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December 8, 2018


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. - Century 21 Lakers executive members are asking its fans, players, and supporters to join them at Monday night's city council meeting at city hall when the decision on whether to put a new floor into the Memorial Centre at a cost of at least $3 million, killing the Lakers' season and delaying the Petes' season next fall, or repair it far less than $1 million with little shutdown time will be discussed and likely voted on by council.


The Lakers, mystified at the inflated repair bill the city came up with, will not give up the fight to repair rather than replace the floor, not only to save their team's season next summer but to save the taxpayers an exorbitant repair bill and end this habit of throwing major money into the Memorial Centre when a new rink should be built – the sooner the better for all.


The Lakers' board and city even got a second opinion on the bill for a new floor which came to only $250,000 with little down time to fix it, which the city knows about, but its department came back with one of $1 million which went well above the floor repair but also includes new piping and new boards for the Peterborough Petes.


"Suddenly it's about more than the floor, and while the boards are probably mandated by the OHL for the Petes' games, we are perplexed that this has become the Lakers' problem," the executive stated. "We've been told so many different things that we no longer know the truth. We have been told it would take weeks for the boards, but we got a second opinion that said five days at the most. We have been told the pipes could deteriorate but also told these pipes have years left in them. We have been told the city okayed the $50,000 ice pad solution to that problem if it did occur and are now told it was never purchased. We have been told the floor alone would cost $1 million, but got a second opinion of $250,000. Now we are being told the $1 million includes the boards and other things other than the repair of the floor. Taxpayers are being told the new floor would cost $3 million but this doesn't include the loss to the city of the rink being closed to not only the Lakers, but several Petes games, concerts and other rentals as well as the payout to the Lakers for lost revenue, the future loss to the city if the Lakers' fans, and sponsors, do not return for the 2020 season or if the Lakers fold as a result of Monday's meeting whether in 2019 or 2020.


"And we should remember the floor repair is necessary for ice conditions, not lacrosse, so the Lakers are not going to benefit one way or the other with repairs or replacements. We have also been told various timelines to repair or replace the floor anywhere from 12 weeks to 22 weeks and the opinions we got for the repair say it is far below this time frame."


The executive members are volunteers, not paid a cent to sit on the board and fight this continuing issue, but they also live and pay taxes in the city.


"We have a right to question city estimates, after all they are our employees as well. The public pays their salaries and feel we should be able to criticize and get second opinions if it benefits the taxpayers of this community. We have done this and now face another uphill climb. We want to do what is right for not only the Lakers, but this community and its taxpayers and believe we have found a solution that works. If you are told at first you need a heart transplant but get a second opinion saying you just require bypass, wouldn't you consider the alternative?"


It is not only the loss of revenue and loss of a Memorial Centre season that the Lakers fear but the loss of senior lacrosse as fans know it today. We will not only lose fans, sponsors and players if we are forced to move to the Evinrude next summer but there is a real possibility the team could fold and be lost to this community.


More importantly, to even non-sports fans but taxpayers, we really believe we have found a way to save them money and get the necessary work done as well. 

Lakers frustrated with city report after a solution is found to repair PMC floor


December 2, 2018


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. - The Century 21 Lakers have been assured by an engineer that fixing the Memorial Centre's floor would not cost the city anywhere close to an estimate a city department has given the public and council and that there would be little downtime while repairing it, saving the Lakers season and any concerts. The Lakers cannot understand why the city would want taxpayers to pay so much more when a much less expensive solution has been indicated, and are frustrated that council is being given inflated numbers to fix the floor.


The City released the results of the latest structural engineering study of the PMC floor. The structural engineers, chosen by the City, came to the conclusion that the PMC floor can be repaired at a significantly less cost to the taxpayers. It does not need to be replaced.


It has always been known that a south-end support wall, under the seats closest to the restaurant, needed to be repaired, but the question on "how to do the repairs," was never asked. The structural engineers who previously provided input, were never asked and have never said to replace the floor. It may be an option, but to take the floor out has simply been the opinion of city staff, done without proper investigation into any other options.


The Entuitive structural engineers were asked to provide a solution. They do not agree that the floor needs to be removed and have provided a solution for the floor that would not interfere with any of the events and present use at the PMC.


The engineers have recommended that a very simple steel structure can be used to extend the life of the existing PMC floor for at least 10 years. This has always been the position of the Lakers. Work could actually start now and then be completed when the ice is removed.


The engineers repair solution will not impact any of the tenants and can be done at a fraction of the cost. In the staff report, the Property Manager has chosen to ignore the proposed solution. He has decided that the pipes within the floor now need to be replaced based on theoretical life expectancy.


In April of 2017 Council approved $50,000 for the purchase of an ice mat system that can be used in the event that any of these pipes were to fail. This system can be installed in as few as five days. With this insurance in place the city should not be so determined to tear up the floor.


The most significant point is that the Entuitive engineers have clearly stated that PMC floor does not need to be replaced.


In the latest news article and staff report there is misleading information and costs that are not being explained. The parameters of the project are being changed and sports fans, workers and the taxpayers will be the ones to suffer. Time factors have also been exaggerated. New boards are to be installed. The Lakers initial enquiries to reputable installers lead us to believe that most of the boards and materials are prefabricated. The actual installation time would be insignificant for the suspension of any events at the memorial centre.


There is a city crisis in regards to arenas and available floor and ice time in Peterborough. The new twin pad project has been put on hold due to the new provincial government's report, that there is no longer an 18-million-dollar grant available for this project. The question from this announcement is now, "where is the money coming from to complete this project?" It has not been answered. Then there is the proposed new event centre and although it is still in the planning phase, the City also needs to find the money to build it.


These are even more reasons to cut the cost at the PMC. Cutting expenditures at the PMC is also in line with a consultant's report and recommendation to spend little or no money on the PMC. This report was received by the City over the summer.


The Lakers want City Council to read the structural engineers report and talk to the stakeholders before accepting staff recommendations. They are the ones who are elected to decide the issue and an automatic rubber stamp on this staff recommendation should not be provided.


We hope council will investigate this matter for the public, taxpayers and Lakers because our information doesn't even come close to city estimates and we are mystified at this process. This matter comes to council Monday night and the Lakers expect a big show of support from those following the issue!


Lakers cap Mann Cup win with awards banquet


September 29, 2018


by Anna Taylor



The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers put a cap on their 2018 Mann Cup win with an awards banquet at Peterborough Golf and Country Club on Saturday night.


Approximately 200 team members, friends and fans were treated to a night of celebration in recognition of the team’s back-to-back titles. The Lakers defeated the Maple Ridge Burrards in four games at the Memorial Centre earlier this month to win their 16thnational title and fourth of this decade after last capturing the trophy in New Westminster last year.


It may have been a quieter banquet than in years past with many players missing with prior commitments, but the mood in the room was light and happy, which became evident as the crowd broke into spontaneous applause as Master of Ceremonies Len Powers began to describe how the season started: potentially without a goalie, until General Manager Paul Day brought in Doug Buchan. 


It wasn’t Buchan’s only moment in the spotlight on Saturday; he also received a standing ovation from the crowd as Day announced him as the Lakers’ rookie of the year.


“Even my teammates stood up for me so this means a lot,” Buchan said.



He also shared the MSL’s top goals against average award with Evan Kirk and Matt Vinc, though Day recounted that Vinc had expressed that the award belonged solely to Buchan, who led the MSL with a 6.27 GAA. Buchan led the team to a 5-1 start and finished with a 9-1 record that included a game where he limited the Six Nations Chiefs to three goals.


“Those other two are my idols. Two of the best goalies in the league,” Buchan said of Vinc and Kirk. “I look up to them and try to model my game after them a little bit. To have my name on that trophy with them is a pretty cool experience that I’ll remember forever.”


Buchan played well enough this summer to earn a contract with the Philadelphia Wings, so he’s looking forward to the upcoming NLL season, but will be glad to return to Peterborough next summer.


“This turned into one of the best years of my life,” Buchan said. “It was an incredible season. I got the opportunity to play a couple of games early in the season and I kind of ran with it. Walking out in front of all the fans gave me goosebumps every night. I made a whole new group of friends this year and they were always supporting me whether I played well or not so it was unbelievable.”


Kyle Buchanan also won the MSL’s top scorer award with 68 points (23G+45A).



In addition to the team awards, the Lakers were also presented with honourary scrolls from both the provincial and federal governments; MPP Dave Smith was on hand to celebrate with the Lakers on behalf of the province of Ontario. MSL commissioner Doug Luey dropped off the team’s gold medals earlier in the day; each medal is inscribed with the player’s name.


Other award winners in attendance were most dedicated Robert Hope and top defenseman Brock Sorensen.


Sorensen, who won his second Mann Cup this year, was surprised but happy with his award.


“In all honesty it genuinely could have gone to 10 different guys on our team,” he said. “I’m thankful they chose me, but the talent and skill and heart goes throughout our whole team so it doesn’t really matter who you give the award to.”


A Peterborough native now living in Toronto, Sorensen loves any opportunity to come back and play in front of the hometown fans.


“We had another great group this year,” he said. “When you sell out a banquet it’s pretty cool. It just goes to show how much love and support we have in the city.”


He paused, then added, “let’s go after three.”




Award Winners:



Shawn Evans


Top Scorer

Kyle Buchanan


Top Transition

Thomas Hoggarth


Best Defender

Brock Sorensen


Most Sportsmanlike

Corey Small


Most Dedicated

Robert Hope


Most Improved

Chad Tutton


Rookie of the Year

Doug Buchan


Fan Favourite

Mark Steenhuis


Volunteer Award

Diane Livingstone

Lakers in Mann Cup sweep!


September 11, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The only thing better than winning one championship is winning two! And the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers did just that with Tuesday night’s 11-8 win over the Maple Ridge Burrards to reclaim their Mann Cup with four straight wins over the WLA champions. It was the first Mann Cup sweep since 2008 when the Brampton Excelsiors took out the New Westminster Salmonbellies. This was the Lakers 16th title.


The Lakers were defending champions after defeating the Salmonbellies in 2017. It was a special group that won last year and that was determined all season to hoist the Cup in front of their hometown fans. They’ve now won back-to-back titles and will go for the three-peat next season.


“Doing it in BC last year for my first Cup was amazing but being at home in font of this crowd is pretty crazy,” said assistant captain Kyle Buchanan. “When time ran out at the end of the game there I don’t know if I’ve heard this place so loud. It’s pretty amazing and exciting to do it with this group of guys.”


There were a very loud, energetic, and wonderful 3736 fans in attendance.


Scores from games two and three made it appear that after tough playoff series against Brooklin and Oakville, the Mann Cup was a little easier for the Lakers, but they’ll tell you that’s not so.

“If you look at just the names, McIntosh, Dickson and their whole right side, that’s top 10 or top 5 guys in the league...” defenseman Ian Llord said. “You gotta be paying attention to them every single play. You’re not going to shut them down. You just have to contain them. Those guys are awesome and we’re not robots.”


Buchanan said it was about executing the Lakers’ own game plan.


“They’re scrappy on defense and we know their guns on offense,” he said. “I think we focused on our game plan and shut down their key guys. We were able to execute offensively. We have so many weapons up there. It wasn’t easy for them to shut one guy down and we executed when we needed to.”


Indeed, game one was only won by the Lakers in double overtime. In game four, the Burrards pushed back hard as they tried to extend the series. Curtis Dickson scored a pair of goals to tie the game at five in the second period. The Lakers led 7-6 after that middle frame, but Jean-Luc Chetner scored on a delayed penalty to tie the game at seven just 1:35 into the third period.


But from there, the Lakers caught fire. Holden Cattoni ran off the bench at 4:55 to put an overhand shot past Frankie Scigliano from the top of the circle. Adam Jones’ overhand shot from the left 15 seconds later was the game winner. Cattoni added insurance at 7:46 with a long shot. Owen Barker got one back for the Burrards on transition at 10:38.


The Lakers effectively killed off a late Burrards’ power play. They gave up one shot 15 seconds in and then held possession for the rest of the penalty kill. 


Buchanan, especially, was great on the penalty kill, gobbling up loose balls. The second-year Laker is a fan favourite for his ability to be everywhere the ball is.


“Peterborough’s an amazing place to play,” Buchanan said. “It’s an easy way to get up every Thursday for a game. I’m excited about this group. We’ve got some veteran guys but we’re young as well and we’re going to enjoy this and then get ready to go for next year.”


Captain Robert Hope, as he did in 2017, sealed the win with an empty net goal. This year’s was a bit more impressive as he scored from behind his own net, launching the ball 200 feet into Maple Ridge’s yawning cage.


“Words can’t describe this one,” Hope said. “To be able to do it at home in front of friends and family. It’s been a dream come true watching so many people win it here… We worked so hard all year, sacrificed this, that and the other. We’re happy to have the Mann Cup stay here.”


Shawn Evans was named the Mike Kelley award winner as the series’ MVP. It was Evans’ third win. Other players have won three times, but Evans is the only player to win them all with the same team.



What’s impressive about the Lakers’ two wins is the unity within the team. Every player on the team deserves an MVP award. Everyone plays their role and contributes whatever is needed. Evans and Buchanan led the way offensively in the series, both tying the record for assists in a Mann Cup game (eight), but Cory Vitarelli led with nine goals. Adam Jones and Holden Cattoni were dangerous on the left side. The Lakers wouldn’t have won game one without Thomas Hoggarth’s timely goals. Corey Small’s two goals in game four gave the Lakers an early advantage.


The defense doesn’t get as much love as the offense because when they do their job right they do it quietly, but players like Hope, Llord, Brock Sorensen and Bryce Sweeting deserve praise for shutting down the Burrards’ offense. Zach Currier’s knack for loose balls and penalty killing made the crowd roar. Matt Vinc had an almost-unheard of one-goal game.


Jake Withers, another fan favourite, deserves recognition for his ability to adjust his game on the fly. Fans got wise to Withers’ skills in the faceoff circle earlier this season and now applaud every time he wins a draw that gives the Lakers possession.


But CLA rules differ from MSL rules so he had to quickly change how he won those draws. It didn’t matter; he still won 74% of the time.


“[Zack Porter and Travis Irving] are good competitors,” Withers acknowledged his Burrards’ competition. “I think our wing guys really helped me out this whole series and got the job done. Each and every faceoff is a battle and I got beat up pretty good in the X there. But Hopey, Zach, Bucky, Hoggy and Jonesy the odd time out there made my life a lot easier.”


Every player not mentioned individually contributed in more than one way, too, but that would make for an extremely long article.


Of course, the team is made up of more than just the players. Llord made sure to mention those behind the scenes, as well, as he thanked the team’s coaches, trainers and equipment staff.


“It makes you realize how lucky and fortunate you are to win especially playing against guys that good. It just means that our depth was awesome and that goes to everybody on the Peterborough staff and our GM Paul Day.”


Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (2-2)

Holden Cattoni (2-1)

Corey Small (2-0)

Cory Vitarelli (2-0)

Kyle Buchanan (1-8)

Shawn Evans (1-4)

Robert Hope (1-0)

Turner Evans (0-3)

Bryce Sweeting (0-1)












September 10, 2018

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – What a night for the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers! Not only did they take a 3-0 lead over the Maple Ridge Burrards with an 11-6 win in game three of the Mann Cup, they also won a city council decision in favour of getting a second opinion on the state of the Memorial Centre floor.


And, in addition to their double win, Shawn Evans broke John Tavares’ all-time Mann Cup assists record. Tavares’ record was 111; Evans smashed through that with eight assists in the game to put the record currently at 116. It remains to be seen what the record will be at the conclusion of the tournament.


“It’s huge. Credit to Shawny. He’s one of the special ones out there for sure. He makes us go,” praised head coach Mike Hasen.


Curtis Dickson dodged a check at 4:44 to put the ball low on Evan Kirk to open the scoring. Zach Currier responded by dunking Robert Hope’s outlet pass past Frankie Scigliano 1:04 later. Cory Vitarelli put the Lakers up before the parade to the penalty box started. Riley Loewen scored four-on-four before Adam Jones slammed home Kyle Buchanan’s pass on the power play.


Maple Ridge’s Loewen said it’s been difficult to play through all the penalties the last two games, but recognizes that the refereeing has been consistent.


“I think they’ve been calling it both ways. It hasn’t been one or the other,” he said. “We have to set the tone early and see what the refs are calling and play through it.”


Corey Small put the Lakers up 4-2 eight minutes into the second. Vitarelli’s power play goal at 10:50 increased the lead to 5-2.


Evans’ pass to Vitarelli was the assist that broke Tavares’ record. 


“I’m truly honoured,” Evans said. “He’s a guy I looked up to. I loved his play, loved his style. I’m honoured to play with him and to be coached by him (in Buffalo). “To have this moment tonight in front of fans and my family and my teammates, it’s pretty special.”


Ben McIntosh scored on a power play at 16:42 but Kyle Buchanan got that one back for the Lakers 15 seconds later, ringing the ball in off the post. Owen Barker scored on a transition break to close out the period with a 6-4 Lakers’ lead. 


“We hit some posts early,” Evans said. “We had some chances and didn’t find the back of the net but we kept going and we got the ball moving and buried those chances. We’re controlling the tempo, controlling the extra loose balls and finding the back of the net when we need to.”


Early in the third, the Lakers scored three-straight goals in a span of 38 seconds for a 9-4 lead. Buchanan, Currier and Jones all scored their second goals on similar low shots. The run was broken by a power play goal from Jean-Luc Chetner as he and Ben McIntosh had to double-team Robert Hope in the Lakers’ end to knock the ball loose. 


Midway through the period, Dickson earned the ire of the Lakers’ fans as he dumped Jake Withers along the boards by the Burrards’ bench. The whistle also disrupted a chance for a Josh Currier from Zach Currier goal.


Buchanan and Vitarelli each completed hat tricks later in the period, while Loewen also added a goal. Buchanan’s goal was a highlight-reel no-look behind-the-back spin-a-rama.


Backstopped by Evan Kirk’s 23 saves, the Lakers held the Burrards to two goals per period. Frankie Scigliano was forced to make 35 saves.


Though the Lakers are happy with the position they’re in, they’re also cautious. They were up 3-0 on the Brooklin Redmen in the first round and it took them four tries to get that fourth win. So they know that anything is possible on Tuesday night.


“It feels okay right now but we know there’s still a lot of work left to be done,” Hasen said. “We’ll take it for what it is. We worked hard for tonight but tomorrow’s going to be even harder so we just have to take care of ourselves tonight and be ready to go.”


For their part, the Burrards plan on being tough to dispose of.


“We’re not going to give up,” Loewen said. They’re an experienced team but we have to battle through… We have to play a full 60 against these guys because anytime you take your foot off the pedal they’ll capitalize on it.”


Prior to the game, the lacrosse community held a rally outside city hall before council’s meeting. After a long debate and presentations by Jr. A Lakers president Tim Barrie and city staff, the motion to move ahead with floor reconstruction without a second opinion was defeated 9-2. Without a second opinion the Lakers were in danger of being ousted from the arena in 2019 while the floor was ripped out and replaced. 


Game time Tuesday is 8 p.m. Tickets are available at the Memorial Centre box office, online at or by phone at 705-743-3561.


Cory Vitarelli and Curtis Dickson were named the players of the game.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Kyle Buchanan (3-4)

Cory Vitarelli (3-0)

Adam Jones (2-1)

Zach Currier (2-0)

Corey Small (1-1)

Shawn Evans (0-8)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-4)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Josh Currier (0-1)

Evan Kirk (0-1)

Bryce Sweeting (0-1)






September 8, 2018


by Anna Taylor


PETERBOROUGH, ON - The Maple Ridge Burrards ran into a brick wall named Matt Vinc last night in game two of the Mann Cup series, which the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers now lead 2-0 after a 10-1 win.


“I’m trying to rack my brain for the last time I’ve seen [a team score just one goal] and I can’t think of one,” said Holden Cattoni. “It’s incredible with the firepower they have on their team. They’re a very, very talented team. That speaks volumes about our defense and the way Vno played tonight.”

Mike Mallory scored the only goal for the Burrards at 8:37 of the first period. It was the game's opening goal. The Lakers responded with 10 unanswered while playing the best defense of the season in front of Vinc, who made 30 saves.


It was quite a difference from game one’s 14-13 double OT score.


“We came to play tonight and we were fortunate to keep the ball out of the net. Vno stood on his head and that was a huge part of it. They had a lot of chances. I attribute [our success tonight] to really good defense and especially Vno’s play tonight,” said Chad Tutton.



Tutton, especially, has been tasked with keeping Dickson in check, and he’s done his job through two games. Dickson was held to five shots in game two.


“I don’t think he’s very happy with me,” Tutton chuckled. “I’m trying to really get under his skin as much as I can. Obviously he’s their best guy and he knows that, everybody knows that, so I’m going to do whatever I can to throw him off his game and I think I’m doing a pretty good job right now.”


Cattoni tied the game less than two minutes two after Mallory’s goal, avoiding a check and throwing a backhand past Scigliano to convert Shawn Evans’ falling pass. He put the Lakers up 2-1 on a give-and-go with Evans nine seconds into the game’s first power play. Adam Jones increased the lead 59 seconds later, and Jake Withers scored four seconds after that after winning his faceoff.


Matt Gilray opened the second period with a transition goal. Cattoni completed his hat trick at 5:12. Turner Evans and Cory Vitarelli also scored for an 8-1 Lakers’ lead after two.


The entire game had been rough with 32 combined penalty minutes in minors through the first 40 minutes. Zack Porter also received a 10-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in the second period, while Burrards’ assistant coach Rob Dalzell was ejected at the end of the frame.


However, the third period got silly as the Burrards became unglued. Owen Barker took a roughing major, then almost as soon as he left the box, took a charging major. There was only one true fight, with Travis Irving instigating on Bryce Sweeting late in the game, as more liberties were taken instead. There was someone in either box nearly the entire period, although Maple Ridge took the brunt of the calls.


“It’s to be expected. It’s a series and guys have a lot of pride. They’re not going to go away just because of the score,” said Cattoni. “We want them to be in the penalty box and we want to stay out and be on the power play as much as we can… but at the same time you have to stand up for yourself and your teammates. I think we walked that line very well tonight and that’s something that we might have to do again depending on the series.”


Turner Evans and Josh Currier scored power play goals in the third period as the Lakers went 3-12, though a lot of those chances were abbreviated moments.


Tutton gave credit to defensive coach Bobby Keast after the game for keeping the Lakers’ defense under control.


“Keaster was very calm and composed as he normally is,” Tutton said. “He never flies off the handle, he just helps us stay the course and keep doing what we’re doing. I don’t think we’re really going to have to make any adjustment after that. I think we just stay with the game plan we’ve got. It seems to be working so until it stops working we’re going to stick with that.”


The tournament takes a day off on Sunday before resuming Monday night at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale at the box office, online at www.memorialcentre.caor by phone at 705-743-3561.

The goaltenders were both named the players of the game.

Scoring for the Lakers:


Holden Cattoni (3-1)

Turner Evans (2-2)

Jake Withers (1-0)

Adam Jones (1-0)

Cory Vitarelli (1-0)

Josh Currier (1-0)

Matt Gilray (1-0)

Kyle Buchanan (0-5)

Corey Small (0-3)

Shawn Evans (0-3)

Thomas Hoggarth (0-1)







September 7, 2018

by Anna Taylor

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Adam Jones may have scored the double overtime winning goal in game one of the 2018 Mann Cup, but the Peterborough Century 21 Lakers have Thomas Hoggarth to thank for getting them there in the first place.


Jones’ goal at 4:42 of the sudden death period propelled the Lakers to a 14-13 win over the Maple Ridge Burrards in the opening game of the best-of-seven series. 


Hoggarth’s two timely goals tied the score 11-11 at the end of the third and 13-13 at the end of the first overtime period. The Lakers led 10-5 after the second period but six-straight goals from the Burrards in a span of 3:58 put them up 11-10 at the 8:37 mark of the third period. Hoggarth scored the only Lakers’ goal in that period, throwing a fake first as he got in alone on goaltender Frankie Scigliano.


Ben McIntosh and Curtis Dickson put the Burrards up 13-11 2:48 into the first overtime period before the Burrards were caught for too many men. Cory Vitarelli’s power play goal closed the gap to one before Jones picked up his own rebound and passed to Hoggarth out front.


“He’s awesome,” Jones said of Hoggarth. “The best part about him is that he does it all. Plays offense and defense. He was actually going out the D door and scored both of those goals so that just shows how versatile he is.”


Curtis Dickson had three of the game’s first four shots, but it was the Lakers who capitalized first. Shawn Evans found Josh Currier on the crease to open the game’s scoring. Currier faked high before beating Scigliano five-hole on the Lakers’ first official shot on goal. Currier also had the Lakers’ eighth goal of the game.


“I had some goosebumps,” Currier said of his first goal. “Growing up in Peterborough it’s the ultimate dream to play in the Mann Cup in front of the [hometown] fans so I’m very thankful I’m able to live it out right now. It was a very cool feeling.”


Jones put the Lakers up 2-1 before Dickson scored his first of the game. The former Laker received a loud ovation from the Peterborough fans prior to the game.


“Calling my name before the game there and getting a nice ovation was really cool and that’s a testament to the fans here,” Dickson said. “They’re first class all the way. I really appreciated that.”


Dickson finished the game with three goals and four assists. 


“It’s disappointing, obviously you want to get the win but at the same time you have to take the positives and have a short memory because we’re right back out here tomorrow,” he said. “I’m sure a lot of people counted us out but we knew going into that room in the second period that that was nowhere near our best lacrosse and we needed to be a lot better. Obviously we came out in the third with a little bit of fire under our butts, we came back and took the lead and it was back and forth from there.”


The Lakers led 3-2 after the first period.


Cory Vitarelli’s power play goal got the Lakers started in the second. Ben McIntosh and Jean-Luc Chetner tied the game at four before the Lakers went on a three-goal run, highlighted by Bryce Sweeting’s first Mann Cup goal. Sweeting was released from the penalty box to accept Nick Weiss’ long pass which he unloaded past Scigliano.


McIntosh broke up the run but the Lakers managed three more before the end of the second.


Evan Kirk made 44 saves. He was briefly replaced by Matt Vinc for a quick breather in the third period after the Burrards’ six goals. Kirk didn’t let in another goal until the overtime period.


Jones said the offense put the blame on themselves for the lapse.


“We got overconfident. We said stay out of penalty trouble and we’ll be alright. But there were a couple penalties and our O wasn’t getting off, so the offense said between intermission and the first OT ‘it’s on us, it’s our fault…’ But that said, we have a weird confidence. We were down 13-11 but I don’t think we ever questioned that we were going to win the game and I think that’s unique to have in a group.”


Currier said the Lakers are confident in every player they have so there were no nerves after they gave up the lead.


“We got a lot of character on this team so just being able to battle back from that speaks for itself,” he said. “We know what we’re going to get, they’re big and tough and they’re not going to give up, like they showed tonight. We’re ready for them now and look forward to game two.”


Game two goes tonight at 7 p.m. at the Memorial Centre. Tickets are on sale at the box office, online at or by phone at 705-743-3561.


Adam Jones and Ben McIntosh were named the players of the game.


Scoring for the Lakers:


Adam Jones (4-2)

Shawn Evans (2-6)

Thomas Hoggarth (2-1)

Josh Currier (2-1)

Cory Vitarelli (2-0)

Corey Small (1-1)

Bryce Sweeting (1-0)

Holden Cattoni (0-3)

Zach Currier (0-3)

Turner Evans (0-2)

Kyle Buchanan (0-2)

Jake Withers (0-1)

Chad Tutton (0-1)




















The story of the 1978 Red Oaks


A short documentary by YourTV about the1978 Mann Cup winners.



See it here








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