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December 8, 2018


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. - Century 21 Lakers executive members are asking its fans, players, and supporters to join them at Monday night's city council meeting at city hall when the decision on whether to put a new floor into the Memorial Centre at a cost of at least $3 million, killing the Lakers' season and delaying the Petes' season next fall, or repair it far less than $1 million with little shutdown time will be discussed and likely voted on by council.


The Lakers, mystified at the inflated repair bill the city came up with, will not give up the fight to repair rather than replace the floor, not only to save their team's season next summer but to save the taxpayers an exorbitant repair bill and end this habit of throwing major money into the Memorial Centre when a new rink should be built – the sooner the better for all.


The Lakers' board and city even got a second opinion on the bill for a new floor which came to only $250,000 with little down time to fix it, which the city knows about, but its department came back with one of $1 million which went well above the floor repair but also includes new piping and new boards for the Peterborough Petes.


"Suddenly it's about more than the floor, and while the boards are probably mandated by the OHL for the Petes' games, we are perplexed that this has become the Lakers' problem," the executive stated. "We've been told so many different things that we no longer know the truth. We have been told it would take weeks for the boards, but we got a second opinion that said five days at the most. We have been told the pipes could deteriorate but also told these pipes have years left in them. We have been told the city okayed the $50,000 ice pad solution to that problem if it did occur and are now told it was never purchased. We have been told the floor alone would cost $1 million, but got a second opinion of $250,000. Now we are being told the $1 million includes the boards and other things other than the repair of the floor. Taxpayers are being told the new floor would cost $3 million but this doesn't include the loss to the city of the rink being closed to not only the Lakers, but several Petes games, concerts and other rentals as well as the payout to the Lakers for lost revenue, the future loss to the city if the Lakers' fans, and sponsors, do not return for the 2020 season or if the Lakers fold as a result of Monday's meeting whether in 2019 or 2020.


"And we should remember the floor repair is necessary for ice conditions, not lacrosse, so the Lakers are not going to benefit one way or the other with repairs or replacements. We have also been told various timelines to repair or replace the floor anywhere from 12 weeks to 22 weeks and the opinions we got for the repair say it is far below this time frame."


The executive members are volunteers, not paid a cent to sit on the board and fight this continuing issue, but they also live and pay taxes in the city.


"We have a right to question city estimates, after all they are our employees as well. The public pays their salaries and feel we should be able to criticize and get second opinions if it benefits the taxpayers of this community. We have done this and now face another uphill climb. We want to do what is right for not only the Lakers, but this community and its taxpayers and believe we have found a solution that works. If you are told at first you need a heart transplant but get a second opinion saying you just require bypass, wouldn't you consider the alternative?"


It is not only the loss of revenue and loss of a Memorial Centre season that the Lakers fear but the loss of senior lacrosse as fans know it today. We will not only lose fans, sponsors and players if we are forced to move to the Evinrude next summer but there is a real possibility the team could fold and be lost to this community.


More importantly, to even non-sports fans but taxpayers, we really believe we have found a way to save them money and get the necessary work done as well. 

Lakers frustrated with city report after a solution is found to repair PMC floor


December 2, 2018


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. - The Century 21 Lakers have been assured by an engineer that fixing the Memorial Centre's floor would not cost the city anywhere close to an estimate a city department has given the public and council and that there would be little downtime while repairing it, saving the Lakers season and any concerts. The Lakers cannot understand why the city would want taxpayers to pay so much more when a much less expensive solution has been indicated, and are frustrated that council is being given inflated numbers to fix the floor.


The City released the results of the latest structural engineering study of the PMC floor. The structural engineers, chosen by the City, came to the conclusion that the PMC floor can be repaired at a significantly less cost to the taxpayers. It does not need to be replaced.


It has always been known that a south-end support wall, under the seats closest to the restaurant, needed to be repaired, but the question on "how to do the repairs," was never asked. The structural engineers who previously provided input, were never asked and have never said to replace the floor. It may be an option, but to take the floor out has simply been the opinion of city staff, done without proper investigation into any other options.


The Entuitive structural engineers were asked to provide a solution. They do not agree that the floor needs to be removed and have provided a solution for the floor that would not interfere with any of the events and present use at the PMC.


The engineers have recommended that a very simple steel structure can be used to extend the life of the existing PMC floor for at least 10 years. This has always been the position of the Lakers. Work could actually start now and then be completed when the ice is removed.


The engineers repair solution will not impact any of the tenants and can be done at a fraction of the cost. In the staff report, the Property Manager has chosen to ignore the proposed solution. He has decided that the pipes within the floor now need to be replaced based on theoretical life expectancy.


In April of 2017 Council approved $50,000 for the purchase of an ice mat system that can be used in the event that any of these pipes were to fail. This system can be installed in as few as five days. With this insurance in place the city should not be so determined to tear up the floor.


The most significant point is that the Entuitive engineers have clearly stated that PMC floor does not need to be replaced.


In the latest news article and staff report there is misleading information and costs that are not being explained. The parameters of the project are being changed and sports fans, workers and the taxpayers will be the ones to suffer. Time factors have also been exaggerated. New boards are to be installed. The Lakers initial enquiries to reputable installers lead us to believe that most of the boards and materials are prefabricated. The actual installation time would be insignificant for the suspension of any events at the memorial centre.


There is a city crisis in regards to arenas and available floor and ice time in Peterborough. The new twin pad project has been put on hold due to the new provincial government's report, that there is no longer an 18-million-dollar grant available for this project. The question from this announcement is now, "where is the money coming from to complete this project?" It has not been answered. Then there is the proposed new event centre and although it is still in the planning phase, the City also needs to find the money to build it.


These are even more reasons to cut the cost at the PMC. Cutting expenditures at the PMC is also in line with a consultant's report and recommendation to spend little or no money on the PMC. This report was received by the City over the summer.


The Lakers want City Council to read the structural engineers report and talk to the stakeholders before accepting staff recommendations. They are the ones who are elected to decide the issue and an automatic rubber stamp on this staff recommendation should not be provided.


We hope council will investigate this matter for the public, taxpayers and Lakers because our information doesn't even come close to city estimates and we are mystified at this process. This matter comes to council Monday night and the Lakers expect a big show of support from those following the issue!


Lakers cap Mann Cup win with awards banquet


September 29, 2018


by Anna Taylor



The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers put a cap on their 2018 Mann Cup win with an awards banquet at Peterborough Golf and Country Club on Saturday night.


Approximately 200 team members, friends and fans were treated to a night of celebration in recognition of the team’s back-to-back titles. The Lakers defeated the Maple Ridge Burrards in four games at the Memorial Centre earlier this month to win their 16thnational title and fourth of this decade after last capturing the trophy in New Westminster last year.


It may have been a quieter banquet than in years past with many players missing with prior commitments, but the mood in the room was light and happy, which became evident as the crowd broke into spontaneous applause as Master of Ceremonies Len Powers began to describe how the season started: potentially without a goalie, until General Manager Paul Day brought in Doug Buchan. 


It wasn’t Buchan’s only moment in the spotlight on Saturday; he also received a standing ovation from the crowd as Day announced him as the Lakers’ rookie of the year.


“Even my teammates stood up for me so this means a lot,” Buchan said.



He also shared the MSL’s top goals against average award with Evan Kirk and Matt Vinc, though Day recounted that Vinc had expressed that the award belonged solely to Buchan, who led the MSL with a 6.27 GAA. Buchan led the team to a 5-1 start and finished with a 9-1 record that included a game where he limited the Six Nations Chiefs to three goals.


“Those other two are my idols. Two of the best goalies in the league,” Buchan said of Vinc and Kirk. “I look up to them and try to model my game after them a little bit. To have my name on that trophy with them is a pretty cool experience that I’ll remember forever.”


Buchan played well enough this summer to earn a contract with the Philadelphia Wings, so he’s looking forward to the upcoming NLL season, but will be glad to return to Peterborough next summer.


“This turned into one of the best years of my life,” Buchan said. “It was an incredible season. I got the opportunity to play a couple of games early in the season and I kind of ran with it. Walking out in front of all the fans gave me goosebumps every night. I made a whole new group of friends this year and they were always supporting me whether I played well or not so it was unbelievable.”


Kyle Buchanan also won the MSL’s top scorer award with 68 points (23G+45A).



In addition to the team awards, the Lakers were also presented with honourary scrolls from both the provincial and federal governments; MPP Dave Smith was on hand to celebrate with the Lakers on behalf of the province of Ontario. MSL commissioner Doug Luey dropped off the team’s gold medals earlier in the day; each medal is inscribed with the player’s name.


Other award winners in attendance were most dedicated Robert Hope and top defenseman Brock Sorensen.


Sorensen, who won his second Mann Cup this year, was surprised but happy with his award.


“In all honesty it genuinely could have gone to 10 different guys on our team,” he said. “I’m thankful they chose me, but the talent and skill and heart goes throughout our whole team so it doesn’t really matter who you give the award to.”


A Peterborough native now living in Toronto, Sorensen loves any opportunity to come back and play in front of the hometown fans.


“We had another great group this year,” he said. “When you sell out a banquet it’s pretty cool. It just goes to show how much love and support we have in the city.”


He paused, then added, “let’s go after three.”




Award Winners:



Shawn Evans


Top Scorer

Kyle Buchanan


Top Transition

Thomas Hoggarth


Best Defender

Brock Sorensen


Most Sportsmanlike

Corey Small


Most Dedicated

Robert Hope


Most Improved

Chad Tutton


Rookie of the Year

Doug Buchan


Fan Favourite

Mark Steenhuis


Volunteer Award

Diane Livingstone

Lakers in Mann Cup sweep!


September 11, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The only thing better than winning one championship is winning two! And the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers did just that with Tuesday night’s 11-8 win over the Maple Ridge Burrards to reclaim their Mann Cup with four straight wins over the WLA champions. It was the first Mann Cup sweep since 2008 when the Brampton Excelsiors took out the New Westminster Salmonbellies. This was the Lakers 16th title.


The Lakers were defending champions after defeating the Salmonbellies in 2017. It was a special group that won last year and that was determined all season to hoist the Cup in front of their hometown fans. They’ve now won back-to-back titles and will go for the three-peat next season.


“Doing it in BC last year for my first Cup was amazing but being at home in font of this crowd is pretty crazy,” said assistant captain Kyle Buchanan. “When time ran out at the end of the game there I don’t know if I’ve heard this place so loud. It’s pretty amazing and exciting to do it with this group of guys.”


There were a very loud, energetic, and wonderful 3736 fans in attendance.


Scores from games two and three made it appear that after tough playoff series against Brooklin and Oakville, the Mann Cup was a little easier for the Lakers, but they’ll tell you that’s not so.

“If you look at just the names, McIntosh, Dickson and their whole right side, that’s top 10 or top 5 guys in the league...” defenseman Ian Llord said. “You gotta be paying attention to them every single play. You’re not going to shut them down. You just have to contain them. Those guys are awesome and we’re not robots.”


Buchanan said it was about executing the Lakers’ own game plan.


“They’re scrappy on defense and we know their guns on offense,” he said. “I think we focused on our game plan and shut down their key guys. We were able to execute offensively. We have so many weapons up there. It wasn’t easy for them to shut one guy down and we executed when we needed to.”


Indeed, game one was only won by the Lakers in double overtime. In game four, the Burrards pushed back hard as they tried to extend the series. Curtis Dickson scored a pair of goals to tie the game at five in the second period. The Lakers led 7-6 after that middle frame, but Jean-Luc Chetner scored on a delayed penalty to tie the game at seven just 1:35 into the third period.


But from there, the Lakers caught fire. Holden Cattoni ran off the bench at 4:55 to put an overhand shot past Frankie Scigliano from the top of the circle. Adam Jones’ overhand shot from the left 15 seconds later was the game winner. Cattoni added insurance at 7:46 with a long shot. Owen Barker got one back for the Burrards on transition at 10:38.


The Lakers effectively killed off a late Burrards’ power play. They gave up one shot 15 seconds in and then held possession for the rest of the penalty kill. 


Buchanan, especially, was great on the penalty kill, gobbling up loose balls. The second-year Laker is a fan favourite for his ability to be everywhere the ball is.


“Peterborough’s an amazing place to play,” Buchanan said. “It’s an easy way to get up every Thursday for a game. I’m excited about this group. We’ve got some veteran guys but we’re young as well and we’re going to enjoy this and then get ready to go for next year.”


Captain Robert Hope, as he did in 2017, sealed the win with an empty net goal. This year’s was a bit more impressive as he scored from behind his own net, launching the ball 200 feet into Maple Ridge’s yawning cage.


“Words can’t describe this one,” Hope said. “To be able to do it at home in front of friends and family. It’s been a dream come true watching so many people win it here… We worked so hard all year, sacrificed this, that and the other. We’re happy to have the Mann Cup stay here.”


Shawn Evans was named the Mike Kelley award winner as the series’ MVP. It was Evans’ third win. Other players have won three times, but Evans is the only player to win them all with the same team.



What’s impressive about the Lakers’ two wins is the unity within the team. Every player on the team deserves an MVP award. Everyone plays their role and contributes whatever is needed. Evans and Buchanan led the way offensively in the series, both tying the record for assists in a Mann Cup game (eight), but Cory Vitarelli led with nine goals. Adam Jones and Holden Cattoni were dangerous on the left side. The Lakers wouldn’t have won game one without Thomas Hoggarth’s timely goals. Corey Small’s two goals in game four gave the Lakers an early advantage.


The defense doesn’t get as much love as the offense because when they do their job right they do it quietly, but players like Hope, Llord, Brock Sorensen and Bryce Sweeting deserve praise for shutting down the Burrards’ offense. Zach Currier’s knack for loose balls and penalty killing made the crowd roar. Matt Vinc had an almost-unheard of one-goal game.


Jake Withers, another fan favourite, deserves recognition for his ability to adjust his game on the fly. Fans got wise to Withers’ skills in the faceoff circle earlier this season and now applaud every time he wins a draw that gives the Lakers possession.


But CLA rules differ from MSL rules so he had to quickly change how he won those draws. It didn’t matter; he still won 74% of the time.


“[Zack Porter and Travis Irving] are good competitors,” Withers acknowledged his Burrards’ competition. “I think our wing guys really helped me out this whole series and got the job done. Each and every faceoff is a battle and I got beat up pretty good in the X there. But Hopey, Zach, Bucky, Hoggy and Jonesy the odd time out there made my life a lot easier.”


Every player not mentioned individually contributed in more than one way, too, but that would make for an extremely long article.


Of course, the team is made up of more than just the players. Llord made sure to mention those behind the scenes, as well, as he thanked the team’s coaches, trainers and equipment staff.


“It makes you realize how lucky and fortunate you are to win especially playing against guys that good. It just means that our depth was awesome and that goes to everybody on the Peterborough staff and our GM Paul Day.”


Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (2-2)

Holden Cattoni (2-1)

Corey Small (2-0)

Cory Vitarelli (2-0)

Kyle Buchanan (1-8)

Shawn Evans (1-4)

Robert Hope (1-0)

Turner Evans (0-3)

Bryce Sweeting (0-1)












September 10, 2018

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – What a night for the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers! Not only did they take a 3-0 lead over the Maple Ridge Burrards with an 11-6 win in game three of the Mann Cup, they also won a city council decision in favour of getting a second opinion on the state of the Memorial Centre floor.


And, in addition to their double win, Shawn Evans broke John Tavares’ all-time Mann Cup assists record. Tavares’ record was 111; Evans smashed through that with eight assists in the game to put the record currently at 116. It remains to be seen what the record will be at the conclusion of the tournament.


“It’s huge. Credit to Shawny. He’s one of the special ones out there for sure. He makes us go,” praised head coach Mike Hasen.


Curtis Dickson dodged a check at 4:44 to put the ball low on Evan Kirk to open the scoring. Zach Currier responded by dunking Robert Hope’s outlet pass past Frankie Scigliano 1:04 later. Cory Vitarelli put the Lakers up before the parade to the penalty box started. Riley Loewen scored four-on-four before Adam Jones slammed home Kyle Buchanan’s pass on the power play.


Maple Ridge’s Loewen said it’s been difficult to play through all the penalties the last two games, but recognizes that the refereeing has been consistent.


“I think they’ve been calling it both ways. It hasn’t been one or the other,” he said. “We have to set the tone early and see what the refs are calling and play through it.”


Corey Small put the Lakers up 4-2 eight minutes into the second. Vitarelli’s power play goal at 10:50 increased the lead to 5-2.


Evans’ pass to Vitarelli was the assist that broke Tavares’ record. 


“I’m truly honoured,” Evans said. “He’s a guy I looked up to. I loved his play, loved his style. I’m honoured to play with him and to be coached by him (in Buffalo). “To have this moment tonight in front of fans and my family and my teammates, it’s pretty special.”


Ben McIntosh scored on a power play at 16:42 but Kyle Buchanan got that one back for the Lakers 15 seconds later, ringing the ball in off the post. Owen Barker scored on a transition break to close out the period with a 6-4 Lakers’ lead. 


“We hit some posts early,” Evans said. “We had some chances and didn’t find the back of the net but we kept going and we got the ball moving and buried those chances. We’re controlling the tempo, controlling the extra loose balls and finding the back of the net when we need to.”


Early in the third, the Lakers scored three-straight goals in a span of 38 seconds for a 9-4 lead. Buchanan, Currier and Jones all scored their second goals on similar low shots. The run was broken by a power play goal from Jean-Luc Chetner as he and Ben McIntosh had to double-team Robert Hope in the Lakers’ end to knock the ball loose. 


Midway through the period, Dickson earned the ire of the Lakers’ fans as he dumped Jake Withers along the boards by the Burrards’ bench. The whistle also disrupted a chance for a Josh Currier from Zach Currier goal.


Buchanan and Vitarelli each completed hat tricks later in the period, while Loewen also added a goal. Buchanan’s goal was a highlight-reel no-look behind-the-back spin-a-rama.


Backstopped by Evan Kirk’s 23 saves, the Lakers held the Burrards to two goals per period. Frankie Scigliano was forced to make 35 saves.


Though the Lakers are happy with the position they’re in, they’re also cautious. They were up 3-0 on the Brooklin Redmen in the first round and it took them four tries to get that fourth win. So they know that anything is possible on Tuesday night.


“It feels okay right now but we know there’s still a lot of work left to be done,” Hasen said. “We’ll take it for what it is. We worked hard for tonight but tomorrow’s going to be even harder so we just have to take care of ourselves tonight and be ready to go.”


For their part, the Burrards plan on being tough to dispose of.


“We’re not going to give up,” Loewen said. They’re an experienced team but we have to battle through… We have to play a full 60 against these guys because anytime you take your foot off the pedal they’ll capitalize on it.”


Prior to the game, the lacrosse community held a rally outside city hall before council’s meeting. After a long debate and presentations by Jr. A Lakers president Tim Barrie and city staff, the motion to move ahead with floor reconstruction without a second opinion was defeated 9-2. Without a second opinion the Lakers were in danger of being ousted from the arena in 2019 while the floor was ripped out and replaced. 


Game time Tuesday is 8 p.m. Tickets are available at the Memorial Centre box office, online at or by phone at 705-743-3561.


Cory Vitarelli and Curtis Dickson were named the players of the game.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (3-4)

Cory Vitarelli (3-0)

Adam Jones (2-1)

Zach Currier (2-0)

Corey Small (1-1)

Shawn Evans (0-8)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-4)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Josh Currier (0-1)

Evan Kirk (0-1)

Bryce Sweeting (0-1)








September 8, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - The Maple Ridge Burrards ran into a brick wall named Matt Vinc last night in game two of the Mann Cup series, which the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers now lead 2-0 after a 10-1 win.


“I’m trying to rack my brain for the last time I’ve seen [a team score just one goal] and I can’t think of one,” said Holden Cattoni. “It’s incredible with the firepower they have on their team. They’re a very, very talented team. That speaks volumes about our defense and the way Vno played tonight.”

Mike Mallory scored the only goal for the Burrards at 8:37 of the first period. It was the game's opening goal. The Lakers responded with 10 unanswered while playing the best defense of the season in front of Vinc, who made 30 saves.


It was quite a difference from game one’s 14-13 double OT score.


“We came to play tonight and we were fortunate to keep the ball out of the net. Vno stood on his head and that was a huge part of it. They had a lot of chances. I attribute [our success tonight] to really good defense and especially Vno’s play tonight,” said Chad Tutton.



Tutton, especially, has been tasked with keeping Dickson in check, and he’s done his job through two games. Dickson was held to five shots in game two.


“I don’t think he’s very happy with me,” Tutton chuckled. “I’m trying to really get under his skin as much as I can. Obviously he’s their best guy and he knows that, everybody knows that, so I’m going to do whatever I can to throw him off his game and I think I’m doing a pretty good job right now.”


Cattoni tied the game less than two minutes two after Mallory’s goal, avoiding a check and throwing a backhand past Scigliano to convert Shawn Evans’ falling pass. He put the Lakers up 2-1 on a give-and-go with Evans nine seconds into the game’s first power play. Adam Jones increased the lead 59 seconds later, and Jake Withers scored four seconds after that after winning his faceoff.


Matt Gilray opened the second period with a transition goal. Cattoni completed his hat trick at 5:12. Turner Evans and Cory Vitarelli also scored for an 8-1 Lakers’ lead after two.


The entire game had been rough with 32 combined penalty minutes in minors through the first 40 minutes. Zack Porter also received a 10-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in the second period, while Burrards’ assistant coach Rob Dalzell was ejected at the end of the frame.


However, the third period got silly as the Burrards became unglued. Owen Barker took a roughing major, then almost as soon as he left the box, took a charging major. There was only one true fight, with Travis Irving instigating on Bryce Sweeting late in the game, as more liberties were taken instead. There was someone in either box nearly the entire period, although Maple Ridge took the brunt of the calls.


“It’s to be expected. It’s a series and guys have a lot of pride. They’re not going to go away just because of the score,” said Cattoni. “We want them to be in the penalty box and we want to stay out and be on the power play as much as we can… but at the same time you have to stand up for yourself and your teammates. I think we walked that line very well tonight and that’s something that we might have to do again depending on the series.”


Turner Evans and Josh Currier scored power play goals in the third period as the Lakers went 3-12, though a lot of those chances were abbreviated moments.


Tutton gave credit to defensive coach Bobby Keast after the game for keeping the Lakers’ defense under control.


“Keaster was very calm and composed as he normally is,” Tutton said. “He never flies off the handle, he just helps us stay the course and keep doing what we’re doing. I don’t think we’re really going to have to make any adjustment after that. I think we just stay with the game plan we’ve got. It seems to be working so until it stops working we’re going to stick with that.”


The tournament takes a day off on Sunday before resuming Monday night at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale at the box office, online at www.memorialcentre.caor by phone at 705-743-3561.

The goaltenders were both named the players of the game.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (3-1)

Turner Evans (2-2)

Jake Withers (1-0)

Adam Jones (1-0)

Cory Vitarelli (1-0)

Josh Currier (1-0)

Matt Gilray (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-5)

Corey Small (0-3)

Shawn Evans (0-3)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)







September 7, 2018

by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Adam Jones may have scored the double overtime winning goal in game one of the 2018 Mann Cup, but the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers have Thomas Hoggarth to thank for getting them there in the first place.


Jones’ goal at 4:42 of the sudden death period propelled the Lakers to a 14-13 win over the Maple Ridge Burrards in the opening game of the best-of-seven series. 


Hoggarth’s two timely goals tied the score 11-11 at the end of the third and 13-13 at the end of the first overtime period. The Lakers led 10-5 after the second period but six-straight goals from the Burrards in a span of 3:58 put them up 11-10 at the 8:37 mark of the third period. Hoggarth scored the only Lakers’ goal in that period, throwing a fake first as he got in alone on goaltender Frankie Scigliano.


Ben McIntosh and Curtis Dickson put the Burrards up 13-11 2:48 into the first overtime period before the Burrards were caught for too many men. Cory Vitarelli’s power play goal closed the gap to one before Jones picked up his own rebound and passed to Hoggarth out front.


“He’s awesome,” Jones said of Hoggarth. “The best part about him is that he does it all. Plays offense and defense. He was actually going out the D door and scored both of those goals so that just shows how versatile he is.”


Curtis Dickson had three of the game’s first four shots, but it was the Lakers who capitalized first. Shawn Evans found Josh Currier on the crease to open the game’s scoring. Currier faked high before beating Scigliano five-hole on the Lakers’ first official shot on goal. Currier also had the Lakers’ eighth goal of the game.


“I had some goosebumps,” Currier said of his first goal. “Growing up in Peterborough it’s the ultimate dream to play in the Mann Cup in front of the [hometown] fans so I’m very thankful I’m able to live it out right now. It was a very cool feeling.”


Jones put the Lakers up 2-1 before Dickson scored his first of the game. The former Laker received a loud ovation from the Peterborough fans prior to the game.


“Calling my name before the game there and getting a nice ovation was really cool and that’s a testament to the fans here,” Dickson said. “They’re first class all the way. I really appreciated that.”


Dickson finished the game with three goals and four assists. 


“It’s disappointing, obviously you want to get the win but at the same time you have to take the positives and have a short memory because we’re right back out here tomorrow,” he said. “I’m sure a lot of people counted us out but we knew going into that room in the second period that that was nowhere near our best lacrosse and we needed to be a lot better. Obviously we came out in the third with a little bit of fire under our butts, we came back and took the lead and it was back and forth from there.”


The Lakers led 3-2 after the first period.


Cory Vitarelli’s power play goal got the Lakers started in the second. Ben McIntosh and Jean-Luc Chetner tied the game at four before the Lakers went on a three-goal run, highlighted by Bryce Sweeting’s first Mann Cup goal. Sweeting was released from the penalty box to accept Nick Weiss’ long pass which he unloaded past Scigliano.


McIntosh broke up the run but the Lakers managed three more before the end of the second.


Evan Kirk made 44 saves. He was briefly replaced by Matt Vinc for a quick breather in the third period after the Burrards’ six goals. Kirk didn’t let in another goal until the overtime period.


Jones said the offense put the blame on themselves for the lapse.


“We got overconfident. We said stay out of penalty trouble and we’ll be alright. But there were a couple penalties and our O wasn’t getting off, so the offense said between intermission and the first OT ‘it’s on us, it’s our fault…’ But that said, we have a weird confidence. We were down 13-11 but I don’t think we ever questioned that we were going to win the game and I think that’s unique to have in a group.”


Currier said the Lakers are confident in every player they have so there were no nerves after they gave up the lead.


“We got a lot of character on this team so just being able to battle back from that speaks for itself,” he said. “We know what we’re going to get, they’re big and tough and they’re not going to give up, like they showed tonight. We’re ready for them now and look forward to game two.”


Game two goes tonight at 7 p.m. at the Memorial Centre. Tickets are on sale at the box office, online at or by phone at 705-743-3561.


Adam Jones and Ben McIntosh were named the players of the game.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (4-2)

Shawn Evans (2-6)

Thomas Hoggarth (2-1)

Josh Currier (2-1)

Cory Vitarelli (2-0)

Corey Small (1-1)

Bryce Sweeting (1-0)

Holden Cattoni (0-3)

Zach Currier (0-3)

Turner Evans (0-2)

Kyle Buchanan (0-2)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Chad Tutton (0-1)












Mann Cup Memories


As the opening game of 2018 Mann Cup draws near, we're taking a look back at some of our favourite memories of past Mann Cups. Check back each day for a new perspective!


Andrew Suitor



Number of Mann Cups you've played in:

1 - 2012 with the Lakers


Number of Mann Cups you've won:

1 - 2012 with the Lakers


Favourite memory from watching a Mann Cup as a kid:

Seeing the battles between Lakers and Excelsiors. It was the first true rivalry I saw live.


What player did you enjoy watching most as kid?

I loved watching Scott Evans and Chris White.


Favourite memory from playing in a Mann Cup:

Battling with teammates and coming back after being down.


Best bonding moment with a teammate at a Mann Cup:

Having the opportunity to live in Peterborough during the Cup and have all the families accept you as a 'Boro boy!


What does it mean to you to be hosting the Cup in Ptbo?

It is what every fan and the city deserves.


What can fans expect the series against the Burrards to be like?

Fast-paced, physical and serious.


In your opinion, why is the Mann Cup so important to lacrosse and Canada?

It is so important because of the sacrfices you make. A lot of these guys have families and have amazing wives and families who allow them to go pursue their dream. If the opportunity comes to win it is not just for the player but for their family as well.





Bobby Keast


Number of Mann Cups you've played in:

Eight including this year, all as a coach, all with Peterborough. 04, 06, 07, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 2018

Number of Mann Cups you've won:

Six with Peterborough. 04, 06, 07, 10, 12 and 17

Favourite memory from watching a Mann Cup as a kid:

1978 sneaking into the Memorial Centre to watch game seven sitting on the steps beside my dad.

What player did you enjoy watching most as kid:

J.J. Johnston & John Grant Sr. They made the game look so easy and fun.

Favourite memory from playing in a Mann Cup:

Growing up and watching Mann Cup games in Peterborough made it a lifelong dream to win one in my hometown with friends and family supporting us. I never got the opportunity to do it as a player but have blessed to do it as a coach.

If you've played in a Cup as the visitor, what was the coolest tourist experience you had?

In 2017 I hiked up Grouse Mountain with the coaching staff. 2007 enjoying that same mountain with my father, though the two of us did not hike up.

Best bonding moment with a teammate at a Mann Cup:

Climbing that mountain in 2017 with coaches.

What does it mean to you to be hosting the Cup in Ptbo?

Being able to host the Mann Cup in our city which is so rich in lacrosse history, with very knowledgeable and passionate fans is an honour.

What can fans expect the series against the Burrards to be like?

Very dynamic offense, quick transition, big, mean defense, very well coached.

In your opinion, why is the Mann Cup so important to lacrosse and Canada?

Young men basically put their life on hold for 10 days to battle for the right hoist Sir Donald Mann’s Cup above their heads and forever stand as a group of one!


Robert Hope


Number of Mann Cups you've played in:

I have played in the 2015, 2017  Mann Cup so far and then this year. All with Peterborough.


Number of Mann Cups you've won:

Last year we were able to win my first and only Mann cup so far with Peterborough. 


Favourite memory from watching a Mann Cup as a kid:

Watching the 2004, and 2006 Mann cup at the memorial centre with my family was amazing. They had great teams and to be able to watch them bring the Cup back to Peterborough after so many years was an awesome experience. I also remember as a kid waking up each morning and listening to the radio to find out if they won the night before when they played out west. 

Favourite memory from playing in a Mann Cup:

My favourite memory was the first time I was able to lift the cup over my head and able to share it with all of my family and friends that were out west last year.


If you've played in a Cup as the visitor, what was the coolest tourist experience you had?

We had a group last year that went to Whistler with all of our families, wives, and girlfriends. We were able to go out for lunch and saw some great views when we went up the mountain.


Best bonding moment with a teammate at a Mann Cup:

My best bonding moment at a Mann cup has been being able to be with my teammates for 2 weeks and sacrificing for one another. In 2017 each player brought something to the table that helped us win. To be able to see these little things that might get over looked by people who aren't around our team always Is amazing. 


What does it mean to you to be hosting the Cup in Ptbo?

This is a dream come true to be able to host the Mann cup in Peterborough. 


What can fans expect the series against the Burrards to be like?

The Burrards are a fast offensive team that can put up lots of goals. They are well coached, have great goaltending and committed to defence. 


In your opinion, why is the Mann Cup so important to lacrosse and Canada?

The Mann cup is the pinnacle to lacrosse in Canada. It's played for by the best players in lacrosse and it's not easy to win. Some of the best lacrosse in the world will be on showcase for the fans in Peterborough. 




Lakers headed back to Mann Cup!


September 1, 2018


by Anna Taylor


OAKVILLE, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are going back to the ‘ship.


That the Lakers would host the 2018 Mann Cup championship was inevitable, despite never being a certainty, until Saturday night after an 8-7 defeat of the Oakville Rock at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre. The Lakers took the series 4-2; all except for the final game were won at home. 


“We know that the fourth one is the hardest one to win and it’s been hard to win in this arena so tonight our focus was that we didn’t want to go back home until it’s Mann Cup time,” said Kyle Buchanan. “Everyone was winning at home so it was nice to pull one out on the road but our job’s not done. We’ll get rested, enjoy this one tonight but then move forward.”


Zach Currier’s low transition goal at 4:07 of the third period was the game winner. Fittingly, goaltender Matt Vinc was awarded an assist on the goal. Vinc settled in after a four-goal first period to allow only three in the last 40 minutes. 


“It felt good to be able to contribute to the team,” Currier said. It was just his second goal of the season. “We had numbers running up there and I had guys setting picks for me. I snuck one past Rosey, one of very few. He played very well tonight so that one felt good.”


Brandon Slade and Holden Cattoni traded the game’s opening markers. Cattoni stripped Luc Magnan of the ball as the Rock ran down to the Lakers’ end and was left all alone to run back in on Nick Rose.


That was followed up though, by a three-goal run from the Rock in a span of less than three minutes. Adam Jones found Cory Vitarelli alone in front to get one back for the Lakers but they trailed 4-2 after the first.


Vinc, who made 38 saves, allowed just one goal early in the second period to Brett Hickey 1:18 in. After that, he did his best brick-wall impression as the Lakers went on a five-goal run that included a natural hat-trick from Shawn Evans, to lead 7-5 after the second.


Andrew Suitor started the run, finishing off a transition break with Matt Gilray, and Cattoni fired an underhand shot five-hole before Evans took over the game. Evans’ second goal was a no-look backhand. 



Buchanan, who was awarded the Johnny "Shooter" Davis playoff MVP trophy, recognized that Evans put the team on his back.


“Shawny obviously had an amazing game tonight,” he said. “[The MVP award] is a culmination of our entire offense just working together. I was just trying to be the energy guy that I am so I’m very thankful. A lot of guys in that room deserve it. A lot of guys stepped up when we needed them to.”


Dan Craig scored 2:14 into the third to pull the Rock within a goal before Currier restored the two-goal lead. Tanner Thomson’s goal at 8:42 was the last one the Rock could get as the Lakers’ defense dug in.


Currier, who played his best game of the season, gave credit to the Lakers’ offense as well.


“We shut the door on the back end. Vno played really well. Our defense was playing as a team and our offense was getting up and down the floor for us to eliminate their transition. Our defensive stops in the third period are just as much as the offense's responsibility as they are ours,” he said.


Nick Rose stopped 58 shots for the Rock, who were led by Craig’s two goals and two assists. It was the Rock’s first MSL finals appearance after defeating the Six Nations Chiefs in six games.


Currier said the Rock weren’t going away easily. The series very well could have gone seven games, but he believes the better team won.


“After game one, thought that was their best but then they kept getting better and it was a lot tougher than expected,” Currier said. “No disrespect to the Oakville Rock but if you look at our rosters on paper I feel like we have a lot more talent on our side, and that just goes to show how hard they work and the dedication they have on their roster.”


The Mann Cup begins on Friday, September 7 at the Memorial Centre against the WLA champion Maple Ridge Burrards, who defeated the Victoria Shamrocks in five games. 


Second-year captain Robert Hope, who was a rookie the year after the Lakers last hosted the championship, said the team is excited about hosting it at home, but stressed how serious the team is about winning.



“There’s always a buzz in the city each and every day (during the tournament),” Hope said. “We have to make sure we are prepped and don’t overhype it. It’s another game. Yes, we’re playing for the Mann Cup and this is where we wanted to be at the start of the season.”


More information regarding tickets and times will be released as soon as known.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (3-1)

Holden Cattoni (2-1)

Zach Currier (1-2)

Andrew Suitor (1-0)

Cory Vitarelli (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-2)
Adam Jones (0-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Chad Tutton (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)

Matt Gilray (0-1)




August 30, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Shawn Evans said it best.


“Kirky went back in there and stole the show.”


Indeed, Evan Kirk’s strong third period was the difference as the Lakers downed the Oakville Rock 14-11 to take a 3-2 series lead in the MSL best-of-seven final series. The Lakers can close out the series on Saturday with game six back in Oakville. If necessary, game seven will be Monday at the PMC.


Kirk didn’t have a strong start to game five, surrendering the first goal to Mitch deSnoo just 1:10 into the game. Playing in just his second home game of the season, he allowed 10 goals on 24 shots through the first 36 minutes and was lifted in favour of Matt Vinc near the end of the second.


It was a surprise to many in the stands, though not his teammates, when he returned to the net to start the third period.


“I think everyone knew that was coming. We just needed to let him have a little break and get the confidence going,” defenseman Bryce Sweeting said.


“The easier thing would be [to leave Vinc in] that but I don’t think we take the easy route,” Kirk said. “Haser’s got trust in both of us. He asked us and I could have said V’s going in or I’m going back in but I owed it to myself to get back in there. You have to be able to look people in the eye after the game and I don’t think I could do that if I didn’t stick it out.”


Kirk allowed just one goal to Jeremy Noble 2:51 into the third period which tied the game at 11. Turner Evans broke the tie at 6:02 as he streaked in off the bench uncontested, burying Zach Currier’s transition pass. Kyle Buchanan and Adam Jones added insurance markers as Kirk shut the door, making 19 saves in the period.


“I know Kirky will tell you he wants three or four of those back… but we trust him,” head coach Mike Hasen said. “We knew he was going to shake it off and he did. He saved our butts there because they had three or four [odd-man rushes] in the last minutes and he stopped them all. To his credit he got refocused and played great. I put all my trust in whoever’s in the net.”


Corey Small responded 1:10 after deSnoo’s goal, quick-sticking Evans’ pass past Nick Rose. Evans then did a little dipsy-do around Jason Noble to put the Lakers up 2-1. 


Both teams then ran into penalty trouble and special teams took over the rest of the period. Six of the remaining seven goals in the frame were scored on the man advantage. Jeremy Noble tied the game before Shawn Evans and Jones tallied 1:01 apart for a 4-2 Lakers lead. DeSnoo then scored on an outside shot and Brett Hickey put in a bouncer to give the Rock a two-goal swing for a 4-4 tie.


Evans then picked off Rose’s pass and fired it to Vitarelli who scored on a quick-stick. Evans was flattened by Noble off the pass so the Lakers continued on with a five-minute power play. Jones scored on the first half of the major to give the Lakers a 6-4 lead.


“We broke Rosey a little bit,” Sweeting said. “Shawny seemed to find the back of the net tonight and I think we got Rose moving side to side. Our offense did an excellent job of that and were able to find the net.” Evans finished with a hat trick and six assists. 

Cattoni whipped a shot past Rose 20 seconds into the period to finish off the power play. Oakville responded with two in a row, a pattern that continued for most of the period as the Lakers lead bounced between one or two goals until Jeremy Noble tied the game at eight at the 7:04 mark. Chad Tutton restored the Lakers’ lead, pushing Alex Crepinsek out of the way as he dove across the crease to score.


“I felt bad because they were doing such a good job of putting the ball in the net on the other side and I couldn’t keep it out of the net,” Kirk said. “Oakville’s a good team and they’re hungry but thankfully the offense was feeling it in front of the hometown crowd and they knew they had to do their job.”


Hickey scored another power play goal and Powless capitalized on an outside shot but the Lakers were able to respond, finishing off the second with another goal from each of Shawn Evans and Cattoni. Cattoni’s goal came 11 seconds into the power play after Luc Magnan took exception to Robert Hope’s stick tap on Rose’s stick.


“Our offense got us going,” praised Sweeting. “They put up 14 so we can’t ask much more from them… We snuck that one out and we know Oakville’s not going to go away. Game six is going to be the hardest.”


The Lakers haven’t played their best at the TRAC this series but they know that has to change going into game six.


“This group here wants to win,” said Evans. “It’s going to take us playing the same style that we play here at home. We have to be ready and focused and leave everything on the line.”


As good as a win feels, Hasen knows there is still work to be done in game six.


“It’s going to take a better effort than here tonight,” he said. “It was a good game and we played well but the next one is the toughest one so we have to make sure everything’s clicking and we’re playing smart.”


Get on the fan bus by calling Diane at 705-874-5615.


Tickets for game seven will go on sale at the Memorial Centre box office if or when that game becomes necessary.

Shawn Evans was named the Wiser's player of the game while Bryce Sweeting picked up 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (3-6)

Holden Catton (2-5)

Adam Jones (3-2)

Cory Vitarelli (2-2)

Turner Evans (1-1)

Kyle Buchanan (1-3)

Corey Small (1-2)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Zach Currier (0-2)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Matt Gilray (0-1)




Series tied 2-2 after OT win by Rock


August 28, 2018


by Anna Taylor


OAKVILLE, ON - It’s impossible to place any specific blame in an overtime loss, which is why every member of the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers believes they all could have done a little bit more on Tuesday.


The Major Series Lacrosse final series has come down to a best-of-three after the Lakers dropped an 8-6 overtime decision to the Oakville Rock at the TRAC. It was another close game; a call here or there and the Lakers could have had the stranglehold on the series they desperately wanted.


But, they win and lose as a team and members of both the offense and defense said they could have been better in game four.


(But let’s be clear; nobody is blaming the goaltending. Matt Vinc was outstanding.)


“I know the O is going to take the blame for this one so as a unit we need to be better next game,” Josh Currier said. “[Oakville] worked harder than us. We need to bear down and put the ball in the net. We didn’t do that enough.”


Honestly, in a game where you hold the opposition to seven goals (the eighth was an empty netter), it’s hard to find blame with the defense, but Jake Withers said the lack of offense is on the D as well. 



“We had a lot of opportunities in transition that we didn’t capitalize on and that was the difference,” Withers said. “At the end of the day sometimes we’re not putting the ball in the net on transition and we have to step up when that happens.”


Vinc made 32 saves for the Lakers while Nick Rose stopped 52 shots for the Rock. Vinc and the defense stole the show in the first period, holding a rejigged Rock offense, now featuring Brett Hickey with Challen Rogers back on transition, to just a single goal in the first. You can’t get much better defensively than six goals in 60 minutes.


“I thought we played pretty well on the D side,” Withers said. “Obviously we’d like to hold them to zero but six isn’t a bad number.”


Oakville led majority of the game after taking a 2-1 lead 1:39 into the second period, which forced the Lakers to play catch up. That put all the pressure on them. 


“Offensively we needed to move our feet a little bit more,” head coach Mike Hasen said. “We were very complacent and taking shots that could be there in the last five seconds and we were taking them early as opposed to working them and spreading them out more and getting us more of a look inside.”


Kyle Buchanan and Tanner Thomson traded first period goals.



Brett Hickey put the Rock up 2-1 before the Lakers scored twice on a major boarding penalty to Josh Jubenville for a 3-2 lead. Withers went hard into the end boards but came back to win the ensuing faceoff, this game mainly opposing Billy Hostrawser, who is not typically a faceoff guy.


“He’s a little more physical; he likes to muck it up. They weren’t the most traditional faceoffs but we got possession on most of them,” Withers said after his usual strong outing, winning 14 of 18 draws.


Shawn Evans found Cory Vitarelli on the crease with a high pass to tie the game at two; Evans then found Jones just a little farther out and he bounced a shot past Rose.


Oakville then scored three times in three minutes for a 5-3 lead. Thomas Hoggarth, who got a step on Jason Noble as he tried to guard both Hoggarth and Gilray, got one back for the Lakers who trailed 5-4 after the second. 

The period should probably have ended 4-4; TV replays showed Oakville’s third goal may not have completely crossed the goal line. It hit Vinc, then the right post before settling on the goal line.


Withers was right by Vinc’s side at the time. 


“Where the ball stopped it wasn’t fully across,” he said. “I don’t know the rule so I don’t want to comment but in my opinion (the rule) is fully across and [the ball] wasn’t in, but that’s the way it goes.”


Andrew Kew put the Rock up by two in the third but the Lakers chipped away at the lead with goals from Cory Vitarelli and Buchanan. 


Buchanan flipped a high pass to Vitarelli who went low on Rose. Currier then danced around Justin Martin, throwing fakes before finding Buchanan alone on the crease.


After the game the Lakers said their lack of inside shots was a factor in their low offensive output. Usually the Lakers are capable of scoring from anywhere, but Hasen said that Rose is a big goalie who is content to stand there and block shots. 


“They pack it in and put us in spots where they want us to shoot from. Tonight we were more than willing to shoot from where they wanted and Rosey ate up all the outside shots,” Hasen pointed out.


The Lakers did capitalize on their inside shots when they got them. 


“I don’t know if we were rushing but some nights you just don’t click and tonight was one of those nights,” Currier said. “Rose is a really good goalie and we got a lot of shots on him but we need to focus on getting the right kind of shots on him.”


Dan Craig scored 26 seconds into the overtime period. Challen Rogers added an empty netter with 37 seconds left.


“That first goal they got we were just not prepared and we weren’t ready to go. They bit us in the ass,” Hasen said of the overtime period. “They play well at home and we play well at home so we’ll take this lesson and we’ll be better Thursday and we have to be better looking down the road again on Saturday.”


Game five returns to the Memorial Centre this Thursday, August 30 at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at the box office – in person, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.


Game six will be on Saturday at the TRAC at 7 p.m. It will be the first chance a team has to clinch the series. The Lakers are sending a fan bus. Call Diane at (705) 874-5615 to reserve your seat. $35 for the bus. Game tickets are extra.


If necessary, game seven will be on Monday, September 3 at the PMC at 7 p.m.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (2-2)

Cory Vitarelli (2-0)

Adam Jones (1-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-3)

Holden Cattoni (0-3)

Josh Currier (0-1)

Chad Tutton (0-1)

Matt Gilray (0-1)



Lakers take 2-1 series lead


August 26, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON A dominant game from the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers' right side led them to a 13-9 win and a 2-1 series lead over the Oakville Rock on Sunday night at the Memorial Centre. The Lakers were energetic when it counted and sent the 3261 fans in attendance home happy.


Shawn Evans played his best game of the playoffs so far with a goal and six assists including an assist on Holden Cattoni's game-winning power play goal. Kyle Buchanan recorded three goals and four assists, Josh Currier had a goal and three assists and Thomas Hoggarth chipped in a late-game goal to ensure every right-handed member of the Lakers' offense contributed.


“For years Shawny has been our go-to guy,” veteran Cory Vitarelli said. “He always is when he’s on the floor for us. For our team to be successful everyone needs to chip in. On different nights, other guys step up with some big goals but Shawny is always a part of that and for us to be successful going forward it’s going to have to continue to be like that.”


The Lakers took an 8-5 lead into the third period but the Rock came out on fire, tying the game 9-9 by the 5:55 mark. Chad Tutton interrupted the Rock’s four-goal outburst with a transition bounce shot.


“We did a pretty good job until the start of the third,” defenseman Ian Llord said. “They’re a hardworking team. They’re going to shoot from everywhere so if we have any lapses they’re going to shoot. Myself, I did two silly things and they scored. They’re a very opportunistic team and they’re going to score when you give them the chance.”

“They transition the ball very well and they did early in that period,” defensive coach Bobby Keast said. “But when our defense has the opportunity to get back in our zone and set up and play, we’re tough to beat.”


Bolstered by their confident defense, the Lakers then rattled off four in a row including two insurance markers in the last minute and a half while shutting out the Rock in the last 14 minutes of play.


“We have some great leaders on the bench,” said Keast, specifically mentioning Brock Sorensen, Ian Llord, Adam Jones and Cory Vitarelli. “They actually help calm the bench down. And as the coaching staff that’s part of our job too to bring everybody back.”


Buchanan corralled a loose ball back to Cattoni on the power play at 8:40. Buchanan then redirected Evans’ shot off of Rose back into the net off his gloves at 10:55. Corey Small converted Buchanan’s pass with 1:26 left, and Hoggarth bounced Adam Jones’ pass through Rose’s five-hole with 1:08 left.


The Lakers jumped out to a very early 2-0 lead. Buchanan scored 38 seconds after the Rock got caught with too many men heading to the Lakers’ net. Buchanan was still up near Nick Rose and bounced in Shawn Evans’ centre-floor pass. Josh Currier bounced in an Evans’ backhand pass at 1:04. The Rock tied the game but an outside shot from Turner Evans gave the Lakers a 3-2 heading into the second. 


“I thought we were a little bit better off the start, more ready to go,” Vitarelli said. “We were hungrier tonight but it was the same thing, a close game, but luckily we were able to answer and get on a couple runs which was the difference tonight.”


The Lakers held much of the play in the second period, scoring five times to Oakville’s three. Buchanan scored on a power play just 25 seconds into the period. Andrew Kew responded a minute later but the Lakers then scored goals seven seconds apart for a 6-3 lead as Jake Withers followed up a Holden Cattoni marker with an individual effort after his faceoff win. Challen Rogers and Johnny Powless sandwiched Shawn Evans’ goal to cut the lead but Cattoni picked a corner on Rose to restore the three-goal lead.


Shortly after Cattoni’s goal the Lakers killed off a minute-long five-on-three Rock power play. The held the Rock scoreless on the power play in three chances while scoring on three of four of their own advantages.


“We had great energy and it was pretty upbeat on the bench so that’s a good start to bring us into the next game,” Llord said. “They’re going to run and we know that so it’s just about playing our game and sticking to it. Good things will happen if we do that.”


Evan Kirk was solid in just his third start of the season, and first at home, making 38 saves. Nick Rose made 44 saves for the Rock.


Game four of the series switches back to the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (1132 Invicta Drive) in Oakville on Tuesday. 


Tuesday’s game will be broadcasted live on YourTV as well as pay-per-view via Tickets for game five, this coming Thursday at the Memorial Centre, can be purchased in person, online at or by phone at 705-743-3561. If necessary, game six will be on Saturday, September 1 in Oakville.


Shawn Evans was named the Wiser's player of the game while Ian Llord took home 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (3-4)

Holden Cattoni (3-1)

Shawn Evans (1-6)

Josh Currier (1-3)

Corey Small (1-2)

Turner Evans (1-0)

Jake Withers (1-0)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-0)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Adam Jones (0-3)

Brock Sorensen (0-1)

Evan Kirk (0-1)

Zach Currier (0-1)











August 23, 2018


by Anna Taylor


The Oakville Rock are proving to be formidable opponents.


Of course, the Lakers already knew they would be, but everyone else now knows it too after the Rock defeated the Lakers 10-8 in game two of the best-of-seven MSL final series on Thursday night at the TRAC. The series is tied 1-1 with game three set for Sunday night at 7 p.m. at the Memorial Centre.


Andrew Kew led the Rock with three goals and one assist and Nick Rose made 55 saves as the Rock outlasted the Lakers in another close contest. 



“We played a very similar game to the other night but I think they had fewer bounces tonight,” Rose said. “I think anyone could have won. They capitalized on our mistakes and that’s what a good team does but tonight we just found a way late and we’re 1-1. We expect Sunday to be loud and another good battle, probably another one or two goal game.”


The Rock held a slim 2-1 lead after the first period. Challen Rogers and Holden Cattoni exchanged power play goals midway through the frame. Kew’s first of the game came with 1:20 left in the first period.


I think our guys were trying to do too much, instead of just sticking with systems and playing within ourselves,” Lakers’ defensive coach Bobby Keast assessed after the game.



The Rock kept trying to gain momentum in the second period, taking a 4-1 lead, but a Lakers’ three-goal run tied the game at four. Mark Steenhuis started it off 21 seconds after Matt Van Galen’s goal created the three-goal gap. Kyle Buchanan found Steenhuis in alone and he buried it stick-side. With under two minutes to go in the period, Buchanan ducked under Justin Martin’s check on the crease to score and Cory Vitarelli slipped Shawn Evans’ backhand pass into the net 33 seconds apart to erase the deficit. Challen Rogers then scored with 13 seconds left in but an outside shot from Cattoni tied things right back up 5-5 with 1.3 seconds left. 


Peterborough took a one-goal lead three times in the third period only to have the Rock answer each goal almost immediately. The tying goal came from defenseman Billy Hostrawser on a fast-break as the Lakers were stripped of the ball in the offensive zone. Pat Walsh’s transition goal – his first in the MSL – at 16:09 broke the pattern. Kew scored an insurance marker with an outside goal with 1:31 left. The Lakers were unable to score with an extra attacker in the dying moments of the game. 


I don’t know if we let the lead slip away or if they took it away from us,” Keast said. “They’re playing very well. They’re coached well and they’re disciplined. We’ll continue to look for tweaks to get better looks and opportunities.”



Game three returns to the Memorial Centre this Sunday, August 26 at 7 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at the box office – in person, online at www.memorialcentre.caor by phone at (705) 743-3561.


The Lakers are sending fan buses to games four and six in Oakville. Call Diane at (705) 874-5615 to reserve your seat. $35 for the bus. Game tickets are not included in the price and must be purchased at the door upon arrival.



Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (2-3)

Corey Small (2-1)

Holden Cattoni (2-0)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Cory Vitarelli (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-4)

Adam Jones (0-1)

Josh Currier (0-1)


Lakers take game one in double OT


August 21, 2018


by Anna Taylor


Adam Jones likes being the hero.


After a stellar eight-point performance in game seven of the MSL semi-finals, Jones scored the winning goal in double overtime of the Lakers' 8-7 opening game against the Oakville Rock in the finals. The Lakers lead the series 1-0. Game two goes Thursday in Oakville.


"It was nice to get a big goal and help the team win but that one's behind us and we're already looking forward to Thursday," Jones said post-game.


"We were hoping we'd be able to end it really quick and got lucky there," head coach Mike Hasen said. "It was a bit of a broken play."


Thomas Hoggarth got a shot away on a fast-break. Brock Sorensen scooped the loose ball out of the corner and attempted a dive shot, sending the ball into the far corner where Jones was waiting.



"We were making a change and caught them flat-footed and Jonesy took advantage of it and took it to the net. It was a good read by Jonesy," praised Hasen.


"I think there was a player on my back who overplayed a bit," Jones said. "When I turned I just saw a bunch of green turf and the net so I knew I had to get it off quick. Guys were coming to help and I think it might have been a miscue on their defensive end."



Jones potted the winner 1:25 into the second overtime frame – sudden death – after 70 minutes solved nothing. 


"It's going to be a tight series the whole way through. It'll be who executes the best," Hasen said.


Johnny Powless opened the scoring 6:08 into the first period but Shawn Evans tied the game 1-1, spinning off a check and bouncing a low shot through Nick Rose's legs. Jordan Magnuson then scored a pair of goals in transition, the second coming off as Challen Rogers picked off a Evans' pass and threw the ball up to Magnuson, alone in front of the goal. Magnuson threw a low fake before tucking the ball up high behind Matt Vinc. 


The Lakers turned the tables in the second period, outscoring the Rock 3-1 for a 4-4 tie after 40 minutes. On a backwards flip pass from Jones, Holden Cattoni scored from the top of the circle. Jones tied the game with a similar shot at 12:15. Andrew Kew put the Rock back up 4-3 just over a minute later before Cory Vitarelli tied the game again on a power play. Shawn Evans faked a shot then passed a cross-crease backhander to Vitarelli.



"The defense was firing early," Lakers' transition man Chad Tutton said. "The offense had a bit of a slow start but they picked it up and I think they really led us through the end of the game. That's the way that our organization works. Sometimes the O's going to be a little slow, sometimes the D's going to be a little slow but we lean on each other."


Jeremy Noble and Tutton exchanged goals early in the third period for a 5-5 tie. Tutton scored his fifth transition goal of the playoffs, finishing off a two-on-one with Andrew Suitor.


"I just try to do what I can," Tutton said. "Anytime I get an opportunity I do my best to capitalize on it. It doesn't work every time but anytime I can contribute, I'm going to do it. Usually I put my shoulder down and dive across but this time I decided to change it up a bit and went short-side on Rosey there and was fortunate enough to sneak one past him."


Vitarelli picked up his own rebound to put the Lakers up 6-5 at 11:34 but Rogers replied at 13:04. Neither team gave an inch as overtime loomed.


Vinc and Rose were the stars of the game, making 42 and 48 saves, respectively. Vinc was especially great in overtime, making nine saves in the first 10-minute period. Rose robbed Vitarelli point-blank early 1:40 into the second period, somehow getting his stick into Vitarelli's path to prevent him from finding the yawning cage on a power play. Vinc stopped Tanner Thomson point-blank with two minutes left in the first OT.


"I think we could be a little better in our shot selection," Hasen admitted. "Rosey played well. Their defense packed it in and let us shoot sometimes as well and Rosey made some



It was a fast-paced, swiftly played overtime with each team scoring once to force the sudden death period. Corey Small put the Lakers up 7-6 with a high-to-low outside shot 1:33 into the extra frame, but Rogers tied the game with 1:14 left. Vinc made another highlight-reel save on the ensuing play, stopping Brad Gillies with a pad save after a rare Lakers' faceoff loss.


It was perhaps the closest game the Lakers have played this season, but Jones said that the Lakers have to be even more intense going forward, and Hasen agreed that there is work to be done.


"A win in playoffs is a win we need," Hasen said. "At the end of the day we got the result we wanted. Is there work to do? Yeah, there's a lot of work to do and we'll get ready for game two but we'll take this win."


Game two of the series is Thursday at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre at 8p.m. Fans can watch via YourTV or pay-per-view via


Tickets for game three, this coming Sunday at 7 p.m., are on sale now at the Memorial Centre box office in person, online at www.memorialcentre.caor by phone at (705) 743-3561.



August 19, 2018


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are headed back to the MSL finals after defeating the Brooklin Redmen in a seven game semi-final series. The Lakers will compete for the MSL championship for the 14th time in 15 years, while their opponents, the Oakville Rock, will make their first-ever finals appearance. The winner of the series will host the Mann Cup Canadian championship. The Lakers are, of course, defending champions. They last hosted the Mann Cup in 2012, winning in six games over the Langley Thunder.



The Lakers host games one, three, five and seven of the series at the Memorial Centre. The Rock host games two, four and six at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville. Please note the 7 p.m. start time for games three, six and seven.


The Rock were acquired by Toronto Rock owner Jamie Dawick after the 2012 season and moved from Ajax to the NLL team’s state of the art training facility in Oakville. The Rock have made strides every year since their move. They took the Lakers to six games in round one of the 2016 playoffs.


This season, they finished in second place and went on to defeat the Six Nations Chiefs in six games to earn their place in the finals. They were led by a trio of youngsters during the regular season in Andrew Kew, Dallas Bridle and Matt Van Galen, but also boast playoff leaders Challen Rogers, Jeremy Noble and Johnny Powless. They’re backstopped in goal by veteran Nick Rose. 


They’re a really hardworking, skilled team,” said Lakers’ defenseman Jake Withers. “We split the season series (1-1) with them so they’re capable of beating us every night. It’ll be a hard series, but I feel that if we stick to our game plan and play Lakers lacrosse we’ll be able to advance to our second consecutive Mann Cup.”


Playoff packages are on sale now at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at Season-ticket holders have until 5 p.m. on Monday to claim their seats for this round. All unclaimed seats and single-game tickets for the first two home games will go on sale to the general public at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Ticket prices have increased just $1 per round from regular season prices. 



Game 1 – Tuesday, August 21 – PMC – 8 p.m.

Game 2 – Thursday, August 23 – TRAC – 8 p.m.

Game 3 – Sunday, August 26 – PMC – 7 p.m.

Game 4 – Tuesday, August 28 – TRAC – 8 p.m.

Game 5 – Thursday, August 30 – PMC* – 8 p.m. 

Game 6 – Saturday, September 1 – TRAC* – 7 p.m.

Game 7 – Monday, September 3 – PMC* – 7 p.m.


*if necessary



Season Ticket Holder 
Adult - Regular Bowl: $68.00, Club: $86.00
Child - Regular Bowl: $16.00, Club: $34.00
Senior - Regular Bowl: $54.00, Club: $72.00
Student - Regular Bowl: $48.00, Club: $66.00 

Non-Season Ticket Holder 
Adult - Regular Bowl: $82.00, Club: $100.00
Child - Regular Bowl: $16.00, Club: $34.00
Senior - Regular Bowl: $64.00, Club: $82.00
Student - Regular Bowl: $52.00, Club: $70.00 


"Shut up and play Lakers lacrosse." - Jake Withers

August 16, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are one step closer to making sure that the #CupStaysHere with a thrilling 13-7 win over the Brooklin Redmen in game seven of their MSL semi-final series on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre. 


The Lakers rode a 7-1 third period to victory, giving the fans in the Memorial Centre a little bit of Lakers’ magic, something that had been lacking in their three prior games as they watched a 3-0 series lead slip away. The fourth-place Redmen proved to be much stronger in the playoffs than the regular season and forced the Lakers to take a hard look at how they were playing. 


The reflection worked. Each game they just got stronger.


“That was probably our best performance, not just this series, but all year,” said head coach Mike Hasen. “We came out with a lot of energy and a lot of passion and we fought for every inch earned tonight.”


Adam Jones and Jake Withers, co-players of the game, brought the magic on offense and defense, respectively. Jones exploded for five goals and three assists while Withers had a perfect game in the faceoff circle, winning all 23 draws he took.


“That’s the one thing about Jake. When we got some momentum by scoring a goal, we also got the ball back every single time. And vice versa, when they score we’re going to try and kill some clock. Knowing that we’re going to be able to get the ball is a big change to the game,” Hasen praised.


The applause for Withers grew with each faceoff win. His teammates were focused on the game, of course, at the time, but Jones took a moment to praise the youngster post-game.


“He is, in my opinion, the best in the game right now,” Jones said. “That’s a pretty impressive game. Kudos to him. It’s good to get those possessions especially late in the game when you’re up a couple and you can slow it down and be smart.”


Withers, of course, was quick to give credit his teammates. If he wasn’t able to draw the ball into his own stick, he was able to flip it back to Robert Hope or count on Zach Currier to chase it down.


“It’s easy to win when I have four of the best loose ball guys around me every single faceoff,” he said. “It’s always good to be able to get the offense as many extra possessions as possible and tonight I think we did a pretty good job as a loose ball team.”


He confirmed with the referees that he’s now able to put his feet over the faceoff line which allows for better positioning, which he used to his advantage against the Redmen’s Mitch McMichael. It began paying off in game six, where he typically isn’t as strong on the cement, but he showed a huge improvement winning 15 of 18 draws on Wednesday.


“I didn’t know that I could put my feet in front of the line but then he started doing it, so once, mid faceoff, I yelled to (referee Ian) Garrison and he said ‘yeah go ahead’ so I started doing that,” Withers explained. “[McMichael’s] a good competitor and he works hard. He’s really gritty. He likes to get his head over the ball so I did adjust a little bit.”


Matt Vinc, due for a rebound game, was tested early, stopping fast-break opportunities from Colton Watkinson and Derek Suddons. Adam Jones lit up the Mem Centre crowd on the next possession, beating Mike Poulin with an overhand shot at 2:42. He scored a nearly identical shot three minutes later for a 2-0 lead. Dan Lintner got the Redmen on the board, plucking an Austin Shanks rebound out of the air on the crease to beat Vinc at the 13:06 mark. 


Jones completed his hat trick just on a power play under three minutes later scoring from the top of the circle. Ryan Keenan scored a similar goal to keep the Redmen close, but Cory Vitarelli whipped a quick-stick past Poulin on the power play. Shawn Evans followed that up 28 seconds later for a 5-2 lead. 


“We got a couple early and our defense was shutting the door which gave us some more confidence and gave us some energy up front,” Jones said. “You need to penetrate the middle and I thought we did a good job tonight, our shooting was on. It was our best game all year.”


Mark Matthews made the Lakers pay on a second period power play. Shayne Jackson brought the score to 5-4 before Vitarelli put a low bounce shot through Poulin’s legs. However, the Redmen’s defense settled in and held the Lakers to that single goal, while Matthews and Austin Shanks tied the game at six. Shanks scored as the Lakers were protesting a shot clock reset.


“The last three games we… sat back on our heels a little bit and let them dictate their game plan on us so tonight we came in and said ‘shut up and play Lakers lacrosse’ and I thought we did that,” Withers said. “There were some ups and downs as the game went on. We had a slow second period but we stuck together as a unit and it paid off.”


The Lakers roared out of the gate in the third period, catching the Redmen by surprise. Josh Currier fired an underhand shot with five left on the shot clock that just slipped past Poulin 33 seconds in. Poulin got a piece of Vitarelli’s shot at 3:25 but not enough as the ball trickled in. Thirty seconds later Jones scooped the ball out of the corner and got another piece of the goaltender. Jackson got one back for the Redmen, converting Keenan’s pass on the run, but the Lakers still led 9-7. 


The Redmen were desperate, but the last four goals of the game belonged to the hometown boys. Josh Currier’s spin-o-rama crease dive put the Lakers into double digits. Zach Currier’s first goal of the season, scored on a shorthanded fast-break as he dodged defenders all the way up the floor, made the crowd explode with applause. Jones’ fifth came less than a minute later as he beat Poulin with another overhand shot. The Redmen took exception to Chad Tutton’s bounce shot with 15 seconds left but the goal stood. 


Withers’ game wasn’t over with the last faceoff as he and Chris Corbeil came out of a scrum at the buzzer fighting.


“Playoffs is a season in itself,” expressed Withers. “We battled all year to get first place which really helped us out here tonight. At the end of the day I’m just happy that me and the boys battled hard. It was a good team win and it showed our character and it was nice to do it in front of the hometown fans.”


Matt Vinc was excellent in goal, making 41 saves. 


The Lakers now face the Oakville Rock for the MSL title and the right to host the Mann Cup. The Rock are playing in their first-ever MSL final and their young team has big expectations.


“They have an awesome defense so we’ll have to move the ball, move our feet and get good shot selections and on defense we just have to grind it down,” Jones said. “We have some big bodies back there and we’re tough to play against as a series progresses. They’re fast so we have to eliminate their transition. They’re going to have a lot of energy.”


Hasen said the team will enjoy their win tonight and get back to work tomorrow to prepare for the Rock.


“It’s going to be fast, physical and it should be a lot of fun.”


Adam Jones and Jake Withers shared Wiser's player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (5-3)

Cory Vitarelli (3-0)

Josh Currier (2-2)

Shawn Evans (1-2)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Zach Currier (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-3)

Holden Cattoni (0-3)

Mark Steenhuis (0-2)

Turner Evans (0-1)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Andrew Suitor (0-1)




August 15, 2018


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY, Ont. – Thursday night has become do-or-die for the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers after the Brooklin Redmen forced a seventh and deciding game in the best-of-seven MSL series with a 9-6 win Wednesday night at Iroquois Park Sports Centre.


The Lakers only lost three games the whole regular season but watched a 3-0 series lead slip away over the past week. The Redmen, filled with members of the 2018 NLL Cup winning Saskatchewan Rush, rebounded hard after being faced with the possibility of being swept out of the MSL playoffs.


Now it’s the Lakers turn to rebound in a big way. 


“We know that at the end of the day it’s game seven, it’s a do-or-die situation. The positives are that I know the character in the dressing room. I know the group of men that’s in that room and I know how we’ll respond tomorrow. That’s the positive we can take from Wednesday’s game,” said offensive coach Tracey Kelusky.



“It was a tough one but we have another game tomorrow so hopefully we can be ready for that one,” said captain Robert Hope. “We’ll learn from it, watch some film like we always do after a loss and get better. There are some things we can change and they’re not too difficult if we stick to our game plan.”


Dan Lintner was the catalyst for the Redmen in game six, scoring four goals including the opening goals of each period. One of the things the Lakers’ defense has to watch is who has the hot-hand for the Redmen. Each game it’s been a different player.


“You have to make sure you’re sharp each and every time,” Hope said. “You can’t fall asleep. I thought a couple times we did in games past; hopefully we can get better and learn from that because we really need it tomorrow and that’s what it’s going to come down to.”


Lintner scored on a power play 8:44 into the game. Jake Withers, who went 15/18 at the dot, won the ensuing faceoff and dished the ball off to Mark Steenhuis who beat Mike Poulin eight seconds later.



Withers typically wins more faceoffs on the carpet but Wednesday’s stats prove the defensive adjustments the Lakers have made are working. Evan Kirk, who started his first game of the series, was solid. Nine goals should be easy for the Lakers to match and better, so now it’s up to the offense – transition included – to go hard to the Redmen’s net and get under Poulin’s skin.


“We’re not going to win too many lacrosse games only putting up six,” Kelusky said. “Quite frankly I don’t think we penetrated their defense at all… Their defense is stepping up and their goaltender is playing well but I’m just not sure we made the sacrifices to get to the dirty spots and bang bodies like the way we have in the past. For whatever reason we’re a little bit tentative but we’ll work our way through that.”


Holden Cattoni and Ryan Keenan exchanged late-period goals for a 2-2 tie after the first.


Lintner followed up his period-opening shorthanded goal with another 2:25 later as the Redmen opened up a 4-2 lead. The Lakers came back with two of their own as Adam Jones scored shorthanded and Cory Vitarelli picked up a power play marker. Adrian Sorichetti put the Redmen up 5-4 with a fast-break goal just over the midway point of the game.


“Our defense didn’t really chip in anywhere on transition and that’s part of our game plan,” said Hope. “We wanted to add a couple and we didn’t do that. The offense – they’re great payers, they’ll be able to figure it out.”


Though the Lakers didn’t score again in the frame, their loose ball work in the offensive zone was a marvel, giving them five possessions in a row and frustrating the Redmen, who tried furiously to counter the intensity with transition chances that were called back for too many men on the floor. 


Lintner began a three-goal run less than a minute into the third period that put the Redmen up 8-4. Nick Chaykowsky scored the Redmen’s second transition goal of the game.


Kelusky said the Lakers were sluggish. Not surprising, given the intense heat and humidity inside the arena, but that will be a non-issue on Thursday in the air conditioned Memorial Centre.



“I didn’t think we played overly fast in the offensive zone and when you’re playing slow and predictable it allows the other team to run. That definitely wasn’t by design,” Keluksy said.


Cattoni scored a power play goal at 14:39. Josh Currier slammed the ball home 22 seconds later to cut the lead to 8-6 but Keenan’s second of the game less than a minute later left too little time for the Lakers to mount a comeback. Frustrations boiled over with four different Lakers finishing the game in the penalty box. 


“Now that today’s over and done with we’ll get ready for tomorrow,” Hope said. “We’ll drink some water, get some electrolytes in us and get some food in us. Get some sleep and hopefully no one works too hard tomorrow during the day and we’ll be ready to work at night.”


Tickets go on sale at the Memorial Centre box office at 9:30 a.m. The box office will be open all day, but tickets can also be purchased online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (2-1)

Adam Jones (1-2)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Cory Vitarelli (1-0)

Josh Currier (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-2)

Brock Sorensen (0-1)

Turner Evans (0-1)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Andrew Suitor (0-1)

Kyle Buchanan (0-1)




Brooklin claws back into series


August 13, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers don’t like to make things easy for themselves. They’ve watched a 3-0 series lead over the Brooklin Redmen turn into a slim 3-2 lead after consecutive losses on Friday and Monday in the best-of-seven MSL semi-final series.


Monday’s game five at the Memorial Centre, a 12-9 defeat, was supposed to be an offensive turnaround game after a defensive battle on Friday that saw the Lakers fall in overtime. Unfortunately, the Lakers came out flat once again and fell behind in the first minute of the game, allowing Ryan Keenan a clear shot at the five-hole of Matt Vinc.


“We’ve spotted them too many easy goals,” said defenseman Brock Sorensen. “Last game with two man-up goals and tonight on the first shot. Maybe its preparation, talk, the way we’re entering the floor. Coming from the defensive end we have to be better.”


Thomas Hoggarth converted Shawn Evans’ dish pass at 4:37 to tie the game at one. Austin Shanks scored a power play goal before the Lakers came back with two in a row to take a 3-2 lead. Corey Small scored on his usual left-handed shot and Adam Jones beat Poulin after a spin-move got him in close. Mark Matthews scored a late power play goal to send the game to the second period tied at three. 


“We were a little tentative,” head coach Mike Hasen said of the start. “They came out ready and firing and they took it to us. I think we played like we had a 3-1 series lead.”


Once again the Redmen scored in the first minute of the period. Curtis Knight came out of nowhere 53 seconds in to put the Redmen up a goal. They upped their lead to 5-3 at 2:39 when Shanks put a low right-hander through Vinc’s legs. The Lakers responded with consecutive power play goals from Shawn Evans and Cory Vitarelli 57 seconds apart after Mitch McMichael, who was the penalized player when Evans scored, disagreed with the call on the ensuing faceoff and found himself right back in the box. Evans picked a low corner and Vitarelli picked up Corey Small’s rebound and popped it into the net before Poulin had had a chance to recover.


It wasn’t a physical game in that penalties were infrequent. Special teams did their work with the Lakers going 2/3 and the Redmen 2/2. It was a fairly-called game but the Redmen controlled the play for much of the game.


Sorensen said that has to change in game six.


“I think they pushed us around a little bit tonight and that’s not characteristic of who we are as a team... We have to respond; we have no choice but to,” he said. “We can’t allow that to happen.”


Matthews got a step on the defense and picked up a shorthanded marker to kick off a three-goal run that saw the Redmen go up 8-5. Holden Cattoni got one back at 18:05 to narrow the gap to two goals heading into the third.


Poulin, who made 49 saves, was solid in net for the Redmen, holding off a second period onslaught of shots from the Lakers. He stymied the home team at every turn, which gave his teammates confidence at both ends of the floor and which frustrated the Lakers.


“We missed a lot of opportunities to score,” Shawn Evans said. “We missed opportunities to pick up the ball and extra possessions. We just have to be better overall and we know that as a team.”


Josh Currier scored a pair of goals in the third period as the Lakers tried desperately to swing the momentum in their favour. Keenan replied 28 seconds after Currier’s first goal, then Currier replied 28 seconds after Knight’s goal. Vitarelli closed the gap to 10-9 at the 14:30 mark but Keenan’s hat trick goal at 16:26 started to empty the seats at the Memorial Centre. Shayne Jackson scored an insurance marker with one minute left.


“Hopefully the lesson was learned here tonight that we can’t take our shifts for granted,” Hasen said. “I think we were lucky to be up 3-0. We knew this was going to be a series. We just have to turn the page here and get back to what we were doing early in the series.”


To a man, the Lakers agree they need to exert a better effort on Wednesday.


“When they come out hot like that we need to take a deep breath and regroup,” said Sorensen. “We’re a very talented group and we have to play like that but we also have to show the effort.”


“The team that wants to play and work hard is going to win the game so we have to be ready to work. We have to show up on Wednesday,” Evans said. 


Evans is looking forward to seeing another big Lakers’ crowd in Whitby. 


“I’m hoping a lot of fans come out because we need them,” he expressed. “We’re going to bring everything at the Redmen.”


Game time for game six is 8 p.m. at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby. Fans are encouraged to make the drive, but the game will be webcast via pay-per-view at for those that can’t be there. If necessary, game seven will be on Thursday back at the Memorial Centre. If the Lakers win on Wednesday, they will await the winner of the Oakville/Six Nations series. Oakville leads that series 3-2 with game six also on Wednesday.


The Wiser's player of the game was Josh Currier, while Brock Sorensen picked up 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Josh Currier (2-2)

Cory Vitarelli (2-1)

Shawn Evans (1-4)

Corey Small (1-3)

Adam Jones (1-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-1)

Holden Cattoni (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-2)

Jake Withers (0-1)




Brooklin rebounds in game four


August 10, 2018


WHITBY, Ont. – There will be no sweep for the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers in the first round of the MSL playoffs this year after they dropped an 11-10 overtime decision to the Brooklin Redmen on Friday night at Iroquois Park Sports Centre. The Lakers still lead the best-of-seven series three games to one and can close out the series on Monday night at the Memorial Centre in game five.


Austin Shanks’ fourth goal of the game at 4:11 of the extra frame put the Redmen up by a goal. The Lakers had a couple of great chances in the dying seconds but could not score the equalizer. 


“It was a tight game. It was a close game,” said Lakers’ captain Robert Hope.


Peterborough held a 4-3 lead after the first period after two shorthanded goals by the Redmen put them in an early hole. Holden Cattoni responded with a blast from the left that got the Lakers on the board 27 seconds later. Ian Llord then scored in transition and Josh Currier rounded out the Lakers’ three-goal run. Chris Corbeil and Kyle Buchanan traded goals to end the period.


“I thought we gave them some goals at times,” Hope admitted. “Two shorthanded ones off the start and just not being responsible with the ball throughout transition. For the most part we were able to lock them down five-on-five but penalties and transition got us in trouble out there.”


Brooklin outscored Peterborough 3-2 in the middle frame to tie the game at six heading into the final period. Buchanan scored his second and Matt Gilray added a fast-break goal.


Special teams went to work early in the third. Corey Small scored on a power play 15 seconds in and Chad Tutton finished off a transition break, his third goal in two games, to put the Lakers up 8-6 early in the third. The Redmen came back with three in a row. Holden Cattoni evened the score at 15:09 before Jordi Jones-Smith scored on a clear-cut fast-break at 16:58. Cory Vitarelli scored from Poulin's doorstep with 1:04 left to send the game to overtime.


The Lakers have the weekend off but they’re already looking forward to game five.


“We’ll watch some film and make some slight adjustments – so what they did and had success on. Learn from their tendencies,” Hope said. “Key things that stick out are to stay out of the box and make sure we have reverse transition to deny their transition attempts.”


While the 300 or so Lakers’ fans in attendance went home disappointed, Hope wanted them to know that their cheers made a positive impact on the team during the game.


 “It’s awesome that they travel. We have great fans, obviously, the best in the league by far. It’s amazing each and every time they come here (to Brooklin). They travel so well here. It’s like a home atmosphere for us and that really helps us out.”


Matt Vinc made 40 saves. Mike Poulin picked up the win for the Redmen, making 57 saves as the Lakers peppered him with shots.


Tickets for game five will go on sale Monday morning at the Memorial Centre box office, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (2-1)

Holden Cattoni (2-0)

Cory Vitarelli (1-2)

Matt Gilray (1-2)

Corey Small (1-4)

Josh Currier (1-1)

Ian Llord (1-0)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-3)

Mark Steenhuis (0-1)

Jake Withers (0-1)




Lakers take 3-0 stranglehold in series


August 8, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers took a 3-0 stranglehold over the Brooklin Redmen in their best-of-seven MSL semi-final series with a 7-6 win on Wednesday night at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby. The Lakers will look to close out the series on Friday night back at IPSC.


“Anytime you have an opportunity to close out a series, especially against a team as talented as the Redmen are, it’s always the toughest game. We have a huge challenge in front of us but we welcome that,” said defenseman Mark Steenhuis.


Overall, the Lakers’ defense was 100% improved from their last regular season game at Iroquois Park which they lost 16-7. Matt Vinc, playing his second game in row, was stellar in goal, making 41 saves. Down 7-6, the Redmen thought they had tied the game late in the third period but the goal was waved off. Vinc rebounded with two huge saves and shut the door.


“Every game we want to get a little bit better,” said Chad Tutton, who scored two fast-break goals. “Every shift we get a little bit better. We work a little bit harder and we go a little harder in the corners and that’s been working really well for us.”



“When Vno’s playing like that behind you, you know that something special’s going on,” Steenhuis praised. “They have so many weapons on O that we’re always on guard. They do such a good job of moving the ball so we have to be on top of them. Fortunately, tonight we were able to do that more often than not and they only got six on us. A lot of that has to do with Vno’s play tonight.”


Wednesday’s game was a hot, sticky affair in an arena with a slippery concrete floor, no air conditioning and a large crowd from the annual Ontario Lacrosse Festival. The third period was paused several times as staff tended to the floor with towels. Every time a player fell he slid a few feet and left a skid mark behind.


“It’s hot. I’m still sweating,” Tutton said after he’d showered. “But everybody’s got the same conditions; it’s not any different for them. You just have to focus on what you can control personally and as a team. You can’t worry about that other stuff and I really think that helped us tonight.”


Besides the heat, the Lakers had to contend with the ball taking haphazard bounces on the concrete floor, but Steenhuis said the defense handled it well.


“It’s a faster game on the concrete with irregular bounces. The ball is a lot quicker off the boards and off that second skip,” he explained. “The turf slows the ball down and cleans up the game. It’s a muckier game. There’s no sure thing so on defense we’re always rushing to the boards because there might be a bauble here and there.”


Ryan Keenan put the Redmen up 1-0 in the first but the Lakers didn’t wait long to tie the game – Corey Small beat Mike Poulin two minutes later. Tutton scored his first fast-break goal to put the Lakers up 2-1 but Mark Matthews tied the game on a late-period power play.


Austin Shanks and Curtis Knight gave the Redmen a 4-2 lead in the second period but the Lakers then rattled off four in a row. Cory Vitarelli, making his return to the lineup, scored a shorthanded goal to start the run. He followed that up with a great second effort, picking up his own rebound on the crease to tie the game at four with a pro-Lakers crowd chanting in the background. Thomas Hoggarth crashed the crease and Tutton, with his second fast-break goal, scored late in the frame for a 6-4 Lakers lead after two. 


Turner Evans’ marker at 1:32 of the third period was the game winner. The Redmen got two back from Shayne Jackson and Dan Lintner. Matt Spanger rang a shot off the post late but they could not get the equalizer before time ran out.



Game four will be webcast via pay-per-view at If necessary, game five will be back at the Memorial Centre this coming Monday, August 13th. 


Scoring for the Lakers:


Cory Vitarelli (2-1)

Chad Tutton (2-0)

Corey Small (1-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-1)

Turner Evans (1-0)

Josh Currier (0-4)

Shawn Evans (0-2)

Holden Cattoni (0-1)

Robert Hope (0-1)



Lakers take 2-0 lead in series

August 7, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers took a 2-0 MSL semi-finals lead over the Brooklin Redmen with a 12-8 win Tuesday night at the Memorial Centre.


Special teams were the name of the game as the Lakers racked up six power play goals on seven chances, while killing off eight of 10 Redmen chances. The Lakers also scored once shorthanded while their opponents scored two shortys.


“Obviously we got into some penalty trouble and there was no flow to the game. Early in the game it was back and forth,” assistant coach Tracey Kelusky said. “They were attacking our bench right off the get-go and we didn’t do a good job of getting on the floor early. It was a little urgent play on their behalf that put us on our heels a little bit.”

The Redmen led 2-0 before the Lakers roared back with three in a row. Andrew Suitor picked off a pass in the Lakers’ end and ran up the floor three-on-one before passing to Mark Steenhuis who put a shot stick-side on Zach Higgins. Shawn Evans stepped into a hard shot 1:10 later and Holden Cattoni put in a bomb from the circle 49 seconds after that.


Mark Matthews scored his first of three on the night to tie the game at three, but Adam Jones and Suitor replied for a 5-3 Lakers lead. Matthews’ second came with .8 seconds left in the period, but it didn’t give the Redmen any momentum heading into the second period, where they were outscored 5-0.


“First and foremost we did a great job getting off the floor from the offensive end,” winning goaltender Matt Vinc praised. “We were really able to get back and set up and really key on their good shooters.”

Vinc made 43 saves in the game, his first of the playoffs after Doug Buchan was a surprise starter in game one. With Evan Kirk unavailable until Monday, it’s possible the Buchan/Vinc rotation will continue.


“(Rotating) is nothing new to me,” Vinc said. “I’m just happy to get wins any way you can get them. It’s a grind in the playoffs. Dougie’s… played great all year. I’ve known him for a long period and it’s great to see him show what he’s got and it’s great for him to get that opportunity.”


Kelusky revealed that Vinc even suggested at one point that the Lakers ride Buchan in goal, but that’s not the way the team works.


“We’ve never done that. We’ve never done that in playoffs, we’ve always gone back and forth between guys because we have trust in everybody," Kelusky said. "Vno is a competitor and when he comes in between the pipes he wants to be his best every time he plays. Regardless of whether its Buchan or Kirk when it’s his turn to go he’s ready to go. He’s a true professional.”


Josh Currier started off the second period with a full-body backhand twister to make the score 6-4 just 1:26 in. Jones scored on a high cross-crease pass from Evans during a stretch of six minutes of shorthanded play by the Lakers. They finished the period with three consecutive power play goals. Cattoni scored his second of the game and Corey Small scored two for a 10-4 Lakers lead. 


The Redmen fought back in the third period, scoring four times, but Jones and Small each scored hat trick goals to keep the Lakers on top.


“At the end of the day we look at what we can control on the offensive side of the ball,” Kelusky explained. “We broke down a couple of the things we thought they were doing and found some of the matchups that we wanted to get in the second period better than we did in the first.”


The Lakers and Redmen are right back in action tonight with game three at Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby at 8 p.m. 


“It’s definitely a different atmosphere with the concrete floor up there,” Vinc said. “The ball bounces a little differently and there’s a lot of transition goals. We just have to go up there and play Lakers lacrosse. We didn’t do that the last time we were there and it cost us. Our best players have to show up and our role players have to do what they have to do and hopefully we’ll get a full 60.”


The game will not be broadcasted or streamed, so the only way to watch is to make the drive down the 115 and cheer on the Lakers in person. Arrive early as the arena will be busy with the annual Ontario Lacrosse Festival taking place.


The Wiser's player of the game was Corey Small, while Andrew Suitor picked up 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Corey Small (3-1)

Adam Jones (3-1)

Holden Cattoni (2-3)

Shawn Evans (1-5)

Andrew Suitor (1-1)

Josh Currier (1-1)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-6)

Turner Evans (0-2)

Chad Tutton (0-1)



Lakers take game one 13-8


August 2, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH - ON - The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers took a 1-0 series lead over the Brooklin Redmen on Thursday night with a 13-8 win at the Memorial Centre. The teams now take the long weekend off and will meet again for game two of the MSL semi-final series on Tuesday in Peterborough.


“We were ready to play right from the get-go tonight. We’d been kind of waiting for this moment to start and we responded well with a great effort,” head coach Mike Hasen said.


It was a quick, high-tempo first period, with the teams feeling each other out to open the game. The Redmen had two good chances that didn’t quite hit the mark, and the Lakers hit a couple of posts. Thomas Hoggarth had a shot stop just an inch away from the goal line. The anticipation from the crowd was palpable – so when Turner Evans scored at 9:31, the fans exploded with applause and cheers.


“It’s pride about being in this arena,” said defenseman Andrew Suitor. “You work so hard all regular season to get home floor advantage, why let it go especially in the first game of the playoffs? And it’s the team that we have and the love we have for each other. We want to be around each other as long as we can to the middle of September.”


Curtis Knight scored a power play goal two minutes later to tie the game, but that also kicked off a run for the Lakers, who scored three goals in a span of 1:04. Shawn Evans wired an underhand shot past Mike Poulin at 12:34, Adam Jones put an overhand shot in and Corey Small scored on a classic Small side rip. Ryan Keenan got one back late for the Redmen, but the Lakers controlled the play and the pace of the game for much of the first period and led 4-2.


“It’s our typical pace,” said Holden Cattoni. “We got a little bit away from it in the second period and in the third period there in the middle. We don’t want to get into a track meet with them. We want to play fast but under our control and our tempo.”


The Lakers scored three straight to start the second period for a 7-2 lead. Evans’ second came on the power play just 56 seconds in. Cattoni went five-hole at 3:02 and Josh Currier found Kyle Buchanan cutting to the net at 7:56.


Chris Corbeil scored a fast-break goal to stop the run at 8:53 and that kicked off a back-and-forth period that saw the Redmen score three times only to have the Lakers answer with two more. Adam Jones was awarded a rare penalty shot after Jake Withers was interfered with on a fast-break, but did not score. 


The physical play ramped up in the second. Shawn Evans was manhandled down to the floor by Ethan Schott midway through the period to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Later, Evans and Adrian Sorichetti received 10-minute misconducts, 10 seconds after their roughing penalties failed to make them stop chirping at each other.


“I don’t think there were any cheap shots deliberately by either team,” said Suitor, the Lakers' resident peacekeeper. “Both teams are out there competing and there’s a lot of great players out there so tempers boil sometimes and it’s a little fun for everybody all around. We’re not going to take liberties but we’re also not going to be bullied. I think you’re going to see a hard fought series here with a lot of rough stuff, but, more clean rough stuff – big hits, big loose balls coming out of the corner, guys taking an extra whack or two. It’s going to be a great series.”


Suitor took Matthews to the penalty box late in the frame, then Colton Watkinson went after Eric Shewell in the third period, to which Suitor took exception. 


“Shewwy’s got no problem taking care of himself,” Suitor admitted. “That’s just my mentality. I probably shouldn’t have jumped in there but… I bet you 1000 times over that Shewwy would have done the same thing for me.”


The Lakers’ high-tempo play continued throughout the third period, which frustrated the Redmen whose chances were limited by a strong defensive effort. Top scorers Mark Matthews and Shayne Jackson were held goalless.


“You don’t do that very often so it’s something to take pride in, but you focus on what you did to hold them off the game sheet as far as the goal column goes and how to trim their points even more,” Suitor said. “But I promise you one of them will get a goal or more in this series.”


“You have to have a close eye on them at all times because they can burn you for a lot of points on the night and they can definitely change the game,” Cattoni said. “I think our defense did a good job against them tonight.”


That defense included Doug Buchan, who made 36 saves in his first playoff experience. With Evan Kirk away with work commitments and Matt Vinc coming in late from the airport, Hasen was completely comfortable starting the youngster, who may not have seen his last action of the series.


“Buchan played exceptionally well; he did so all year for us. We do look at it one game at a time so we’ll see.”


Peterborough outscored Brooklin 4-3 in the final frame including a fast-break goal by Brock Sorensen (his second in as many games) and an empty net goal by Jake Withers, assisted by Chad Tutton and Zach Currier, who unselfishly passed the ball around before Withers, who was also 19-22 on faceoffs, took the shot.


“It shows the depth of our team,” said Cattoni. “We had a couple of transition goals from the D which is always a big boost for us. Spreading it around on offense is pretty typical for us when you look at what we did throughout the regular season.”


Hasen expects the Redmen to come back Tuesday with a better effort.


“I think they come back a heck of a lot better than they showed tonight. We ramped it up and I know they’ll ramp it up Tuesday. They’ll be better and we’ll make sure that we’ll be better next week too.”


Cattoni and Small each had a pair of goals and four assists to lead the Lakers, while Kyle Buchanan had two goals and three assists. Dan Lintner led the Redmen with a hat trick.


Tickets for Tuesday's game can be purchased in person, online at or by phone at 705-743-3561. Games three and four of the series will switch to Iroquois Park Sports Centre in Whitby next Wednesday and Friday.


The Wiser's player of the game was Holden Cattoni, while Bryce Sweeting and Doug Buchan shared 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (2-4)

Corey Small (2-4)

Kyle Buchanan (2-3)

Shawn Evans (2-1)

Turner Evans (1-2)

Jake Withers (1-2)

Josh Currier (1-1)

Brock Sorensen (1-0)

Adam Jones (1-0)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-2)

Chad Tutton (0-1)

Zach Currier (0-1)









July 31, 2018


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers and Brooklin Redmen are meeting in the MSL’s first round for the second consecutive year. Last season, the Lakers prevailed in six hard-fought games and eventually went on to win the Mann Cup, which they aim to host and recapture again on home floor this year. The series begins Thursday at the Memorial Centre.


“It’s going to be a tough series,” said Lakers’ head coach Mike Hasen. “Brooklin’s ready to go for an eastern title and they have all their guys who won an NLL title already (with Saskatchewan). It’s going to be a tough series. It’s going to be an up and down series. It’s going to be quick, it’s going to be physical. Goaltending is great on both sides. Defense is great on both sides. Offensively, it’s a coin flip.”


Kyle Buchanan finished atop the MSL’s scoring race with 68 points (23G/45A). Shawn Evans, Corey Small and Holden Cattoni also finished in the top 10. Dan Lintner was the Redmen’s top scorer with 41 points; he finished in 13th place in the league. 


The Lakers finished in first place with 25 points while the Redmen finished fourth with 15 points. The Redmen got better as the season went on while the Lakers were strong all season, losing only three games along the way.


“They get better each and every year,” said captain Robert Hope. “We’re looking for another great series. They always give us a run for their money. They’re well-oiled, they make great plays and they have a lot of chemistry together so we have to make sure we bring our A-game each and every night we come to the rink.”


Playoff packages are on sale now at the Memorial Centre box office and can be purchased in person, by calling 705-743-3561 or online at Season-ticket holders have until 5 p.m. Wednesday to claim their seats for the first round. All unclaimed seats will go on sale to the general public at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday morning. Ticket prices have increased just $1 per round from regular season prices. 



Game 1 – Thursday, August 2 – PMC

Game 2 – Tuesday, August 7 – PMC

Game 3 – Wednesday, August 8 – IPSC

Game 4 – Friday, August 10 – IPSC

Game 5 – Monday, August 13 – PMC*

Game 6 – Wednesday, August 15 – IPSC*

Game 7 – Thursday, August 16 – PMC*

*if necessary




The Jr. A Lakers will be collecting donations at each Memorial Centre entrance on Thursday for five-year-old Nolan Grandel, a local lacrosse player and brother of the Jr. A Lakers’ Tyler Grandel. Cerebral palsy caused Nolan’s left foot to turn in to the point that he can’t run and had to give up playing for the Kawartha Lakes Fury this season. Funds raised will help Nolan and his family through his upcoming surgery and recovery at Montreal’s Shriners Children’s Hospital.


Full story from the Peterborough Examiner:




Get your playoff gear! Lakers’ merchandise is available through Imprinted Apparel, located at 730 The Kingsway. Imprinted Apparel also has an e-store online at and as always, will have a large selection of merchandise available in the front lobby of the Memorial Centre during games including jerseys, hats, t-shirts, sweaters, water bottles and more.




Prizes from the Lakers’ program contest will be drawn during the second home playoff game on Tuesday, August 7th, so fans have one last chance to buy a game day program and enter. The grand prize is a Caribbean cruise for two compliments of Merit Travel. Secondary prizes include a wine fridge from Peterborough Appliances, a $100 Corby’s gift package and 2019 Lakers’ season passes. Ballots are found on the inside back cover of the Lakers’ program. One program = one ballot. Fans can enter as many times as they like with original ballots (no photocopies). 




The Lakers’ annual fan appreciation evening will take place on Tuesday, August 7th. Fans are invited to join the Lakers on the carpet following the game for autographs and photos.











by Anna Taylor

July 26, 2018

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers suffered a rare home loss on Thursday night 14-9 to the Six Nations Chiefs; in fact, it was their only home loss of the regular season as they finished with a 12-3-1 record.


The Lakers, who played to a season-high crowd of 3791 including about 500 fans from Camp Moshava, have clinched first place in the MSL and will have home floor advantage throughout the playoffs. Game one against the fourth-place Brooklin Redmen will be next Thursday, August 1st, at the Memorial Centre. The rest of the schedule is to be determined.


There was more on the line for the Chiefs, who moved into third place with the win, but the Lakers didn’t take the game lightly. It was hard fought and rough the whole way through. Down five goals late, Mike Hasen and Paul Day were yelling at their defensemen to get off the floor quickly to allow the offense a full 30 seconds to play instead of taking a chance on a transition attempt.


“I don’t think it was meaningless. That one stings,” said defenseman Brock Sorensen. “You want to go into the playoffs with momentum… You never like to lose to the Chiefs especially in that kind of fashion. We spotted them way too many at the beginning of the game.”


Hasen said the team will not dwell on the game.


“We’ll just wash this one away. There are things that we need to clean up but at the end of the day we’ve been good all year up until this point so we’ll wipe it away and be ready and focus for next week.”

Eric Fannell, left alone to run in close on Matt Vinc, scored shorthanded just 1:39 into the game. Cody Jamieson scored an overhand shot on the power play at 4:06 to extend the lead to 2-0. The Lakers fought back with two power play goals of their own after Fannell received five minutes for cross checking Thomas Hoggarth in the head during a loose-ball scrum. The Lakers capitalized twice on the man advantage; Corey Small fired Shawn Evans’ pass past Chiefs’ goaltender Doug Jamieson before Evans converted Kyle Buchanan’s backhand pass low glove-side. Holden Cattoni then came out of the corner and whipped a shot into the net for a 3-2 Lakers lead.


Unfortunately, the Chiefs then rallied for a five-goal run. Kyle Jackson scored three and Jamieson added two more for a 7-3 Chiefs lead after the first. 


Penalties were called early and often; the teams combined for 122 minutes. The Lakers were 4-11 on the power play and the Chiefs 3-7. They were all warranted and perhaps more could have been called; both teams were laying the lumber on each other.


“It was good old-fashioned lacrosse. It always ends like that with Six Nations,” said Sorensen.


“All we’re going to ask is consistency from the refereeing,” said Hope. “If they’re going to let everything go, let everything go. If they’re going to call everything, call everything. That’s a part of playoff lacrosse. Tonight had a playoff atmosphere to it. We just have to make sure each and every game we’re ready for that type of atmosphere.”


Hasen recognized that with their recent history, games against the Chiefs are always emotional, but that can’t be the case moving forward.


“We have to keep our emotions in check here,” he said. “You can’t give a team like that nine, 10 power play opportunities. That’s one of the things that killed us tonight, the many times we were shorthanded.”

The Lakers outscored the Chiefs 3-2 in the middle frame as the rough play continued, though only one penalty was called in the first half of the period. Vinc and the defense settled in as they limited the trio of Cody Jamieson, Kyle Jackson and Randy Staats. Josh Currier scored on the power play after Fannell cross checked Hope in the shoulder and neck area. A line brawl nearly occurred after Craig Point knocked Sorensen into the boards from behind during a loose-ball chase. 


The Lakers had a great opportunity to close the gap to 8-7 before the third period but mis-timed their play and shot the ball too early. Six Nations rolled the ball up the floor where Tyson Bell faked out Vinc with 0.5 seconds left to widen the gap to 9-6.


A few players were ejected in the third period; Zach Currier and Turner Evans, last season’s most sportsmanlike player, were both given game misconducts for mouthing off. 


But the Chiefs’ Jeremy Thompson is the one who earned the ire of the lacrosse world in this game. Thompson was assessed a match penalty in addition to two majors and one minor after he and Shawn Evans mixed it up in what started as a typical lacrosse scrum. After getting their sticks up and exchanging a few punches with their gloves on, Thompson slewfooted Evans (a kick to the back of the legs that knocks a player down) and then intentionally stepped on him as he was pulled away by the referees.


“We had a couple of guys with big penalties too so we’ll have to figure that out too,” said Hope, although he also said Thompson’s play was “probably not the smartest thing to do. You keep it in the back of your mind. You remember it. Not the best play, not the most intelligent. He got his penalty. He’ll serve his time or games.”


The Lakers had their chances, but they hit a lot of posts and a lot of pads. Cattoni and Currier scored 25 seconds apart midway through the third to rejuvenate the large crowd, which responded by sending a wave around the arena. Sorensen’s late goal was the highlight of the game, as he sprinted down the floor shorthanded and whipped a one-handed underhand blast past Jamieson. Unfortunately, it was Jamieson who had the last laugh, scoring an empty-net goalie goal with four seconds left.


Full playoff scheduling is to be determined but the Lakers will open their first-round series against the Brooklin Redmen next Thursday, August 2ndat the Memorial Centre. Playoff bundles are on sale at the box office, by phone at 705-743-3561 and online at



Corey Small was named the Wiser's player of the game, while Robert Hope picked up One Eighty Hunter defensive player of the game honours.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (3-0)

Corey Small (2-2)

Josh Currier (2-2)

Shawn Evans (1-2)

Brock Sorensen (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-4)

Adam Jones (0-3)

Turner Evans (0-1)



July 24, 2018


by Anna Taylor


A round of applause, please, for your first place Peterborough Century 21 Lakers.


The Lakers clinched first place in the MSL on Tuesday night with a 7-3 win over the Six Nations Chiefs at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. The win mathematically secures first place over the Oakville Rock, who can no longer catch the Lakers in points. The Lakers will have home-floor advantage throughout the playoffs as they aim to host the 2018 Mann Cup and defend their title. 


“Our goal tonight was to play a good three periods,” general manager Paul Day said. “I think we had really good consistency from start to finish and good goaltending and good D. The ball was moving pretty well. They were pretty aggressive tonight but I thought we had really good discipline. We want to carry that into Thursday and we want to be at our best going into playoffs.”



Against the Chiefs, who are currently in fourth place, Doug Buchan was stellar in goal making 42 saves.


“Buchan played well enough to earn the start tonight,” general manager Paul Day said. “He continues to lead the league in every goaltending stat.”


Buchan’s play has been a factor in every game he’s played this season and it’s given his teammates an extra confidence boost. 


“Doug really held his own back there and made a few big saves for us in transition that we really needed and really gave our defense a lot of confidence to be aggressive tonight,” said Holden Cattoni, who led the Lakers with two goals and two assists. 


Though outshot 45-34, the Lakers looked calm and composed in front of Buchan as they slowly built a 2-0 lead through the first. Thomas Hoggarth scored 7:14 into the game on former Lakers’ goaltender Angus Goodleaf, who let Hoggarth get a little too close. Cattoni scored the Lakers’ second goal on the run as he came off the bench.


Chad Tutton crashed the crease midway through the second period to make it 3-0. A string of penalties saw some special teams play pay off. Craig Point finally getting the Chiefs on the board a man-up with a seeing-eye shot in the top corner, but the Lakers answered with two power play goals of their own from Corey Small and Turner Evans for a 5-1 lead after the second period. 


“We knew we had to play tight,” Cattoni said. “You can’t give them any room out there because they take it and exploit it when you do.”


The goals went back-and-forth in the third period with each team tallying twice. Point and Small each scored their second. Cody Jamieson, who also had two assists, found the back of the net with 4:52 left but Cattoni’s second at 3:19 put the game away.


“We really wanted to focus on how we play,” Day said, knowing full well the Chiefs could be the Lakers’ first round opponents. “Their defense is younger and more aggressive this year. They added Bryan Cole, Tyson Bell and Ian MacKay so they’re bigger, faster and stronger on D. It took us a little longer to get adjusted but I think we did a pretty good job.”


The Lakers are back in action this Thursday, July 26th at the Memorial Centre at 8 p.m. to host the same Six Nations Chiefs in their last regular season game. Tickets can be obtained by calling the box office at 705-743-3561 or online at Fans are reminded that the Lakers’ annual Fan Appreciation evening has been moved to the second home game of the playoffs.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (2-2)

Corey Small (2-1)

Turner Evans (1-0)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-0)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-3)

Shawn Evans (0-3)

Mark Steenhuis (0-1)

Robert Hope (0-1)








July 19, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – On a special Thursday night, the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers donned throwback green and gold jerseys and played as the Peterborough Red Oaks, defeating the Cobourg Kodiaks 10-3 at the Memorial Centre.


The team was honouring the 40th anniversary of the franchise’s 1978 Mann Cup win. The Red Oaks, underdogs that year, beat Brooklin and swept Owen Sound in the playoffs, then defeated the Victoria Shamrocks in seven games for the Mann Cup. 


Current Red Oaks’ captain Robert Hope was unavailable to play on Thursday, but commented on the importance of the game.




“They were the trendsetters of lacrosse. They paved the way for guys like us to have the opportunities that we do today,” Hope said. “It’s amazing to be able to honour them – friends, parents, the people that taught us the game – to wear their jerseys and see them out there.”


Current players wore replica sweaters of former players and presented the former players with the jerseys after the game. It was a special night for Adam Jones and his father, Brian, who was on that 1978 team. Jones wore his father’s #23 jersey.


“It was good to see the whole team was out there,” Jones said. “It was cool that I was able to wear my dad’s jersey. It was good to see him after the game. He was proud and with all his friends.”


Other familial connections to the ’78 team included Turner Evans, nephew of Paul Evans, and Jeff Swift, nephew of Jim Johnston. YourTV play-by-play guy Pete Dalliday is Pete Guerin’s nephew.


“JJ Johnston is my coach in Ennismore (with the Sr. B James Gang),” said defenseman Brett Coons. “He’s a great guy and I love him. It’s always an honour playing for the jerseys we’re wearing. There’s a great history there.”


Corey Small opened the scoring at 8:08 with a classic overhand shot. Josh Currier beat a defender one-on-one at 12:09 to extend the Red Oaks’ lead to 2-0. Peterborough native Kyle Killen got the Kodiaks on the board 30 seconds later but Holden Cattoni and Jones replied before the period was out to make it 4-1.


“I felt a little rusty. It takes a couple games to get the wind back,” Jones said. “I haven’t had a lot of time off in the last two or three years so it was good to relax and heal up. Now we’re gearing up for another run.”


Jones was playing his first game of the 2018 season after rehabbing some injuries from his Toronto Rock season.


“It felt like I needed to get playing again. I’d been sitting around for too long,” he said, although he hasn’t been lacking for activities – he and his wife Lauren have been kept very busy with their baby daughter. “There have been a lot of early mornings with her but it’s worth it.”


Head coach Mike Hasen is glad to have Jones back in the lineup.


“He adds another really good stick,” he said. “He’s a great shooter. He’s another guy that goes to work for his teammates and it’s greats to have him back.”


Cam Milligan put a low-angle bounce shot past Davide DiRuscio halfway through the second period. Ryan Lee accepted a long pass from his defense and scored on transition at 14:30. Cattoni and Connor Goodwin exchanged goals 24 seconds apart late in the frame for a 6-3 Red Oaks lead.


The Red Oaks outscored the Kodiaks 4-0 in the third period. Milligan scored his second on a hard overhand shot. Andrew Suitor added a fast-break goal. Currier and Jones both picked up their second goals on a late double minor checking from behind penalty to Colton Armstrong, who had pushed Thomas Hoggarth into DiRuscio. Jones was on the crease to put home a pass from Small. Currier threw a fake and then picked the corner of DiRuscio's left shoulder.


Matt Vinc made 29 saves in the Red Oaks’ rebound win after suffering a bad 16-7 loss the night prior against Brooklin.


“We just played a better game as a team,” Coons said. “We did the things we needed to do on defense and we finished on offense. We have to keep playing as a team, keep communicating on defense, swinging the ball on offense and playing up tempo.”


The Red Oaks (who will now return to being the Lakers) have a big test next week with a home-and-home against the Six Nations Chiefs that begins Tuesday at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena and concludes on Thursday at home.


“We’re going to prepare like our playoffs start next week,” said Hasen. “We want to make sure that we’re playing at our best going so next week will be a good start.”


Tickets for Thursday’s game, the annual fan appreciation night, are available at the Memorial Centre box office, online or by phone at (705) 743-3561.


The Wiser's player of the game was Adam Jones, while Matt Vinc picked up 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (2-3)

Adam Jones (2-1)

Josh Currier (2-0)

Cam Milligan (2-0)

Corey Small (1-3)

Andrew Suitor (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-3)

Mark Steenhuis (0-2)

Turner Evans (0-2)

Mitch Ogilvie (0-1)

Jeff Swift (0-1)

Brock Sorensen (0-1)

Ian Llord (0-1)

Matt Vinc (0-1)











Lakers falter for just the second time

July 18, 2018


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers have already forgotten about last night’s 16-7 loss to the Brooklin Redmen at Iroquois Park Sports Centre.


It was their first loss since the opening game of the 2018 campaign in Oakville. In that time, the Lakers have gone 10-1 and sit atop the MSL with 21 points and three games remaining. Oakville is six points behind with three games in hand. The tie game in their record was an 8-8 contest against the Redmen.


“It wasn’t our best effort,” said captain Robert Hope. “I thought our offense did a good job moving the ball for the most part. They scored enough; we just had to be better on D. I thought Kirky was great to keep us in but he can’t stop everything. We gave them breakaways and a lot of open looks.”


Kyle Buchanan put the Lakers up 1-0 at 2:43 with a shorthanded goal. He scored two more in the period, accounting for all of the Lakers’ offense in a 3-3 tie.



Two quick goals by the Redmen put the Lakers in a hole just over two minutes into the second. Two more widened the gap to 7-3 before Chad Tutton scored on a transition attempt. Dan Lintner got that goal back for Brooklin but the Lakers scored twice before the period ended. Callup Taite Cattoni found the back of the net and Corey Small scored a buzzer beater with Evan Kirk on the bench.


 “Early on we were right there with them,” Hope said. “They made some adjustments on the offensive end that really worked for them and we didn’t make too many adjustments. Even when we did, it got a little scrappy and chippy at the end.”


Indeed, the third was scrappy, was scrums after whistles and a few Lakers finding themselves in the penalty box. Redmen head coach Derek Keenan had been tossed from the game in the first period after vehemently arguing a call, and Lakers’ head coach Mike Hasen followed him in the third after a slow whistle on the Redmen’s 12th goal.


The Redmen outscored the Lakers 8-1 in the third period. Josh Currier had the Lakers’ only goal, on a power play. Three of Brooklin’s goals in the period were scored on the power play while one was shorthanded.


Evan Kirk made 43 saves in the Peterborough while Mike Poulin made 47 for Brooklin. The Redmen were led by Curtis Knight who had three goals and five assists.



The MSL standings are tight right now, with the Redmen tied for third place with the Six Nations Chiefs, just two points back of the Rock. But the Brampton Excelsiors are only three points back of third place, too, so it’s anyone’s game at the moment.


“These are games with a playoff mentality that we have to make sure we’re ready for,” Hope expressed. “Any team that we’re going to play is going to be competitive. We know Brooklin gets better each and every year with major players, great coaching and good goaltending top to bottom. It’s going to be a dogfight no matter who we play in the first round so we’re going to make sure that we do get better and learn from our mistakes.”


The Lakers are right back in action tonight, hosting the Cobourg Kodiaks on 70’s Night, in which the 1978 Mann Cup winning Peterborough Red Oaks will be honoured. Break out the bell bottoms and help us celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise’s seventh national title. Tickets are available at the Memorial Centre box office, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.



Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (3-2)

Josh Currier (1-1)

Chad Tutton (1-1)

Taite Cattoni (1-1)

Corey Small (1-1)

Turner Evans (0-3)

Holden Cattoni (0-3)

Jeff Swift (0-1)






July 12, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are that much closer to securing first place in the MSL after a 12-7 win over the Oakville Rock on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre.


The Lakers lead the league with 21 points and four games left. The Rock and Six Nations Chiefs are tied for second place with 13 points each. The Rock hold two games in hand on both the Lakers and Chiefs. But if the Lakers can keep up their winning ways, first place will be theirs again.


“I imagine we’ll see [the Rock] in the playoffs so this game was big for us. Home floor for the whole playoffs is important,” said Thomas Hoggarth, who had a goal in the game.


The Rock are an interesting team. They have a core of solid NLL veterans on their offense including Wesley Berg, Ryan Benesch, Johnny Powless and Reid Reinholdt, but none of them played on Thursday night. But looking at the Rock’s stats will have you asking if it would have mattered if they’d played. The Rock are led in scoring by rookies Andrew Kew, Matt Van Galen and Dallas Bridle. The Rock’s so-called best players have only appeared in a handful of games each. It’s the new guys who have been doing the dirty work – playing in every game and reaping the rewards.


“It’s a Thursday night so it’s hard to get guys in here,” said Hoggarth. “There were a lot of young guys out there. They did pretty good too for how many players they did have tonight.”

The Lakers and Rock played to a 4-4 tie after the first period. Oakville led by one four times, but the Lakers had an answer for every goal. Dan Craig and Matt Van Galen scored two each for the Rock, while the Lakers were led by a pair from Shawn Evans.


“[Head coach] Mike Hasen came in to give us a little speech at intermission,” Evans said. “We weren’t at our best and we needed to step it up a little bit. We needed to step it up a gear and we took away the game after that.”


Taking a pass from Kyle Buchanan, Hoggarth put the Lakers up 5-4 2:19 into the second period, tiptoeing above the crease and throwing a couple of fakes before beating Rock goaltender Steve Fryer. 


Hoggarth has been playing offense for the last few games. He’s had five goals and four assists since June 28th and has 12 points on the season.


“I played offense all the way up but got moved back to defense in junior so I’m just trying to find my roots right now and get back into it,” Hoggarth explained. “I feel like I’m getting better every game I play and I’m burying my chances right now. [Evans and Buchanan] are the best players in the world so they can find you no matter what. They can put the ball where the ball shouldn’t be.”


The Lakers increased their lead to 7-4 with back-to-back long bombs from Josh Currier and Turner Evans 27 seconds apart. Andrew Kew got one back for the Rock but Evans quick-sticked Shawn’s pass past Fryer as the Lakers pulled Matt Vinc for an extra attacker on the last possession of the period.


Craig scored his third of the game as the Rock tried desperately to start a third-period comeback. That attempt was stalled by a four-goal run from the Lakers. Corey Small put a hard shot in from the left side. Kyle Buchanan scored back-to-back goals including a jumper shot as he ducked around Luc Magnan and was out of reach for Mitch deSnoo on the top of the crease. Cattoni’s second of the game put it out of reach for the Rock.


“We needed a big win here tonight,” said Shawn Evans. “We tired them out a little bit and we got a few extra chances there that we capitalized on. If you don’t score on the chances you get it gives them an opportunity to get one back. We executed well tonight.”


Each team only had 17 of the 18 allowed runners for the game. The Lakers are missing Jake Fox (Iroquois Nationals), Zach Currier, Matt Gilray and Jake Withers (Canada) to the World Field Lacrosse Championships. Oakville was missing Wesley Berg (Canada) and Reid Reinholdt (China – coach), in addition to other impact players. The Lakers are so deep, however, that they’re not concerned about their missing players, and even added Ian Llord back on defense on Thursday. 


A member of last year’s Mann Cup winning team, Llord needed some time off following the NLL Finals to rehab an injury. He didn’t look like he’d missed a beat versus Oakville.


“I felt pretty good. The Lakers were kind enough to give me the time to heal so I had to pay them back with a solid effort,” Llord said after the game. “There was a little bit of rust but the guys helped me out and got me where I needed to be. The win is all that matters.”


Vinc made 36 saves in the win. Fryer made 42 for the Rock. One Eighty Hunter defensive player of the game Andrew Suitor won 13 of 18 faceoffs in Withers’ absence. Shawn Evans was named the Wiser’s player of the game. 


“We want first place,” Evans said. “First place is our goal but we’re taking it one game at a time. Our fans are our biggest supporters here. We go as far as they go. We’re playing hard for them.”


The Lakers have four games remaining in the regular season. Next Wednesday, July 18th they’ll visit the Brooklin Redmen before returning home to host the Cobourg Kodiaks on July 19th. They finish with a home-and-home series against the Six Nations Chiefs on July 24th and 26th. Tickets for both home games can be purchased at the Memorial Centre box office, by phone at 705-743-3561 or online at

Scoring for the Lakers:

Kyle Buchanan (2-6)

Shawn Evans (2-4)

Turner Evans (2-3)

Corey Small (2-1)

Holden Cattoni (2-1)

Josh Currier (1-3)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-1)

Andrew Suitor (0-2)

*Officially, Shawn Evans was credited with the Lakers' ninth goal, but the goal should have been attributed to Small. The correct scoring is reflected above.


Lakers win in Cobourg


July 8, 2018


by Anna Taylor



COBOURG, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers allowed the Cobourg Kodiaks an early 1-0 lead in the first period before storming back to a 15-8 win at the Cobourg Community Centre on Sunday evening.


The game was tamer than the highway 28 rivals' last meeting in Peterborough on June 28, which ended in an 18-9 Lakers win and a combined 183 penalty minutes.


Nevertheless, Sunday’s game was hard fought, especially with the Lakers missing five regular defenders in Zach Currier, Matt Gilray, Jake Withers, Andrew Suitor and Nick Weiss.


Therefore, the Lakers relied heavily on rookies Jordan Storous and Tyler Gaulton, as well as James Gang call-ups Brett Coons and Dalton Hill.



“Dalton Hill has been good the couple of times he’s been up here,” head coach Mike Hasen said. “He’s quick, he’s fast, he’s relentless and listens really well. He’s a good guy to have on the floor because (the veteran) guys dictate where they want him and he goes.”


Eric Shewell briefly tussled with Joe French in the second period and there were typical post-whistle scrums, but that was the extent of any bad blood between the two teams, who had more important things that fighting to worry about. The Lakers are close to clinching first place in the MSL, while the Kodiaks are still fighting for any playoff spot at all.



Cory Vitarelli said the Kodiaks have improved in their three seasons in Cobourg.

“Every team in this league is good. You have to show up every night. Every game you have to come ready to play,” he recognized.


Vitarelli had three goals and two assists in the game, his third of the season after missing all of 2017 due to injury.


“It’s nice to be back with the guys,” he said. “It’s always fun to play the summer with guys you grew up with and some of the new guys who come from out of town so it’s just good to be back. Luckily for me I was able to get a couple tonight. Any night other guys can do the same.”


Peterborough native Riley Campbell opened the scoring for the Kodiaks at the 2:59 mark. It was the only lead the Lakers allowed, as they stormed back to outscore the Kodiaks 7-1 for the next 17 minutes, really pouring it on in the latter half of the period.


Vitarelli had two in the frame including a trademark quick-stick goal from the left of the goalie. Kyle Buchanan also had a pair.


Late in the period, Chad Tutton chased down a loose ball in the Kodiaks’ end, battling with both Campbell and goaltender Kevin Orleman in the corner. Orleman chose to check Tutton like he was playing defense instead of heading right back to his goal. Tutton made him pay with a one-handed swing goal into the basically empty net.



The second period was more even, with the teams tying 3-3. Buchanan completed his hat trick early in the second period in a strange way; he deflected Shawn Evans’ backhand shot off of his shoulder and in. Vitarelli also scored his third of the game.


Cobourg’s Chris Cloutier came alive in the second, scoring two in a row. His first came as he was harassed by two Lakers’ defenders yet was able to tiptoe around the crease and score as he was falling.


Peterborough led 10-5 after two, though they ran into some penalty trouble at the end of the period. Three Lakers were in the box when French scored early in the third period, but it was the only goal Doug Buchan allowed on the extended five-on-three.


Buchan made 58 saves for his seventh win of the season. He made a lot of saves look easy, including a breakaway stop on Kodiaks’ captain Joey Cupido. 


“They have some big time shooters out there,” he said of the Kodiaks. “They all like to shoot the ball and you just have to be ready. You never know - 30 seconds on the shot clock, 5 seconds - you don’t know when it’s coming, so you have to be sharp.”


Buchan relieved Matt Vinc on Thursday’s game versus Brooklin; his first action since Vinc and Evan Kirk returned from their NLL duties.


“It felt good to get back in there. I came in last game but it’s nice to start from the beginning and get your mind into it and get going right from the first period,” he said.


The Kodiaks sandwiched a Corey Small marker in the third before the Lakers went on a four-goal run that included two from Holden Cattoni and transition attempts from Bryce Sweeting and Mark Steenhuis, who scored shorthanded. Sweeting played an excellent game, stepping into the faceoff circle and doing some strong work on the penalty kill.



Buchan made a series of saves with about three minutes to play to which the Lakers responded by banging their sticks on the boards in support.


Hasen said the coaching staff had had Buchan penciled in for this game for some time.


“With Kirk and Vinc coming back we thought this might be one that he would get and he was good tonight,” Hasen said. Vinc backed up while Kirk is traveling. 


The Lakers are back in action on Thursday, July 12th when the Oakville Rock visit the Memorial Centre. Tickets are available at the Mem Centre box office, by phone at 705-743-3561 or online at



Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (3-4)

Kyle Buchanan (3-2)

Cory Vitarelli (3-2)

Shawn Evans (1-5)

Turner Evans (1-2)

Corey Small (1-2)

Mark Steenhuis (1-1)

Chad Tutton (1-1)

Bryce Sweeting (1-0)

Josh Currier (0-4)

Robert Hope (0-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Doug Buchan (0-1)





July 5, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Though the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers picked up a 14-11 win on Thursday night over the Brooklin Redmen, their highway 115 rivals are proving to be tough competition this season.


The Lakers showed a lot of resiliency during this week’s game at the Memorial Centre, overcoming an early first period 6-0 deficit to take the game and the lead in the season series at 2-0-1. 


The win solidifies the Lakers current first-place standing, though the Oakville Rock and Six Nations Chiefs aren’t far behind and have games in hand. 


Brooklin’s always been a threat to the Lakers, but this season they appear deadlier than ever with the likes of Mark Matthews and Shayne Jackson back in the lineup to complement Ryan Keenan, Dan Lintner, and Curtis Knight, and all-star defenders Chris Corbeil, Kyle Rubisch and Graeme Hossack. The road back to the Mann Cup may very well go through Whitby this season when it comes time for the MSL finals. 


“These wins go a long way come the end of the year, come playoff time, recognizing that you may be down a few games or a few goals and showing a bit of resiliency. Our group did a really good job of that tonight," assistant captain Kyle Buchanan said.


The comeback was textbook; the result of patience and hard work.


Head coach Mike Hasen said the Lakers bent but didn’t break.


“There have been times in the past where we might have panicked a little bit with them jumping on us so early but we didn’t panic,” Hasen said. “We knew our opportunities would come and we stuck with it. It’s a credit to the guys, especially the offence. They just kept doing the things that we needed to be successful.”


Matt Vinc was pulled after six goals on 14 shots.


There were a couple goals that V normally gets that he didn’t get tonight,” Hasen explained. “It is Mark Matthews shooting the ball but it went through him as opposed to going in clean.”


The goalie change worked; Doug Buchan stemmed the bleeding and allowed the Lakers to begin to control the ball more. Cory Vitarelli’s first goal of the season got the Lakers on the board at 14:25, bouncing a shot past goaltender Mike Poulin.


The Lakers’ second goal started with a dish pass from Shawn Evans to Holden Cattoni at the point. Cattoni then flipped a backhand to Turner Evans at the left of the net, and less than a second later Evans found Buchanan on Brooklin’s doorstep. Buchanan put an underhand past Poulin.


The Redmen scored first in the second period but a breakaway goal from Buchanan changed the tide.


After such a surprising first period, the Lakers looked like a whole new team in the second.


Both Hasen and Buchanan attributed the difference to Brooklin just losing steam. The Redmen were playing their second game in two nights, having defeated the 12-9 Oakville Rock on Wednesday.


They’re loose and their sticks are sharp kind of like we were last week on the back-to-back. We were real sharp in the first period last Thursday. We just had to weather the storm.”


“When teams play back-to-back sometimes their sticks are on and they’re ready to go and they have a bit of flow to their game,” Buchanan explained. “We just came out a bit stale. Once we found it we stayed on an even keel and just executed at a higher level where our game took over.”


After Buchanan’s breakaway goal, Thomas Hoggarth stretched over the crease to get the Lakers to a more respectable 7-4. Poulin got a piece of Buchanan’s next goal but it rolled off his back and over the goal line. Corey Small then wired a shot from the left side and Peterborough closed the gap to 7-6. At the other end, Buchan accidently kicked Shayne Jackson’s shot into his own net after making the initial save. Hoggarth’s second of the game left the Lakers down only one goal after the second period.


Josh Currier put the Lakers up 9-8 after he also tied the game early in the third period. It was the Lakers first lead of the game and the only one they needed. Holden Cattoni increased the lead 19 seconds later, and though the Redmen would draw back within a goal, they never closed the gap.


Buchan finished the game with 30 saves in 47 minutes of work.


“Dougie stepped in and gave us that opportunity to get our feet underneath us again and get going. He was real good,” Hasen praised.


Poulin made 38 saves for the Redmen, who were led by Curtis Knight (3G/2A) and Shayne Jackson (2G/5A).


The Lakers are down to six games left in the shortened 2018 regular season. Despite the increased strength of several other teams, they haven’t faced much adversity this season aside from the opening game loss to Oakville and last week’s tie against Brooklin. Buchanan said that the playoffs, and the promise of another championship, are always guiding the Lakers on the floor.


“We know how crucial home floor is for us in the playoffs and that’s always on our mind and tonight was exciting to put together two really strong periods,” he said. “We’ll just continue to elevate and take steps forward, as coach Hasen always says.”


The Lakers visit the Cobourg Kodiaks Sunday at 6 p.m. before returning home next Thursday, July 12th, to host the Oakville Rock. Tickets can be purchased at the Memorial Centre box office, online at or by phone at 705-743-3561.


The Wiser's player of the game was Kyle Buchanan, while Doug Buchan picked up the One Eighty Hunter defensive player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (4-3)

Corey Small (2-4)

Holden Cattoni (2-4)

Thomas Hoggarth (2-1)

Josh Currier (2-0)

Cory Vitarelli (1-2)

Shawn Evans (1-2)

Turner Evans (0-6)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Andrew Suitor (0-1)








June 28, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Turns out bears can’t swim in a lake after all. 


Despite a Twitter promise to maul the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers earlier in the day, it was the Cobourg Kodiaks who ended up on the wrong end of the mauling, falling 18-9 to the defending Mann Cup champions at the Memorial Centre.


The Lakers took out some frustration on the Kodiaks, laying a whopping 18-9 beating on their geographic rivals. Peterborough had tied the Brooklin Redmen 8-8 the night before in an intense, defensive battle. They knew they let a point slip away. They knew on Thursday they were facing an upstart team that had something to prove.


So the entire game ended up being a statement, according to defenseman Jake Withers.


The Lakers may have scored 18 goals over 60 minutes, but the last two minutes of the game, in which four fights occurred, were just as important.


“You have to play every game like you’re in the Mann Cup,” said Withers, who took on Dylan Goddard. “We made a statement to Cobourg and the rest of the league that they can’t bully us around. It’s something that has to be done sometimes in the sport of lacrosse, especially when you’re a team that’s so close like a family. You have to stick up for your teammates. Your brothers.”


The teams combined for 183 penalty minutes, the majority of which came late in the third period, when the game was out of reach for the Kodiaks.

“The aggression came from their side when they were down 10 goals, throwing some whacks towards us,” said Shawn Evans. “Then they went out and jumped out our offensive players. We’re in our building and we’re not going to take that crap so we pushed back and let ‘em have it.”


Holden Cattoni fought Liam Patten with 2:11 left, but the real donnybrook started with 1:30 left when former Laker Pete Rennie and former Jr. Laker Riley Campbell jumped Cam Milligan and Kyle Buchanan. On the ensuing whistle, Bryce Sweeting dropped Luke Laszkiewicz, and Eric Shewell wrestled with Drake Smith. 


Withers versus Goddard was the main event, with Withers landing several uppercuts with Goddard’s jersey over his head.


Even prior to the third period the game was rough, with Evans calling it a “whack-fest.” Though he managed to stay out of the late-game melee, he did rack up four minor penalties earlier in the game.


“We did what we needed to do,” he stated. “We held them off and put the ball in the net. Vno played great, the defense played great and we put up 18 goals today. When you put up 18 you’re going to win every game.”


Much like Wednesday’s game, the first few minutes were back-and-forth. Brandon Robinson picked a top corner to give the Kodiaks a 3-2 lead at 6:59, but Chad Tutton tied it, accepting a pass from Thomas Hoggarth who scooped the loose ball on Nick Weiss’ faceoff win. Josh Currier began the onslaught just past the 10-minute mark of the first, tiptoeing around the crease and reaching far to beat Kodiaks’ starter Kevin Orleman. Kyle Buchanan increased the lead to 5-3 just 25 seconds later. Matt Gilray then scored shorthanded, followed by a Cam Milligan marker through a crowd, which prompted the Kodiaks to replace Orleman with former Laker Davide DiRuscio. Corey Small scored his first of five in the game on the Lakers’ first shot on DiRuscio.

Kodiaks’ captain Joey Cupido ended the Lakers’ six-goal run, scoring on a three-on-three transition attempt. Cattoni and Small both scored their second goals of the game to mercifully end the first period.


“We always talk about breaking that 14-15 goal threshold and to do that we need some of our transition guys to chip in,” Withers said. “It’s a big part of our game, especially being a younger team. Tonight we took care of our end but at the same time we got up the floor and definitely made them pay in transition.”


Eric Shewell’s first regular season MSL goal (he scored in the 2015 Mann Cup) was the Lakers first goal in the second period.


“They’re few and far between so it’s always nice to feel like a goal scorer,” Shewell chuckled, and then described the goal. “I picked up a loose ball; we were in transition. I threw it to Bucky, he kinda got picked, so he threw it back to me. I was on my wrong side but I threw it back to the far side into the net.”


Peterborough native Colton Armstrong scored the Kodiaks only goal of the frame before the Lakers went on a four-goal run to take a 15-5 lead into the third period.


Kyle Killen, who leads the Kodiaks with 22 goals, scored twice in the third including an Evans-like backhand goal. Small scored back-to-back power play goals which put the Lakers up 18-6.

Despite the score, the Kodiaks outshot the Lakers 56-50.


“I thought we put a good two periods together and we were running the ball really well,” said defenseman Matt Gilray, whose first period goal exemplified the excellent game the transition put together. “Withers threw the ball up to me on the breakaway and I was lucky enough to put it away.”


The Lakers are off for a week and return home next Thursday, July 5th to host the Brooklin Redmen.


“They got some guys back that they’d been waiting on and they’re a good team,” said Shewell of the Redmen. “We’re going to have to go through them if we want to be successful this year.”


Game time is 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale at the box office, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.

The Wiser's player of the game was Kyle Buchanan, while Thomas Hoggarth picked up the 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Corey Small (5-2)

Kyle Buchanan (2-7)

Holden Cattoni (2-3)

Thomas Hoggarth (2-1)

Josh Currier (2-0)

Chad Tutton (1-2)

Cam Milligan (1-1)

Matt Gilray (1-1)

Bryce Sweeting (1-1)

Eric Shewell (1-0)

Turner Evans (0-3)

Jeff Swift (0-3)

Shawn Evans (0-3)

Jake Withers (0-2)

Matt Vinc (0-1)










Stellar goaltending leads to 8-8 tie in Whitby


June 27, 2018


by Anna Taylor


WHITBY, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers played to an 8-8 tie against the Brooklin Redmen on Wednesday night at Iroquois Park Sports Centre.


It was a back-and-forth defensive battle, with neither team holding more than a two-goal lead at any point of the 70 minutes played. Brooklin led 3-2 after the first but it was even from there, with the teams tied at six after the second and seven after the third.


The Oakville Rock have been keeping pace with the Lakers all season with the two going back and forth for first place. The Lakers got a break when Oakville tied Cobourg last weekend, giving the Lakers a one-point edge. That edge is gone, for now, but it’s not something the players will dwell on.


“You come to every game to get two points, not one,” defensive coach Bobby Keast said. “Evan Kirk was amazing. The D, we had some moments that we were not where we want to be, but for 65 of the 70 minutes we did what we wanted. With the mistakes fresh in our minds we can easily make corrections tomorrow night.”


Nick Chaykowsky and Shawn Evans traded goals in overtime, which was a full 10 minutes.


Evans accounted for half the Lakers’ offense in his best performance of the season, scoring four times and adding two assists.


“Every team is pretty good in the league now. Every team is getting better. Every night when you suit up it’s a grind and you have to be ready to play. If not, the other team’s going to beat you,” Evans said. “It’s a long season and we just have to get ourselves in a good spot and keep going.”





Kirk made 56 solid saves in his season debut between the pipes. Brooklin outshot Peterborough 64-49 and had five power play chances to Peterborough’s two.


Mark Matthews and Dan Lintner led the Redmen’s offense with two goals each. Zach Higgins made 41 saves.


“We knew it was going to be tough with their full lineup back playing. It was a hard fought game,” Evans said. “It would have been nice to come out with the two points but unfortunately we played a full game and more and tied.”


The Lakers have no break as they’re right back in action Thursday night at the Memorial Centre to host the Cobourg Kodiaks, which Evans says is an important game.


“It’ll be another hard fought battle. Cobourg’s getting better. They beat us last year in Peterborough so they’re going to be hungry and wanting a win so we have to be ready to play.”


Tickets are on sale now at the box office, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Shawn Evans (4-2)

Corey Small (1-1)

Andrew Suitor (1-0)

Josh Currier (1-0)

Holden Cattoni (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-2)

Jake Fox (0-2)

Turner Evans (0-1)

Brock Sorensen (0-1)

Mark Steenhuis (0-1)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Chad Tutton (0-1)




Excelsiors put up fight but Lakers prevail 14-12


June 21, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – From the way the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers talked after their game on Thursday night, you would have thought they’d lost.


“It wasn’t one of our best games,” said defensive coach Bobby Keast, before he paused and corrected himself. “Actually it’s our worst so far this season.”


A win is a win. But a 14-12 win against a weaker team in which the opposition was allowed late period scoring runs in both the second and third periods is an ugly win, as defenseman Chad Tutton called it.


“We were struggling,” Tutton said. “We had some high shifts and then we had some really low shifts and it seemed like we couldn’t get in a groove. We were too unsettled. But that’s lacrosse… You’re not going to get what you want every shift, but you have to keep battling and make the best of your opportunities and we did that. It was ugly but we got the job done.”


Holden Cattoni, who led the Lakers with five goals, opened the scoring at 3:51 to start a 3-1 goal-scoring streak that took just one minute and 27 seconds. Kyle Buchanan got in alone on Nolan Clayton which put the Lakers up 2-0. Luke VanSchepen scored his first of the game for the Excelsiors, and Corey Small responded after that. Small scored his second towards the end of the frame to give the Lakers a 4-1 lead after the first.


“It was good to get the monkey off my back,” Cattoni said. “I’ve been a little bit snake bitten the last couple of games... I think I actually did a better job moving off-ball. It got me open more to shoot so that was a good, positive thing for me tonight.”


The Excelsiors outscored the Lakers 3-1 to start the second period, closing the gap to 5-4. Josh Currier scored his first of the season, neatly converting Turner Evans’ cross-crease quick-stick pass. That goal at 8:10 kicked off a swing of 13 goals between the teams in a span of 11:20, including a five-goal run from the Lakers, bookended by Cattoni, in 2:06.


“I picked up a loose ball there and passed to Turner. He did all the work really,” Currier said. “I just had an open net. It’s easy to get goals with all the good feeders we have so I was just fortunate to get open there.”


Currier then assisted on an Evans goal later in the frame, similar to his own, sneakily whipping the ball across the crease to Evans who redirected it hockey-style past Clayton. The ball was in his stick for an infinitesimal moment.


Eleven of the Lakers 14 goals came from the left side of the floor, which is a switch from years past when their right side was stronger, with the likes of Shawn Evans and Curtis Dickson leading the way. Evans has turned into a strong playmaker this season and is concentrating more on passing the ball. He leads the MSL in assists with 27.


Cattoni said it’s good to have balance.


“Shawny is such a great set-up guy that it’s going to be tough for the lefties not to score a ton of goals this year,” he praised. “It’s a huge advantage having him on that side. It’s like pick your poison on the left side as to who you want shooting the ball.”


Tutton scored on a fast-break midway through the run.


“I saw the play developing,” Tutton said. “They missed the net and got the ball back. I took off, got a nice little breakaway pass from (Thomas) Hoggarth. It was a bit of a layup, a twister and luckily enough it went in the net.”


Caputo and Cattoni traded goals before the Excelsiors ended the second quarter with a three goal run. That brought them within three at 11-8.


“Tonight was just one of those games where players were on different pages and when you play against anybody in this league if you’re not on the same page they’re going to get opportunities to score,” said Keast of the Excelsiors’ runs. 


Peterborough scored three to start the third, putting them up 14-8. Brampton kept pushing and scored four in a row to get within two. Matt Vinc went to work then, shutting out the Excels in the last 5:56. Vinc made 28 saves in his 2018 debut. Evan Kirk also returned, backing up for his first game back.


Andrew Suitor fought Rob King early in the third. Suitor also earned 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours, while Cattoni was named the Wiser’s player of the game.


Cattoni recognized that it was a tough game, but the Lakers came through it as a team and that’s what it’s all about.


“If you win 6-5 or 14-12 like we did tonight it doesn’t really matter how you win. When the defense doesn’t play well the offense has to pick up the slack. Fortunately, tonight we scored a bunch of goals and gave our defense a reprieve. The last couple games they bailed us out a lot so it’s good to return the favour.”


The Lakers visit the Brooklin Redmen at Iroquois Park Sports Centre next Wednesday, June 27th, before returning home next Thursday to host the Cobourg Kodiaks.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (5-1)

Corey Small (4-2)

Turner Evans (2-3)

Josh Currier (1-4)

Kyle Buchanan (1-3)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-5)

Cam Milligan (0-2)

Mark Steenhuis (0-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Cory Vitarelli (0-1)

Zach Currier (0-1)




June 14, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – A strong third period propelled the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers past the Brooklin Redmen on Thursday night 8-4.


The Lakers lineup continues to take shape, as four Mann Cup champions rejoined the team on Thursday. Josh Currier rejoined the right side of the offense, and though he was held pointless, nearly scored the goal of the game late in the third period. Zach Higgins made the save of the game instead: realizing his body was out of position to make the save, he threw his stick directly into the path of Currier’s shot. Eric Shewell and Jake Withers had solid games on defense. Withers won 12 of 13 faceoffs. 


Assistant coach Tracey Kelusky said it was always the plan to go back to Doug Buchan in goal even though Matt Vinc, who backed up, was available for the game despite arriving late for warmup.


“Dougie’s been playing well for us,” Kelusky said. “Vno’s a part of this team and he knows that he’s got to come in sometimes and maybe watch and swing the door.”


Also back in the lineup was defenseman Zach Currier, who earned 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours with some strong play. He dressed Sunday in Cobourg but made his home debut Thursday. He had a goal waved off as a crease ball but fans were delighted to see him sprint up and down the floor again.


“I had a lot of help from Bryce Sweeting and Rob Hope on the left side talking me through (the game),” he said. “There’s obviously an adjustment period but it just goes to show how well we communicate on the back end and how we help each out back there.”


Currier is no longer a local player – now living in Sterling Heights, Michigan as an employee of Warrior Lacrosse, he has a five-hour commute to games – one way.


“I left home at noon today, made it here in time for dinner with my dad at 5:30 and then came right to the rink,” he said. After the game, he made sure to spend some time with his mom, too.


It’s a long drive, but there’s no way he’d miss it.


“It’s always great to get back to Peterborough and play in front of the best fans in the league so I’m happy to be back here and the atmosphere was great as always,” he said. “I’m excited for what we can do this year.”


Both the Lakers and the Redmen started slow, playing to a 1-1 draw at 15:15 of the first. Acting Redmen captain John Lafontaine put the visitors up 2-1 after a sleepy first period.


“I think our biggest Achilles’ heel was our timing,” Kelusky said. “We weren’t able to figure out our timing and our spacing and that’s just getting comfortable with one another but when push comes to shove we ended up showing up in the third period. We struggled offensively in the first and second and with that said I still think we were getting quality chances. They kept us to the outside a lot.”


One goal in a period is unusual for the Lakers, but it was partly due to the 12 shots they took in the frame – a very low number. Brooklin’s defenders worked hard to prevent the Lakers from taking their usual high number of shots.


Corey Small scored the Lakers lone goal of the first, and opened the second period scoring with a quick stick on the power play to tie the game at two. Kyle Buchanan scored by picking up Turner Evans’ high rebound off the glass and blasting it past Zach Higgins. Jeff Swift increased the lead to 4-2 with a gritty effort on the crease. Nick Chaykowsky got one back for Brooklin before the period ran out.


Swift’s goal was his fifth of the week, and seventh in three games.


“I’m just trying to go out there and play the way I play, not trying to change, not trying to be the hero,” Swift said. “I’m just looking for open spots.”


Swift is also playing full time for the Sr. B Ennismore James Gang, though he’d be happy to join the Lakers full time when Ennismore’s season ends.


“I go tonight, and then Friday and Saturday in Six Nations and back home in Ennismore so it’s definitely hard on the body but it’s worth it too. I enjoy lacrosse, I love the game. I would love to be in the Lakers’ lineup every night. I’m sure that’s everyone’s goal here. I’m just trying to push for it.”


Holden Cattoni, Mark Steenhuis and Turner Evans gave the Lakers a 7-3 lead in the third. Buchan and the defense held the Redmen to a single goal for the second consecutive period. Chad Tutton scored an empty net goal. 


“Dougie’s playing really well back there for us right now which is awesome,” Currier said. “Our defense as a whole is playing together really well and moving forward we just hope we keep clicking.”


Brooklin was missing several players from their lineup, including recent NLL champions Mark Matthews, Curtis Knight, Ryan Keenan, Adrian Sorichetti and Matt Hossack, as well as Dan Lintner, Derek Suddons and Shayne Jackson.


The win gives the Lakers a 5-1 record and moves them back in front of the Oakville Rock for first place in the MSL. Kelusky said the wins are good but the Lakers are more focused on sticking to their process and building towards the Mann Cup.


“One of the things for us is game by game we’ve taken the proper steps and that’s what we talk about is we have to worry about what we’re doing.”


The Lakers have a week off before returning home next Thursday, June 21st to host the Brampton Excelsiors.


The Wiser's player of the game was Turner Evans, while Zach Currier picked up the 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Corey Small (2-1)

Holden Cattoni (1-2)

Turner Evans (1-1)

Mark Steenhuis (1-1)

Kyle Buchanan (1-1)

Jeff Swift (1-1)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-4)

Jake Fox (0-2)

Brock Sorensen (0-1)

Jake Withers (0-1)


Lakers dominate Kodiaks


June 10, 2018


COBOURG, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers dominated the Cobourg Kodiaks on Sunday.

The Lakers led 3-0 three minutes into the game and 5-0 after the first period.


Cobourg scored at the one-minute mark of the second period before the Lakers rattled off five more in a row for a 10-1 lead.


The Kodiaks fought back in a penalty-filled third period, scoring three times, including goals from Peterborough natives Colton Armstrong and Kyle Killen. Jeff Swift, who led the Lakers with four goals, scored twice in the period to keep the Lakers well ahead of their rivals.


Doug Buchan picked up his fourth win in a row, making a number of difficult stops on the Kodiaks’ transition attempts.


The Lakers return home this coming Thursday, June 14th to host the Brooklin Redmen. Tickets are on sale at the Peterborough Memorial Centre box office, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Jeff Swift (4-2)

Corey Small (2-3)

Shawn Evans (2-2)

Kyle Buchanan (2-1)

Turner Evans (1-3)

Holden Cattoni (1-2)

Cam Milligan (0-1)

Andrew Suitor (0-1)

Doug Buchan (0-1)

Robert Hope (0-1)


*The official game sheet has two errors that are reflected in Pointstreak statistics. The scorers listed above are correct and are working to be fixed online.



Lakers to introduce Corey Small, new jersey


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers will introduce their newest high-scoring acquisition, Corey Small, at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 24th at the Peterborough Memorial Centre as players take the floor for a pre-season practice. The Lakers’ home opener is only one week away and to kick off the #CupStaysHere season a new-look Lakers team will take the floor.


Corey Small is returning to Ontario after seven years with the Western Lacrosse Association’s Victoria Shamrocks, where he was team captain and recorded 830 points (383 goals and 447 assists) in 190 games. He also played for the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks in 2009 and 2010.


The 5’10, 205 lb. Small is also currently a member of the National Lacrosse League’s Vancouver Stealth, where he has led the team in scoring for the past two seasons, including a 111-point season in 2017.


Corey Small is a world-class lacrosse player and a premier scorer in the NLL,” general manager Paul Day said. “He is a great addition to the Peterborough Lakers.”


Lakers’ fans may remember Small. He was the Mike Kelley award winner as Mann Cup MVP in 2015 when the Shamrocks defeated the Lakers in six games in Victoria. The 31-year-old lefty forward was a powerhouse every season with the Shamrocks, and won both the 2014 and 2017 WLA scoring titles.


The C21 Lakers will also show off their new sweaters for the media and the public. Colours will remain the same but an updated design and crest will bring them into the new season of Major Series Lacrosse.


As the reigning Mann Cup champions, the Lakers are also promising fans some exciting new giveaways. Buying a program this season will give fans a coupon for a free pound of wings from St. Louis Bar & Grill, and chances to win a car safety kit from OK Tire, 2019 Lakers season passes, a Corby’s gift package, a wine fridge from Peterborough Appliances or a Mediterranean Cruise for two from Merit Travel on the Lakers Love Boat tour in the offseason. Not only do we insist that the #CupStaysHere, but #WeLoveOurFans, too!


The Lakers open their season on the road Monday, May 28th in Oakville before the home opener next Thursday, May 31st.


Lakers acquire Corey Small


May 7, 2018


Peterborough Century 21 Lakers’ general manager Paul Day continues to ensure the #CupStaysHere and in the lead up to the 2018 season, Major Series Lacrosse League approved the acquisition of power forward Corey Small from the Cobourg Kodiaks.


In return for Small, the Lakers have sent defender Nick Finlay and forward Kyle Killen to the Kodiaks, along with draft picks.


A St. Catharines native, Small is returning to Ontario after seven years with the Western Lacrosse Association’s Victoria Shamrocks, where he was team captain and recorded 830 points (383 goals and 447 assists) in 190 games. He played for the Kitchener-Waterloo Kodiaks in 2009 and 2010, and the franchise still held his rights.


The 5’10", 205 lb. Small is also currently a member of the National Lacrosse League’s Vancouver Stealth, which he has led in scoring for the past two seasons, including a 111-point season in 2017.


Corey Small is a world-class lacrosse player and a premier scorer in the NLL,” Day said. “He will be a great addition to the Peterborough Lakers.”


Lakers’ fans will be familiar with Small. He was the Mike Kelley award winner as Mann Cup MVP in 2015 when the Shamrocks defeated the Lakers in six games. The 31-year-old lefty forward was a powerhouse every season with the Shamrocks, and won both the 2014 and 2017 WLA scoring titles.


Finlay and Killen graduated from the Jr. Lakers’ program last year and were both protected by the senior Lakers prior to the annual draft in January.

“The trade is good for both teams, as it gives Finlay and Killen, two young players with a bright future, a chance to play a lot,” Day said. “We had to give up good players to fill our needs offensively with the departures of Curtis Dickson and Brad Self.”


Season tickets are now on sale at the Peterborough Memorial Centre box office. Don't forget, if you have season tickets, you get first chance at those tickets for the playoffs. With recent moves by the Lakers, it is looking like the #CupStaysHere movement is building to bring the Canadian championship to the PMC this year.


The Lakers open their season on Monday, May 28th in Oakville and return to Peterborough for their home opener on Thursday, May 31st.




June 7, 2018


by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers picked up their second win of the week over the Six Nations Chiefs on Thursday night at the Memorial Centre, 13-7. The Lakers also defeated the Chiefs 8-7 on Tuesday night which gives them a 3-1 record.


It was the first time the Lakers have scored over 10 goals in a game so far this season. Their transition game truly came alive, with half of the team’s tallies coming on the run. 


“We have a ton of skill back there,” said assistant captain Kyle Buchanan. “Guys that have played offense before and guys that can certainly score so it’s nice to have them contribute and it lets us settle in on offense and work our game plan.”


Buchanan scored two goals for the Lakers in the first period. Jordan Durston and Dhane Smith answered for the Chiefs.


The shorthanded Chiefs, with just 15 runners, played the Lakers tightly throughout the first two periods. The Chiefs bus broke down on the way to Peterborough, so the game started 15 minutes late. It took until the third period for the bus legs to catch up with the Chiefs, as they were able to keep it close for the first 40 minutes.


Thomas Hoggarth put the Lakers up 6-3 at 14:42 of the second, scoring on a hard twister shot after he picked up Mark Steenhuis' errant bounce-pass one handed. The Chiefs pulled back within a goal at 6-5 before the period ended, scoring both a power play goal and a shorthanded goal in the frame.


Buchanan said that the Chiefs did well to stay with the Lakers as much as they did, but also recognized the Lakers didn’t take advantage of the tired team as early as they should have.


“It’s tough in this league with no TV timeouts. With [15] runners I commend them for staying part of the game, but at the same time we didn’t execute until we got called out between the second and third. I like the way our group responded and we’re going to keep that going moving forward.”


With just 14 runners showing up for the game, the Chiefs needed some extra hands, and called on assistant coach, and all-time MSL leading scorer John Tavares, to help out.


“I think he always carries his bag in the trunk of his car so he's always ready,” Lakers’ defenseman Mark Steenhuis chuckled after the game. "Even this winter he was always running the floor so you could see he was getting the itch back... He’s always going to be a dangerous shooter no matter how old he gets. It was probably cool for everybody to see a legend of the game, the best indoor box player of all time, running around out there at 49 years old. It's pretty remarkable.”


Steenhuis was surprised at first to see his longtime Buffalo Bandits’ teammate (and former Lakers’ teammate – the pair won Mann Cups together in 2010 and 2012) out there with the Bandits’ orange shoes on, but didn’t give him an inch on the floor.


“He’s still a little feisty and he’s still a little dirty out there so you gotta play the game and enjoy the time but we also needed the win.”


Randy Staats and Dhane Smith, two of the Chiefs’ sharpshooters, sandwiched a Shawn Evans’ marker at 6:03. Then the Lakers took over, with Turner Evans’ power play goal at 7:31 proving to be the game winner. The Lakers 6-0 run of highlight reel goals ended the game.

Nick Weiss and Bryce Sweeting scored back-to-back fast break goals, with Weiss’ coming unassisted and Sweeting’s coming off a long pass from captain Robert Hope. 


“I just got a new stick and that’s the first one I put in with it so I’m pretty happy about it,” Weiss smiled after the game.


It’s a relief for the Lakers to put the early-season test behind them.


“We have them again back-to-back right before playoffs so getting these two wins is huge,” Buchanan said. “We had a tough one early on but now we’re starting to build and getting our guys back and getting used to playing with some different bodies.”


Turner Evans led the Lakers with a hat trick. Shawn had a goal and six assists as he continues to lead the team in scoring.


Building chemistry to get the wins early in the season matters when it comes down to crunch time.


“Six Nations is our biggest rival in the league and these ones always count at the end of the year when it comes down to game seven,” Weiss said.

Doug Buchan made 41 saves for his third consecutive win.

Smith led the Chiefs with three goals and three assists. Tavares, the emergency call-up, had three assists. Doug Jamieson took the loss.

The Lakers are on the road this coming Sunday, June 10th, at the Cobourg Community Centre to face the Kodiaks at 6 p.m. The Lakers return home on Thursday, June 14th to host the Brooklin Redmen.


The Wiser's player of the game was Shawn Evans, while Nick Weiss picked up 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honours.

Scoring for the Lakers:

Turner Evans (3-1)

Kyle Buchanan (2-2)

Mark Steenhuis (2-1)

Jeff Swift (2-0)

Shawn Evans (1-6)

Bryce Sweeting (1-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (1-0)

Nick Weiss (1-0)

Robert Hope (0-2)

Corey Small (0-1)

Chad Tutton (0-1)

Jake Fox (0-1)

Doug Buchan (0-1)




June 5, 2018


OHSWEKEN, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers defeated the Six Nations Chiefs 8-7 on Tuesday at Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. The win improves the Lakers record to 2-1 on the season. They’ll face the Chiefs again on Thursday at the Memorial Centre.


Holden Cattoni led the charge with a hat trick in his first game of the season. Also returning to the lineup was Turner Evans, who chipped in two assists. 


The Chiefs took a 3-2 lead into the first intermission and led until Cattoni’s third goal at 5:41of the third. Corey Small put the Lakers up 7-6, but with the Chiefs getting one more before the end of the period, it was Mark Steenhuis’ breakaway goal that was the game winner.


Doug Buchan made 42 saves in the win and picked up two assists.


This Thursday is the Lakers’ annual game supporting Kawartha Food Share. Fans are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to the game to help support this wonderful local cause.


Fans are also asked to note that there will be no TV coverage of Thursday’s game due to provincial election coverage on YourTV. The only way to see Thursday’s game against the Chiefs is in person. Tickets are on sale at the Peterborough Memorial Centre box office, online at or by phone at (705) 743-3561.


Scoring for the Lakers:

Holden Cattoni (3-1)

Corey Small (1-1)

Shawn Evans (1-1)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (1-0)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Turner Evans (0-2)

Doug Buchan (0-2)

Jake Fox (0-1)




May 31, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers may have been paying tribute to their 2017 Mann Cup win on Thursday night, but the 10-8 win over the Brampton Excelsiors showed that they’re very much ready to move on to actively defending their title, rather than just exalting in it.


As in Monday’s season opener, it was the newcomers on the roster who made the most noise.


Corey Small led all Lakers’ scorers with three goals and an assist. Andrew Suitor went 7-10 on faceoffs, and Doug Buchan made 52 saves. Tyler Gaulton and Jordan Stouros played steady defense, Chad Tutton jumped in to help a shorthanded left side, and Dan Michel scored twice and added two assists. 


Michel, the former Jr. Lakers captain, was protected by the senior team upon his graduation last season, but played his first year with the WLA’s Nanaimo Timbermen when the Lakers couldn’t give him a roster spot. He’ll split time between the Lakers and the Ennismore James Gang this summer. 


“[Our lineup] will be a work in progress for a while,” said head coach Mike Hasen. “Guys will filter back in and out. [Tutton] did a good job up there and [Michel] got rewarded being a call-up as well. He’s gonna get a good opportunity here for the next few weeks. He was in there banging around and he was listening to what TK was telling him.”


Small was happy with his first game in his new home arena, and glad he could contribute on the scoresheet. Two goals 58 seconds apart in the first period erased a 1-0 deficit, and his hat trick goal in the third period proved to be the game winner.


“I’ve always been the type of player that scores in bunches so it’s not uncommon for me to get two in a row then get shut out for a period,” he chuckled. “Hopefully I can spread those out a little more. I want to come in and be able to produce here because that’s the reason they brought me in.”


Under the championship banner, through 40 minutes, the Lakers and Excelsiors played nothing but stingy lacrosse.


After Small got the Lakers rolling, Shawn Evans found Michel on Brampton’s doorstep to put the Lakers up 3-1. Michel made a concerted effort to avoid the crease as he tucked the ball past Nolan Clayton. Later, Kyle Buchanan ran in undefended to put a jumper past the goalie. Brampton scored with two seconds left to cut the Lakers’ lead to 4-3.


Peterborough scored the only two goals of the second period. Jake Fox tiptoed around the crease for his second goal of the season. Michel’s second goal of the game came as Evans successfully implemented a hidden-ball trick.


Buchan held the Excelsiors to three goals through the first 40 minutes, an impressive start for the onetime Oakville Rock net minder.


With Buchan in net, you’d hardly know that 12 regulars were missing from the lineup from the way the team is playing, especially the defense, who is making the goalie’s job easier.


“The defense is great – they’re fast, physical and mean,” he said. “They’re adapting to the way I play. They’re doing anything - blocking shots, getting loose balls, all the key things that come big in playoff time.”


Indeed, it was the Lakers’ defense – and ensuing transition game – that was the difference late in the game. Trailing 6-4, the Excelsiors scored two goals in five seconds – the second right off a clean faceoff win by Drake Bennett – to tie the game at 11:29.


Nick Weiss then said “I can do that, too,” and won the following faceoff and scored his own goal to put the Lakers back on top. Mark Steenhuis scored a bouncer on a long pass from Robert Hope to redeem himself after running into the crease on a shorthanded rush. 


Small said the team already has confidence and that made an impact late in the game.


“If they get two, it doesn’t mean we can’t get two,” he said frankly. “Weisser did a good job getting that first goal coming back on the faceoff right away and that makes a big difference for us. Instead of two goals compounding into three or four we shut it off right away and got one right away.”


Buchan breathed a sigh of relief when Weiss scored.


“They quieted the crowd,” he said of the Excelsiors’ quick goals. “A weak goal off the faceoff, that was on me, but Weiss was there to pick me up. The fans were there to pick me up and so was the offense, they picked me up with a couple big goals late.”


Held goalless for nearly 117 minutes of play, Evans finally scored his first of the season into the empty net to give the Lakers some insurance.

Phil Caputo and Bennett Drake each had a pair of goals for Brampton. Captain Mike Burke contributed five assists. Clayton made 45 saves in a losing effort.


The Wiser's player of the game was Small, while Steenhuis picked up the 180 Hunter defensive player of the game honour.


The win moves the Lakers to 1-1 on the young season as they head into a home-and-home next week with the Six Nations Chiefs, who the Lakers defeated in five games last season to earn their berth in the Mann Cup.

Scoring for the Lakers:

Corey Small (3-1)

Dan Michel (2-2)

Shawn Evans (1-5)

Kyle Buchanan (1-3)

Mark Steenhuis (1-0)

Nick Weiss (1-0)

Jake Fox (1-0)

Robert Hope (0-2)

Cam Milligan (0-1)

Chad Tutton (0-1)



Lakers drop game 1 to Rock


by Anna Taylor


May 28, 2018


OAKVILLE, Ont. – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers fell 8-7 on Monday night at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in their 2018 season opener. The defending Mann Cup champions played a cohesive, defensive game, but without 13 regulars in the lineup, fell just short.


“There are some good things that happened out there. The young kids on the back end especially were good tonight and they’re only going to get better,” head coach Mike Hasen said. “Offensively we have to do a better job and get a little bit of transition but overall it wasn’t too bad.”


Those that were missing are either nursing nagging injuries or are in the middle of the NLL championships. Brett Coons, Dan Michel and Corson Kealey were added to bolster the lineup. And some new players made their debuts, like Corey Small, who led with a hat trick, and Jr. Lakers grads Tyler Gaulton and Jordan Stouros.






And then there was Andrew Suitor, who’s not new, but for all intents and purposes, is a new face to our very young Mann Cup champion team. Suitor hadn’t played for the Lakers since the 2014 season as he rehabbed injuries and then spent a summer playing senior B.


Now he’s back and hungrier than ever for another Mann Cup ring to add to the one he won as a rookie with the Lakers in 2012. 


“It’s always a pleasure to play for the Lakers and this is a great group of guys,” Suitor said. “There are some familiar faces and some new ones. Tonight I was just trying to get to know some of the new guys and try to introduce myself, get to know them and build chemistry right off the bat.”


Suitor joins a defense that is even younger and faster than last season. And with the addition of not only Suitor but Chad Tutton, it also becomes a lot stronger and tougher.


“The young defense has a learning curve to go through but they were good tonight and that bodes well for now and the future,” Hasen said.


Small, who is teammates with Suitor on the NLL’s Vancouver Stealth, scored the first goal of the season in his debut, slipping a low shot five-hole on Nick Rose. Kealey also scored in the frame, bouncing a sharp-angle shot into the net. However, the Lakers trailed 3-2 after the first period.

Corey Small


Small bookended the second period scoring in which each team scored three times. Oakville led 6-5 after two.


“In the third period we picked up the pace and pushed a little bit more,” Hasen said. The Rock went up 7-5 before Jake Fox scored to pull the Lakers within a goal. Tutton tied the game at seven at 12:26, picking up a rebound from Nick Weiss as the two escaped on a fast-break. Tutton jumped up to pluck the ball out of the air and slammed it past Rose before he’d even come back down to the ground. The Rock’s Dallas Bridle scored the game winner through traffic with 1:48 left to play.


Suitor had a great defensive effort. He got right back into the swing of things, throwing his body around and making diving plays to catch loose balls. He even stopped a shot with the back of his helmet.


“Anytime you play for the Lakers there’s pressure and high expectations and that comes with winning, so you want to win anytime you put on that jersey,” he said.


Andrew Suitor


Between the pipes, Doug Buchan made 46 saves in his debut and kept the Lakers competitive. He made late-period highlight-reel saves in both the second and third, including a point-blank stop on Alex Crepinsek and a behind-the-back save on Andrew Kew. The defense did their job of giving him the shots they wanted to.


“He was dynamite,” Hasen said. “There are one or two I’m sure he’d like back but he kept us in there and gave us an opportunity and that was all we could ask from him in his first game for us.”


Ryan Benesch led the Rock with a pair of goals. Nick Rose got the win in goal.


The Lakers’ home opener is this Thursday, May 31st. Tickets are on sale now at the Memorial Centre box office.


“I’m excited to be back,” Suitor said of playing in the Mem Centre again. “Seeing the banner raised is a great honour for all the guys that were on the team last year and I’m really happy for them. Then once the ceremony is over hopefully we’ll get a win.”


The Lakers are hosting a tailgate party prior to the game, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Join the Lakers in the parking lot for food, face painting, music, Mann Cup merchandise and discounted 2017 Lakers’ apparel.


Scoring for the Lakers:

Corey Small (3-1)

Kyle Buchanan (1-3)

Chad Tutton (1-0)

Jake Fox (1-0)

Corson Kealey (1-0)

Shawn Evans (0-4)

Cam Milligan (0-2)

Dan Michel (0-1)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)

Nick Weiss (0-1)







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