they fully admitted so after the game.


“You really have to give a lot of credit to Brooklin tonight,” said head coach Mike Hasen. “They came out fast and put us on our heels and it was just catch-up mode from there.”


The Lakers didn’t look anything like their fans are used to. They got caught making bad line changes, going over-and-back and allowed easy shots.  


“We got our signals crossed on some things and we allowed them a lot of easy goals at the start,” said Hope. The Lakers were unable to recover from that first-period deficit.

Shewell and Llord

The Redmen increased their lead to 7-2 in the second which prompted Hasen to relieve Kirk in favour of Matt Vinc. The switch initially worked – Kyle Buchanan, Josh Currier and Turner Evans scored in succession to cut the lead to 7-5. The Redmen replied with a three-goal run of their own, however. A late goal by Adam Jones had the Lakers down 10-6 after two.


The Lakers outscored the Redmen 4-1 in the final frame. Dickson got the Lakers within a goal at 17:05 but even with the last shot of the game, the Lakers couldn’t tie the it before time ran out. 


“We came out with a purpose in the third,” said Hasen. “If we can play that way I like our chances but that first period was the exact opposite… We need to keep it as simple as we possibly can. We just have to keep it one shift at a time and build from there.”


There’s no cause for panic. The Lakers were down by five goals and were one shot away from sending the game to overtime. This is a resilient group, and they’re eager to get right back at it tonight.


“We’re lucky to get a quick turn-around,” said Dickson. “We don’t want to have to stew on that one for a week so it’s nice to get right back out there and get a second shot at them.”


“Every game in playoffs is huge, especially on the road,” said Hope. “We want to play well… The scoreboard takes care of itself as long as we put the effort in.”


Game two goes tonight at 8 p.m. from Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby. There will be no TV broadcast of the game, so fans are encouraged to make the drive up the 115 to cheer on their Lakers.


Game three is next Tuesday, August 8 back at the Memorial Centre.



-       Prior to the game, the Lakers honoured Bob Gainey and Bob Allan with a standing ovation. The pair will be inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame.

-       Bryce Sweeting wore jersey #6 tonight. His regular #33 jersey has been ripped too many times to repair.

Lakers win in double OT nailbiter


August 8, 2017


by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - It isn’t everybody who gets to score the game winning goal in a sudden-death double-overtime period as Josh Currier did at the Memorial Centre on Tuesday August 8. Doing so pulled the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers ahead of the Brooklin Redmen with a two games to one series lead in the best-of-seven semi-final. Thursday evening, they reassemble in Whitby to increase that lead to three games. 

For now, Currier is “feeling pretty good,” as he told the Lakers’ post-game media scrum. Though he removed a “monkey from his back” by scoring so handily, he gave all due credit to his teammates. “It’s a team win," he declared.

Currier missed the first 13 games of the 2017 season as he rehabbed a knee injury. He exploded for three goals and two assists in his season debut, but was held to just two more goals and seven assists after that. He has contributed two goals so far in the post-season.

“I don’t know how I got wide open, but somehow I was wide open in the middle and Bucky (Kyle Buchanan) hit me and I just put it in the net,” Currier described. It seemed like a golden opportunity, right before his eyes, but, as he said about his ability to fake out goaltenders in close, “I think that’s my bread and butter out there, so I was glad that’s where I got to shoot from.”

The Redmen cried foul, trying to convince the referees that Currier was in the crease, but he made sure to be light on his feet as he stretched toward Mike Poulin - feet outside the whole time - and the goal stood. The Lakers now have home-floor advantage back.

Brooklin drew first blood with Dan Lintner scoring from the side of the crease on a power play at 6:32 of the first period. Though high-shooting, the game was not high-scoring, and it took the Lakers until 17:42 to draw even. Adam Jones scored, followed by Curtis Dickson at 19:19. Jones found that Mike Poulin covered practically every square centimeter in the net (hence the name The Poulin Wall) so he aimed a shot at the far back corner and by luck and some genius too, it went in, tying the game at one apiece. Dickson’s shot was taken from way out past the dotted shooting circle and though a long way, it went right where Dickson wanted it. It was a very big shot.


Mark Steenhuis was in the thick of the crowd that surrounded Dickson as he was winding up to score. Number Nine was headed to the sin bin, leaving the team to see to the goals as he policed the ruffians from Brooklin. Steenhuis’ helmet was wrenched from his head and next thing you knew, he was on top of Dan Ball on the floor, pummeling him and both receiving five minute Roughing penalties. They were very fortunate that they weren’t assigned five minute fighting majors. That would have completed their night very early. End of period one: 2-1 Lakers

Brooklin took very little time (2:11) in tying up the score. Ryan MacSpadyen took advantage of Evan Kirk’s right foot being lodged behind the goal line. Several times. By the end of the second, the score was 5-5. There were all kinds of goals. Holden Cattoni scored on a sidearm shot, making it 4-3 Lakers. Previously, Dan Lintner had found daylight at the back of Kirk's net and buried one deep in the depths of the net. MacSpadyen and Ryan Keenan both spied Kirk’s right foot lodged behind the goal line, and sent shots that were eventually stopped by that foot. However, both counted as goals because the foot was stopping the shots in behind the goal line. This was pointed out by Scott Arnold and Pete Dalliday on their Cogeco TV broadcast. 

Where the first period was Domination-Nation, and the fight to establish possession, the second was all about goals. Seven goals were scored in the period, but ending tied, there was no clear Dominator.


The third included a fast back and forth running game. Shots on goal were continuously fired in at both ends, keeping the goalies very zoned in to the action. Cattoni shot to Shawn Evans who backhanded it to Steenhuis who lobbed a deceptively slow overhand shot that took wings and flew past Poulin. Brad Self got himself a goal, increasing the score to 7-5.


The next two goals were all Brooklin. Had to be as the game ended tied 7-7. Ryan Keenan scored a bomb on Kirk, which went over his shoulder. Dan Lintner made it 7-7 with 52 seconds to go.  He quick-sticked a shot from beside the crease (again).


Overtime. Well. A ten minute break after the third, and a ten minute period in which teams could score all the goals they could, if they felt inclined. Best to do it in that period because after the ten minute OT period, if a tie still existed, a sudden death period looms dangerously as a possibility. 

Call-up Tanner Cook scored for Brooklin with 4:20 left in the OT period. 8-7 Brooklin. Was this how it was going to end? In the last minute of timed OT, Shawn Evans sent an innocent overhand, slowly dropping at first but gathering intensity and it scored. Shawn Evans had tied the score!

After a five minute break, and no one left the floor or sat down, with some of the players lining up early, hoping to start; what was the sense of standing around wasting time when we could be playing and maybe scoring that all-important goal; come on refs start the game. Then they did and the crowd began yelling Lets Go Lakers! The players ran furiously back and forth, end to end. They hardly took a breath; they just kept running and shooting.


And then it happened. As we began the story, Bucky Buchanan passed a shot to Josh Currier who put on a fake-out-the-goalie clinic; really faked out Poulin and became the hero of game three. Century 21 Lakers 9; Brooklin Redmen 8.

In the post-game media scrum, Evan Kirk had a little laugh when he was reminded he faced over 60 shots in the game. “It felt like a hundred to be honest! It was fast-paced; there was lots of movement and lots of good shots.”

He had to be reflective in answering the next inquiry, reaching deeply inward for truth and honesty. Did he feel he had a pretty shaky game in game one, and because he made some excellent stops early on in Tuesday’s game, did they help to ease the results of the first game in the series?  It was “a shaky game for sure; I had a lot going on. I was traded in the NLL, so it was pretty tough to get focused on the game.” Kirk was glad to report he looked and felt more comfortable during Tuesday’s game. “I always call it the golfer’s bounce. If you have a bad game prior, you can’t do any worse than that.” 

In support of his teammates, Kirk remarked that “it was a tough win,” (9-8; many shots; two OT periods) but it’s a team win that brings you together in a tough series like this, but it’s also a tough loss for them (Brooklin).”


Currier was named the Wiser's player of the game. Kirk was named the 180 Hunter defensive player of the game.

Game four of the series is Thursday night at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby. Fans are encouraged to arrive early due to the annual Ontario Lacrosse Festival on at the venue. Game five returns to the Memorial Centre next Monday, August 14. Playoff packages for both the first and second rounds are now on sale at the Memorial Centre, online at or by calling (705) 743-3561. Single-game tickets are also on sale for the remainder of the first-round series.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (2-5)

Holden Cattoni (2-2)

Adam Jones (1-1)

Brad Self (1-1)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Josh Currier (1-0)

Curtis Dickson (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-2)




Lakers-Redmen familiar foes


August 1, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON – The road to the Mann Cup begins on Tuesday night as the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers start the MSL playoffs against the Brooklin Redmen in game one of the first-round best-of-seven semi-final series.




The first-place Lakers were scheduled to face the fourth-place Oakville Rock, but a league-wide scheduling adjustment to save on travel costs has them facing the third-place Brooklin Redmen instead. Only one point separated the Rock and Redmen in the standings, and head coach Mike Hasen doesn’t see any difference in their skill levels.


“I don’t think it really matters who we’re playing,” Hasen said. “I really do believe that every team is so close."


Ian Llord & Nick Weiss


Peterborough won the season series 4-0, outscoring the Redmen 55-36. The closest game was the last, on July 19, which the Lakers won 12-11.


Evan Kirk played the first game, and Matt Vinc the last three in goal for the Lakers. Zach Higgins played the first two for Brooklin and Mike Poulin the last two after his championship season with the Georgia Swarm ended. Each team has a capable one-two punch in net.


The top four league scorers will all play in this series, with the Lakers holding the top three spots.


Top three scorers from each team:


The Lakers like the matchup with Brooklin.


“They like to run,” Hasen described the Redmen. “They have a young group offensively that moves the ball well. Defensively, with Poulin as the goaltender, they’re physical and they put (pressure on us). We have to make sure the ball is hot on our side of things.”


Dickson in the crowd

The fans should also like this matchup. Peterborough and Brooklin have a long history. Every game this season was closer than the scores might indicate. The teams combined for 175 penalty minutes in their four games. Neither team is willing to give an inch, and the intensity always steps up in the playoffs.


Iroquois Park Sports Centre, with its cement floor and lack of air conditioning, is classic arena to watch a game, and only an hour up the 115/401, so the Lakers are hopeful a lot of fans can make the drive and drown out the Durham crowd for games two, four and six (if necessary).


Playoff packages are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at Season-ticket holders had until 5 p.m. on Monday to claim their seats for the first round. All unclaimed seats will go on sale to the general public at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.


The second-place Six Nations Chiefs will host the Oakville Rock in the other semi-final series.


Full schedule:


Game 1: Tuesday, August 1 Peterborough

Game 2: Wednesday, August 2 Whitby

Game 3: Tuesday, August 8 Peterborough

Game 4: Thursday, August 10 Whitby

Game 5: Monday, August 14 Peterborough*

Game 6: Wednesday, August 16 Whitby*

Game 7: Thursday, August 17 Peterborough*


All games 8 p.m. starts.

*if necessary





Cobourg Kodiaks clobbered


July 27, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers clobbered the Cobourg Kodiaks in their last meeting of the season on Thursday night, winning 18-5 in the MSL’s regular-season finale in front of 3228 fans at the Memorial Centre.


The Kodiaks were the only team to defeat the Lakers this season, winning 8-7 on June 29, but the Lakers took the season series 3-1. The Lakers finished the regular season in first place with a 17-1 record.


They now have four days off before beginning the playoffs on Tuesday at the Memorial Centre versus the Brooklin Redmen.


Against the Kodiaks, the Lakers took advantage of the lower-seeded team and used the game to work on their systems and make corrections. It took until mid-July for the Lakers to have their full lineup back, so they’ve taken every opportunity to gel together. Although the game was inconsequential in the standings, everyone played - nobody got to rest.


“Our chemistry on offense has been there for the last six or seven games and we need to ride that into playoffs,” said Shawn Evans. “We need to be ready on Tuesday to face Brooklin.”


Turner Evans

Head coach Mike Hasen agreed with Evans’ assessment of the game.


“The ball was moving real nice,” he said. “Defensively we were sound, getting on their hands and putting them in lanes. Matt Vinc was real good here tonight. We had a good complete game and we have to make sure we’re clicking on all cylinders going into the playoffs. The tough part of the season is what’s coming next.”


It was the most active first period of the season - the Lakers led 8-1 by the time the buzzer went, but the period all featured two fights.


Holden Cattoni scored a first period hat trick but was ejected at the end of the period for fighting his junior teammate Tyler Roche. Roche checked Cattoni in the head as he went to the net, and then the two tangled behind the goal. Cattoni was on track to be the first 50-goal scorer for the Lakers since John Grant Jr. in 1996, but finished with a still-impressive 48, first in the league.


Bryce Sweeting took on Broedie Birkhof late in the period. Sweeting landed more punches but Birkhof got the takedown. Birkhof led the league in penalty minutes for the second year in a row, with 117.


Dylan Evans scored his second goal of the season on a transition break to open the second period. Matt Gilray also scored on transition. Adam Jones scored his third and fourth of the game, while Kyle Buchanan scored on a behind-the-back shot.


The Kodiaks scored three, including a marker from Peterborough native Cole McWilliams, who scored his first in the MSL. Luke Laskiewicz scored his first of two on the night. Joey Cupido scored on a penalty shot. Goaltender Kevin Croswell, a former Laker and Peterborough native, allowed 12 goals on 31 shots before being lifted in favour of Rance Vigneux.


Shawn Evans


The Lakers didn’t let off the gas in the third, outscoring the Kodiaks 5-1.


Shawn Evans finished the season as the MSL’s leading scorer in both points and assists. He said he was pleased with his individual performance but that his focus is on the team.

“I’m still contributing but overall we had a good team win and we finished strong,” Evans said. “I missed Tuesday’s game, but the guys came out and had a big win against Six Nations 15-10 and we came out here and carried it on. It’s been a long week but the season’s over and the next season begins and we need to be focused and ready because this is the big challenge ahead.”


After the game, the Lakers stayed on the floor to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans during their annual fan appreciation event.


Despite the lack of significance to the game, the crowd was large and loud and the players appreciated it.


“We have loyal fans here in Peterborough,” Evans recognized. “They're great fans that know the game and cherish the game. To see the passion in this building during a meaningless game and have 3200 people in the building is great to see.”


Jake Fox and Adam Jones

Matt Gilray

The Lakers will begin the 2017 playoffs next Tuesday, August 1 against the Brooklin Redmen, with game two set for the next evening in Whitby. Playoff packages for both the first and second rounds are now on sale at the Memorial Centre, online at or by calling (705) 743-3561.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (5-1)

Holden Cattoni (3-1)

Kyle Buchanan (2-5)

Curtis Dickson (2-3)

Turner Evans (2-2)

Shawn Evans (1-7)

Brad Self (1-4)

Matt Gilray (1-2)

Dylan Evans (1-0)

Josh Currier (0-3)

Robert Hope (0-2)

Bryce Sweeting (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)



Lakers clinch first place


July 25, 2017


OHSWEKEN, ON – First-place Peterborough Lakers sounds good, doesn’t it?


It sounds good to Curtis Dickson, but he reminded us after the game that it’s just the beginning.


“It’s step one in a many-step process,” Dickson said. “We have a lot of work left to do.”


But that’s what we are, first-place, after the Lakers defeated the Six Nations Chiefs 15-10 on Tuesday night at Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in Ohsweken. Both the Lakers and Chiefs have one game remaining, but the Chiefs can neither pass nor match the Lakers in points.


“It was a good team win. We were team tough throughout,” said MSL leading goal scorer Holden Cattoni. “We didn’t get wrapped up in the hacks and whacks throughout the game. We just played our game and came out on top.”


With the win, the Lakers will face the fourth place Oakville Rock in the first round of the playoffs. That series will begin this coming Tuesday, August 1 in Peterborough, with the rest of the series to be determined.


“We faced them last year in the first round and it’s going to be a dog-fight again,” Cattoni recalled. “They got us to six games and they’re hard to put away and I think we’ll expect the same again. We still have Cobourg (on Thursday) and that’s what we have to look forward to now.”


The Chiefs will play the third-place Brooklin Redmen.


Dickson, who was named the MSL’s playoff MVP in 2015, made a dazzling return to the ILA, leading the Lakers with nine points – five goals and four assists. He sparked the team in the first period with a pair of goals. Down 1-0, Turner Evans tied the game at 15:51. Dickson then sandwiched a Kyle Buchanan marker, the three goals coming in a span of just 1:07. Randy Staats scored late in the period but the Lakers never gave up the lead.


“We were consistent. Our offense was fantastic tonight,” Dickson praised his teammates. “We moved the ball well tonight, we got (Chiefs goaltender) Dillon (Ward) moving side to side in net there. I thought he had our number big-time the first time we played them this year. It was good to get after them early. Offensively we stepped up tonight and that’s promising moving forward.”


Craig Point scored shorthanded to open the second period but Dickson’s third goal came on the same power play, kicking off a four-goal run for the Lakers. The highlight of the period was Bryce Sweeting’s unassisted fast-break goal, the second of his MSL career, and second against the Chiefs. Cattoni scored a hat trick in the period. He now has 45 goals with just one game left to hit the 50 goal plateau. The Lakers led 13-7 after the second period. 


It was a typical Lakers-Chiefs game, meaning scoring wouldn’t be the only highlights on the reels, if there was an MSL highlight reel. Billy Dee Smith was ejected in the first period after roughing up Jake Withers, although the two unsportsmanlike conduct game misconducts were probably more for his treatment of the referees than Withers. Things got chippy late in the third – Josh Currier was wrestled to the ground, while Vaughn Harris took a stick in the gut. Mark Steenhuis, Matt Gilray and Jordan Durston went to the box later, and Zach Currier took four minutes from Jeremy Thompson with some excellent penalty killing, but the real fireworks started when Dickson was knocked to the ground. Nine of the 10 runners were ejected with less than a minute left to play.


“They were trying to get under our skins,” Dickson said. “They know the game is over and we’re probably going to see them again down the line. We just have to forget about it. Thankfully we got out of there with no injuries and came away with a big win.”


Other than those two big incidents, the game was controlled. Between Billy Dee’s ejection halfway through the first and the last three minutes of the third, only one penlaty was taken. The importance of the game was not lost on the players of either team.


“There weren’t a lot of penalties and that’s what you expect from two good teams in a playoff atmosphere,” Cattoni said. “But when the games a little bit out of reach, that’s the way games go and we wouldn’t expect anything less.”


Six Nations outscored Peterborough 3-2 in the final frame but Evan Kirk made some key saves at key moments, not allowing a goal in the last eight minutes. Turner Evans’ behind-the-back goal to open the period was an outstanding play to keep momentum with the Lakers.


Thursday’s game is the Lakers’ annual fan appreciation night, where prizes will be awarded throughout the game to loyal fans. The whole team will be available on the floor after the game ends for photos and autographs. Limited player cards will be on sale to help complete your set.


“Hopefully we get a big crowd,” Cattoni said. “We’re definitely looking to end the [regular season] on a big note and give the fans a good show.”


Tickets for the last regular season game are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at Playoff packages can also be pre-purchased. Single-game playoff tickets will go on sale Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m.



Oakville rocked 15-8


July 20, 2017


by Anna Taylor


Peterborough, Ont. – Shawn Evans thought 11 points was enough for one night.


The star forward, who leads Major Series Lacrosse with 95 points after Thursday’s 15-8 win over the Oakville Rock, was in on all of the Lakers’ first 11 goals. He scored four himself and assisted on seven others. 


And, he did it all in just 40 minutes. Early in the third, he fought Brandon Slade. Fighting in the MSL earns you an automatic game misconduct. Imagine his point totals had he played the full 60!


“Slade whacked me a couple times and I thought we had a good seven or eight goal lead at the time so I just had to see if I still had it in me,” Evans explained. “I probably didn’t need to finish with a fight there but it happened and we just have to move on.”


His teammates picked up the slack, though, and scored four in the third period to nail shut the coffin of the Oakville Rock, who slipped to fourth place in the MSL standings.


“When you have guys like Curtis Dickson, Kyle Buchanan, Turner Evans and Adam Jones, every guy can shoot the ball,” Evans praised. “When we’re moving the ball like we did tonight, we’re playing as a team and we need that right now going into playoffs.”


Evans had two 10-point nights earlier this season, both against Brampton.


“I had an idea that the stick was feeling good and the ball was moving around. I know a couple of them went in for me tonight. Overall we moved the ball well and the ball was swinging and if you look at the score we put up 15 goals tonight.”


Kyle Buchanan

The Lakers and Rock traded goals through the first five minutes of the game. Curtis Dickson started a three-goal run at 5:15 and the Lakers led 5-3 after the first.


Peterborough scored two goals to every single goal the Rock managed in the second. The highlight was Evans’ behind the back tally, which he followed up with another goal 30 seconds later.


“The behind-the-back goal is always nice, it’s become a little patented move of his,” Buchanan said. “He gets the goalie baiting far-side and is able to tuck it short side. You have to be pretty accurate though, I’ve tried a few of them and not successfully as much as Shawny so I have to keep working on it.”


Buchanan was also inspiried the crowd at the Mem Centre on Thursday. Camp Moshava made their annual visit to the arena to cheer on their Lakers. Over 400 of them cheered, sang and danced the whole game.


“That was amazing,” Buchanan said. “We’re hoping that continues into the playoffs. It gave us a spark. We came out a bit jittery and the crowd gave us an energy boost and hopefully we can continue having that crowd and momentum behind us into the playoffs.”


Holden Cattoni had a hat trick and four assists. He still leads the MSL goal-scoring race with 42 goals. Buchanan had six points, Adam Jones five, and Turner Evans and Curtis Dickson had four points each.


Evan Kirk was solid in goal, stopping 34 shots. Steve Fryer took the loss, making 40 saves.


Shawn Evans


It was a big week for the Lakers, who picked up six points on three wins in three games. They’re happy for a few days of rest before their biggest test of the season on Tuesday.


“We knew this was a big week, having three games in four nights. That was a big hurdle and I think we responded well. I think we played how we needed to play. We found that second gear to step it up a notch.”


The Lakers travel to Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Tuesday to face the Six Nations Chiefs, who are chasing the Lakers for first place. The winner of that game will take the title and guarantee themselves home floor through both playoff rounds, so it’s an important game.


“The biggest game of the year is going to come down to Tuesday and we knew that it was going to come down to this and we just have to be ready and focused and ready to play our game,” Evans said, although he’ll be cheering on his teammates from Rhode Island with a Nationwide Lacrosse commitment.


The Chiefs are almost an unknown entity this year; the Lakers have played every team four times, but seen the Chiefs only once so far.


“We nipped them here 7-6 during the first meeting. They have their full lineup back and so do we so we’re looking forward to Tuesday,” Buchanan said. “We’re just going to keep building and focusing on Tuesday, then the next one, and leading into playoffs and hit our stride as we need to.”


The Lakers are then back home for their annual fan appreciation night on Thursday, July 27 when they host the Cobourg Kodiaks. Fans are encouraged to stay after the game for autographs.

Brad Self

Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (4-7)

Holden Cattoni (3-4)

Kyle Buchanan (2-4)

Turner Evans (2-2)

Curtis Dickson (2-2)

Adam Jones (1-4)

Josh Currier (1-1)

Brad Self (0-1)



Lakers win nail-biter


July 19, 2017


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY, ON – Turns out the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers have no problem handling adversity.


The Lakers eked out a 12-11 nail-biter win over the Brooklin Redmen on Wednesday night at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby. It was their second of three games this week. The win leapfrogs them, once again, over the Six Nations Chiefs by one point for top spot in the MSL.


Iroquois Park has no air conditioning. So when it’s 37 degrees outside, you can only imagine what it feels like inside. Fans were sweating in their seats. The players were absolutely dripping. So it would have been feasible for some teams to just go through the motions.


Not the Lakers.


“It was hot,” Jake Fox said after the game. “The floor was a little slippery but overall I think the guys were able to overcome a deficit there, come back, and have a great [second-half] and really take it to them.”


Jake Fox


The Lakers jumped out to a 4-0 lead through the first 10 minutes of play. Holden Cattoni scored two, with Brad Self and Adam Jones also getting on the scoreboard.


That was when the Redmen turned the tables. Not only did they match the Lakers’ first period output, they scored four more to start the second to lead 8-4. The eight-goal run from the home team wasn’t something the Lakers expected, but Fox said they rebounded well.


“Being down by a handful, it was nice to see that we came back and really showed we could fight back,” he said. “It’s not very often that we’ve been put in that situation this year but it shows pride and that there’s a lot of hustle on this team.”


The Lakers picked away at the lead, with Kyle Buchanan scoring at 9:26. Shawn Evans capitalized on a power play at 15:13 and Fox got his first at 17:54. The Redmen popped one more in before the period ended for a 9-7 lead after two. 


Peterborough scored three straight to start the third and take a 10-9 lead. Buchanan and Fox each got their second goals, and Dickson put the team on top with a power play goal.


Austin Shanks scored two in a row to take back the lead. Kyle Buchanan tipped a shot, hockey-style, past Mike Poulin at 16:55 to pull even at 11-11. Dickson fired a shot in at 18:04 and the Lakers’ defense held strong in the last two minutes to steal the win. 


Dickson in the crowd


Other than that surprising Cobourg game, the Lakers haven’t had a lot of tough competition this season, but the Redmen refused to back down to the league leaders. The Lakers will play either Oakville or Brooklin in the first round, so Wednesday’s game was a good test to see how they match up. Brooklin’s had trouble this season with consistency but Wednesday proved they’re still a dangerous team.


The Lakers host the Oakville Rock tonight, another big matchup. The Lakers defeated the Rock 12-7 on Monday at the TRAC and are looking for the season sweep tonight. Game time is 8 p.m. at the Memorial Centre. Tickets are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at It's also Camp Moshava night, when we welcome over 400 campers from the camp in Ennismore. Be prepared for a great atmosphere!


Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (3-5)

Holden Cattoni (2-2)

Curtis Dickson (2-1)

Jake Fox (2-0)

Shawn Evans (1-5)

Brad Self (1-2)

Adam Jones (1-1)

Turner Evans (0-2)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)

Matt Gilray (0-1)



Lakers support Canadian Blood Services


PETERBOROUGH, ON – Thank you to everyone who participated in our Braver Than Brave blood drive in honour of Tucker Williams. Blood donations will always be necessary, and Tucker will always be remembered. You can still contribute to this drive - just quote ID# INHO535197 when you make an appointment at



Tucker, the eight-year-old son of the Brooklin Redmen’s Shawn Williams, passed away in 2014 from Burkitt’s lymphoma, but in his short life he inspired all he met to be braver than brave.


The lacrosse community is small. We are all family. Tucker's loss was devastating to us all.


Tamara Williams, Tucker’s mother, sent us this message: The Williams’ family is “so thankful for all of Tucker's blood donors throughout his treatment. It is so important to raise awareness and recruit new donors, young and old. It is a selfless act that will give a stranger more time to spend with their family and friends. Blood donation is truly the gift of life.”


Half of all Canadians will either need blood themselves or know someone who will need blood at some point in their lives. Yet only four percent of Canadians currently donate. Your donation can treat cancer patients, bring a car crash victim through surgery or even help a transplant patient’s new heart beat for the first time. One donation can help save three lives.


Thank you again for your support.



12-7 win in Oakville


July 17, 2017


by Marla Taylor




Monday was no ho-hum hot July evening in the town of Oakville, and not even in Peterborough either. The Century 21 Lakers wound their way across the 407 highway in the busy afternoon with one major thing on their minds: “The Process”.


Interviewed after the game, Kyle Buchanan revealed to Cogeco TV that the Process is what the Lakers work on. One game at a time. No jumping ahead to later in the week; just play one period and then a whole game is played. Then begin again. 

Though the Lakers ended the first period up by one, 4-3, coach Mike Hasen summed up the opposition for that night: “They’re a good quick fast team. We have to take it shift by shift (the Process) like we did today. We made a couple of adjustments in the second period. (The Rock) want to run, and we have to make sure we work on those things to slow them down”.  It worked as the Lakers completed the first game of three this week, defeating the Oakville team 12-7, and are currently installed in first place in the MSL standings by one point over the Six Nations Chiefs. 

The Process breaks down a game not just by three periods, but by each goal, as these show different facets of the Process. There’s great variety in what the team can do and how they do it. For instance, Adam Jones led the team with two goals and two assists. On his first goal, scored in the first period, Jones noticed four Rock players not focused on him at all. Hounded only by one attentive Rock, Jones was able to score easily on Nick Rose. Late in the period, he had the ball again and scored on the shortside from the top of the floor. It wasn’t fancy but very devious.

When asked what he thought of the game, Jones was buoyant as he exclaimed “It was good! We came out a little slow, but our defense held the fort down for a couple of periods and we were fortunate to get some goals up front. Overall, it was a great game. It was one of our best games we’ve had all season and we’re looking to build on it this week.”


Every Laker goal scored Monday night was like a lost piece of Lego, recovered and completing a work of art. Each was different; some were fast; some were the result of extreme talent combined with beauty. The latter was a goal scored by Buchanan, who was aided by the mighty talents of #88 Shawn Evans. He whipped a shot blindly, but oh so accurately behind himself to Buchanan, who was parked on the edge of the crease and whipped the shot behind Rose immediately. 

In the second frame, though not a goal, Laker fans and indeed lacrosse fans all over, marveled at the speed of Zach Currier, who nabbed the ball from his end and ran the whole floor, shooting and nearly scoring. Things of beauty are not always goals but memories of well-executed plays. Matt Gilray had done the very same thing in the first. Number 81 took off from the Lakers’ end all the way to the other end, and without a single hesitation, deke or fake, delivered a simple but hard shot on Rosey that scored.

Holden Cattoni has had at least two goals in every game he’s played this year. It took until the second period this game, but who’s counting? Kyle Buchanan found Cattoni alone at the top of the left side shooter position, sent the ball to the young superstar and watched number 99 send a missile past Rose. Peterborough then led 5-4. 

The second frame was a series of scoring back and forth. The points remained close, by one goal until later on when the Lakers broke out the cannons or fireworks and really lit up the place. They scored five goals in the frame and the Rock three. Josh Currier hurled a quick shot past Rose and the score went to 6-5 Lakers. Though Nolan Apers tied it up seconds later, Ever Ready Bunny #2 (Buchanan—Shawn Evans has been and always will be #1), mailed a shot to Brad Self who immediately quick-sticked a shot past Rose and the score was 7-6 Lakers. 

Then another work of art, before our very eyes. With only one hand on his stick, and with a bit of a twist, Shawn Evans, while fighting off Mitch DeSnoo with the other hand, and it was possible that DeSnoo’s stick was dangerously close to wrapping around Evy’s neck, the warrior bunny (a compliment) twisted a bit more and made the score 8-6 Lakers. 

Jake Withers, face-off guru extraordinaire, has been handling extra duties in playing defense and excelling there also. From the face off, he grabbed the ball, ran the floor, faked out Rose and the score soared to 9-6 Lakers. 



Game stories lag when a recitation of goal after goal is given, so it’s unwise to stick to this much longer. However, remember the description of the “Process”, playing frame by frame, not thinking too far ahead, and applying a variety of beauteous methods to stump the opposition goalie. The 12 Peterborough goals and the seven coming from Oakville were so varied, so unpredictable, that they deserved recognition. 

The third period contained more pieces of the final masterpiece. Seventeen seconds in, Turner Evans golfed (ah, putted) a shot past Rose. A nice innocent grounder and not expected by the backstopper. Ten to six Lakers.

Cattoni scored again, running at the top of the circle by Rose. The goaler may not have known where to look first. Almost immediately after, Curtis Dickson grabbed a loose ball and fired past Rose. Twelve to six Lakers.

Ending out the scoring fest was Wes Berg, who is capable of scoring some big goals. He sent a mysteriously unseen (where did it go?) shot over Matt Vinc's left shoulder and in a losing cause, gave Oakville their seventh and last goal of the night. 

Adam Jones summed up the win in at the TRAC:


“We like to wear teams down. Our defense is tough to play against, so a good defense leads to a good offense, a lot of transition. We wear them down for a full 30 seconds and then we get the ball.”


Are the players thinking about playoffs yet? With the standings as they currently are, it's a big possibility the Lakers could face the Rock in the first round. Jones felt that they were going to focus on getting better, game by game. 


“We still have three or four games left," he said. "We’ll start focusing on playoffs when we know whom we play.” He added that the number of games this week, though grueling, was a good idea of what playoffs would be like. 

Asked to comment on the coach-shortened bench, head coach Mike Hasen deadpanned “Were we? I didn’t really notice!” Then he laughed. “Yeah, TK and Bobby are both committed elsewhere right now, so it was all good.” He didn’t feel it presented any challenges with the different look to the ‘coaches’ corners.’ “For the most part, we’re interchangeable so it ran as smoothly as it could I guess.” He finished by adding “It’s our first game where we’ve had all our guys in the lineup; we’re starting to build some chemistry. We’re in a tough stretch where we need to be firing on all cylinders."


The Lakers are back in action on Wednesday at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby to face the Brooklin Redmen. They return home this coming Thursday, July 20 to host the Rock. Tickets are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at





Lakers double up on Redmen


July 13, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - As the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers injured-reserve list continues to shrink, they’re looking better and better on the floor. Not that they weren’t good before – which should be a scary thought to opponents. The Brooklin Redmen sure weren’t prepared for the powerhouse Lakers on Thursday night as the hometown boys doubled-up the visitors 12-6 in front of 2970 fans.  


The win temporarily moves the Lakers into first-place, one point up on the Six Nations Chiefs.


Josh Currier returned to the Lakers’ lineup and led the team with a hat trick and two assists. Mark Steenhuis made his home debut and contributed two goals on transition. 


Currier dislocated his knee during his rookie season with the NLL’s Rochester Knighthawks. Although he has practiced and warmed-up with the Lakers all season, Thursday was his first game action.


“It felt really good to be back,” he said. “I was just happy to get back out there with the team and the fact that I contributed to the win makes me even more happy.”


Currier’s return proved the biggest boost for Turner Evans. Evans has put together a good season, sitting third on the team with 40 assists, but has only found the back of the net 12 times. Currier’s return seemed to spark his play; he was more engaged with the ball and showed a renewed energy. The two have always worked well together on the floor.


Josh Currier

“We played the whole way growing up so we established chemistry there and it came to life there and it’s just been growing ever since then,” Currier said.


“Josh will put the ball in from any angle so you just put it in his stick and you know it’s probably going to go in the net so it’s nice to have him out there,” said Evans.


Holden Cattoni scored just 13 seconds into the game picking up his own rebound and surprising newly-returned Mike Poulin, who also took a loss to the Six Nations Chiefs on Wednesday night. 


“When you get off to a quick start in any game it gets the offense rolling, gets the defense pushing the ball up, and that’s obviously going to be a good thing for us moving forward throughout the game,” said Evans. 


Steenhuis scored his first goal of the season on transition at 4:53 but Austin Shanks replied less than a minute later to get the Redmen on the board. Turner Evans scored off a high pass from Currier and Shawn Evans put a no-look backhand past Poulin for a 4-1 Lakers lead after the first. 


“It was the first time that our offense and defense put a full 60 minutes together. The ball was moving, we were swinging it around, and it shows in the score. We got quite a few goals tonight,” Evans chuckled.


Currier’s first of the season, an unassisted marker, came at 3:42 of the second as he got in alone on Poulin and faked high before bouncing the ball past the veteran goaltender. Kyle Buchanan, Cattoni and Curtis Dickson scored to increase the lead to 8-1. Austin Shanks and Josh Johnson sandwiched Currier’s second goal at 17:12. 


Mitch Wilde scored shorthanded to start the third period scoring before the Lakers reeled off three in a row. Currier’s hat trick goal came on the power play, a quick-stick shot from the side of the net on a pass from Evans. He then assisted on Adam Jones’ marker.


“When you surround yourself with the players we have here it makes it easy to play good. The fact that we’re still rolling makes me happy to join this team,” Currier said. “We’re still looking to get better every game but when we get on and off the floor fast it makes it easier to play.”

Matt Vinc


Mark Steenhuis goal put the Lakers’ 12th goal on the board at 11:26. John Lafontaine and Reilly O’Connor added goals for the Redmen. There were some fireworks in the frame; Bryce Sweeting fought Dan Ball at the side boards. Thomas Hoggarth then took on Mitch McMichael on the same stoppage after McMichael took offence to Hoggarth stepping on Ball's discarded jersey. All four were ejected from the game.


The Redmen didn’t get back all the players they expected from the Saskatchewan Rush and have been struggling at times to get some necessary wins. They were also missing Dan Lintner, Adrian Sorichetti and Derek Hopcroft. League leading scoring Reilly O’Connor was held to just two points by a staunch Lakers’ defense, despite missing Robert Hope, Jake Withers and Ian Llord.


Steenhuis’ return was good timing. He was a boost for the defense. Fans loved his two transition goals.


“They want us to run the floor,” Steenhuis said of the coaching staff. “They want us to concentrate on defense first, though. Tough-nosed defense getting loose balls, but I was able to get a couple goals tonight off fast-breaks and the chances that you do get on the defense side are normally a two-on-one or breakaway so they’re high percentage shots so I have to try to keep that up.”


The Lakers had four fast-breaks in a row during a two-minute span in the second period but couldn’t convert. Steenhuis and Matt Gilray hit posts.


The Lakers have two road games, Monday in Oakville and Wednesday in Brooklin, before returning home to host the Oakville Rock on Thursday, July 20. Tickets for that game are now on sale at the Memorial Centre, online at or by calling (705) 743-3561.

Kyle Buchanan




11-7 for Lakers over Cobourg


July 9, 2017


by Anna Taylor


COBOURG, ON – Redemption!


The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers avenged themselves on Sunday night at the Cobourg Community Centre with an 11-7 win over the Cobourg Kodiaks. The win also put the Lakers up three points on the Six Nations Chiefs for first place in the MSL.


The Kodiaks are the only team to beat the Lakers this season, and at the time they did it, they sported an 0-10 record. The Lakers aren’t used to losing, and it rattled them.


“Those guys had our number last week in our building. This was a big game for us to come out and have a strong performance and get a win under our belt and redeem ourselves,” Lakers’ star Curtis Dickson said. Dickson had two goals in the game.


Chad Cummings shocked the Lakers with a goal just 26 seconds into the first period. Holden Cattoni tied the game, accepting a backhand flip pass from Brad Self to beat Kevin Croswell at 2:49. Thirty seconds later Kyle Buchanan recovered a loose ball to score. Luke Laszkiewicz scored a power play goal and Connor Goodwin beat Evan Kirk from the outside to put the Kodiaks up 3-2 but a two-goal swing the other way from Shawn Evans and Cattoni, both classic overhand shots, gave the Lakers a 4-3 lead after the first.


The Lakers continued their scoring streak in the second, putting up four in a row to lead 8-3. Joel Matthews scooped a loose ball to Thomas Hoggarth who crashed the crease at 6:13. Adam Jones blasted the ball past Croswell 15 seconds later. Turner Evans accepted a cross-crease pass from Dickson at 8:00 to score a quick-stick goal, and Dickson scored on a power play at 11:18. John St. John and Laskiewicz added goals for the Kodiaks, who trailed 8-5.


Holden Cattoni and Brad Self


Despite all the good things the Lakers did, there is still room for improvement.


With Curtis Dickson in the box for five minutes, the Lakers took three more penalties late in the game. The Kodiaks capitalized on two of them, closing the gap to 11-7.


“We kind of shot ourselves in the foot there a little bit,” Dickson said. “We were building up a good lead and then gave a couple back to them but the most important thing is that we got the win so it’s just little bad habits that we need to clean up.”


Dickson was serving an off-setting roughing major with Peterborough minor grad Colton Armstrong after Shawn Evans crashed the Kodiaks’ net. Armstrong had also slammed Dickson into the boards in the first period. Usually it’s former Laker Pete Rennie mixing it up with Shawn Evans, or Peterborough native Broedie Birkhof in the mix, but the two defensemen were disciplined this game.


“Knowing there are guys from the ‘Boro on [the Kodiaks] just adds to the rivalry,” Dickson said. “They have a great young team with a lot of good talent. It’s nice to see those guys have found a home and a regular playing spot because they’re all good players.”


Jones scored his second goal of the game 30 seconds into the third on a power play. Dickson scored his second at 10:36. Cattoni completed his hat trick at 11:12. Shawn Evans missed on a penalty shot late in the game.


Turner Evans


The win snapped the Kodiaks’ modest two-game streak. They also defeated the Oakville Rock on Thursday for their first home win since moving to Cobourg. Over 1200 fans took in Sunday’s game.


“You can feel the love and you can see the learning process from the fans,” Kodiaks GM John Webb said. “Little lacrosse plays they’re starting to cheer for. That means they’re starting to get it; they’re starting to understand the game and the small things that it’s going to take to win in this league.”


Dickson said, though, that the crowd in Cobourg was a testament to the Lakers’ fans. About half of the 1200 were cheering for the Lakers.


“We travel well and have awesome supporters and they had a hand in the outcome tonight,” Dickson recognized.


The Lakers and Kodiaks will meet once more, on July 27 in Peterborough.


This Thursday the Lakers host the Brooklin Redmen on Thursday. Tickets are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online.


Evan Kirk and Thomas Hoggarth







Lakers take over first


July 6, 2017


by Anna Taylor


BRAMPTON, ON – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers got a win on Thursday even if it wasn’t in their home barn. A 16-5 win over the Brampton Excelsiors on the road at Brampton Memorial Arena has the Lakers back in first place in the MSL, one point ahead of the Six Nations Chiefs.


After a loss to Cobourg and some nervous moments versus the Excelsiors two days ago, the large-margin win provided an opportunity for the Lakers to get their breath back.


“We wanted to focus on playing 60 minutes,” explained Kyle Buchanan. “The last two games… we didn’t finish. It’s cliché saying 60 minutes but we wanted to finish and have the same effort in the third that we did in the first. I think we did a pretty good job of that and we’re going to keep building going forward.”


The Excels, who sit tied for last place, pushed the Lakers on Tuesday with four goals in the last three minutes of play to make the game too close for comfort. The Lakers didn’t want the same thing to happen again, and got a boost from having a team full of regulars for the first time this season. Jake Fox was the only affiliated player called-up.


“Any team on any night can do some damage in this league so we’re fortunate enough that we were able to come in here tonight and put together a pretty good game,” said Mark Steenhuis, who returned from the injured reserve on Thursday night.



Steenhuis injured his ankle in the season opener in Oakville. Prior to going down, the coaching staff had asked Steenhuis to play as a defenseman this season, taking the opportunity to run on transition whenever possible. 


“There’s probably still a little way to go with the ankle but it felt pretty good and it was nice to shake some rust off out there tonight and have a good time with the boys,” Steenhuis said. “I was open to the idea [of playing defense], and I thought ‘where you can help the team out and where you can make an impact?’ I get to run a bit of tranny and have some fun that way too so I think it’ll be a good thing.”


Curtis Dickson staked the Lakers to an early 3-1 lead in the first with a hat-trick. Kyle Buchanan and Turner Evans scored in the last minute of the period for a 5-2 lead.


Six straight goals from the Lakers saw them up 11-2 before Mike Melnychenko broke up the run with a goal. Holden Cattoni’s hat-trick goal gave the Lakers a 12-3 after two. Bryce Sweeting took down Tyler Ferreira in a short but spirited fight, surprisingly perhaps, the only fight of the game despite the Lakers’ clear dominance over the Excels this season. Through their four regular season games, the Lakers outscored the Excelsiors 75-35.


Brampton lacks the star power of teams like Peterborough and Six Nations and finds themselves in tough when goaltender Tyler Carlson isn’t available, as he wasn’t in the Lakers two most lopsided wins.


Kyle Buchanan said that the Excels still have talented players despite their record.


“They have a bunch of guys that are just on the cusp of being in the NLL,” he said. “With only nine teams the lacrosse world is so small. They have some guys that can push the pace. Fast, good athletes that are young guys that can play. Maybe we’re not as used to playing against them but overall we’re focused on ourselves and whoever’s in front of us hopefully doesn’t matter.”



Mike Burke and Jordan Dance sandwiched a Buchanan goal in the third but the Lakers ended the game with a three-goal run.


Matt Vinc made 45 saves. Buchanan, Cattoni and Dickson had three goals each. Shawn Evans and Adam Jones had two with singles scored by Turner Evans, Jake Fox and Jake Withers. Withers was 13/15 in the faceoff circle with the Lakers going 17 for 23 overall of recorded draws.*


The Lakers are on the road again this Sunday, July 9 in Cobourg to face the Kodiaks, who defeated the Oakville Rock Thursday night for their first home win as a franchise. The Kodiaks also beat the Lakers last Thursday 8-7 at the Memorial Centre. 


“For us it’s a little bit of payback,” Steenhuis said. “They’re riding high and playing well. They know they took one from us last time so we want to go in there and try to dominate them and show them the team we are.”  


The Lakers are back home on July 13 to host the Brooklin Redmen. Tickets are on sale now at the Memorial Centre, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.



*Pointstreak did not capture every faceoff.


Ninth win of season for Lakers


July 4, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are – for the most part – back on track after a 13-11 win over the Brampton Excelsiors on Tuesday night at the Memorial Centre.


The Excelsiors, who gave the Lakers fits the last time they played (June 24 in Brampton, an 18-12 win for the Lakers), only mustered up 14 runners for the odd-day affair.


Despite the win, there was enough cause for concern that the team held a brief closed-door meeting following the game.


The Lakers led 13-7 but allowed four goals in the last three minutes of play. After last week’s loss to Cobourg, those goals caused a bit of concern.


“That was not a good finish for us,” Cattoni said. “We worked hard through the first 57 minutes and threw that away in the last three minutes.”


The Lakers allowed the first goal of the game at 1:59 of the first period and didn’t tie the game until Adam Jones’ goal at the eight-minute mark. The slow start would have been slightly concerning but for the Jones factor – he’s been missing on the Lakers’ left side all season, so it took a few minutes for the forward group to adjust. Once they did they kept ahead of the Excels the rest of the game.


Curtis Dickson

“We were up a few goals and we just let our foot off the pedal,” Jones said of the last three minutes. “We’ve got enough veteran guys that we need to be able to step up and say ‘let’s start building good habits for later on in the season.’ That’s something that will kill us down the road so we need to learn from it and get better and work on playing a full 60.”


Jones contributed a hat trick and two assists in his debut.


“It’s good to be back,” he expressed. “I missed the guys, the team, the arena, the atmosphere… but it’s like riding a bike... I felt good, a couple of kinks but after a couple games I’ll feel like I’m back at it. I’m ready to go and make a run at it.”


The Lakers took a 3-1 lead on a pair of overhand goals from Shawn Evans and Holden Cattoni. Jordan Dance got one back for the Excelsiors but it was matched by Thomas Hoggarth just 17 seconds later. Jones scored shorthanded for a 5-2 Lakers lead after one. It was nearly 6-2; with one second left the Excels took possession and Patrick Miles attempted to launch the ball down the floor but instead launched it right into Evans’ stick. The ball hit the back of the net just a split second too late to count.


Missing from the lineup was face-off man Jake Withers, away with the MLL’s Atlanta Blaze. Dylan Evans and Bryce Sweeting split duties on the draw, going a combined 25 for 27 in Withers’ absence.


Brampton scored two goals to start the second period and one at 19:33 but four goals in eight minutes from Curtis Dickson, who also assisted on Cattoni’s second period marker, put the Lakers up 10-5.


Holden Cattoni

Cattoni also had a goal in the third for a hat trick; he holds a nine-goal lead over Shawn Evans and Kyle Buchanan for the team lead. With Jones back, a little of the pressure put on Cattoni as the team’s number one lefty is lifted – not that the pressure has been too much for the sophomore. Cattoni’s made an early-season case for most improved player.


“Jones just gives us more support on the left side,” Cattoni recognized. “We’ve been AP-ing guys on the left side all year and it’s nice to finally get our go-to group and our game seven group out there so we can play together.”


Evans scored his second goal of the game 1:03 into the third. Robinson and Mike Burke, with the Excels’ second shorty of the night, got Brampton back in it for a hot minute before Jones and Cattoni’s hat trick goals. 


Matt Gilray, who was rocked by a Quinn Powless hit in the third, said the Lakers will rebound from their shaky finish and come out strong on Thursday, when the Lakers visit the Brampton Memorial Arena.


“We’re going to have to come out and bring everything,” he said. “They’ve gotten better since the beginning of the year. This is the fourth time we’ve played them. We just have to come out, give it our all and it should be alright.”


After the Lakers visit Brampton, they are on the road again on Sunday in Cobourg before returning home to host the Brooklin Redmen next Thursday, July 13th. Tickets are on sale now at the Memorial Centre box office, online at or by calling (705) 743-3561.

Thomas Hoggarth




Lakers honouring award winners Thursday 


June 27, 2017


PETERBOROUGH, ON – Prior to Thursday’s home game against the Cobourg Kodiaks, the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers will honour their 2016 team award winners. Players will be presented with their awards on the floor in a special ceremony.


Award winners are:


Top Scorer

Shawn Evans 88

Most Valuable

Shawn Evans 88

Rookie of the year (a tie)

Zach Currier 77 & Holden Cattoni 99

Top Defenceman

Robert Hope 18

Top Transition

Chad Tutton 12

Most Sportsmanlike

Turner Evans 5

Most Dedicated

Brad Self 25

Most Improved

Jake Withers 10

Fan Favourite

Mark Steenhuis 9



Most honourees are expected to be in attendance, including Chad Tutton, who will miss the season as he rehabs from Achilles’ surgery. Mark Steenhuis, who is eyeing a return to action soon, after an ankle injury sustained in the Lakers’ season opener, will not attend.


Tickets are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at


Lakers suffer first loss of season


June 29, 2017


by Anna Taylor


Well, that game didn’t end how anybody expected it to – probably not even the Cobourg Kodiaks.


The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers drop to 8-1 on the season after a Thursday evening 8-7 loss to their highway 28 rivals. The Kodiaks improve to 1-10; yes, that was their first win of the season.


The Kodiaks have struggled since moving from Kitchener-Waterloo. They won one game in 2016 and have yet to win a home game at the Cobourg Community Centre in a season and a half.


The Lakers were shell-shocked after the game. We all know anything can happen in lacrosse, but when 0-10 goes up against 8-0 the odds usually aren’t in their favour.


“It’s embarrassing,” said Brad Self. “Kudos to them. They played well. They outworked us. We didn’t show up to work. It doesn’t matter how skilled your team is or what it looks like on paper, they proved that. Hard work trumps skill anytime.”


Rookie Chris Cloutier scored the winning goal for the Kodiaks with just 1:55 left to play in the game, but it was goaltender Kevin Croswell who earned the Kodiaks the win.


Recently signed, Croswell, a former Laker, hasn’t played an organized lacrosse game since 2015 with the now-defunct Durham Turfdogs. His first game back in his hometown was emotional.


“I was a little nervous tonight,” he said, “but I came in with the attitude that I’ve got nothing to lose. The guys came out at the end and played like men. They got the job done.”


Croswell works with Kodiaks general manager John Webb at Ontario Power Generation, so when Webb mentioned the Kodiaks could use a veteran goaltender, Croswell jumped at the opportunity.


Curtis Dickson


Croswell last played in the MSL in 2013, appearing in two games for the Lakers, going 1-1. He was 6-1 during the teams’ 2012 Mann Cup run, but ended up as the Lakers’ third goalie after Tyler Carlson and Mike Thompson.


Croswell stopped 20 Lakers shots in the first period including two in close on Jake Fox and a transition attempt from Matt Gilray, who threw a couple of fakes but hit Croswell’s legs. He also stopped quick-stick attempts from Brad Self and Shawn Evans on a late power play.


Lakers’ head coach Mike Hasen said there were a few factors to explain the loss.


“We were very slow getting off the floor and allowed them to get going and get running on us,” Hasen said. “There are also a bunch of shots that we shot to shoot as opposed to getting quality shots, but I give credit to Croswell. He made the stops he had to make and he was really good tonight.”


Curtis Dickson finally broke the drought with two goals to open the second, scoring on an outside shot at 26 seconds and then 2:15 later in tight. Goals from Cloutier and Drake Smith tied the game, Smith’s shorthanded marker coming after a quick whistle negated a tally from Kyle Buchanan. Shawn Evans replied 22 seconds after Smith’s goal on the power play with Matt Crough in the box serving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.


One other factor working in the Kodiaks’ favour was their discipline. Three of the MSL’s top five penalty minute leaders play for the Kodiaks. Although they’re shorthanded so often, the Kodiaks excel at scoring a man short. Playing even has more advantages though, and the Kodiaks were finally able to rally five-on-five.


Ian Llord


Former Laker Pat McCrory scored at 12:22, but Dickson’s hat trick put the Lakers up 4-3 at 13:57. Two goals from John St. John gave the Kodiaks a 5-4 lead after the second period.


Evans tied the game 3:03 into the third period but the tie didn’t last long; Cloutier put Cobourg back on top 51 seconds later. A two-goal swing by the Lakers from Jake Fox, and Evans’ third, on the power play, gave the Lakers a 7-6 lead at 6:53. Drake Smith tied it at seven at 15:52 on a power play. Cloutier beat a defender in front of the Lakers’ net one-on-one to win the game with his hat trick goal.


What’s even more impressive is the NLL talent the Kodiaks were missing. Joey Cupido, Derek Searle and Chad Cummings usually help patrol the defensive end, but the 14 Peterborough connections on Cobourg’s roster proved more than capable of handling the elite competition.


“You’re definitely going to get pumped up for that,” Croswell said. “That’s a great incentive to want to beat them and I guess that makes you play a little better, coming back to your hometown. It was a good night.”


The Lakers are back at home this Tuesday, July 4 to host the Brampton Excelsiors in the front-end of home-and-home that concludes on Thursday, July 6 at the Brampton Memorial Arena. The Excels put up a fight last Saturday, scoring 12 goals on the Lakers, the most they have allowed this season. With the Kodiaks win, expect a surge of confidence from the Excels, who share the basement with the Kodiaks.


“Every team can play in this league,” Hasen cautioned. “It’s not like it’s a bunch of scrubs over there. They’re guys that work hard and play with a purpose. They played with a purpose tonight where we didn’t. We have to learn from that and move forward.”





- Jake Withers was 13/13 in the face-off circle. Overall the Lakers were 17/28.


- Prior to the game, the Lakers honoured their 2016 award winners. Shawn Evans was the team’s MVP and top scorer; Zach Currier and Holden Cattoni shared the rookie of the year award; fellow rookie Jake Withers won most improved; Robert Hope was top defenseman; Chad Tutton was top transition; Turner Evans was most sportsmanlike; Brad Self won most dedicated; and Mark Steenhuis won fan favourite.


- The Kodiaks had 14 Peterborough connections on their roster. In addition to Croswell, the Kodiaks feature former Lakers Matt Crough, Pete Rennie and Pat McCrory. Ryley Martinell, who made his MSL debut, Cole McWilliams, Colton Armstrong, Broedie Birkhof, Riley Campbell, Dylan Hutchison and Josh Miller are all products of the Peterborough minor system. Tyler Roche is a former Jr. A Laker, while Doug Utting and Cody McMahon play for the Peterborough Timbermen.



Lakers win in Brampton


June 24, 2017


by Anna Taylor


BRAMPTON, ON – An 18-12 win over the Brampton Excelsiors at Memorial Arena on Saturday night has the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers a perfect 8-0 on the MSL season.


The game, as it has been for much of the season, was highlighted by the play of the call-ups in the lineup.


With the injured reserve well-documented, other regulars missing Saturday’s tilt included Zach Currier, Curtis Dickson, Ian Llord, Eric Shewell and Jake Withers. That allowed seven Jr. A Lakers to dress with the senior club; Carter Badour, Jordan Stouros, Jordan Trottier and Max Yarranton all played their first game. Taite Cattoni, Nick Finlay and Jake Fox also played. Four of them scored their first MSL goals.


“It’s great when you see a junior call-up get an opportunity to play with us but when they score it lifts the whole bench up so it’s a great feeling. Everyone loves it,” assistant coach Bobby Keast said.


The Jr. A Lakers have been struggling like the Brampton Excelsiors; their record is 2-11-1. Like the senior Lakers, they have struggled with getting a full lineup together on some nights with injuries and other commitments. It was a good feeling for the seven call-ups to get a win with the seniors. They can take that experience back to their teammates.



“We finally have all our guys back and they can even show they can play at the senior level,” Taite Cattoni said. “A lot of the guys on our team could play in any game for the seniors. It’s a lot easier playing with the best players in the world. They’re always in the right spots.”


Cattoni led the charge, scoring not only his first MSL goal, but his first three MSL goals.


“To play against Six Nations at home in the first one and pull out a tight dub, then to come here and play a young Brampton team and to have the experience of playing with the best players in the world again and score a few goals in the process has been amazing,” he said.


Cattoni recorded an assist on his brother Holden’s goal in the Six Nations game. The two have had fun playing together for the first time.


“We’ve never really been able to play together,” the younger brother explained. “My first year of junior I was in Alberta and he was in Peterborough. In college it couldn’t work either so I’m really happy that the Lakers were able to give me the experience and opportunity to play with my brother.”


Brampton scored 2:04 into the game but Jake Fox replied 1:10 later. The Excelsiors built a 3-1 lead which Yarranton and Cattoni erased with their first career MSL goals. The first period ended 5-4 for the Excelsiors.


The second period was fast-paced and furious but nobody scored until the 5:36 mark when Shawn Evans potted a pair back-to-back. Cattoni’s second goal put the Lakers up 7-5. Two goals from the Excels tied the game at seven before the Lakers went on a five goal run to lead 13-8.


Badour scored his first MSL goal at 6:39 of the third, picking up a loose ball at centre and sprinting in on the fast-break. Stouros’ first came at the 13:24 mark after he accepted a pass from Joel Matthews and scored on another fast-break. 



It was a different looking defense in front of Evan Kirk, and although the Lakers got the win, it wasn’t without some growing pains along the way to 49 saves.


“I didn’t have a good night but everybody bought in and worked hard,” Kirk admitted. “It’s a hot night and obviously against a good team that’s scratching for wins so I thought we did okay with seven call-ups. It’s always tough to learn each other’s names and get on the same page in an hour before the game but I think we did a good job getting the win.”


The Lakers embarrassed the Excelsiors 28-7 earlier in the season at the Memorial Centre.


“(Tonight) they had some more guys in the lineup and more consistency,” Kirk said. “That makes a big difference when there’s guys coming back. When you beat a team 28-7 they’ve got something to prove.”


That previous Excelsiors team didn’t have Tyler Carlson in goal. The former Laker was still with the Saskatchewan Rush at the time. Carlson didn’t fare much better than Nolan Clayton did in the ‘boro, however; he was chased after the Lakers 12th goal.


Twelve goals is the most the team has allowed this season. Eighteen goals scored is the second highest count. In two games so far, the Lakes have outscored the Excelsiors 46-19.


“Our system is a system that you have to know to execute it and for what it’s worth the guys did a good job. Did we do a great job? No. We definitely can be better,” Keast said.


8-0? Might be hard to be better than that.


The Lakers are back at home this Thursday to host the Cobourg Kodiaks at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at the Memorial Centre box office, online at or by calling (705) 743-3561.


11-4 win over Oakville Rock


June 22, 2017


The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers remain in first place with a 7-0 undefeated record after an 11-7 victory over the Oakville Rock on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre.

Holden Cattoni’s five goals were the difference in the game, as the sophomore forward exploded offensively once again and now leads the Lakers with 21 goals. Cattoni is having a career year in just his second year of senior lacrosse.


“I’ve had the opportunity to coach with Cattoni and play with him here and… against him in the NLL and he is a great shooter and he is a great goal scorer,” Lakers’ captain Robert Hope said. “[To have him] step up, take the pressure off the guys that are traditionally scoring… is awesome.”


The Rock sit in fourth place, three points ahead of the Brampton Excelsiors who defeated the Cobourg Kodiaks 15-9 on Thursday.


Oakville played shorthanded, with just 16 runners. Brett Hickey, Wes Berg and the Noble twins played but missing were scoring threats Stephan Leblanc and Rob Hellyer.


Matt Vinc


Jeff Swift scored the Lakers first two goals both from the top of the circle, the second coming off of a pretty passing play. Jr. A call-up Kyle Killen had assists on those goals, the first coming just 2:10 into his first MSL game.


“Just coming into the game I was trying to go out there and do my part, set picks, get guys open and I was able to get a couple of points,” Killen said. “It was definitely a little monkey off the back and kind of calmed me down a little bit, realizing that I can play here.”


Killen finished the game with three assists.


“Seeing a young kid out there like Kyle… buzzing around, getting loose balls and creating stuff is a good energy boost for our team,” said Shawn Evans. “I was hoping he’d get his first one tonight. He hit a post late which I was hoping it’d go in for him but overall he played a great game.”


The Lakers continue to rely on Sr. B and Jr. A call-ups while they wait for a host of players to return from injury. Swift has dressed in every game so far as an affiliated player. Nick Finlay played his fourth game. Tyler Gaulton, who appeared in two games in 2016, saw his first action of the season.


Hope said that the strength of the Peterborough minor lacrosse system is a benefit to the senior team.


“Being able to have the James Gang guys and the Jr. A guys… come in and step right into the lineup and not look like our team is missing a beat is amazing. And they’re great guys in the locker room. I’ve been able to play with most of them, being from Peterborough, either in junior or on a high school team or even against them and they’re obviously good competitors. Tthey have that edge that Peterborough teams are known for.”


An overhand cannon from Holden Cattoni increased the lead to 3-0 at 12:31. Zach Currier’s first at 17:46 of the season gave the Lakers a 4-0 lead at the end of the opening period.


Dan Lomas got the Rock on the board with an early power play goal in the second. Dan MacRae added a power play goal but Cattoni’s four-goal period gave the Lakers an 8-2 lead.


Holden Cattoni

Things weren’t going Oakville’s way so when Curtis Dickson took an extra shot at Jason Noble, Noble retaliated and the two dropped their gloves. Who knew Dickson could fight, and fight well?


“I expected him to be a good fighter just because he’s a big strapping guy from the west coast,” Hope chuckled. “I knew he had a little bit of an edge on him so I expected him to be able to hold his own.”


Noble got the pin but not before taking about seven shots to the head – he just couldn’t keep up with the Lakers’ fiery redhead.


Dickson and Noble’s bout wasn’t the only one of the night. Late in the third, Billy Hostrawser knocked a ball out of Matt Vinc’s stick after the whistle. Vinc had just made a point-blank save on Hostrawser, perhaps the best of his 38 on the night. Hostrawser dropped his gloves after Tyler Gaulton slashed him, and the two grappled before Bryce Sweeting stepped in to take on the Rock’s notorious tough guy.


Hostrawser then tried to get at Zach Currier before he was escorted off the floor.


Mitch Desnoo later tried to wrangle Cattoni into a fight, ripping his jersey in the process. Bill Saxton wanted a piece of Currier, who declined, although they both ended up with misconducts.


“It was a team tough game,” Evans said. “We’re at home, we love playing in front of our fans and whatever happens, happens. I think we stepped up on every occasion tonight. Offensively I thought we played great; the ball was moving. Defensively we played strong and didn’t give them anything. Vno did his job and when things got rough we stepped up.”


The Rock scored the first two goals of the third period but the Lakers replied with a trio of power play goals. Shawn Evans sandwiched a marker from Kyle Buchanan.

The Lakers are on the road this Saturday evening at 7 p.m. at the Brampton Memorial Arena to face the Excelsiors. They return home to host the Cobourg Kodiaks on Thursday, June 29 at 8 p.m.



Buchanan scores five in Lakers win



June 18, 2017


by Anna Taylor


COBOURG, ON – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers remain perfect in the 2017 season after an 11-7 victory over the Cobourg Kodiaks at the Cobourg Community Centre on Sunday evening. The Lakers are 6-0 and the only remaining undefeated MSL team.


The Lakers, who have had to rely heavily on call-ups from Sr. B and Jr. A so far this season, found themselves truly shorthanded with only 14 runners to start the game. Granted, the Kodiaks don’t provide much competition, but the win really speaks to the depth of the Peterborough lacrosse system.


Brett Coons continues to make a case that he should stick around for his full rookie season. Jeff Swift continues to play well on offense for the Lakers. Brad Baker and Steve Bourdon both dressed for their second games. New to the lineup were Brock McGillis and Nick Saltern.


Luckily, both Evan Kirk and Matt Vinc were available for the game. With so few runners, coaches Mike Hasen and Bobby Keast elected to ask Vinc to play out as a defenseman for the game. Vinc is a long-pole defender when he plays field lacrosse, so it wasn’t a stretch to throw him in.

“The last time I played (defense in box lacrosse ) was 2006 or 2007, my first year in the MSL,” VInc chuckled. “It’s been awhile. I just had a lot of fun and it was good to get a change of pace out there.”


Vinc said there is a stark difference between playing defense in box and field.


“It’s a lot different, especially on the concrete floor,” he explained. “It’s a lot more fast-paced with quicker shots and a higher tempo. But overall a lot of the same basics apply and I can use that to my advantage.”


Vinc wore Ian Llord’s jersey. Vinc said he hoped he played well enough for nobody to notice him, but savvy fans in the crowd realized pretty quickly that #29 wasn’t as tall as he usually is.

Some players were missing with work commitments; those injured are well documented; and some were delayed at airports. For example, Curtis Dickson, who played for Major League Lacrosse’s New York Lizards on Saturday night, was a late arrival but made it in time for second warmup. Jake Withers, who played for the Atlanta Blaze, didn’t make it back at all.


But although the Lakers started with 14 runners, they gained an extra shortly into the first period.


Fresh off a two-goal performance on Saturday night with the Denver Outlaws, Zach Currier flew directly home Sunday and stepped right onto the floor with his hometown team to make his season debut.


“I’m a little bit tired but definitely excited to be back in a Lakers jersey,” Currier said. “It feels pretty good to be home so it was easy to get up for this type of game.”


Currier just graduated from Princeton University where he starred for the Tigers’ lacrosse team, and was recently drafted to the pro field league by the Outlaws. He’s played two games for the John Grant Jr. coached team, scoring three goals and three assists so far. In the field game, he plays midfield. Last season he played defense for the Lakers, but on Sunday played everywhere except goal. He’s a versatile player the Lakers are glad to have back.


“Im just going to go where they need me,” Currier said. “I feel like that’s what happens with whatever team I’m on, so wherever they need me that’s where I’ll be. Hopefully I can find a role this year.”


The Lakers led 5-2 after the first period and 9-5 after the second. Fans expecting another blowout were probably happy the game was closer - it meant it was more competitive. Despite how well they played, the Kodiaks are still winless on the season.


“There was a little bit of a pushback from the Kodiaks tonight,” Currier said. “We had some roster issues, we didn’t have a full lineup, but they definitely played a hard game and gave us a run for our money.”


The Kodiaks got as close as 10-7 in the third period on Colton Armstrong’s shorthanded goal, but couldn’t muster anymore. It wasn’t a rough game; the only penalties of note were roughing majors to Shawn Evans and Pete Rennie, who exchanged a couple of protected punches. The refs stepped in just before the two dropped their gloves.


Kyle Buchanan led the Lakers with five goals and two assists. Shawn Evans had two goals and five assists, Curtis Dickson two goals and Turner Evans a goal and six assists. Buchanan is tied for the team lead in goals with 16 with Holden Cattoni. Shawn Evans leads overall with 30 points.


Evan Kirk was solid for the Lakers against a determined Kodiaks team, even stopping a second period penalty shot against Matt Crough. Kirk worked well his new-look defense that included Eric Shewell playing big minutes with Robert Hope, and of course, Vinc, who even stepped up on special teams.


“Coach Keast saw that I probably know our system the best so it was the easiest transition especially with so many call-ups,” Vinc explained.


Luke Laszkiewicz led the Kodiaks with a hat trick.


The Lakers are back in action this Thursday, hosting the Oakville Rock at the Memorial Centre, and back on the road in Brampton this coming Saturday.



Scoring for the Lakers:

Kyle Buchanan (5-2)

Shawn Evans (2-5)

Curtis Dickson (2-0)

Turner Evans (1-6)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-0)

Brock McGillis (0-1)

Brett Coons (0-1)

Robert Hope (0-1)

Jeff Swift (0-1)

Zach Currier (0-1)


Banner raising to honour Ted Higgins


June 12, 2017


PETERBOROUGH, ON – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers will be hosting a special surprise ceremony prior to Thursday’s game to honour their president, Ted Higgins - a local lacrosse player, coach and builder. A banner will be raised to the rafters of the Peterborough Memorial Centre to commemorate Higgins’ accomplishments in the game and his dedication to the game.


The Lakers owe their success to Higgins, who took over the team in the early 2000s and created the perennially contending team fans love now. Five Mann Cups came in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2012, and 3000 plus fans fill the arena every Thursday night thanks to Higgins’ efforts.


Making the game even more special will be the Six Nations Chiefs’ only visit to the Memorial Centre during the 2017 regular season. The Chiefs defeated the Lakers in seven games in last years’ league final before going on to host and win the Mann Cup. The Lakers will be looking for some early-season redemption to kick-start the rivalry this season.


Friends and former players and teammates with a connection to Higgins are encouraged to attend the game.


Tickets are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at


Narrow win over Chiefs


June 15, 2017


by Marla Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - Scooping up loose balls, firing them past goaltenders into the back of the net to give your team a come-from-behind win in the last minute of the game is the stuff of dreams…luck and hard work. That’s how Bryce Sweeting found himself Thursday night, as the Lakers, down by two with a couple of minutes to go, pulled off a 7-6 victory over the Six Nations Chiefs at the Peterborough Memorial Centre. Kyle Buchanan, at the top of the shooters’ circle, just moments earlier, unloaded a quick release past goalie Dillon Ward, tying the score at 6-6. With seconds to go, and overtime looming, Sweeting scored the winner and recalled how it all came about:


“I got a lucky bounce there; picked up a loose ball and realized I was on a breakaway. I play with Wardo in the wintertime so I kinda know him and I found a way to get it in there…It’s my first in the MSL, so for a game winner against Six Nations, I can’t ask for much more.”


The evening, dedicated to Ted Higgins for his unselfish, total immersion in supporting Peterborough sports teams for 50 years, honored him prior to the start of the game. He has played, coached, managed, purchased, cheered and even sung the national anthem, showing his pride for the impending game and his country. Among other remembrance gifts, was his own Lakers jersey sporting the number 50, commemorating his fifty years of lacrosse support. Don’t forget to look up next time you’re in the Mem Center, where now hangs Higgins’ banner, included with other lacrosse greats.


Early into the game, there was an atmospheric intensity in the crowd of 3016 and in the play on the floor. Though each team was missing several key members, and deserving call-ups were taking their places, (and their personal numbers and names on those jerseys!), everyone was aware of last season’s weird outcome. Lakers were up three games to none in the eastern final, but Six Nations roared back four straight to win the series and the right to hold the Mann Cup finals in their arena. This meeting, on this night in 2017, was almost an eighth game in the seven game series of 2016. The winner would either reinforce the victory of Six Nations, or if Peterborough, show that they too could dominate. There was lots on the line.


What there wasn’t was lots of goals. This wasn’t the blowout 28-7 over the Brampton Excelsiors last week, or the 17-10 defeat of Brooklin Redmen. There weren’t oodles of penalties either, and no fisticuffs that really hurt, injured, or mattered. This was a concentrated game of trading goals. The only lead larger than one was in the third with Craig Point, all alone in the top right shooters’ circle, and near the nine minute mark, gave the Chiefs a two goal lead of 6-4. That number held, for too long, although everyone knows lacrosse is a funny game. Things happen. At the last second things, sometimes. In bunches sometimes. And sometimes, nothing. Just nothing. But not this night. Down to two minutes remaining in the game, down by two goals, Thomas Hoggarth, on transition, made it 6-5 Chiefs, with a floor level quick shot past Ward.


Holden Cattoni had a productive night and a fun surprise too. He scored twice, and had extra special help with the second goal. His four-years younger brother Taite, was a last minute call-up and Holden related “It’s the first time I’ve ever played on the same team with my brother. I aged out of junior just before he came in. Now for him to play here is a pretty special feeling, and to get him to assist on one of my goals is pretty cool”. Post game, Cattoni was asked what it meant to the team to pull out a victory when it surely looked like a loss was imminent?


“It means a lot. It gives us a big boost for us to win that game and have the confidence against that team that has eliminated us in key games in the last couple of years. To make a comeback like that so late in the game, shows a lot of character in the room”.



The Lakers play their third game of the week on Sunday at 6 p.m. in Cobourg. They return home next Thursday, June 22 to host the Oakville Rock.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (2-2)

Kyle Buchanan (1-1)

Jake Fox (1-0)

Shawn Evans (1-0)

Bryce Sweeting (1-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-0)

Robert Hope (0-2)

Turner Evans (0-1)

Taite Cattoni (0-1)

Ian Llord (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)


Bryce Sweeting was the Wiser Player of the Game. The 180 Hunter defensive player of the game was Robert Hope.






Lakers roar again in road win


June 14, 2017


WHITBY, ON – Less than a week after the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers put up 28 goals against the Brampton Excelsiors, they put up 17 against the Brooklin Redmen, a more powerful team – and they did it on the road. The Lakers took down their closest geographic rival 17-10 Wednesday evening at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby.


The Lakers led the whole game and only let the Redmen get as close as 12-9 in the second period.


Kyle Buchanan led the Lakers with four goals and two assists. He has 20 points total this season – third on the team.


“The right side is guys that I’ve been building chemistry with, playing with Dickson for four years in Calgary and the last two with Kyle in New England,” Shawn Evans said. “We’re having fun up here, we’re enjoying playing and we’re seizing the moment.”


Evans had a goal and seven assists against Brooklin.


“Tracey (Keluksy) is doing a really good job of getting [the offense] to move the ball,” GM Paul Day said. “He’s trying to really keep it simple and keep everybody involved. Someone like Buchanan tonight, he’s off-ball and he gets a lot of loose balls. He’s a real good piece that we brought in this year.”


Curtis Dickson had a hat trick and two assists. Holden Cattoni, Matt Gilray and Thomas Hoggarth each had two goals. Brad Self, Josh Gilray and Jeff Swift also scored.


The Lakers led 4-1 after the first period. Cattoni scored the first of four shorthanded goals just 11 seconds into the second quarter. The Lakers had a 12-6 lead but a few defensive breakdowns allowed the Redmen to pull within three.


“Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. In the past we sometimes would have self-destructed in the third but tonight I thought we did a good job coming back and being focused,” Day praised.


The Lakers outscored the Redmen 5-1 in the final frame, with Self scoring the teams’ last of the four shortys just 25 seconds into the period.


The Lakers have scored 45 goals in their last two games. The team is having fun, but they’re also conscious of the big test coming up tonight.


“We have to be ready (for the Chiefs),” Evans said. “These are the games that bite us in the butt if we’re not focused and ready to play near the end of the season so we need to get these wins now. Our goal is to get first place and get home floor advantage and take it from there. It’s going to be a hard fought game and fans will get their moneys’ worth.”


The Lakers host the Six Nations Chiefs for the only time this season, on a night they will raise a banner for president Ted Higgins. Tickets are available at the box office, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at


Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (4-2)

Curtis Dickson (3-2)

Holden Cattoni (2-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (2-0)

Matt Gilray (2-0)

Shawn Evans (1-7)

Jeff Swift (1-2)

Josh Gilray (1-1)

Brad Self (1-0)

Turner Evans (0-3)

Jake Withers (0-3)

Robert Hope (0-2)

Ian Lord (0-1)

Joel Matthews (0-1)




28-7 blowout win for Lakers


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH – What a debut for the Wiz.


It’s not the most creative nickname, not like the hockey nicknames of old (think “Newsy,” “Tiger” or “Gump”). Most nicknames these days are variations of a players’ last name – but “Wiz” is apt. The Lakers’ second-year defenseman made some magic happen in the team's 28-7 annihilation of the Brampton Excelsiors on Thursday night.


Just returned to the Lakers from the Ohio State University, Jake Withers went an incredible 24 for 27 on face-offs. He beat every opponent the Excels threw at him.

Jake Withers


Withers helped lead the Buckeyes to the NCAA championship game and was named a third team All-American, a Scholar All-American, and the Big 10 specialist of the year. He finished his NCAA career first all-time in ground balls (344) and face-off wins (606) for the Buckeyes.


As a rookie in the MSL last season, Withers won 75 of 112 recorded draws – that’s 67% - and he did so against the likes of Jeremy Thompson and Jay Thorimbert. This year, Withers will join their company as the league’s elite draw-men. 


Withers is proud of his development, but said that “at the end of the day it’s just a stat. Down the line I’ll face better competition – not to take anything away from those Brampton guys. It looks nice on paper for sure and we got the win so that’s really all that matters.”


After two periods, the Lakers rested Withers and split the draws between Bryce Sweeting and Matt Gilray, who went a combined 7 for 11. Both are defenders but rarely see time at face-off.


Who knew? I didn’t know they were that versatile - they’ve got some hidden talents!” Withers quipped. 


Withers even picked up an unassisted goal, scoring the Lakers’ 15th tally on his own face-off win.


“I get to let my wings out and fly in box,” he said, comparing the indoor game to the field game. “Growing up playing box and being a two-way guy it’s always nice to come back here and get back to my roots and get involved in the play.”

Brad Self


The Lakers and Excels were tied at three in the first period before the Lakers went on a tear of six unanswered goals to lead 9-3. The onslaught continued in the second period, as they led 15-3 before Phil Caputo finally stopped the 12-goal run with his second goal of the game.


Jr. A call-up Jake Fox had his best game in the MSL since joining the team part-time in 2016. Fox scored four goals while adding three assists.


The Jr. Lakers are struggling this season so being part of a big win like Thursday’s at the senior level was a positive experience for their captain.


I’m always grateful when I get an opportunity to come and play with this team,” he said. “I’ve always looked up to a lot of the guys I’m playing with. It’s a great experience. It's helping my game at the junior level. These guys teach me so much that I try to bring back to the juniors.”


Fox gave the Lakers a 5-3 lead in the first as his shot was initially stopped by Excels’ goalie Nolan Clayton, but the ball rolled slowly over the line before the whistle went. In the second period, Fox scored back-to-back goals, scooping up a rebound and stretching to put it over Clayton before accepting a sidearm pass from Shawn Evans. His goal in the fourth was a classic overhand shot.


“The coaches don’t want us to stop playing our game even with the score like that,” Fox said of the large score differential.


Turner Evans


Our coaches were stressing that we have to stick to our principles and fundamentals,” Withers explained. “It’s real easy to get away from that during games like this but down the line we have to be chasing the best version of ourselves so when September comes we’re a better team than we were last year.”


The Lakers led 20-4 after the second period but showed no mercy to the Excelsiors, using the game as an opportunity to work on their systems. They scored eight more in the third period while the Excelsiors managed three.


Nick Finlay played his second game of the season for the Lakers, while Jeff Swift played his third, and scored two goals for his hometown team.


Holden Cattoni led the Lakers with seven goals and two assists. Brad Self had two goals and 11 assists for 13 points. Turner and Shawn Evans each had 10-point nights including a first period hat-trick for Shawn. Kyle Buchanan and Curtis Dickson had seven points each. Matt Vinc made 34 saves.


The Lakers are in Brooklin next Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. before returning home to host the Six Nations Chiefs for their only visit this season on Thursday, also at 8 p.m.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (7-2)

Jake Fox (4-3)

Turner Evans (3-7)

Shawn Evans (3-7)

Kyle Buchanan (3-4)

Brad Self (2-11)

Curtis Dickson (2-5)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-3)

Jake Withers (1-1)

Jeff Swift (1-1)

Matt Gilray (1-0)

Bryce Sweeting (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)

Joel Matthews (0-1) 


Home opener win over Brooklin


June 1, 2017


PETERBOROUGH - The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are 2-0 to start the 2017 season after a pair of wins this week including 14-9 over the Brooklin Redmen during the Lakers’ home opener last night at the Memorial Centre in front of 3315 fans.


The Lakers opened the season with an 11-10 overtime victory on Monday in Oakville, but the players, especially Curtis Dickson, were glad to be home.


“It’s awesome to be back,” Dickson expressed after the game. “It was nice to be back in front of the best fans in summer lacrosse. It’s an awesome atmosphere and that’s something you become accustomed to playing with.”


Dickson made an immediate impact on the Lakers and the Peterborough community when he joined the team in 2015 after the Lakers secured his release from the WLA’s Maple Ridge Burrards. In his one MSL season he scored 75 points and was the playoff MVP, leading the Lakers to a Mann Cup berth. Dickson was excited to come back for redemption last season but a sports hernia kept him sidelined all summer.


“It was a little heartbreaking last year not being able to come back here and play but, unfortunately, things happen when you play lacrosse,” he said. As for this season, “I’ve had a little while off from box lacrosse. We didn’t make the playoffs in Calgary so it was nice to have a little time off and rest the body up.”


His summer off was a blessing in disguise as he roared back into the NLL, leading the league in goals. His dynamic play was welcomed back to Peterborough on Thursday as he picked up two goals and two assists and brought the crowd to their feet with some innovative plays.


“It was nice to get my feet wet,” he smiled. “There are always kinks to work out and it takes time to build chemistry. I just [flew] in [Wednesday] afternoon so this was my first time playing with quite a few of these guys. We have some stuff to work on but coming in for the first game and getting a win is obviously a positive.”

Evan Kirk


One of Dickson’s new teammates is Kyle Buchanan, already a fan favourite after just two games with the Lakers. He also picked up two goals and two assists on Thursday.


“We just bounced ideas off each other,” Buchanan said of the pair’s first game. “We’ve seen each other play. The lacrosse world is so small so I know what he likes to do. He’s a great player and I’m just trying to make room for him.”


Once the Lakers have a full lineup, Shawn Evans, Mark Steenhuis, Adam Jones, Cory Vitarelli and Josh Currier will have joined the group of core forwards. The Lakers relied on call-ups from the Jr. A Lakers and Sr. B Ennismore James Gang to round out their roster on Thursday. Brooklin did the same with 11 regulars away for the NLL final.


“That’s how it works in this league when other leagues are still playing so you get a chance to work with some call-ups and work on some chemistry,” Dickson explained. “With guys coming in and out of the lineup like that it’s important to have a lot of depth. I think we’re blessed to have a lot of guys that can put the ball in the net.”


The Lakers built a 4-0 lead through the first period on two goals from Holden Cattoni including the game’s opener at 32 seconds, a shot that slipped through the five-hole of Brooklin’s Zach Higgins. Jake Fox got in alone to score shorthanded at 8:55 and Dickson picked up his first at 11:56. Evan Kirk stopped all nine shots he faced in the first.


Kyle Buchanan and Matt Gilray extended the lead to 6-0 early in the second before Dan Lintner and Sean Darroch scored back-to-back goals for the Redmen. Turner Evans responded by picking a top corner on Higgins at 13:52. Lintner, Evans’ Toronto Rock teammate, replied just over a minute later but Dickson’s second and a goal from Josh Gilray put the Lakers up 9-3 heading into the third.


“We wanted to focus on our start,” Buchanan said. “The first five minutes is kind of cliché but that was the start we got off to and we rode that a bit. We got a bit complacent in the second but we played a controlled game. We ran the ball well and we kept moving the offense which tired out their D so we have to keep doing that moving forward.”


Ian Llord & Nick Weiss




Brooklin turned on the heat in the third, outscoring the Lakers 6-4. Lintner added two in the frame and Reilly O’Connor had a hat-trick for the Redmen. Fox did his best Mark Steenhuis impression while scoring his second shorthanded goal of the game. Some bad luck for Higgins stalled the Redmen’s comeback attempt as a bad clearing attempt resulted in a goal for Joel Matthews, after Zach Tompkinson tried to control the ball but swiped it right into his own net. Higgins just sat in his net and laughed. Matt Gilray scored into an empty net at 17:46.


It was a special evening for the Gilray brothers – just the latest pair of brothers to suit up for the Lakers in recent memory, following Brad and Scott Self, Shawn and Scott Evans, Brian and Kevin Croswell, Brock and Kyle Sorensen and Josh and Zach Currier. Not only did they make their senior lacrosse debut together, they also both scored their first MSL goals in the game.


“I’m just trying to do my part,” Matt Gilray said. “I’m a tranny guy so I run up and down the floor as hard as I can and then see what happens… This was a great experience, just putting on the jersey means a lot for everyone in the room.”


Matt will continue with the Lakers as a rookie while Josh will return to the James Gang once the Lakers roster fills out.


“There are no words to describe what it’s like to be part of an organization like this. It’s a family through and through. It’s something really special,” Gilray said.


Joel Matthews also had a great game, helping at face-off and setting picks to make room for the offense while also picking up a goal and assist and leading the Lakers’ physical play, including a monster hit on Ryan McMichael in the first, which may have helped spark a near line-brawl with two seconds left in the game, although really Brooklin just took exception to Cattoni’s empty net goal.


Matthews fought McMichael, who wanted to go two rounds, and Bryce Sweeting got the better of Tompkinson. The melee resulted in most of the Redmen leaving the floor before the traditional handshakes, and should make for an interesting rematch when the teams meet again.


The Lakers have a week off before their next game on Thursday at 8 p.m. when they host the Brampton Excelsiors at the Memorial Centre. Tickets are on sale now at the box office.



- Prior to the game the Lakers honoured the late Jan Magee, a former lacrosse great we lost in May. Instead of introducing each Laker individually, the team filed solemnly onto the floor together to stand with members of the PMLA to pay tribute to Magee. Later, as per beloved tradition, Ted Higgins sang the national anthem.

- Brooklin's players were wearing the jerseys of the regulars who weren't there, so even though it looked like Steve Priolo, Kevin Brownell and Shayne Jackson (among others) were playing, they were not.

- Nick Finlay of the Jr. A Lakers also made his senior Lakers debut on defense.

- Vanessa Oake-Hogan of Century 21 United Realty particpated in the ceremonial face-off.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (3-0) Jake Fox (2-2) Kyle Buchanan (2-2) Curtis Dickson (2-2) Matt Gilray (2-0) Turner Evans (1-2) Josh Gilray (1-2) Joel Matthews (1-1) Brad Self (0-3) Rob Hope (0-2) Dylan Evans (0-2) Ian Llord (0-2) Jeff Swift (0-1) Bryce Sweeting (0-1) Eric Shewell (0-1)


Lakers win opener in OT


May 29, 2017


OAKVILLE, Ont. – One down.


The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers’ journey to the 2017 Mann Cup began with their first win of the season 11-10 in overtime over the Oakville Rock at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre on Monday night.


The Lakers were missing a chunk of their regular roster so relied heavily on their young talent. Call-up Jeff Swift scored the game winner 4:14 into the extra frame.


“Swifty just dug and dug and worked really hard for us all night and was rewarded with a goal and it was a big one. He had a great game,” said sophomore Laker Holden Cattoni.


“I’ve played with Swifty most of my life and he’s a great player,” captain Robert Hope said. “He’s always had a knack for scoring in both hockey and lacrosse. He’s a real gritty guy. Anytime you need something done out there he’s the guy to do it so it was nice to see him get that one.”


Hope is adjusting to his new role as Lakers’ captain and relished his first game with the C on his jersey, although he says the team is the same as its always been.


“It was a similar game to past ones,” he reflected. “We maybe just did some things different in warmup but I’m glad that we were able to get the win. I thought we did a lot of good things out there but we also did some things that weren’t the best decisions but hopefully as the year goes on we can learn from our mistakes.”


Missing were Brock Sorensen (IR), Chad Tutton (IR), Cory Vitarelli (IR), Josh Currier (IR), Zach Currier (school), Jake Withers (school), Adam Jones (NLL) and Curtis Dickson, who is arriving in Peterborough on Wednesday. 


Hope is anchoring a much improved defense this season. It was obvious from the first game that the entire d-corps has benefitted from an off-season of training and NLL experience, although special teams will have to be a focus for the Lakers going forward as the Rock converted on five of their eight power play chances while holding the Lakers to one goal on six chances.


“It’s difficult when we haven’t been together and we don’t know everyone’s tendencies for PK yet but we have a lot of great players on the back end so we worked through it,” Hope explained. “Oakville has great shooters on their team and they were really hot, especially on the power play. We really tried to emphasize staying out of the box, especially in the third period, but we didn’t do the best job of that.”


The Rock went up 1-0 2:49 into the game. It took seven minutes more for the Lakers to get on the board but when they did the floodgates opened and they led 4-2 after the first, getting goals from Brad Self, Joel Matthews, Kyle Buchanan and Shawn Evans. 


Cattoni increased the lead to 6-2 early in the second quarter scoring back-to-back goals. Wesley Berg scored his second power play goal of the game to get one back for the Rock but Shawn Evans scored behind-the-back, followed by Turner Evans on a five-on-three power play, put the Lakers up 8-3. Brett Hickey scored a pair of power play goals to end the period 8-5.


“It was a good start for us especially offensively,” Cattoni said. “I think we have a good rhythm. Obviously we’re still rusty and we haven’t played together in a while. It’s going to take a little bit of time to get our timing back and get used to playing with each other. It was a good character win.”


The Rock outscored the Lakers 5-2 in the third period to tie the game at 10. Thomas Hoggarth and Turner Evans scored for the Lakers. Dan Lomas scored the Rock’s 10th goal at 19:19 to send the game to overtime. 


Swift’s was the only goal in the extra frame.Shawn Evans interviewed


Cattoni said playing the overtime was a bonus.


“It gets our lungs back,” he said. “It gets us back into the competitiveness of the MSL.”


Oakville was coming off a 13-5 defeat of the Cobourg Kodiaks on Sunday night. Both games featured a multitude of new players for the Rock as several of their regulars are resting after the NLL season. However, their big-name players didn’t disappoint. Brett Hickey scored four goals and Wesley Berg three. Dan Lomas had two goals; Brandon Slade added the other. Steve Fryer stopped 48 of 59 shots.


Evan Kirk made 46 saves for the Lakers. Both Shawn and Turner Evans had six points each for the Lakers. Cattoni had four while Buchanan and Matthews had three each.


The Lakers’ home opener is this Thursday, June 1 at 8 p.m. at the Memorial Centre, and the players are chomping at the bit to get home.


“We have the best fans in this league by far and it’s nice to play in front of friends and family,” Hope expressed. “…it’s just such a great environment. Each time we’re on the floor we bring our best effort and hope we can get a win.”


Tickets can be purchased in person at the Memorial Centre, by phone (705) 743-3561 or online at


Recognition for Lakers' players


May 25, 2017


by Anna Taylor


Your Peterborough Century 21 Lakers have been making noise all over the lacrosse map! Here are just some of the ways they have been recognized over the past month:



  • The Canadian Lacrosse Association announced on Wednesday the re-launch of the Heritage Cup, a classic box lacrosse game between Canada, the United States and the Iroquois nation, to be held on October 21, 2017 at FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton. The Cup was previously awarded in 2002, 2004 and 2013. The U.S. defeated Canada in 2002. Canada was victorious over the U.S. in 2004 and the Iroquois in 2013. Lakers players Curtis Dickson, Shawn Evans, Adam Jones, Brad Self and Matt Vinc are on Canada’s preliminary roster as they represented our country during the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship, where they won the gold medal. 



  • Jake Withers, The Ohio State University:
  • USILA 2nd Team All-American
    • 3rd Team Inside Lacrosse/Media All-American
    • Big 10 Specialist of the Year
    • Made the 25-man nomination list for the Tewaaraton award
  • Zach Currier, Princeton:
    • USILA 2nd Team All-American
    • 1st Team Inside Lacrosse/Media All-American
    • 1st Team All-Ivy
    • Made the 25-man nomination list for the Tewaaraton award
    • Nominated for the Roper Trophy as Princeton’s most outstanding senior male athlete
    • Finished second all-time at Princeton in career ground balls 
    • Zach Currier

    Credit: Robert Goldstein

  • THIS WEEKEND: Withers and his Buckeye teammates will compete for the NCAA championship, while Currier participates in the USILA North/South all-star game. 



  • Andrew Suitor was given the Rochester Knighthawks' Wolf Pack award for his heart and dedication to the team. 
  • Matt Vinc was named the Knighthawks’ MVP. 
  • Dylan Evans became the Knighthhawks’ all-time leader in face-off wins.
  • Robert Hope was given the Jay Jalbert award as the Colorado Mammoth’s best teammate.
  • Curtis Dickson finished first in goals scored with 54.

Curtis Dickson

  • Both Shawn Evans and Mark Steenhuis reached 1000 NLL points this season.
  • Adam Jones and his Saskatchewan Rush will be competing for the 2017 Champion’s Cup beginning June 4 versus Chad Tutton and the Georgia Swarm (although Tutton is recovering from a torn achilles’ tendon and won’t be playing).
  • Kyle Buchanan was named IL Indoor’s Unsung Hero

High School


  • Always a Laker - John Grant Jr.’s Valor Christian boys’ field lacrosse team won the Colorado state championship for the second consecutive year.


Robert Hope new Lakers' captain


May 10, 2017


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to congratulate retiring captain Scott Self and introduce new captain Robert Hope.


“There are a lot of great leaders in our room and a lot of great people who could have been picked. This is a true honour,” Hope stated at the press conference.


Hope, 25, joined the senior Lakers in 2013 after wearing an A for the junior Lakers. He quickly established himself as stable defender and the embodiment of everything a Laker should be, even playing with a broken hand during the 2016 playoffs.


“Hope is going to be great. He's a natural leader, he carries himself really well and he’s wise beyond his years. He gives an honest effort every night. I know he's got the respect of all the guys in the room and he’ll do a great job,” said Self.


General manager Paul Day said that picking Hope as the new captain was a collaborative process.


“Once we knew Scott was retiring, the staff and board got together about the next leader we wanted,” Day explained. “It was an important decision. Rob has been here five years and is already a great leader both on the floor and in the dressing room. He’s great with his teammates, communicates with referees in a positive manner and has a great reputation in the league.”


Hope was named the Lakers 2013 rookie of the year and their 2016 defenseman of the year. He’s also turned into one of the best defenders in the National Lacrosse League, suiting up for the Colorado Mammoth, where he was recently named their “teammate of the year.”


He learned his leadership techniques from years of interaction with Self. The two are both Peterborough minor grads, and incredible ambassadors for the sport and the city.


“The way Scott treats everyone with respect and the way he approaches players and different staff is admirable,” Hope said. “Also the way he played the game – never taking a shift off, leading from the back end, giving it all he had.”

Hope has learned from Self what Self learned from his captains, Jason Clarke and Mat Giles.


“From those veteran guys I learned that it wasn’t so much what I said, it was more how I carried myself. I had to walk the walk and talk the talk. They showed up to the rink and played hard every night,” Self said.


Self, 37, retires after 15 years with the Lakers. He began his senior career in Victoria in 2001 before coming home to the Lakers in 2002, where he eventually played 264 games. He was named captain in 2009 after building a reputation as one of the league’s most respected players. Self won five Mann Cups with the Lakers and four Merv McKenzie awards as the league’s top defender.


Earlier this year, Self retired from the National Lacrosse League where he won two Champion’s Cups with the Rochester Knighthawks (2013, 2014) and played in three NLL All-Star games.


He said his favourite Lakers memory, of many to choose from, was the 2004 Mann Cup win. It was his first, and the franchise’s first since 1984.


“It was a goal that we set back in 2002,” Self explained. “When Jamie Batley took over as coach, that was our three-year plan. To achieve that goal in Peterborough was amazing.”


Self has come a long way from his first season as a 22-year-old, and this will be his first summer not involved in lacrosse.


He and his girlfriend Candace are expecting their first child this summer so he won’t be lacking things to do. In addition to caring for his new son or daughter, Self will continue his day job with Canada Post as well as spending more time at his cottage with family.


“Thank you to everyone that was involved in the team from coaches to players, to my family and fans for always coming out and supporting this team,” Self said.


Hope will jump right into the fire with training camp coming up and the season starting in less than three weeks.


“We’re going to contend for the Mann Cup,” he said. “That’s our final goal each and every year. We have the team to be able to do it and we’re adding guys we protected and picked up. They’re all important pieces.”


The Lakers open their 2017 season on the road on Monday, May 29 in Oakville before hosting the Brooklin Redmen at the Peterborough Memorial Centre in their home opener on Thursday, June 1. Season tickets are on sale now. Single game tickets go on sale May 17.



acquire Buchanan


April 27, 2017


PETERBOROUGH, ON – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are pleased to announced they have acquired forward Kyle Buchanan from the Brampton Excelsiors.


The 29-year-old from Nepean played three games for the Brooklin Redmen in 2016 before being traded to Brampton, but did not suit up for them. He has not played in the MSL full-time since 2011. In 2012, he won the Sr. B President’s Cup with the St. Regis Braves.


What attracted the Lakers to Buchanan was not only his ability to score goals, but rather his ability to create opportunities for his teammates.


“We have lots of guys who score but we need more off-ball players,” Lakers general manager Paul Day said. “Kyle is a great leader who excels without the ball and is a player that gets the offense multiple possessions with his work for loose balls.”


Buchanan currently plays for the NLL’s New England Black Wolves alongside Lakers teammates Chad Culp, Evan Kirk and 2016 MVP Shawn Evans. He’s not the biggest guy on the floor at 5’8 and 165 lbs. but Buchanan has 30 goals and 35 assists and is fourth on the Black Wolves in scoring. He is a solid contributor, scoring at least 59 points in each of his last four seasons.


“I’m excited to go to an organization that year after year has a chance at the Mann Cup. There are a lot of familiar faces on the team. I’ve been with Evans for a couple of years in New England and we have a good relationship on and off the floor and that will help us be successful. Evans has a pedigree for winning.”


Buchanan was drafted to the junior A Lakers and played a few games for them in 2004, but he's looking forward to seeing the crowds at the senior games.


“I’ve been on the opposite side. I know how jammed it is with people that know and respect the game. I’m super excited to get in front of that crowd and contribute to bringing a Mann Cup to Peterborough.”

Tracey Kelusky coaches Buchanan in New England, so is familiar with what he can bring to the Lakers.


“Kyle is a huge pick up for us,” Kelusky said. “He’s a gritty player who makes everyone around him better by not only contributing in points but equally importantly by gaining possessions and helping the overall motion of our offense. He has a very high lacrosse IQ and adds a valuable piece to our group.”


The trade is pending league approval, but the Lakers will send picks and future considerations to Brampton in exchange for Buchanan.

Dickson returning to Lakers


March 31, 2017


PETERBOROUGH, ON – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are excited to announce that Curtis “Superman” Dickson will be “flying” into town to join the Lakers for their 2017 season.

Dickson, currently suiting up for the NLL’s Calgary Roughnecks, played with the Lakers in 2015 after his rights were acquired from the WLA’s Maple Ridge Burrards. He made an immediate impact on the Lakers lineup and became a fan favourite with his gravity-defying goals and emotional play.


Dickson intended to play with the Lakers in 2016 but suffered a sports hernia late in the NLL season that wasn’t discovered until June. It kept him out of action for the whole summer. The Lakers are glad to have Dickson back as they once again prepare to face stiff competition from the Mann Cup champion Six Nations Chiefs in the MSL final. The Lakers lost to the Chiefs in game seven last season. Dickson brings an intangible that is immeasurable in big games.


“We are very excited to have him back living in the community,” said Lakers GM Paul Day. “He makes our team better, gives our players more room on the floor and makes Major Series Lacrosse more entertaining for all the fans. We were disappointed last year when he wasn't able to return. I worked hard with Maple Ridge when the season was over in the fall to retain his rights.”


Dickson’s 2015 MSL accomplishments:




The Burrards are the defending WLA champions. Dickson’s choice to come back to Peterborough speaks volumes about his love for the team.




“I’m so excited to be back in Peterborough for another summer,” Dickson said. “Unfortunately an injury kept me out last summer when I was really looking forward to getting another shot at the Mann Cup. Peterborough is second to none when it comes to summer lacrosse and I can’t wait to get back playing with the guys.”


Dickson is currently tied for the scoring lead the NLL in goals with 82 points including 39 goals and 43 assists.


Season tickets are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office now. The Lakers open their season on Monday, May 29 in Oakville before their home opener on Thursday, June 1st vs the Brooklin Redmen.


Peterborough Lakers’ 2018 season and City recommendations to repair Memorial Centre floor


February 24, 2017


It has been less than two weeks since the Peterborough Lakers were given some much needed and appreciated financial assistance from the City of Peterborough. The news today leaves the Lakers board shocked that there may be no Lakers lacrosse season in 2018 in Peterborough because of recommendations released today about floor and ice making equipment repairs at the Memorial Centre.


The Lakers heard Peterborough council itself state that to lose either the Lakers or the Petes would be a tremendous blow to the city. The news today suggests that losing the Lakers is a real possibility in the very near future. The Lakers believe, based on the Petes comments to council on their economic benefit to the city, that the Lakers infuse about 4-5 million dollars into the city economy with their Major Series Lacrosse events. That is a huge loss for the city and local businesses; it is not just a loss for the Lakers.


The loss of the season in Peterborough is also a great loss for our minor lacrosse leagues and the junior team that also play out of the Memorial Centre. 2018 is also a year when the Mann Cup is in the east so even if we are able to play somewhere and do win, it is a good possibility that Peterborough would miss hosting the national championship.


The Lakers at this time are focused on the upcoming season and hope that 2018 doesn’t become a distraction to bringing the Mann Cup home from a western final in September. It will be the goal of every team official to keep our players focused on the championship for this year.


However, the effects of not having a 2018 season at the Memorial Centre will require some major planning and adjustments to budget revenues and costs. The possibilities of having our season run out of another venue: Oshawa, Pickering or maybe even Belleville to name a few, will have a significant impact on our fan base and travel expenses. The Lakers also believe that there will certainly be an effect on our ability to keep sponsors. Our fans and sponsors have always been loyal and the backbone of our revenues. A significant loss to either of these supports could make the team unsustainable.


New arrangements must be made well in advance, so if the final decision of city council is to go ahead with the planned repairs we will have to move quickly to secure a venue. We are unsure of what the MSL will allow us to do so they too will have to be consulted on whatever arrangements we can make. The city report does say that the city will provide the Lakers with some assistance in finding an alternate venue.


The Lakers' board has yet to have a full board meeting to discuss the implications in detail. When you get news like this, people want to know what is going to happen. Besides the first thoughts and challenges that go through our minds, there still needs to be some calm and reason to sit back and find a solution. The Lakers board promises to act in the best interest of our fans and will strive to carry on Peterborough’s tradition of producing great lacrosse championship teams and players!


City of Peterborough Report CPPS17-008

City of Peterborough Report CPPS17-011



Lakers announce the 2016 individual award winners


April 21, 2107


PETERBOROUGH - With the 2017 Major Series Lacrosse season on the horizon, the Lakers are excited to announce the 2016 team award winners for excellence in a number of categories.


These awards have been a tradition of the team for years and the names found on each trophy describe a number of present and past players who have become the face of lacrosse in Peterborough including many, coaches, volunteers and builders of the game.


Our players are so much more than who you see on the floor. We hope our fans come out to congratulate these great players who poured their hearts into playing for the Lakers last season and stood out amongst their peers right into game seven of the OLA finals!


The Fan Favourite award is chosen by our fans on the Lakers' website at Your Lakers' Fan Favourite for 2016 was #9 Mark Steenhuis.


Congratulations to:


Award 2016 Recipient
Top Scorer Shawn Evans 88
Most Valuable Shawn Evans 88
Rookie of the year (a tie) Zach Currier 77 & Holden Cattoni 99
Top Defenceman Robert Hope 18
Top Transition Chad Tutton 12
Most Sportsmanlike Turner Evans 5
Most Dedicated Brad Self 25
Most Improved Jake Withers 10
Fan Favourite Mark Steenhuis 9



 The winners will be awarded their trophies at our 2nd home game June 8 before the opening ceremonies.


Read more about the history of the team here.


Lakers also want to remind season ticket holders that in order to save their present seats, they must claim their tickets at the Peterborough Memorial Centre box office on or prior to Friday April 28. On May 1season tickets not claimed will be released to new ticket buyers. 


With the Petes' success this year, they are still playing and selling tickets to their games, so please plan your trip to the box office to avoid possible line ups on Petes' game days. There has been no increase in Lakers' ticket prices this year so it’s the best value in town for the summer. 


Follow the Lakers on Twitter @PtboLakersLax, on Facebook or Instagram for up to date team news and behind the scene updates.



Lakers draft four



January 29, 2017


WHITBY, ON – Major Series Lacrosse held its annual draft of graduating junior players on Sunday. Thirty players were taken from all over the province. 


The Lakers did not pick until the third round. With their first selection at 13th overall they chose Brett Coons, a Jr. A Lakers defensemen who saw action in two regular season games with the senior team in 2016, recording one assist. For the juniors, Coons played in all 20 games recording one goal and two assists. 


Coons was ecstatic upon hearing the news. 


“It’s a great feeling being drafted to the Lakers,” he expressed. “I’ve played in the organization all the way up and there’s nowhere I’d rather play. Peterborough has a great lacrosse heritage that I’m hopeful I can contribute to.” 


The Lakers chose defenseman Cody Filson from the KW Braves 18th overall. In his five-year junior A career he scored 22 goals and 29 assists for 51 points over 91 games. Filson also plays at Canisus College, where the Lakers Adam Jones and Matt Vinc played during their NCAA careers. 


Will Petschenig from Clarington Jr. B was the Lakers third pick at 24th overall. Petschenig can play all over the floor and did so in his rookie season with Nepean and the remaining three seasons in Clarington, scoring 52 goals and 69 assists for 121 points over 58 games. He is also a former Oshawa General so is familiar with the area. 


“It’s always special to be recognized by a team with so much history,” Petschenig reflected. "As a kid growing up, the Lakers were a special team to watch when they won the Mann Cup in 2004, 2006 and 2007.” 


With the last pick in the draft the Lakers selected forward Pat Masterson from the KW Braves. In 2016, Masterson added a goal and 10 assists for his team. He also plays for the NCAA’s Detroit Mercy, where the Lakers Joel Matthews spent two seasons. 


In addition to their draft picks, the Lakers were able to protect four graduating players from the Junior A Lakers. Those players were captain Dan Michel, Cam Milligan, Matt Gilray and Thomas Hoggarth. 


Chris Cloutier of the KW Braves was taken first overall by the Cobourg Kodiaks. 


Other junior Lakers drafted include Dylan Hutchison, Josh Miller and Cole McWilliams, also by Cobourg.








Changes to Century 21 Lakers' board


January 13, 2017


PETERBOROUGH, ON – The Century 21 Lakers have announced some changes to their board of directors.

Ed Arnold, director of communications, and Pat Baker, board adviser, have retired. Replacing them on the board are Shane Carter and Randy Manning. Brian Cowie has taken over the communications role on the board.

Carter is a local businessman who owns Mastermind Wealth, a division of Protectors Group. He has run his own financial planning service for the last ten years. He also helped to build Premiere Studio of Dance into the successful and renowned studio it is today. He loves the Lakers and is passionate about the Peterborough sports scene.

Randy Manning has replaced Baker as an adviser to the board. Manning currently plays for the Boro Boys as part of the Ontario Masters Lacrosse Association. He has also played, coached, and refereed with the Kawartha District Lacrosse Association and assisted with charitable lacrosse initiatives such as the Truly Lacrosse marathon and Cradle for a Cure. He has also worked with the Lakers alumni.

The Lakers would like to thank Ed and Pat for their dedication to the Lakers and lacrosse in Peterborough and wish them all the best in their retirement. We are excited to have Shane and Randy join the team!






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